What Did Putin Just Say About Donald Trump? (Obama’s Going To Be...

What Did Putin Just Say About Donald Trump? (Obama’s Going To Be FURIOUS!)

Russian President Vladimir Putin had strong words of praise for 2016 GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump recently, with Putin calling the real estate icon “a very bright and talented man” and an “absolute leader”

In a slight hit at President Obama, Putin also says he welcomes Trump’s call for warmer relations between the United States and Russia.

According to Politico:

“The love between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin appears to be mutual, if the Russian president’s latest comments Thursday are any indication.

According to an Interfax report of his annual year-end news conference, Putin called the Republican presidential candidate “a very bright and talented man,” as well as an “absolute leader” in the race for the presidency.

“He says that he wants to move to another level of relations, to a deeper level of relations with Russia. How can we not welcome that? Of course we welcome it,” Putin said, according to Reuters’ report.

The Russian president also said that it is none of his business “to assess tricks Donald Trump [is] using to boost his popularity,” according to Interfax.

Trump has repeatedly praised the Russian leader’s toughness and said he would be able to cut deals with him.

“He does not like Obama at all. He doesn’t respect Obama at all. And I’m sure that Obama doesn’t like him very much,” Trump said of Putin in October.”



  1. I never have regarded Obama as a leader. Divider, yes !
    Cruz would do much better dealing with world tyrants than Trump, IMO.

    • Cruz is not trustworthy. After pretending to be Trumps friend, he trashed Trump at a “private” meeting with donors.

        • I heard a secret audio of Cruz saying that he didn’t trust Trump to be the one with his finger on the button. After hugging Trump and Trump considering him for VP, he shouldn’t be saying those things. You can’t mistake Cruzs voice. He sounds like an old woman.

          • I believe it was on the Daily Kos or the Kelly File. Oh no, the Kelly file had a video Cruz pushing for amnesty that he denied saying to Rubio at the debate. . That was last week. Don’t believe it then. You’ll find out sooner or later what an opportunist he is.

          • Search Newsmax for it. I believe they covered the incident too. But T and Cruz have already made up!

          • Searched 7 deep and it ain’t there. They’re busy kissing each other now, so it’s a non-story.

          • Also something about giving T a bear hug approach. Etc.. This reminds me of the muslims celebrating even in the US and the world over 9-11. Everyone did not see it and either has CRS or selective memory! Not a lot of that day with muslim’s making woopie but there was some of it. I saw it too.

          • Yes, I saw people celebrating on 9/11 too all over the world, but don’t remember how many were in New Jersey. Also Cruz fought for legalization and insisted it was not a trick at the time, but now says it was a trick. (poison pill).

          • All that was campaign theater, and they know, they have to go at each other for there follower`s its an act people. They are going to be together for 8 years when we put them in the white house.

          • Its one thing to talk about each other in public, but talking behind some’s back in private is sneaky because nobody can answer.to the charges. Cruz is an opportunist, according to the senators he works with.

      • I don’t think Senator Cruz would consider Trump as his running mate. Senator Lee would be a perfect match though.
        It’s the political season Laulau, politicians sling mud and Mr. Trump has slung far more insults towards his opponents than any of the others.
        I do like a lot of what Trump is saying, but, i won’t be taken in by him. Trump is a very successful businessman with money and grit, he knows it and he want’s you to know it, and if he gets the nod, i will vote for him, but; for now, Ted Cruz is the biggest hope for America. IMO.

        • You got it backwards. Trump was considering Cruz for his VP, because Trump will win. Cruz is an opportunist and knows nothing about creating jobs or making deals or getting our economy back. He is part of the problem that let Obama do as he wishes. Our elected officials have let us down, yet they collect hefty checks for doing nothing. Trump is a man that has high energy and gets things done. He is rough around the edges, but he tells the truth, and gets backlashes for it, but when he is president, he won’t have to worry about campaigns, so he can just go do his thing.

          • Ted Cruz did not let Obama get away with anything. Others in the senate did, but not Cruz.
            Senator Cruz is a defender of our laws and Constitution, don’t really know about Donald Trump ? I hope he is. He talks a good game.
            As i said before, IF Donald Trump is the one that goes against Hillary Clinton, my vote will go for him.
            What we both should be praying for is that the liberal socialists don’t take the White House. Agree?

          • Yes. With Trump soaring every day, I don’t think there is any doubt that he would beat Hillary.Trump also defends our constitution and loves America and he is a hard worker who said he won’t take vacations. (His wife might fight him on that) But Trump loves to fix things and be a success at it. You won’t find him golfing while terrorists burn down our cities.

  2. The 2016 Republican Presidential ticket is Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. With Trump announcing he wants Trey Gowdy as Attorney General and put Dr. Ben Carson in charge of the health Care sector our country’s off to a rebounding start. The only problem will be whether or not the rhinos work with Trump and my belief on that question is that McCain, McConnell, Graham and company will be ass holes and will not work with Trump. With Trump we’re on our way but the rhinos will be in the way.

    • The good news, Trump will call them out, by name, and let the people know exactly who is holding up progress.

    • Hopefully McCain will be voted out in 2016. We need to get rid of McConnell like Boehner after Trump is President. That would be a better chance of getting a more conservative person. Trump has worked with all kinds of people and I feel sure they all haven’t been amicable. He knows how to approach his enemy with information as to why they want to vote for his ideas.
      He is a leader and people respect leaders although they don’t always like them. They couldn’t stand Ronald Reagan, but they worked with him beautifully. Trust Trump to do the same thing.

    • It seems that nothing scares DJT. He will stand and out each member of congress or the senate, to make them publically exposed. I don’t have one second of doubt that he will rule with an iron fist and sharp tongue.

      • Thats what they are scared of, being fronted out on there corruption. And thats why they had the CIA to take out JFK, cause he was messing up there game on us.

    • Eagles, buddy you’re all right! Christie as Sec/State? Fiorini for H.U.D., Kasich for Sec/Interior, Rubio to run A.T.F., Huckabee for Chaplain of the Senate, whaddaya think? Exciting discussions are coming for certain. Two things I had hoped from last Tuesday’s debate: I wanted it to be at Trump Towers in Vegas or for DT to have said it would have been better if it were there. AND for Trump to put both arms out and say to CNN [ClintonNetjerkNews], “Folks, allow me to introduce you to my cabinet!” Ha, it’s Trump’s confidence that tweaks the DNC, the media, and the RINOs. Check our new show coming. http://www.TheHighRoadShow.com. ONe of our goals is to put the DNC out of business.

    • Support the candidate that is running against McCain. We have to pick them off as we can, and he is bootable.

    • You’re right about McCain, et al. But I think (I’m hoping) that Trump, being the tough negotiator that he is, will cut right through their BS and get the job done.

  3. Trump for POTUS with Rubio or Cruz as VP. Carson in charge of Health. That’s the ticket as I would like to see it.

    • We have A President that is not a leader Now…Doesn’t know the first rule, and it has caused sooooooo many deaths for Tooooooo Long…

    • I don’t want a Putin as a dictator but this incompetent delusional mental case we have is not a leader but a mud hole brainwashed, Alinsky Assterized, cranial anal Libatutioned sack full of rhetorical flatulence. Putin is at least a man and a forceful leader of his country. Like it or not we need to communicate and negotiate with him. I don’t believe he likes Assad but will do what ever it takes to annihilate IS and Islamic Terrorists, and when he’s done with Assad, Assad will be done. As for Putin dealing with Iran, Putin wants the oil, a quid pro quo.

  4. Men of similar character usually admire one another. Trump makes overly broad, legally vague statements, because he’s not really concerned with the legality of his proposed actions or intentions for implementation. After all, he has the precedent of the Obama Administration’s, law ignoring, power execution by fiat (unlawful and unilateral executive action). Trump plans to rely upon the same weak, vapid and empowering crony legislatures and a failing court system run by disciples of political fanatics with visions of utopia, divorced from legal precedent. Heck, that’s a wonderland for a man like Putin, Trump or anyone on the left. Any constitutional conservative, who wants Trump to implement their desired vision of reality, would probably have been equally comfortable voting for Hitler in the 1930s, or Putin today. Neither was/is concerned with legal hurdles, only power and the end result. I despair for the future of America. Trump is to conservatives, what Obama was to leftists and the conspiracy of allegedly “victimized minorities”, Der Fuhrer and/or their savior/messiah.

  5. Trump has Putin on our side, sounds great!! America need all our allies & Russia is a far better ally than enemy. GO DONALD TRUMP!!!

  6. It seems kinda odd that many Republican candidates have cut their business teeth in the free market, does it not? Trump, Carli, Carson, and others I’m sure know what it takes to be successful via providing a physically tangible product. Community organizers and attorneys were ripped from the same soiled fabric it seems to me. Pit folks against each other & have both lobbies pay and thank you for your “services”. Vocational politicians are TRASH. I ain’t a huge Putin fan, but at least he wants to benefit the nation he’s running; while our allegedly elected pResident Bury is trying to make US its namesake.

  7. I think Putin wants to deal with a man, not a sissy. Real men do not want to try to deal with someone that is a maybe, maybe not male. I trust Trump to deal with any of the worlds bad guys.

  8. They make a great pair in resolving world affairs in fighting back the enemy ie: isis,
    Al-Qaeda, and the Democrats..

  9. Let’s think. Putin has been allowed, by Oblablabla (After the election tell Vlad. I can be more FLEXIBLE), the Dummycraps, to march into the Ukraine and Syria. Who does he think he’ll be able to “WALK OVER” ? Could he pretend to favor Trump so the Dummycraps and the lamestream media would claim that the US should not want Trump. He’s “Playin’ ” the Lamestream and the Dummycraps cause they’re too stupid to see the truth, or they’re using this smoke screen. Probably 50/50. Half of em, too stupid the other half, lying crooks

  10. Who will investigate Holder, Oblabla, Clinton, IRS, DOJ, Fast and Furious, Health Care roll out, etc. Those people need to be in prison. We need to elect a president who has the cojones to go after those lying crook Dummycraps.

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