Watch: Donald Trump FINALLY Gets The Media To Show His Huge Crowd!

Watch: Donald Trump FINALLY Gets The Media To Show His Huge Crowd!

2016 GOP Presidential front runner Donald Trump blasted the media covering his rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan Monday, yelling at the press corps for refusing to show his large crowds.

Trump notes the media seemingly only shows those in attendance when protesters disrupt his speech.

Nearly 10,000 people packed the Delta Plex in West Michigan last night to see Trump…

Watch as Trump calls out the media:



  1. The media is bought by muslums in the white house. They are afraid Trump will win if others see with their own eyes that he has supporters!

  2. I have to hand it to Mr. Trump, He’s rallying the masses. As soon as he lays out a cohesive detailed outlining of his proposals and ideas regarding…, Immigration, Economy, Foreign Policy, Health Care, Military etc…, etc…, I too might join the Trump conga line. Until then, other GOP candidates are still part of my political salad. I definitively say “NO” to Hillary, Bernie and the other DNC candidate… The DNC candidates could part the Red Sea again, I’d still say unequivocally HELL NO!

    • Where have you been you can see his tax plan you can go to his website and see other things why don’t you just do some research

  3. What is this monkey trying to say? This guy does not even rate, has to rattle Trump(didn’t happen) to get an audience.

  4. I’ve seen Trump live and the crowd was huge, huuuuge as he would say. But later, on the news you would think it was an intimate affair with a few people.
    As for his details of his plans, he’s already given a lot of details, but it really doesn’t matter because by the time he takes office the situation will have changed.

  5. The others, Yourko, aren’t any more specific about the plans you mentioned then Trump is. The media, and Hillary, just love saying Trump does have any plans. If they say it enough people will be them. His plans are on his website.

  6. Donald Trump, because of his strategy, his position on illegal immigration and border security, his warning not to allow Muslims into the USA until we can properly vet them, his stance on the Middle East, his non backing down to the GOP hierarchy and the MSM, his revealing the corruptness of Hillary Clinton, his love for the USA and wanting to make our country great again, his innate fighting spirit, and the overwhelming support by the real American people, will be the next President of the United States of America. He will be like a steam roller crushing all his opposition—he will not be deterred or stopped. Go Trump!

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