How Many FBI Agents Are Investigating Hillary? The Number May Surprise You

How Many FBI Agents Are Investigating Hillary? The Number May Surprise You

The investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has not only expanded to include possible corruption charges, reports say up to 150 FBI agents are working on the case investigating Clinton.

The revelations are horrendous news for Hillary as Bernie Sanders continues to gain traction in Iowa and New Hampshire. The two are in a dead heat in both states with less than a month to go…

According to the Washington Examiner:

“A former U.S. attorney said the FBI’s reported investigation of “public corruption” at the Clinton Foundation has actually been going on for months, although it made headlines for the first time Monday.

Joseph DiGenova, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan, said the FBI’s foundation probe “has reached such a proportion of inquiry that it’s starting to sneak out,” but that it was sparked months ago by information pulled from Hillary Clinton’s private server and from the tax filings of corporations that have donated to the charity.

“There are now, I am told, 150 agents working on this case,” DiGenova told the Washington Examiner Monday, noting that was “a very unusually high number” of investigators to be working on one case.

Talk of Clinton’s legal woes returned in full force Monday with reports that the FBI has expanded its investigation to include the alleged exchange of favors between Clinton Foundation insiders and State Department leadership under Clinton.”



    • Probably because of this corrupt party that is in control of Washington. She was promised the next slot if she stepped aside for obamy. The writing is on the wall. Hopefully on her prison walls as well.

      • Corrupt is exactly right. Is there ANYTHING that she tells the truth about? Every…….single…….thing she says is a lie!

  1. That’s the same question I have Stevie Smith.
    We have a person under criminal investigation applying for the most important job in this country.
    I would not even grant her an interview for any job anywhere.
    But then none of our presidents have been good people.
    We had the guy getting head in the Oval office. The people were screaming because he may have inhaled (pot) many moons ago. Then we get the coke head drunk.
    Why do we allow people of poor value to run our country. You can say this guy and that guy did good things. However just think if we had someone without all that dirt. A person who really wanted to work. Cuz these people we have now don’t work. They f****** sit upon their high horse and play stupid games spending our money on stupid s***!

  2. The number of FBI Agents investigating Clinton don’t matter. The AG will never press charges, and to assure the next POTUS and AGOUS cannot do it either, he will pardon HRC for anything and everything, or something else will happen to her health.
    Hillary knows to much for Obama to take any chances of her being convicted. If indicted, she will sing like a canary (for a no prison, no conviction deal) about everything she knows about Obama and the rest of his corrupt administration. Obama knows this and cannot let anything get out that will put him in jail. So Hillary will either get her pardon, or succumb to some fatal illness.

  3. 150 agents seems to me to be a bit excessive. What could 150 agents be doing? Who is managing that army? Assuming you have the documents, including the financials, you might need 5 investigators and 3 forensic accountants. You might have an additional 5-10 reviewing the documents with 1 investigator coordinating the search and marshaling the evidence. Very inefficient.

    Now, for some real questions: the who, what, why, when, where and how of the many issues.

    Major problem. The uranium deal allowing Putin/Russia to control a significant portion of the US uranium resources. In order for any foreign investment of this nature, a CFIUS (Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States) committee was convened and evaluated the deal on the merits. The committee is made up of representatives from several agencies, usually State, Commerce, Treasury and whatever other agencies that might have had an interest.
    What agencies were represented on this particular committee?
    Who were the representatives and the agencies they were connected to?
    When did they convene and where?
    What information were they given to evaluate the deal?
    What recommendations did they make, identifying who made the recommendations, and what were the factual bases for the recommendations?
    Who supplied the information on which the recommendations were made?
    How was the information gathered? Testimony? Transcripts?
    What information regarding ultimate ownership plans was made available?

    You see, these are all areas of inquiry that should already have been in the works and I have heard not one whisper about any of this.

    There is zero accountability.

  4. Here’s what I wish. I wish the Government would tally up all the money we tax payers have spent on investigating these people. That includes when Bill was the President. Honestly, we can’t afford these two, they cost us too much money. We need justice! Indict them for goodness sakes and prosecute them. Put them in prison for the rest of their lives. What’s wrong with the American Justice System to allow these two crooks, bottom feeders to continue in our society?

    • Remember, the government , including Hilary and Bill are lawyers..lawyers in govt. A lot of this is purposeful infringement to pay the lawyers who continue the saga of legal back and forth at monstrous costs to the taxpayer. As many insiders have said, it’s taking care of the people inside the beltway. It will NEVER change until a MAJOR change agent…like TrumP?….like Cruz?….Like Carli? like BEN?…….come in and unchange it. Call it Tea Party; call it what you want. Every business person knows what it takes: SIGNIFICANT RESTRUCTURING. Its how businesses survive every day.

      • I totally agree with you. Our money is being wasted and that is my biggest concern as it is Trumps. And yes, I do believe a big mouth like Trump can win the WH. Bush needs to go away and shut up.

    • You bring to mind an interesting point: I recall the millions – billions, even, if I recall – that banks were fined for illegal activities. If the Clinton foundation is found to have been fraudulent and Hillary is convicted, perhaps the government (the taxpayers) could recoup some percentage of the costs through fines and asset seizures. They’ve achieved some notoriety for doing it when it’s inappropriate, they ought to be able to do it when it’s appropriate.

  5. Can you imagine Richard Nixon being let off the hook for wire tapping? Look at all the things she has done to toe the line…or attempt to. She has taken it so far that it is normal practice for here and her staff and so they think its acceptable. That’s like saying $ 20 TRILLION is an acceptable debt….sooner or later it will kill us.

  6. I can’t understand how people can ignore all this that just builds and builds. She’s totally unfit to be president. But she and Bill are so “Teflon coated” nothing sticks. Her supporters are blind. If that woman is elected our country will be more of an international joke than it is now.

  7. She is corrupt to the core of her body, ask anyone how you tell if she lying, just watch her lips start to move, you know it going to be a lie. with the party that is in power, she will never spend a day in jail, in fact, Obama & Hillery both should be jail, maybe they can start a new thing, make them parters, put them both in the same cell.

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