Breaking: Another Candidate Just Dropped Out Of The 2016 GOP Presidential Race

Breaking: Another Candidate Just Dropped Out Of The 2016 GOP Presidential Race

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham is withdrawing from the 2016 GOP Presidential race.

According to The Hill:

“Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is dropping out of the GOP race for the White House. Graham announced his plans in a video message¬†on Monday¬†morning.

“Today, I am suspending my campaign for president,” he said.

“I want to thank everyone who has taken this journey with me, you have honored me with your support,” Graham added.

CNN first broke the news after Graham told the network of his plans in an interview.
The hawkish senator barely registered in polls, and never graduated to the main stage in GOP debates.”


  1. What took so long. Nobody ,even in SC wants this guy in the Senate. Just a week ago he was a cheerleader for Obama and insulting those that disagreed with a president that has done all possible to destroy the country and the Republican Party. Graham is not well .

  2. ***
    Ted Cruz is the only actual Conservative in the hunt. Why would anyone vote for Shamnesty Graham when they could go full socialist with Cankles Clintoon or full commie with Bernie Sanders instead?

  3. That’s yesterdays news. About time three more cashed in their big points! Ridiculous, wasting everyones’s time for 3-4 points. One would think they would be embarrassed, but I guess they have no pride ( or shame.)

  4. This clown dropped out because he knew he would get his clock cleaned in his home state’s primary. Did he ever get over 3%, I don’t think so. His relationship with Mc Cann certainly didn’t help. The people of S.C. wouldn’t support this fraud.

  5. I just discovered this web site and very happy to do so. I want to thank you for the article on the omnibus tax bill. Every since that legislation passed I have been looking for more “intel” than the rhetorical slams of those who think conservatives must come with a basket of litmus tests passed. Although I knew the general outlines of what Ryan saw as the best of a bad situation, your coverage gave more information and detail—most of which is completely lacking in the media, including Fox News and especially conservative radio. To me defunding Planned Parenthood was never a good call to war because you could win that battle and see other abortion providers not named Planned Parenthood step into the breech. Nor does it make much sense to lay down the gauntlet to fight against actions already halted by litigation. It is good to see the “wins” laid out in more detail and have a better understanding about what Republicans supporting Ryan see as a foundation for the future. But somehow this needs to get to more eyes and perhaps ears than mine.

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