You Won’t Believe What Obama Just Said About His Unconstitutional Executive Orders...

You Won’t Believe What Obama Just Said About His Unconstitutional Executive Orders Expanding Gun Control

President Obama defended forthcoming Executive Orders on gun policy today, actually saying his mandates will be “consistent with the Second Amendment.”

Many believe the orders will be Unconstitutional…

According to The Hill:

“President Obama defended his plan to take executive action on guns on Monday, saying the proposals are within his legal authority and consistent with the Constitution.

“I’m … confident that the recommendations that are being made by my team here are ones that are entirely consistent with the Second Amendment and people’s lawful right to bear arms,” the president said following an Oval Office meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The president huddled with Lynch, FBI Director James Comey and other law enforcement officials to finalize a raft of measures that sidestep Congress to tighten the nation’s gun laws.

Obama did not announce the specific steps he plans to take but said they would be rolled out “over the next several days.” He is expected to broaden background check requirements by forcing sellers at gun shows and on the Internet to register as federally licensed gun dealers.”



  1. President Obama must be out of his mind, guns don’t kill people. His executive orders need to be STOP by Congress and Senators. We the people demand action from our politicians and Obama should be IMPEACHED as a Trader to the American people.

    • They won’t do it. They’re so scared of another impeachment turned by the left and the media into a political witchhunt instead of a necessary curb on abuse of power, they will permit any amount of destruction to the constitutional republic created by our Founding Fathers. In addition, 89 Senators recently voted AGAINST protecting us, and that’s the only time you’ll ever find the Senate mustering a supermajority. I fear the Republic is dead, all that’s left is to bury the carcass before it starts to stink.

    • the Democrats and some Republican are afraid of losing their seats if they impeach him they can’t steal anymore of our money if they were to lose their seats in Congress

  2. If anything the Dictraitor-and-Thief signs infringes on the peoples’ right to keep and bear arms, it is unconstitutional. Most patriotic Americans understand that, which of course explains why he does not.

    • You have to be an AMERICAN before you can Understand the Values of OUR Constitution! If this SOB thinks that he will keep us from OUR GUNS, I think he already KNOWS there are TOO MANY guns in OUR POSSESIONS that we can take him and his Muslims out office at anytime!!

    • Problem will be if all of Congress reads and under stands the way it is written that the second amendment will become useless. Our reps are usually too busy to take the time to read and understand , so they don’t realize what they are told is only part of the story and they just vote in a law that they know nothing about. Remember when Cruz called McConnell a liar to his face in front of Congress!

  3. Absolute traitor for defying the 2nd Amendment. The law requires a 2/3 majority of states’ votes to change the Constitution. This clown thinks he is above the law and the Constitution itself. The law reads that:
    Two-thirds (supermajority) vote of members present—assuming that a quorum exists—in both the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Congress;

    Ovomit feels he is both god and King and his decisions are final just as with kings and monarchs in the middle ages right up to the 1st World War when many of the monarchs were kings and queens which is why this Country had a revolution in the first place. I believe it’s time for another when self made kings like Ovomit try to stomp on the Constitution.

  4. Ask any Gun,
    to get off the table,
    Come out of the cabinet,
    Get off the shelf, –
    Ask it to load itself,
    ask it to shoot.
    Ask it to Fire away..
    “It will look at you like “What Are You. STUPID?” I cannot move. I cannot load or shoot. I cannot fire.
    Why would any dumb person want to “restrict” guns?
    Restrict the NUT CASES. THE ISLAMIC TERRORISTS..They are ones responsible for irresponsible heinous crimes.
    I am only 1 tool.- will you want to restrict hammers,?-nail guns?, -screwdrivers?

  5. I ask you where did IRIS get there weapons from?

    Your right,from President Obama, if he would not have handed out all those weapon they would not have them. The government has NO idea where all of those weapons got to, what a trail and error.

    Now Obama wants to take our weapons away from Law abiding citizens.
    It’s time for him to go, He has broke every law in the book.

  6. Obama has wiped his butt with the Constitution ever since he was elected. In my opinion, he is the most successful covert operative in the history of espionage, and I’m concerned about what he might try to pull during his last year (hopefully) in office – especially since congress has abdicated its responsibility entirely.
    But, his war on the second amendment is sure to be successful, since we know for certain that the “gun violence” (God, I hate that term) committed in Chicago and elsewhere is all self-defense by law-abiding citizens who bought their guns legally. So clearly, if Obama moves to stop it, it will stop.

  7. This Oblamer idiot does not even know the Constitution which is what he swore to protect and defend at his inauguration. He is a perverse child clown with no more sense than a stupid toad… which is what he looks like! He is a delusional despot who deserves no place in the American Government!

  8. This man has not read his job description. Only congress can make laws. His duty is to enforce them.

    • If the pilot & copilot on AirForce1 would do the whole planet a favor by goin’ out kamikaze style with “the 0ne” & its alleged mate aboard, the entire free world would do the happy dance…until the next parasite was gifted US via the Chicago weigh.

      • There are other personnel aboard Air Force 1 that are not necessarily Obama fans, so the pilot & copilot will not kamikaze the plane. Obama is a POS, not worth the lives of innocent people! If he got hit in the head with a golf ball & it killed him, I might just throw a party!

        • Well, respectfully I don’t really see it happening but I feel your pain, as in I’m numb. Being as utterly innocent as any human is capable of being, I being on AF1 with Bury multiple times would imply beyond any reasonable doubt that I knew I was sharing the “friendly skies” with an emirate of hell. That would erase all formerly perceived as innocence implying “observed traits”.

        • How about a new National holiday? Mmm, maybe call it “Death of Marxist Muslim in Cow Dung Day?” I wouldn’t mind have that on calanders.

  9. Obama’s executive order may appear minuscule in that ALL arms dealers already have to do a background check on customers buying guns->BUT DON’T BE FOOLED!! This is just a test case of his power, If it isnt defeated by Congress AND courts, His NEXT Executive Order will Have real teeth to bite the freedoms of the second Amendment and infringe on YOUR right to bear arms

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