Watch: Rand Paul DESTROYS Marco Rubio For Backing Controversial Obama/Schumer Immigration Bill...

Watch: Rand Paul DESTROYS Marco Rubio For Backing Controversial Obama/Schumer Immigration Bill At CNN Presidential Debate

Senator Rand Paul pulled no punches with fellow GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio Tuesday night during the CNN debate in Las Vegas, blasting the Florida Senator for strongly supporting a controversial immigration bill pushed by Chuck Schumer and President Obama.

Popular radio host Laura Ingraham said Paul “killed” it and was “100% correct.”

According to Politico:

Rand Paul swung hard Tuesday at his Senate colleague Marco Rubio, accusing his steadily climbing GOP primary rival of siding with liberals on border security.

“He is the one for an open border that is leaving us defenseless,” Paul said during the Republican presidential debate. “Marco has more of an allegiance to Chuck Schumer and to the liberals than he does to conservative policy.”

Rubio hit back, arguing that he simply opposed a bill that would’ve blocked tourism indiscriminately rather than focusing on security threats and he accused Paul of opposing tools for the intelligence community to root out terrorism.”

Watch the Paul/Rubio exchange here:



  1. Rand Paul is the only true conservative on the debate stage. His plan to save our Republic from destruction is the only conservative plan. It will be conservatism that save our Republic. It’s high time “We the People” listen to the substance of all others compared to Rand. Rand addresses all issues head on with a conservative plan to actually fix it. Listen to him people. If we are serious about freedom and liberty it Rand Paul that will deliver!!! Flush the System!

    • I agree with you. It’s too bad that most voters equate Rand with his father’s intentions. If they had voted for him in a 3rd party ticket, we would be far better off now!

  2. It is an absolute lie from Paul that Rubio favors open borders. He has destroyed his credibility with that provably false charge.

    • No, Rubio destroyed ANY credibility when he joined in the gang of 8 immigration bill.
      WHEN does it STOP? WHEN do we say that we have enough of Mexico and south of her border here? WHEN? Frankly, when were we asked about funding illegal aliens children’s educations? WHEN??? I’m right here on the border in South Texas, in the Mission/McAllen area, you know where all the “children” meaning under 18 that are coming over in droves at the moment, being moved throughout the US to be “re-united” with their parents or another relative. WHY am I as an American Tax payer having to then fund all this??? Our vets are treated worse than someone that comes to MY country illegally. Rubio favored granting the 11 MILLION (they say) illegal aliens OUR citizenship, sounds pretty cheap for that American Citizenship to me. Those that wait in line for YEARS, spend thousands are being crapped on by illegals. And how about a little trip to McAllen, visit the border patrol stations, it’s time for a WAKE UP CALL for you.

      • If Rubio is our best chance of defeating Hillary, then supporting him makes sense. If Hillary wins the presidency, do you think things will get better with immigration?

        • My question to you would be, WHAT would be the DIFFERENCE??? If you want to be Democrat light, we don’t need any more of this BS. Our country is heading for the toilet. Our culture is in tatters. We have people telling us, we can’t say the pledge, celebrate or say Merry Christmas, and lots of things to change what I grew up with as a citizen. What dang difference as Hilary said does it make anyway. Death to our culture by her or Rubio. I say HALT all IMMIGRATION and get our house in order, and it isn’t accepting illegal aliens as fellow citizens, they DIDN’T EARN IT!

        • My God YES Sailblazer. Thank you for pointing this out. I believe it has to be Rubio, or we lose the Presidency to the corrupt nasty DemocRATS. Maybe it needs to be pointed out why Rubio can beat the Dems. 1. He is an inspiration to the youth, so he will get a big part of the youth vote. 2. He will bring in the Mexican vote just because he sided with The Gang of Eight, which he would never fly in the first place. He will also bring them in simply because he is Hispanic, and watch them fall head over heel for him when he begins speaking Spanish to them. 3. He will steal a good portion of the female vote from the ugly left, because he is good looking, youthful and an eloquent speaker. He will not bring in the black vote for obvious reasons. The 4 or 5 million “Red Neck Right” will once again take their ball and go home and not vote, because their man didn’t get nominated. Just like the last election, they will show the rest of us by allowing Hillary to get elected and take this country further into the trash can. That is why the Republicans need all the people I talked about, otherwise they lose. There is not a chance in hell that Trump can beat Hillary, and if he gets the nomination, I am going to win big money on bets with friends who tell me he can beat Hillary.

        • Really? A compromise when he said when running for the Senate that he was NOT FOR giving illegal aliens our citizenship. Makes our citizenship CHEAP when you can invade a sovereign nation by the MILLIONS then be given that sovereign nations citizenship for breaking her laws. MOST LEGAL citizens don’t want them to have OUR citizenship. WHY would anyone want to go to a BLOG??? It’s just someone’s OPINION, everyone has one, just like everyone has a navel.

  3. Rubio has been on the opposite side of immigration from day one! He favors open borders and he is lying if he claims he didn’t side with the ovomit-schumer immigration bill. He did! He has not been a blessing for Florida, and most Florida residents wouldn’t vote for either Rubio or Bush in a presidential election. We have had enough of them both! They are RINOs, moderates at the least, but more liberal that a REAL Republican. Despite who is on the Republican ticket, Trump, Cruz or Carson, I will vote Republican for the first time in my life! Since the farse ovomit (the monkey) and his pet pig moochele have moved into the WH, the entire country has been let down, lied to, overrun with pet policies, *have you researched common core??*, (including healthcare that’s worthless even though it costs more that ever before) and immigration. ovomits ties to muslim terrorists has caused our country to slip in our ability to defend this country while welcoming more illegals and ragheads into our country to take money from the Social Security funds (that I worked almost 55 years to pay into). He’s a total failure.

    • WRONG. Rubio is definitely NOT for open borders. Please go to his web site and read his policy before making outlandish statements such as this. Thank you.

  4. If the people on this site don’t know that Rubio is the only candidate that the Dems fear then God help the GOP party. Rubio was the smartest man in the stage last night and would pull Latino’s to the GOP.! We need to be party of inclusion not hung up on one issue. Rubio will close the border. He will do the right thing. Stop and think who can win the general election. If Hilary wins corruption wins. We have to stand together not cast stones. I fear all this rhetoric is tearing people apart. We have to hang together to get a GOP president. Please vote for whoever wins the nomination. I will plug my nose if necessaey but vote for the GOP no matter who. Our countries future hangs in the balance. The GOP isn’t perfect but better than the Socialists that have taken over the Dem party.

    • Beautifully said Joanma. It is what I have been saying for a long time. Cruz is my favorite candidate, but Rubio is the only one that can beat Hillary. I’m going to vote for the guy who can beat Hillary. Rubio is not an “Open Borders” person as stated in other comments on this site. He went along with “The Gang of Eight” to get along. Rubio knew that bill would never pass, and even if it did, there isn’t one immigrant in a thousand that could comply with all the restrictions. That the DemocRATS went along with this bill is astonishing. It is far too restrictive for DemocRAT’s taste. Rubio said, If the House doesn’t like this bill, maybe they can come up with a bill that is better. He knew it wouldn’t pass the House. The guy is brilliant. I heard this exchange during the debates. I would hardly believe Paul wiped the floor with Rubio on this. Two people were good and dominate in this debate, and it was Rubio and Cruz. Like you Joanma, I will vote for whomever the Republicans put up, and I may have to hold my nose. There are several good candidates however, and Trump is NOT one of them.

  5. H.M. – Re: opinion of “Rand destroys Rubio” – On Wed, still watching left-wing CNN, they had two U.S. generals who served in W. Bush admin-both said, Rubio was right in his description of what the bill does and doesn’t say!!!

  6. Thank you Ms Anderson – a lot of attacks on Rubio seem to be written by those who have NOT taken the time to read websites, just gossip! THANK YOU

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