Watch Trump’s First TV Ad

Watch Trump’s First TV Ad

2016 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump has released his first television ad. The ad “Great Again,” is the first in what will be a flurry of ads the next few weeks as Iowa and New Hampshire approach.

Trump will reportedly throw down $2 million dollars a week this next month just on ads in the early voting states…

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump focuses on the threat from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in his first television ad, released early Monday.

The ad, entitled “Great Again,” promises that Trump will “quickly cut the head off of ISIS and take their oil.”

Trump’s campaign said it will spend at least $2 million per week on TV air time, with roughly half of that spent in Iowa and the other half in New Hampshire. The spot will begin airing on Tuesday.”



    • Lol that’s funny….Cruz will do NOTHING just like always…his details are to let 15 million illegals to stay put…and what does he plan on doing to keep more companies from leaving the Country…if he had any clue he has had plenty of time to put his ideas what there but he hasn’t done a damn thing just like the rest of the rinos!

  1. I am waiting for Bill Cosby to stand alongside Bill Clinton as they endorse Hilldabeast for President, as she attacks the GOP with her “War on Women” claims.. I always enjoy a good joke.

    • I see. You’d prefer he show ISIS cutting off heads, burning people alive, throwing gays off buildings, or putting men in a cage and throwing the cage in water? How about a few planes flying into the WTC and bringing that down? Or a plane rocketing into the Pentagon. It’s really a shame we didn’t have any footage of the plane nosediving into that Pennsylvania field…perhaps we could fake it with CGI? And it’s a real pisser they didn’t have video in the days of Troy, otherwise we could have footage of what a Trojan Horse looks like…maybe even exchange those soldiers with ISIS terrorists to bring it more up to date!

      The ad states unequivocally that Trump will kill ISIS and stop illegal immigration. For most Americans, that is VERY exciting. We finally have someone who gives a damn about the American citizens, and not the Muslim radical relatives (claiming they’re peaceful!) or the illegals taking over our country!

      • I think you missed my point. The reason for doing any form of advertising is to “excite” the target market to buy a product, or in this case to realize the nature of what needs to be fixed and to reveal the seriousness of the dangers the country faces. To that extent the commercial has to be basically classified as ineffective to a great degree. Those who already agree with Trump may like it. Those who need to be enlightened will remain unmoved. As an attention grabber, less effective than the responses Mr. Trump has made to the Democrat and RINO attacks he has been getting. In truth, Trump might be better off not doing any commercials as his best commercials come from those wishing him to go away. Or in other terms let them keep painting him as an underdog since Americans are often prone to rooting for the underdog.

          • The polls have nothing to do with how the public perceives Trump’s chances of winning in November. Thanks to the media attacks, attacks from RINOS, and DNC Trolls in the eyes of many voters he is still an underdog. It’s best the public impression remain that way as his campaign will be like a snowball going downhill, picking up momentum and growing in size.

          • Whatever you have to tell yourself to make yourself feel better we will let you.

      • You say it very well, American Belle 1, Trump tells it like it is and we all know what danger our country is in today. How can some people not see what is going on. Trump wants to make America Great Again. Cruz can not do that as he is owned already by the Washington Establishment and even supports making Mexico, USA and Canada all one country calling it North America. Please wake up people. This is our last chance. Vote Trump for the sake of your Children, Grandchildren and all those that come after.

  2. If you like ads that are “simple enough that even a child can understand it,” then this is ad may be considered effective. If you like details, this ad may not “work” be for you as it offers no new dimension to it as it a repackaged version of what Trump has already been saying. I can understand how it would be wise not to reveal too many details about military strategy, but for those who have NOT heard or read about the details of how he plans on making “Mexico” pay for it, then this ad is truly lacking enough “bait” to persuade by way of offering meaningful information. Any one of the top 4 or 5 ranking GOP presidential candidates would be much better choices, than any one or any combination of the Democrats.

    • Lance, you and I would be better choices than the Democrats because we have the right big picture. For example, we want a meaningful border and we want terrorism crushed. We have people who know exactly how to do both. We just have to let them do their jobs.

  3. Donald Trump will make America Great Again. How nice would it be to walk down street and not have someone shoot you. Go Trump. God Bless USA AGAIN.

  4. “Detail People…”
    This is an AD, yes? Not a manifesto…
    Trump has his baggage (like all the rest), but he’s willing to call it what it is and play it as it lays – an amazing thing in this age of “political correctness” and BS.
    But, I must confess, if the GOP ran a possum against Hillary R o d h a m Clinton, I’d vote for the possum.

  5. Bill Clinton and Bill Cosby were well known to attend special affairs together only to seek to be with anyone they could trap alone and take advantage of them being unknowingly drugged to helplessness!

    Bill Cosby is extremely close to both Hilary and Bill Clinton and has donated millions toward their many questionable plays!

    So Be It

  6. …AND take their oil? So is he talking about free gasoline for everyone? Or just more riches for the super rich?

  7. I just don’t get one thing. Why is it necessary, or desirable, to make Mexico pay for the border wall? Doesn’t that simply layer on potential excuses for delay? Forgive me if there was a detail previously announced in regard to this I missed. But I thought the argument I was agreeing with is: the best way to severely reduce or eliminate future illegal immigration is to build a wall at our southern border. OK, sounds good – but also sounds expensive. Cheaper than the numerous consequences of the flood of illegals? Seems like a no-brainer. Does a wall at the southern border benefit Mexico? Don’t really see why it would, and the obvious benefit of getting rid of some lowlifes is easily balanced by the loss of remittances from the US to Mexico, a crucial element of Mexico’s balance of payments. (By the way, one enforcement measure that needs to be tightened and would not be terribly expensive to tighten would be to require similar restrictions and paperwork that is meant to prevent the hiring of illegals on the ability to legally remit money to Mexico or other countries.)

    So if Mexico can’t, or won’t, or will say yes and then delay, paying for the wall, what is the purpose of this demand? To humiliate Mexico? I understand that one aspect of Donald Trump’s personality is to achieve dominance through humiliating his opponent. When it’s a craven liberal mainstream media idiot, that’s an absolutely priceless resource. When it’s an enemy that has NO redeeming qualities like ISIS or al-Qaeda, it may help save the world. When it’s another country, especially a neighbor, a putative ally, a member of a military or trade alliance, then this habit is a little tricky.

    What if we could “buy” cooperation from Mexico on the wall by helping them stop being a transfer point for terrorists? Wouldn’t that be worth it? AFAIAC, the biggest reason to oppose illegal immigration has nothing to do with the usual arguments about undermining our society, the pressure on public resources and benefits that should be restricted to citizens only, crime rates of illegals, or any of stuff. All that is important – but add it all up, and illegal immigration ranks about #12 on the list of urgent problems to be solved. But add the threat to national security that a porous southern border represents, and its importance rises immeasurably. But that can also be seen – and solved – as a separate problem. But the costs of national and border security are the responsibility of the country, not the neighbors. Or do you want to depend on the armed forces of Mexico and Canada to protect the US, or the formidable nuclear umbrella provided by them? Ha!

    Finally, I ask you to picture Benjamin Netanyahu telling the Palestinians that they are going to have to pay for the walls around Gaza and the West Bank. “Should” they pay? Well, since they wish to overrun and destroy Israel, I can see a moral argument that they should, but would that have built the walls we often cite as the model for the one we want? Trump’s great ideas about illegal immigration, his insistence on a wall, his complete game-changing of the discussion altogether, would rate him a place in the history books and the gratitude of Americans if he dropped dead of a heart attack tomorrow. On this important issue, he’s already changed the world. This is not something that happens often in presidential campaigns. But why hang it on this apparent rhetorical flourish that really doesn’t make sense? What if the chances of the success of the Trump Plan to stop and reverse illegal immigration were 85% if we pay for it ourselves, or if those chances drop to 50-50 if we insist on “making” Mexico pay for this or that? Is every word out of Trump’s mouth gospel, not subject to analysis or criticism, or, God forbid, refinement and improvement? I guarantee you – the more his fanatic followers take that attitude, the harder it is going to be for him to win. Would you reel in the rabid responses to criticisms of Trump if it would increase his 50-50 chance of winning (which is what it looks like to me now) to 60-40? What is it going to take to have normal political conversation about the most important person in the race?

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