Breaking: New York City On High Alert For Terror Attack After “Credible...

Breaking: New York City On High Alert For Terror Attack After “Credible Threat”

New York City

New York City is on high alert for a terror attack after a “credible threat” was made, sources say.

According to reports:

“A “credible threat” has been lodged against New York City, days ahead of Christmas and during an especially busy time of the year when tourists flock to the Big Apple, law enforcement sources told PIX11 News Tuesday.

Top NYPD brass including Commissioner William Bratton held an emergency meeting Tuesday to discuss the threat and their response to it, sources said. Few details were released about the nature of the threat.

All New York City police officers received a bulletin Tuesday afternoon outlining the department’s tactical plan and warning officers to stay vigilant, according to sources. That internal memo mentioned social media being used as a tactic and that a possible attack could come without warning.

Expect to see increased police presence at iconic locations across multiple boroughs, including Times Square, St. Patrick’s Cathedral for Midnight Mass on Thursday, and Barclays Center in Brooklyn, marking the first time a threat has sparked a swell of police presence in a borough other than Manhattan.

Sources said several factors lead them to believe this threat is credible, including the reliability of the source, the nature of the threat and the timing, specifically that the holidays are approaching.”




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