Fact Check: Hillary Lied About ISIS Using Trump In Recruitment Video (But...

Fact Check: Hillary Lied About ISIS Using Trump In Recruitment Video (But They Use The Iraq War She Voted For!)

Hillary Clinton’s claim that ISIS is using Donald Trump in recruiting videos has been proven to be just another tall tale from the controversial former Secretary of State…

According to PolitiFact:

“During a Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton took a shot at Republican primary frontrunner Donald Trump, saying that his rhetoric is a gift to ISIS.

“We also need to make sure that the really discriminatory messages that Trump is sending around the world don’t fall on receptive ears,” Clinton said during the debate. “He is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists.”

Not having heard that before, our eyebrows went up when we heard Clinton’s comment, and we weren’t alone. The Twittersphere, on both the right and the left, picked up on Clinton’s statement and questioned whether she had any evidence for it.

Extensive Google searches did not turn up any evidence. And the response from the Clinton campaign did not point to any specific videos.

We were unable to find any evidence to support this. The Clinton campaign did not provide any evidence that this is already happening — only that it could be happening, or that it may in the future. If ISIS was using Trump for recruitment videos, we would expect a frenzy of media coverage over it. We rate this claim False.”

They do use the Iraq War she voted for though…

And that war was the biggest factor in creating ISIS in the first place

According to Vox:

“The two most important events in creating ISIS were the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 and the outbreak of the Syrian civil war in 2011.”



  1. Sanders is being railroaded by the party.. If he allows this to happen by simply stepping aside graciously, he opens the door for this to be the practice from here on out……that the party will decide who they want.. Completely un-american.. He’s got to run as a 3rd party independent candidate to send a clear message to the DNC that these practices will not be tolerated.. It subverts the will of the people..

    (pass it on)

  2. She said some video posted online caused the attack on Benghazi, that concentration camps are “fun camps”, and that Weiner’s wife provided expertise not available to the State Department (even though an employee at the time) to get her a raise in pay as a consultant. At what point does disgust form critical mass where even Democrat skulls explode?.

  3. What gall, to be running for President. She shouldn’t even be walking around free, let alone anywhere near the White House. She is a corrupt, lying, vicious manipulator to the core, surrounded for decades by the whiff of criminality, warmed-over trailer trash and latent socialist, fired as counsel to the judiciary committee during watergate for fraud, an enabler and facilitator for the sexual predator spouse, failed First Lady, failed Secretary of State, no genuine credentials, cares not one iota for the Republic and all it stands for, made deals with the devil in her marriage to three-dollar Bill and in serving in O-bomination’s administration, responsible for the death of brave Americans in Benghazi and who knows how many of the many Clinton associates who have died mysteriously over the years, blatantly duplicitous, unlawful and reckless use of private email address and server for official business while heading State Dept with nary a care for the adverse implications for national security and associated personnel: she should be in prison, or better yet exiled to whatever country that might want a pig like that living within its borders. Whoever the republican nominee is should attack and expose her with a vengeance for all she is. God forbid she should become president, the nation is already teetering on the brink.

    • If they use the same way fuzzy counting tech that got Bury in the White House TWICE, it just might make the current Derelict In Cheese’s sick stint seem like just a warmup for Hilrod’s impending hellish exercise in arbitrary malevolence.

    • WOW! Damn good comment Gentleman Jim. Strong postings like this I send to my archives to be used later. Do you mind?
      Oh, one more thing. The comments you make really shouldn’t be up voted by yourself.

      • How would you know, and why would you care, who up-voted my comment?
        Stick your thinly-veiled pathetic threat up your archive.
        Merry Christmas

  4. The fact she strolled in without a care in the world 20 minutes late to the debate is just arrogant, she’s a nasty witch

    • It has been stated that the trip to the lady’s room was a considerably longer trek than it was to the men’s restroom This could have been the reason or knowing that, she used it so she could make an entrance.
      Who cares, I mean, “DOES IT REALLY MATTER NOW?” I just had to throw that in. Wonder if she will have that chiseled into her headstone.

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