Trey Gowdy Will Question Petraeus In Upcoming Benghazi Hearing

Trey Gowdy Will Question Petraeus In Upcoming Benghazi Hearing

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., speaks with the media on the East Front of the Capitol after a vote in the House, July 31, 2014. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)

Trey Gowdy and the House Select Committee On Benghazi have announced new hearings beginning this week.

One witness will be former General David Petraeus..

According to a press release from the House Select Committee On Benghazi:

Select Committee on Benghazi Press Secretary Matt Wolking released the following statement announcing the upcoming private testimony of additional witnesses:

“In 2015, the Select Committee conducted interviews with 64 witnesses, including 53 who had never been interviewed by a congressional committee. It also obtained and reviewed roughly 100,000 pages of documents from various departments and agencies, most of them never before seen by a congressional committee. While we are still waiting to receive crucial documents from the State Department and the CIA, and still waiting for important witnesses to be made available, the committee is diligently working to complete its thorough, fact-centered investigation and release a report with recommendations within the next few months. The American people and the families of the victims deserve to know the truth about what happened before, during and after the 2012 Benghazi terrorist attacks, and we must do everything we can to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.”

The following witnesses will be interviewed in private. Asterisks denote witnesses who have never been interviewed by a congressional committee. This schedule is not comprehensive and is subject to change.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Witness:  David Petraeus, former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Witness:  Charlene Lamb, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Programs for Diplomatic Security

Friday, January 8, 2016

Witness: Leon Panetta, former Secretary of Defense

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Witness: Jeremy Bash, former Chief of Staff at the U.S. Department of Defense*



  1. Within 30 minutes of the attack on the Consulate, AFRICOM was executing the crises action system, reaction units were placed on alert, and courses of action were sent to the DOD Ops center, and the White House. This is standard procedure and when Leon Panetta met with the President on 9/11, he would have presented POTUS with the courses of action. In the old days, one of the choices was always called “choice F” which was basically, do nothing. I strongly suspect that POTUS chose that option and then went to bed. The ball was deliberately dropped BY THE STATE DEPARTMENT and the “spooks” in Libya were written off. All the rest was deliberate “white noise” designed to quell the righteous rage of the few people paying attention. The administration has been caught “red handed” and has been desperately trying to cover its tracks. Unfortunately, nothing will be done until this POTUS is out of office and by then, most people will not care enough to hold anyone responsible. If anyone wants to do something about it, insist that your candidate for the White House make a commitment to seek justice once elected to the Presidency. LTC Duston Rose, USA(RET)

  2. The question about Benghazi that demands an answer but no one has asked is WHY.
    Especially why were they told to STAND DOWN? until we get the answer to that question we will never know the full story.What is being held back? Who is being protected?

    • Our government was involved in illegal weapons distribution throughout the Middle East, i.e., supplying the terrorists with the tools they needed to wipe out Western civilization.

  3. I have come to the conclusion that Trey Gowdy has lost the fire in his belly to get to the bottom of the Benghazi tragedy. He has been stonewalled and accused every step along the way and fellow Republican, whose conflict of interest is one of those that is too large not to ignore, found no evidence of improper conduct on the part of the State Department or White House. BHO and HRC will forever be joined at the hips on the Benghazi travesty and it is likely that the light will never shine on this darkness.

    Moreover, it appears to me, one of just us common folk, that the leadership of the opposition party has no intent on stopping the BHO unconstitutional express. That scares me even more, in as much as that could mean that we would see simply more absence of the rule of law if the opposition party wins. I will not forget that the slogan for the 2014 elections was that “we can do it better.”

    • I think the greatest problem in all the woes of this government is the fact that Obama has surrounded himself with “his” people who will protect him to no end. This includes the Attorney General, who heads up the Department of Justice. No one in this administration will be prosecuted, no matter how heinous the crime, while Obama’s in office with a protective AG. (Unless, of course, that crime is committed by a conservative!)

      On January 15, the movie, 13 Hours, will be released. This is the true account, by those persons on the ground and those fighting, of the events in Benghazi that lead to Steven’s death as well as 3 others. I believe that when the movie is released and people see first hand what actually happened, and what the government tried to hide, and how they lied, there’ll be a watershed of demands to prosecute. I also believe that Gowdy is simply piling up all the evidence collected so that by the time the investigation is completed, the administration will have no where to turn. Bottom line is I think everyone’s waiting for Obama to get out of office so we can get the right people in the right places who will prosecute to the fullest extent.

      • Dear AB1,

        I can only hope that you are correct. BHO is going to have a long list of pardons. For some reason, I have an idea that the Founding Fathers did not have in mind the use of the pardon for the lawlessness we have lived through these past 7 years. It will be interesting.

        You might want to consider 14 USC 1101 for starters. One does not have to be under oath to violate 1101 and false statements to a federal agent qualify.

        In fact, the Feds tried to expand 1101 at one time to include false statements to those conducting interviews/interrogations on behalf of federal government contractors. As far as I know, it has not worked. But making a false statement to a federal agent performing his/her job as a federal agent could be a problem.

        I may have to disagree with you about the impact of “13 Hours,” though. Remember “Blackhawk Down”? I could not even watch the movie it upset me so much. Yet zero backlash occurred and WJC walked away from another abandonment of US military.

      • Dear AB1,

        Time will tell about Congressman Gowdy, but I do not have great expectations for a real reaction from “13 Hours.” I remember all too well “Blackhawk Down” and could not force myself even to watch the movie I was so upset. WJC skated through as if it were just another day at the office. So why any reaction from what really happened in Benghazi? We knew what happened in Somalia.

        I had great hopes about the character and persistence of Trey Gowdy, but something appears to me to have happened.

        What happened to John Roberts? In 2 very simple issues, he simply turned his back on traditional rules of construction and manufactured majorities that essentially flew in the face of the rule of law. We already knew that 4 justices had no regard for the rule of law, but that is not John Roberts’s history. So what gives here?

        Is the view of Dave correct that the invasive nests of NSA spying is so complete that everyone has been neutralized? Trey Gowdy appears different today that he did 8 months ago. And for him to come out publicly and endorse a candidate so out of touch as Marco Rubio and his stand on immigration reform…again what gives? That is not consistent with the Trey Gowdy who sprang onto the stage.

        AD1, I hope you are correct.

  4. This goes back to the General that was in charge of that area. He should have stood up like he had a pair, and sent in some help. Hell you can fly from NY, and NJ, in less time than it would have taken from Italy. But hell no he acted just like the A Holes in DC. Protecting their back sides, not caring about the Americans that lost their lives. What a Crock of Shit. God Bless the men that went to attempt a rescue. They were Heroes, and never once thougt about themselves, just wanted to help out other Americans under attack. Everyone involved with this incodent, should go to prison for the cover up. But Hell no, it just was only four little unknown lives, that at this point what difference does it make? It makes one Hell of a difference to this Veteran.

    • Every single general who has taken a stand against the incompetent Obama has been fired. Operatives on the ground went against their stand-down orders and fought for 13 hours. The film is being released on Jan. 15. Already the administration is trying to debunk it; but you can’t debunk the truth, especially when it comes from the boots on the ground who fought the battle.

      Petreus provided confidential info with his mistress/biographer and was forced to retire, serve 2 years probation, and pay a $40,000 fine. Hillary Clinton used a private server to conduct State Department business, conducted personal business for the Clinton Foundation using her power as Secretary of State, mishandled thousands of classified emails, and then perjured herself about all of it. She is currently the Democrat’s No. 1 candidate for the White House!

      It all depends on which side of the political arena you stand…if you’re left wing…you’ll get away with murder, and then some. If you’re right wing…you will be prosecuted to the full extent.

      Congress has the ability to impeach Obama because he has committed so many impeachable offenses. All that’s needed is 7 Democrat senators to side with the GOP to get that impeachment. In all of the Senate, there’s not 7 Democrats who will vote to impeach and go against their Messiah.

      What’s going on has absolutely nothing to do with the law or justice. It’s political through and through and Obama controls it all, is protected by his administration, and served by his Democrat cohorts in office.

      • Dear AB1,

        What you and others like BP have described what is going on–we have entered rampant government of men and the selective enforcement of the law. Anyone who has come anywhere near classification issues knows that the HRC e-mail issue is clear-cut felony in motion. Her staff also knew. I can assure you that there are some scared people out there; they know too much.

        But the guys on the ground have come forward to speak and speak loudly. But we are now into the fourth year since Benghazi and not one hammer has fallen. Selective enforcement of the law is quite different from prosecutorial discretion. And when there is an oligarchy of favored who are above the law, the hoi polloi lose faith in a system that does not protect them and begin to live outside the law.

        Adding 16,000 IRS agents and 400 ATF agents ought to tell you the real priorities. And most have no idea of the tax code amendments that went quietly into effect 1Jan2016 in the ACA. Just one more bases on which to raise the constitutionality of the ACA–taxing statutes must arise in the House; the ACA did not and it is hard for me to see how “reconciliation” would work to “ratify” the taxing provisions…but CJ Roberts had his chance and ruled that the penalty is a tax.

        So not only are we living in chaotic times when there is no government of law, the Supremes embarrasses even Harvard law professors who taught these justices.

  5. If Gowdy was going to do something it would already have happened. All he has done is prove the system can’t or won’t work to stop tyrants and abusers. Benghazi is about gun running and murder from the highest offices in the land.

    • Again, the Attorney General will NOT prosecute any liberal, regardless of how heinous the crime is. Example: Black Lives Matter called out to kill cops nationwide. And cops were murdered in cold blood across America. What did Loretta Lynch do? Not a goddamn thing against Black Lives Matter. However, she did issue notice that any person speaking negatively about Muslims would be prosecuted. So you’ve got liberals killing cops and not a damn thing is done; but say anything “bad” about a Muslim and you WILL be prosecuted and jailed! (Note: she made this declaration the day after the San Bernadino terrorist attack!)

      Gowdy could have a video of Hillary and Obama sitting in the war room watching the drones coverage of the actual events in Benghazi, with the two discussing the fact that they can’t upset their Middle East friends, ergo, stand down orders are necessary and Americans are going to have to die to save Obama’s and Hillary’s butts…and even with that kind of evidence, not be able to prosecute because the head prosecutor is connected to Obama’s hip and won’t do diddly-squat!

  6. Let’s not forget Extortion 17. Probably the greatest traitorous act of all ( Extortion 17 – the worst loss of life in the Afghan War, )Someone must be held accountable for that.

  7. We have not been told why Obama and Hillary did not send help to our people in Benghazi. We had fighter jets from military bases that could have been there within 30 minutes and nobody is mentioning the aircraft carrier we had in the Mediterranean ocean nearby! Freedom of Information Act ( last year) was used to find that Obama and then Hillary knew in advance that the Benghazi attack was going to happen and no preparations were done. impeach Obama over his collusion to allow the attacks to happen.

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