You Won’t Believe What Hillary Just Said About Donald Trump

You Won’t Believe What Hillary Just Said About Donald Trump

You’ve got to see this: Hillary Clinton just praised Donald Trump!

According to The Hill:

“Hillary Clinton on Friday made the rare move of backing up Republican presidential rival Donald Trump amid an attack from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on the real estate mogul’s “New York values.”

“Just this once, Trump’s right: New Yorkers value hard work, diversity, tolerance, resilience, and building better lives for our families,” tweeted Clinton, a former New York senator whose campaign headquarters is in Brooklyn.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) also backed up Trump, tweeting he agreed with the businessman’s “love for NYC” and “appreciated his tribute to our city’s heroic response to terrorism.”

Trump pushed back fiercely on Cruz in the debate Thursday night, speaking emotionally of the response in New York City to the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11 and calling Cruz’s remark “insulting.”

He continued on Friday morning to slam the “disgraceful” attack from Cruz that has riled media and politicians in the Big Apple, suggesting Cruz had “offended about 20 million people.””



    • America is long overdue a President and Commander-in-Chief that actually loves his or her country. We haven’t had one for 7 years now.

  1. As a Trump supporter, I’m going against the grain here. Cruz was pointing out the truth regarding New York. It is an extremely liberal city. If you don’t believe that to be the case, then you’re talking about some other New York. Yes, it is a LIBERAL city. A very liberal city. Look at the mayor for cryin’ out loud. The liberal values of that city is what Cruz was talking about.

    Yes, Trumps comeback was great as a soundbite, the only problem is that anyone with half a brain understands that Cruz was in no way relating the liberalism of New York to the event of 9-11.

    To Cruz’s credit, he just let the comment go, rather than try to defend himself. If you think Cruz is some kind of monster who somehow endorsed the events of 9-11, then you’re as delusional as any liberals to ever come down the pike.

    As I said, I am a Trump supporter, but I do NOT agree with what he said to Ted Cruz. In my book, Trump used the victims of 9-11 to score a cheap political shot. Yeah, it worked, but it was based on a lie. I was really disappointed in Trump’s response and thought it was pretty low.

    If you support Trump playing the 9-11 card, then don’t you ever dare b!@ch about someone else playing the race card if you can see full well that there is no racial component. Got it? Don’t you dare gripe about someone else playing the race card if you support Trump playing the 911 card.

    This is why I say, I am a Trump supporter, but I don’t agree with him on every issue. This is certainly one example of that.

      • Yes, absolutely! It is my opinion. I don’t believe I ever implied that my post was the opinion of anyone else but myself. I don’t believe I ever implied that you had to accept it or agree with it. However, I think I laid out a logical case for every point which I made, and tried to provide examples. If you would like to discuss any particular point where you think I got it wrong, then by all means, lay out your case and we can talk about it.

    • “Above almost anything else in my life, I strive to be consistent and
      objective. If that means having to call someone on the carpet whom I
      otherwise fully support, then so be it. I will not compromise my
      objectivity for anyone. Not even Donald Trump.”

      I read your statement a couple of times.

      I totally agree with your judgement protocol. I’m the same.

      Where I think we differ are the debates. They’re strategy driven sound bites.

      I watched that exchange from the smartest men on that stage. Stage being the key word.

      They both scored on this exchange. After the city of New York voted in the worst Mayor in 2 decades, Cruz has a valid point. And that will play well in S. Carolina.

      I think Trump’s response just won him New York in a general election.

      I wouldn’t put it past these two may have set this up.

      Since that moment the media is talking about nobody else.

      • dbobway….thanks so much for the kind words. They are appreciated more than you know.

        I totally agree with you that Trump’s response was a calculated political move. I don’t deny the effectiveness of his statement in any way. In fact, that quality of Trump is one which I admire greatly admire overall, but not in this one particular specific example.

        I just call it like I see it. Many, on both sides, seem to live their lives vicariously through the people they vote for and support. They will go so far as to change their positions, rather than openly state disagreement.

        Perhaps they were convinced that their position was wrong. Perhaps they had a genuine change of conviction. But, in many instances, I would submit that it was because they felt obligated to support someone because they voted for them….rather than admit the person they voted for acted in a manner which they otherwise would not have supported.

        I always ask myself: If someone whom I *don’t* support had done this, would I still feel the same? Let’s say it is now the election and it is Hillary against Cruz. If the circumstances were the same and you supported Trump using the 9-11 card against Cruz, do you still feel the same now that it is Hillary using the same tactic against Cruz? Given some of the posts I’ve seen, I think some would have a difficult time justifying their position.

        If my answer is that I still feel the same; I don’t support either of them using the 9-11 card, then I know my consistency and objectivity are in tact. In other words, in order to be consistent and objective….one MUST come up with the same answer, no matter who the person involved might be. That is the test to show that your conviction is solid.

        This is why it is not always easy to be consistent and objective when it involves someone you support. Sometimes, it means either having to admit that you were wrong, or it means having to openly disagree and point out where someone you otherwise support, was wrong. Such was the case in this instance.

        As far as the possibility of this being set up, are you suggesting that there is collusion involved in politics? I’m shocked! Shocked I tell ya ;-)

        • Trump and Cruz simply don’t gaf

          They’re both to sharp.

          And I’m jaded with politics,

          We’ve been lied to so much

          And then my common sense meter has cracked.

          Trump is going to pull reality freaks. And low info voters that are scared of Cruz. Thanks to moron media.

          We need them both of them.

          Most of all they have to win

          If the GOPe pulls a fast one, they will be finished as a political power

          • We have a lot in common sir. Regarding your previous suspicion of collusion, if Trump wins, I think he would seriously consider Cruz for VP. If Trump does tap Cruz for VP, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit, but on the other hand, I’m not sure that would be the best position for Cruz. He could be really effective in so many other positions which actually have the ability to get things done, that Trump might tap someone else for VP….someone whom he knows would be too old to run in another 8 years… thus leaving the door open for Cruz again.

            Now, that is just speculation since I have no idea who that older person might be. I don’t think it could be someone like John McCain. Trump knows how toxic he is, but maybe someone else that I don’t know about. Just a thought. I have no idea if that will even be a consideration.

          • I feel the public as a whole doesn’t get Cruz. Maybe in eight years (If we don’t get him on the Supreme Court) they will.

            With out our country righting our direction, I fear, it won’t matter.

            But the states have been moving to the right for the last decade. There a lot of GOPe states. But at least they aren’t bent on destroying our way of life like the very rich along with ignorant and greedy politicians in their pocket.

            It will take a grassroots revolt to turn the tide.

            Our next fight is to get Trump elected and Hillary arrested!

            Even then it will far from over!

            Good conversing with you sir!

  2. I don’t care how jaded you are. Even liberals would have reacted the same way that New Yorkers and other Americans did after 9/11. Everyone was compassionate…It was a great tragedy. This, of course has nothing to do with a New York state of mind. Many New Yorkers are ultra liberal, or/and ultra stupid. Just look at who they elected as their mayor.

    The point that Cruz was making is that New York is an anomaly in America. Most Americans are libertarians, not liberals. Hence they favor individual liberties and civil rights, as guaranteed by the first ten amendments to the Constitution, also known as the “Bill of Rights”. Americans are generally against the liberal mantra that the government exists to take care of the people. The government actually exists to create and maintain an environment where the individual can care for himself.

    That is what Ted Cruz stands for and he is the best of all the candidates because of that.

  3. Senator Cruz did apologize to the people of New York. You have got to realize that Cruz and Trump are battling for the nod, where Clinton is pandering.Some of you on here are not keeping up on things. Senator Cruz made clear of whom he was referring to when he made those comments. New York city politicians, and the Governors office are the culprits . Get it?

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