Shock Claim: More Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Victims About To Come Forward

Shock Claim: More Bill Clinton Sexual Assault Victims About To Come Forward

A former advisor to Donald Trump says that more women are about to come forward with accusations against Bill Clinton.

Roger Stone, a consultant well known in political circles, says it’s “very probable” new victims will start speaking out soon.

According to Sean Hannity:

Since returning to the campaign trail as an advocate for Hillary, Bill Clinton has been harried by renewed interest in his past sexual misconduct as well as Hillary’s alleged role in intimidating his victims into silence.

Roger Stone, author of the New York Times bestselling “The Clinton’s War On Women”, claims that he has personal knowledge of previously unknown victims who are preparing to come forward with accusations against the former president.

“I identified 24 women who’ve been assaulted by Bill Clinton,” Stone said on The Sean Hannity Show. “Now some of these women are still terrified. Some of them have had IRS audits. Some of them have had their families threatened. But others have come forward.”

“Are you saying there’s women whose names we don’t know that are mentioned in your book or not mentioned in your book that are going to come forward and start telling those stories?” Sean asked.

“Yes, I think it’s very probable,” Stone responded.”



  1. wow , I am Not shocked by allegetions , that Clinton has assoulted 24 women , Dude is sexual predator , and all these crimes should be investigated ,,,,Man , that is some sick corrupt family

    • If anything, I’d be willing to bet that 24 is at the low end of the range. The very low end.

  2. we’ll see how many male victims come forward when Obama leaves office!!!! we all know his faggott nature…

  3. Hillary is not well since her fall and concussion. Reports about her last denbate was that she was not on a potty break but sitting trying to gather herself up to go back in. She gets exhausted very quickly from reports of those close to her on the campaign trail, Her old aide says she is often confused about specific issues……and then there is WJC. What if she chooses him as her running mate, wins and then resigns due to medical distress …. now there is a scenario. Bill’s third term. It’s funny that my favorite old comedian and her husband both recklessly wielded power of their positions.

    • It’s 3:00am and “the telephone rings”; Hilrod can’t come to the phone because she’s catatonic. Probably for the best!

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