Rand Paul Just Made A Major Announcement About Iowa And New Hampshire...

Rand Paul Just Made A Major Announcement About Iowa And New Hampshire That May Surprise You

Photo by Gage Skidmore

2016 GOP Presidential candidate and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has announced that over 60% of Iowa’s nearly 1,700 registered precinct captains “#StandWithRand” as the state’s caucuses are now just over three weeks away.

The organizational success Paul announced is immensely impressive and extremely important, especially in a caucus state like Iowa.

 According to the Des Moine Register:

“Sen. Rand Paul rang in his 53rd birthday with several hundred supporters in one of his more raucous Iowa campaign events.

The Republican presidential hopeful spent Thursday campaigning in western Iowa before the birthday party at Buzzard Billy’s in downtown Des Moines. It was there his campaign announced it has 1,007 precinct captains committed for caucus night on Feb. 1.

The number of volunteers represents 60 percent of Iowa’s 1,681 precincts. Steve Grubbs, the campaign’s chief Iowa strategist, parted the crowd Thursday night with an “official Iowa Rand Paul scroll” representing the “1,007 precinct captains who are committed to winning the Iowa Caucuses in 24 days.”

“In about three weeks, we’re going to shock them. Just this crowd here tonight ought to show them what’s coming,” Paul said. “One thousand precinct chairs shows that we are a first-tier campaign that’s in it — not to mess around, not to get second, not to get third, not to get sixth — we’re in it to win it, Paul said.”

Things are also looking up for Paul in New Hampshire, where Paul just announced he believes he has the “live free or die” state’s best ground game with over 500 campaign leaders ready for the primary on February 9.

“With 500 members on our leadership team, this announcement illustrates that Rand Paul has assembled the largest, most robust ground game in the Granite State,” says Mike Biundo, Senior Advisor to the Rand Paul for President campaign.

“Our team has made hundreds of thousands of phone calls spreading Rand’s message of liberty across the state. Earlier this week, we experienced back-to-back standing-room-only town halls that far outpaced our rivals’ events. You can feel the momentum on the ground. It’s clear, Rand Paul’s message is resonating. We will shock the Washington Machine and the media elite.”



  1. Dear Senator Rand Paul,

    You’re NEEDED right where You are. Stay in the Senate and help LEAD a new Congress in support of President Donald Trump….The SAME goes for Senators Cruz and Rubio.

    There would be TOO MUCH “risk” of LOSING those “seats” in the Senate, if one of them would be selected as VP. A Democrat “could” be appointed and/or elected to take their place.

    • Sorry, Charlie !! HUMP Trump…Ted Cruz to BEGIN the RESTORATION of OUR REPUBLIC !! S/Sgt. John Sharp, USAF SIS, 1950-1954 !

      • Hey able.
        Cruz is not even an American citizen, is not eligible to be in the Senate (9 years as a U.S. citizen required and he sure as hell is NOT a natural born citizen ( see Minor vs. Happersett, a REAL Supreme Court decision in 1875

        • It is treason upon the Constitution and the Framers’ command that for the sake of the national security of the republic, for persons born after the adoption of the Constitution, no person except a natural born citizen is to be eligible to be President and Commander in Chief of the Military, to interpret the natural born citizen clause out of the Constitution and replace it with how we may today define under the positive laws of the Fourteenth Amendment or naturalization Acts of Congress a citizen of the United States at birth, a person who, if not also a natural born citizen, is not born with sole allegiance to the United States.

          With these principles to guide us, we can only conclude that de facto President Barack Obama, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Marco Rubio, and Governor Bobby Jindal are all not natural born citizens. None of them were born in the United States to “parents who were both U.S. citizens” at the time of their children’s birth.

  2. Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t diminish the Senate or take away any of the Govermors and he can pick Rick Perry and Colonel West for his cabinet and John Bolton for the UN Ambassador and Mitt Romney and Carly Fiorino to round out his team. A win win situation. Even Rand Pauil as Surgeon General would be a good pick if we could get a Republican to follow him in the senate.

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