Trump Says If Hillary Loves Gun Control So Much, She Should Give...

Trump Says If Hillary Loves Gun Control So Much, She Should Give Up Armed Bodyguards!

2016 GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump says that Hillary Clinton should give up her armed security if she’s going to advocate for more gun control policies.

According to Breitbart:

“On January 3 Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump used a Facebook post to call out Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy in telling the American people that guns “don’t keep you safe” while simultaneously surrounding herself with “heavily armed bodyguards.”

On December 19 Breitbart News reported that Clinton reacted to the surge in gun sales that followed the San Bernardino terror attack by saying, “Guns, in and of themselves…will not make Americans safer.” She then listed the number of gun-related deaths each year in a way that appeared to suggest guns actually make America less safe.

On January 3 Trump responded with: “Hillary said that guns don’t keep you safe. If she really believes that she should demand that her heavily armed bodyguards quickly disarm!”



  1. finally someone stands and articulates what everyone has known for 40 years: “The Emperor(ess) has no integrity. [Not to mention that her husband has no clothes]

  2. I agree with Trump. Her problem is like a lot of the rich DIMMs is the regular folks just are not important enough to protect themselves !

    • They reserve the right to conceal & carry, or have an entourage of bodyguards. They are the important “elite”. I as an American Citizen, cannot afford to have armed guards watching out for me 24/7, neither can I afford expensive surveillance cameras. Some of these systems work in conjunction with the local police or sheriff’s dept., which sometimes may take from 5 to 15 min. to respond to.This is the way these political thugs think. It is all about them, & how they can attain more power over you.

  3. do you think these bafoons in our government undertstand COMMON SENSE they only know how to cover up their money making schemes in making their fortunes in politics. Our forefathers would roll over in theri graves if they could see our government today.

  4. The Clintons only need guns when they murder witnesses -See: White Water-Clinton Foundation and the Clinton Murders on you tube.

    Obama and Eric Holder – our prior corrupted Attorney General these criminal traitor frauds armed , funded and supported the Mexican Drug Cartel in the “fast and furious” that resulted in the annihilated of over 300 Mexican citizens who opposed corruption and the drug cartel , the Mayor of Mexico Maria Gamez and our border patrol agent Brian Terry.

    Obama and Hillary Clinton the criminal traitor frauds armed the Muslim Brothethood, other terrorists organizations and are also credited for the creation of ISIS in the Benghazi terrorists attack that annihilated over 50,000 Syrian Christians , our AmbassadorStevens and our Navy seal team.

    Obama the criminal traitor fraud rely’s on open borders and 35 terrorists camps throughout the United States armed, funded and supported by the Muslim brotherhood and ISIS training to kill Americans.

    The priority would to close the borders and eliminate these illegal terrorists camps that are being trained to kill Ameticans, stop letting felons and drug dealers out of prison, stop releasing high ranking terrorists and disarm criminals , anti-Americans , terrorists, the drug cartels and illegals?

    One too many acts of treason, one too many massacres, one too many violations of our immigration laws, one too many violations of our laws, constitution and sovereignty linked to Obama the criminal traitor fraud and his terroristic reign of terror who have continuously violated our laws including and not limited to our election laws by rigging the elections, violating free elections, and having our electoral votes counted in Spain by the Marxist George Soros that in fact violated American Sovereignty and paved the way to the criminal coup d’e tat of America.

    All of the “shooters” in the massacres including the executions of 2 New York City police officers where in fact jihads democrats and were in fact supported, funded, armed and sponsored by the traitor frauds in Washington, the “Muslim Brotherhood” and ISIS !

    Obama is in fact the “Trojan Horse of Islam”

    “One too many massacres” while this criminal traitor fraud scum continues to illegally obtained the presidency of the United States.


  5. Clinton is going to regret Trump being in this Presidential race . He will not treat her like the rest do . He will clean her clock ! Go get her ,Trump.

  6. Hillary is so out of touch she will never touch bottom. She should not be in the running for the President of the USA. Time for real change that will bring America back on her feet again.

  7. And especially all the stinking obamatards in Hollywood!! Including the fat slob Michael mickey mouse Moore or Less A hole… What a bunch of hypocrites!!

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