Is Donald Trump’s Support Underestimated In Polls?

Is Donald Trump’s Support Underestimated In Polls?


Support for 2016 GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump may actually be higher than polls indicate.

According to a new study, college educated Republicans are less likely to admit they support Trump when they talk to a live person. When polled another way, Trump goes up 10%.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Donald Trump leads the GOP presidential field in polls of Republican voters nationally and in most early-voting states, but some polls may actually be understating his support, according to a new study.

The analysis, by Morning Consult, a polling and market research company, looked at an odd occurrence that has cropped up repeatedly this year: Trump generally does better in online polls than in surveys done by phone.

The most telling part of the experiment, however, was that not all types of people responded the same way. Among blue-collar Republicans, who have formed the core of Trump’s support, the polls were about the same regardless of method. But among college-educated Republicans, a bigger difference appeared, with Trump scoring 9 points better in the online poll.

Social-desirability bias — the well-known tendency of people to hesitate to confess certain unpopular views to a pollster — provides the most likely explanation for that education gap, Dropp and his colleagues believe.

Blue-collar voters don’t feel embarrassed about supporting Trump, who is very popular in their communities. But many college-educated Republicans hesitate to admit their attraction to the blustery New York billionaire, the experiment indicates.”



  1. You are dang right that his support is underestimated! LOL* The frickin’ GOP can take a flying leap because if they don’t support him, he will have his OWN party, and I’ll STILL vote for him! NO MORE PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS! Got it? I’m not voting *for*, I’m voting *against*, so tired of the lies that these corrupt and lying politicians feed us….including Rubio (who hasn’t made it to a congressional vote since October) and Paul (who has loopholes for illegals).

  2. The People are coming to the realization that it is not Democrats vs. Republicans,
    Left vs. Right, Liberals vs. Conservatives – it is US vs. THEM!~

  3. If, as suggested, Mr. Trump’s support is even higher, the propaganda machine would have to minimize such support, to prevent a positive movement for America from gaining momentum. The CIA has been fomenting this collapse for over half a century, and doesn’t want their nefarious plot to be reversed in one year.

  4. I’ve never been polled once, as a matter of fact everyone I know who WILL be voting trump all haven’t been polled yet…

  5. The more the media and the wackos attack The Donald, the more I know he is the man for the job. The libturds are scared to death of him and even the rep establishment is afraid he will put an end to their padding the budget with all their pet projects… I hope he will also get us out of the UN and get the UN out of the US..

  6. Donald Trump 2016!

    96% of the military support Donald Trump as the next “Commander in Chief” and “President” of the United States !

    • That’s an impressive number Joseph. Can you give us the source so that when we quote you, we can back it up? And thank you so very much for your service!

      • The morale of the military is low when you know the traitors in Washington don’t have your back and are arming and funding the enemy to kill you.

        The survey is unanimous everyone surveyed believes Donald Trump would be a patriotic Commander in Chief that would never compromise our the lives of our troops.

        • Semper Fi brother. I went into the Marines in 1980 and morale was low and we didn’t have proper equipment with which to train. Ronald Reagan took over from Jimmy Carter and we saw an immediate boost in equipment, training material and morale. I say it will be the same for President ‘Donald’

      • The poles were taken by active service members in our military.

        The general population polls were taken from different independent polling sites on the web that are fair and impartial.

  7. I am not a blue collar person and I feel the same way about Mr. Trump as they do. I have six degrees and 4 licenses and I like most of my equally educated friends support Trump and are unafraid to say so. We all hate the DC elitists.

  8. I agree! It is us versus them… Trump is one of the billionaire elite… He does not speak for the working man… and he sure hasn’t supported the military forces in any way, shape or form.

  9. I would vote affirmative. I would replace x with FIXED, ”
    Trump’s Support Underestimated [FIXED} In Polls”. FRAUD.

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