Ted Cruz Says “Oregon Occupation” Should End Immediately

Ted Cruz Says “Oregon Occupation” Should End Immediately

Photo by Michael Vadon

Texas Senator and 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz says the militia that is occupying federal property in Oregon should “stand down.”

According to The Hill:

“Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Monday slammed the protesters who have taken over a federal building at a wildlife refuge in rural Oregon, urging them to lay down their arms.

“Every one of us has a constitutional right to protest, to speak our minds,” Cruz told reporters at campaign event in Iowa, according to NBC News.

Cruz said he is praying for everyone involved in the dispute.”




  1. The Federal Government has no business owning ANY land, other than authorized by the Constitution in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17:

    To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States,
    and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.

    • Unfortunately Thomas, the American people don’t realize that all this land that the government has purchased over the years(with our tax dollars) is really an unconstitutional LAND GRAB! While I don’t personally support violence to prove a point or cause, I can certainly understand the frustration of these Oregonians with what they perceive as unjust government intrusion and infringement upon their Constitutional rights.

      It’s just too bad that things have been allowed to go (yes I did say allowed) this far. If Americans had been vigilant all along and gathered together to hold our elected representatives accountable, we would not be in this precarious position today. Too many have gone to the ballot box, voted, and then gone home to lounge in their recliners, therefore enabling these rascals to do their dirty work. Yes, people are now awake and ready to engage, but I fear it is too little, too late. I hope and pray I’m proven wrong!

      • Correct, this Country is more like a dictatorship instead of
        a instead of a Constitutional Republic.
        It’s getting worse all the while, the Politicians don’t have any respect for we the people, they act like Dictators the people have no rights by thier standerds. They have been in office way too long, time for a change/ house cleaning. Trem Limits for all Politicans, and Judges.

  2. Well, when do we have the right to stand up to a Government out of control, when do we have the right to bear arms against tyranny? That is why we have the right to bear arms isn’t it? So when does that kick in Senator Cruz? Our governments need to know the people will not tolerate this garbage of reducing our freedoms. When Iran’s youth stood up against their government our government said they should listen, when does that apply to the people here? No matter when or what, people in authority here will say it’s not OK apparently even people who supposedly stand up for the constitution. The government has caused this because they won’t listen on either side of the coin, Dem’s and GOP both guilty. We want it to stop sir how do we accomplish that, by voting for you? Cause it sounds like to me that you are not standing behind the constitution now. When does it kick in for there to be a militia that will stand up to the government?

    • They can peacefully protest but without weapons. I am all for gun rights but they are making it that much easier for Obama to take them away.

      • So you do not believe in a Militia then? A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the Right of the People to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.

        • I believe in a peaceful protest. If the day should come that our second amendment rights are being taken away then I agree with a well armed militia.

          • I hate to disappoint you but you don’t put a militia together in one day, and by the time you agree it will be too late anyway. But thanks for the sentiment, I’m sure the Hammonds appreciate it on their first night in prison with 5 years to go.

          • cpass, I believe the time for peaceful protest is wayyy past. There is too much thuggery in Washington and the State governments for that. I think that even if Rand Paul were to get elected, not much would change. Our government is just too big!

          • I agree with you 100%. I’m really mad to have seen Obama crying today. He said he was mad about the deaths caused from guns. We all know he was talking about blacks being killed. He was crying because he’s mad and for no other reason.

        • These folks have not called themselves a militia, and nobody said anything about the 2nd amendment. Sorry, but they are just asking for federal violence in the end. They are poorly organized and poorly lead.

          • I didn’t realize it was necessary to “request” Feral violence; I thought they freely dispensed it.

          • “Asking” is synonymous and Sarcasm. But I suppose failing to comply with the new progreSSive gun controls will be “asking for it” too.
            Do you have “a line in the sand”? ……or does it have to knock on your front door to be a problem.
            As for poorly organized and lead, there is one Marine Sgt. with them.
            Aren’t you a Marine, too? Have you organized anything in your AO?

          • Most would understand colloquial usage here, but if word police floats your boat, have at it. No, not a marine, though both brothers were, dad was army, me- I couldn’t pass the physical due to some medical issues. The line in the sand for me is that 90% of our neighborhood is armed and mostly of the same mind relative to the 2nd. Here in the NC mountains the attitude is almost universal- Don’t F**K with us and you’ll be OK.

          • Hey, you started the word police thingy by failing to see the sarcasm in my comment then blaming me for your literal interp of what I said.
            So now that I’ve got that off my chest, “a line in the sand isn’t 90% of your neighborhood”, it is a personal decision of when or what you will no longer tolerate.
            I’m originally from NC, and lived for awhile in the Mtns. and it’s better than other parts of the state on liberty issues, but there are lots of NC ProgreSSives that can “legally” rule you.
            CYA, I do wish you well. We are all in deepening sheet ,imo.

          • Than don’t try sarcasm, you’re not ggod at it. And a gun in the face makes a good line not to cross. And as for DS, I agree wholeheartedly.

          • Posting from the NC mountains, you must have quite the gift of farsightedness! Bully for you. Bully for you is just a pile of ambiguous dung from my owned personal vernacular. 10:roger?

          • Please take a course in the art of writing, ’cause I think you only understand about half of what you wrote. Lots of $2 words. . . little sense.

          • Craig, the real terrorists are in Washington, D.C. and the State capitals. Mr. Cruz just proved that. This will be a major blow to his campaign. Government is way out of control. What’s a dozen lives to Mr. Oslimo? NOTHING!

          • I agree with much of your post, but as for condemning or advocating Cruz, or anyone else for that matter, I’ll decline. Your point about an outta control gubmint resonates at a volume that could crack all of the glass in DC. Oslimo is what formaldehyde’s for. Can it for posterity.

          • Can what for posterity? We won’t have a posterity if Oslimbo, (Barry, Oblamo, …..), or the killer of Benghazi has their way. Let’s reach out to the common sense in people and stop the Feds in their tracks. I’m all for negotiation but the time is coming when negotiation will only prolong the inevitable. That time is here, now. Let’s support those folks that are putting their lives where most if our mouths are. That excludes Mr. Cruz.

          • Can the gubmint. The moment it oozed into existence, it was meant to be put on the bottom shelf…the one without any kind of support structure. It was custom crafted to go DOWN.

          • You’re an idiot. Ted Cruz is the voice of reason in an unreasonable Government. Ted Cruz will put intelligence back in DC. The Donald will just divide us further, as he is way too polarizing to be taken seriously. Vote for Ted Cruz, in the upcoming primaries, unless you want to maintain the status quo garbage Osama has brought us.

          • But, as always, asking for the Feds to make a statement. The government IS too large, too poorly lead, infringing on our liberties, taxing us too much, making laws that don’t apply to themselves, and spreading OUR money all over the world, ….. To me that sounds like tyranny. This is just the beginning. Wait until word spreads, there will be plenty more capable leaders and followers to join this little example. Americans are pizzed off and starting to show it. The polls are a joke and through executive order, Prince Oslima is getting ready to let the hammer fall again. Why can’t Obamacare be removed? Because there are too many Rhinos and Dems that actually want it. Why can’t the “debate” about climate change be an actual debate? Because the established Rhinos and Dems (and the Press) don’t want to. Why are we over $18 TRILLION in debt? Because the government, on all fronts, doesn’t want to STOP SPENDING. Why can’t we close the southern border? Because the feds want it that way. Why are we importing middle eastern ISIS members? Because the government wants it that way. When is the person with the most money going to STOP getting elected? When the government is barred from accepting donations from, well, anybody. When are enough folks going to get enough of our government and take it over? Of course they won’t go peacefully, that what the second Amendment is all about. Maybe those folks at that Federal bldg. haven’t called themselves a militia or mentioned the second Amendment. But, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and does duck stuff, you know, it just might be a duck. :) We HAVE to start somewhere. Well said, Cindy Milne!

          • This may well be the start of a firestorm, Mike and I can’t say I would be surprised if it turns out that way, nor would I say they are wrong, I just am puzzued that they chose this particular battle to fight. But as is usual this day and time, nobody but the protestors know the whole story, given the liberal bent of the media now. As for the government proper, and even the armed forces, if the people en mass join this movement, the establishment is hopelessly outgunned. And, just as in the first revolution, there will be many who sit by and do nothing- it’s astounding that an estimated 40% of the population or less gave us our republic. Still, the public will be fighting more forceful and advanced weapons if it comes to that, and a lot will depend on how many in the establishment will refuse to fire on their neighbors. As for me and my neighbors, we will fight. Be well, my friend.

          • I understand your puzzlement, to a point. Unfortunately I don’t personally know these folks but why not pick this place? It’s outta the way, so anyone firing on them or vice versa would not be likely to hit innocent bystanders and it makes a point about the Feds intrusiveness. But, with the BATF involved ANTHING is possible. The news media, of course, puts their own bent on this situation. That’s where I first heard the word “militia” even though they have not used that word. From what I can gather the Feds have pretty much caused this whole affair by nearly bankrupting most of that community, handing out senseless additional sentences and way over reacting to the Bundy’s situation, in addition. I wonder how long it will take for the ATF to overreact again? Maybe a while since they are having a ball with Ocryos latest little performance. It’s too bad that executive orders carry the weight of law and the SCOTUS can’t make laws….. legally. :) I don’t know if my neighbors will fight or not. Most are Amish and too many are too squeamish. However, I will stand up and be counted! Be well there in S.C.!

          • Actually NC, but close enough. You brought up points that I was not aware of, so this action may be much more thought out than it first appeared to me on the surface, and doing some background reading, the organizing part of this started late Nov, early Dec. How will the Fed react? Defiitely over-react if the past is any indication. Be well and safe.

      • We have peacefully protested to no avail. We have voted in a Repub majority Con-gress to no avail. We have been to the Soopreme Court to no avail.

        I suppose if your land was being taken by the BLM or burned out by the BLM it might be different then? Well, maybe….maybe not. Most of Burns, OR. seems to be subjugated or terrified of protecting even their own neighbors from a cruel unjustified prison sentence.


        At some point you have to draw a line…..or maybe not!

        • The Sheriff seems scared to death! I don’t get this town not rallying around the Hammonds. Perhaps they are afraid of the FEDS too!

          • The town is the Feds, approx 50% employed by the County/State/Feds, remainder on Fed subsidies, well maybe 20% do have private jobs. Just one “Big Reservation” as Russell Means warned that the Ferals were going to put Americans on.
            Ranchers Assoc. President was on TV saying how it was “tragic” that this happened to the Hammonds, but that people needed to just work with the “system”……that has forced the selling of most of the other ranches to the Ferals, and puts hold outs like the Hammonds in jail with excessive fines.
            Live Free or Die, We always have “choices” in the USSA, Comrades.

          • Still, even federal employees need to do the right thing. Hell, I’d be afraid if I were there, too. But, once federal employees start their resistance, maybe this thing will spread quicker than any wildfire ever could. Let’s see. This isn’t the first nor the last one of these. Be well, General!

          • Afraid of whom?
            Federal employees need to do the “right thing” ….
            Come now, in the USSA yours is not to reason or question why but to obey der Law, irregardless of morality.
            Maybe some info from the congress critter of that district…..


            Bottom Line this Will Not be resolved in Harney County, OR.
            It is coming to squarely face each of us, up close and personal;
            a thousand brush fires..

      • They are peacefully protesting. Besides Cruz has no idea about what is going on. He said it himself. Another political reversal. Is the real politics starting to show?


    • I’ve been wondering if those farmers have been paid off. Either that or they’re in a state of abject terror. The feral gubmint heralding from the rabid hole on the east coast is almost always found wanting in regards to any type of benevolence.

  4. Ted Cruz, you should go there and see this for yourself. When people of authority shine the light of truth on issues like this, then and only then can a peaceful resolution be accomplished.

    • Will any politician show up?……zzzzzzzzzz.
      Well, maybe Obamy will show up to illustrate “how dangerous ” it is for mere peasants to have Gunz!!!!! OMG!!!! Terrorist-Arson “Bitter Clingers” raising cattle and ruining the environment. Remember Cow flatulence is dangerous!

      • Are you implying that the first somethin or another needs a cow t’licktit converter installed on its outboard “motor”?


    • Hi Tom, Perhaps the military would stand WITH them. The military firing on it’s own people is illegal and fraught with all kinds of problems, unfortunately the people would be just as dead. That’s when “we the people” MUST begin to rise up. I was kind of on the fence about Mr. Cruz before but this has REALLY turned me off. He now appears to be no more than any other politician.

  6. I’d have to talk to Mr. Cruz myself to come to a conclusion. There’s so much convolution going on with the disinformation dispatch continuum, I’ll just WAIT…with the safety OFF.

    • Cruz has to know about the BLM seizing private lands in TX along the Red River.
      Well, it’s actually in “Court” withe the lawyers in dirty black robes deciding, and the ranchers Paying to defend themselves, while the almighty Feral Gov feeds itself at our expense to suppress our fellow citizens.
      We are All on the Reservation now in the USSA, just as Russell Means predicted.

      • Safety is seldom read as the potential for danger makes it offcolor. ? Use it or lose it pertaining to the 2nd Amendment might apply. Good post whoever you are, thank you. Feral government is a gem!

  7. “George Bailey”Cruz has compromised. He probably made a deal with “Mr. Potter” ( Trump) several months ago, Concerning the unjust Hammond sentences, the candidate that supports the Hammonds , will win The Presidency.

        • Hi Don,
          Standing with Ted on this issue is (to me) like giving the Feds free reign to continue with their practices. In general. Ted is a good man but on this issue he is mistaken or just unaware of what a problem they are in this country. Land belonging to the Feds is silly, they simply already have too much. So, I suppose my question is the latter, “Why do you think theses men should stand down?”

          • The left and their bought and paid for media are inserting words that disturb me a lot. “Terrorists”, “homegrown”and so on. They tend to sensationalize what these patriots are doing, meaning they want another Ruby Ridge, Waco scenario. They will end up inciting the Feds to blow them out of the water, just over public land.
            From what i’m hearing, the FBI director is an honorable man, but i don’t go so far as to say that about the Us Attorney General. This President would love to take them out, anyway possible imo, referring them as terrorists.They are not terrorists, they are men of principle.
            The Hammonds surrendered themselves to authourites, and refused help from anyone, so why insert yourself in a dangerous situation.
            The time will come when we will be battleing terrorists here in our country who really want us dead.

    • None of those folks have said anything about being a militia. But, the national hype is ALL talking about a militia. I’m with Craig, let’s watch and wait for the gubmint’s move, magazines full but with the safety off. Mr. Trump says let’s be tough. So, let’s be tough on our damn government, too. Mr. Paul is the Constitutional candidate, not Mr. Cruz.

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