Woman Who Says Bill Clinton Raped Her BLASTS Hillary For Helping Him...

Woman Who Says Bill Clinton Raped Her BLASTS Hillary For Helping Him Cover It Up

Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Juanita Broadrick says Bill Clinton raped her when he was Arkansas Attorney General in 1978 and Hillary Clinton helped cover it up.

According to The Hill:

“A woman who publicly accused former President Bill Clinton of raping her in 1978 is resurrecting her claims on social media.

“I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me,” Juanita Broaddrick tweeted Wednesday.

“Hillary tried to silence me,” she wrote of Bill Clinton’s wife and the current Democratic presidential front-runner.  “I am now 73…it never goes away.”

The former nursing home administrator alleged in 1999 that Bill Clinton raped her in Little Rock, Ark., during his 1978 gubernatorial campaign.”



  1. with all of the women he’s had willingly, this is hard to believe
    but hillary trying to cover it up, is acceptable, even understandable

    • Did you leave your tag out?

      There is considerable doubt that all that many were willing. Bubba is the poster child for Sexual Harassment laws. If you’re in doubt, look up what constitutes the term. You will find it includes any situation involving personal relations between a superior and a subordinate, regardless of appearances of being consensual, if the superior holds power over the subordinate. Even the fling with Monica met that standard, but does Paula Jones ring a bell? Kathleen Willey? These women were not silent at the time, but were silenced by the Hillary steamroller and slime machine.

      • Dear e4l,

        Finally, someone states the standard for sexual harassment.

        The Monica Lewinsky example should be the poster child for sexual harassment. Not only that, the effort to which HRC went to destroy her hound also turn on light bulbs. What if Lewinsky had not saved the blue dress. No one except other victims would have believed her. And had WJC simply admitted that he’d had something with that woman, he would likely still have his license to practice. And now how many Yale Law graduates have been disbarred? Is that a risk factor for disbarment?

    • There are probably lots of women who would have been willing to have sex with Bill Cosby too, but that’s not what it’s about.

    • What the hell? You think it’s acceptable and understandable that Killary helped cover up a rape by her husband? WTF is wrong with you? It is NEVER okay to rape anyone, and it is NEVER acceptable or understandable for anyone to cover it up! Especially, a woman who is trying to become the POTUS!

      Just because slimy Bill had women willing does not mean anything! You are a complete and total ass! I hope you are not married and have not procreated! People like you belong locked up! Your comment is so vile and disgusting that it makes me sick! You need your head examined for brain damage! Sick bastard!

  2. she laughed at the victims…this is what America wants, an enabler, liar subversive, fired from Watergate for unethical acts.. I’m old enough to remember. Her husband is a rapist and she enables him smh..get real people.. I’ll vote for anyone, but Hil”liar’y Clinton

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