ISIS Attack In America As Man Tries To Murder Philadelphia Police Officer...

ISIS Attack In America As Man Tries To Murder Philadelphia Police Officer During Ambush

The Islamic State has attacked America again, this time targeting a cop on patrol in Pennsylvania.

According to

“As reported earlier Philadelphia Police Officer Jessie Hartnett, who has been on the force for five years, was ambushed in his vehicle earlier today. Hartnett was shot in the arm multiple times after 13 shots were fired into the vehicle.

He was able to return fire and hit the suspect, 30-year-old Edward Archer, who has survived. Police are now confirming the situation as a terrorism investigation and have revealed the suspect admitted to carrying out the shooting in the name of Islam after pledging loyalty to ISIS.

“He [the suspect] said he did it for his religious beliefs,” police officials said Friday in a press conference.”



  1. Oh Mr Obama you hands become more bloody with each passing day. Cant wait till all the Syrian ISIS sleepers meet up with our home grown Peaceful religion islamists. . We are no waht Obama pledge to un in his Fundamentally Change America agenda.

  2. The shooter claimed he was motivated by “islam” and never mentioned “isis”. He more than likely is a member of the “nation of islam” aka “black muslims” but you won’t see this in the media.

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