BIG Trouble For Hillary With Young Female Voters

BIG Trouble For Hillary With Young Female Voters

Hillary is in big trouble with young female voters, trailing Bernie Sanders by nearly 20%.

According to The Hill:

Bernie Sanders has a 19-point lead over Hillary Clinton among Democratic and independent women ages 18 to 34, according to a USA Today/Rock the Vote poll.

The Vermont senator, who has been surging in the polls in the last two weeks, won 50 percent compared to Clinton’s 31 percent among millennial women.

The poll also showed Sanders is the favorite among younger voters. He wins 57 percent of those ages 18 to 25, according to the same poll. His support falls to 36 percent among people between 26 and 34.



  1. I’ve never understood why some liberals seem to take for granted that someone will vote for a woman for President, based on nothing more than the fact that she is a woman. It’s as if getting that first female president is the most important thing in the world to them, in order to satisfy their politically correct yearnings.

    Perhaps for some it is, but I think most reasonable people would put that far down the list of things which are really important.

    As a man, I can tell you that I don’t vote for anyone just because they’re a man, yet at least some liberals seem to believe that the sex of someone should be an overriding factor in this next election. I find it amazing that those liberals aren’t able to see the blatant sexism in that line of thinking… but are always quick to point out what they view as sexism in someone elses position. The hypocrisy just never ends in liberal la la land it seems.

  2. A low down dirty filthy woman at that, the Clintons war on women, scandle is only part of it Bill had drug runners when he was a Governer in Arkansas. People were killed. Sheriffs were involved. Young school age girls were brought abroad for sex. Bill would travel to islands, he is a sexual preditor as well as a rapest. Pedifile! Discusting politishions our White House has become a whore house instead of a White House.
    This filth of congress needs to be cleansed, It’s all coming down upon them, God’s wrath and his vile shall be poured out.

  3. The dems are really up a creek without a paddle this election cycle. No one worth voting for. I’m sure they assumed Hilary was a shoe in. Trump 2016

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