Donald Trump Just Made A Big Announcement About The Next GOP Presidential...

Donald Trump Just Made A Big Announcement About The Next GOP Presidential Debate

2016 GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump says he may not attend the next debate.

According to The Hill:

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Wednesday continued to bash CNN’s debate coverage and GOP rival former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush a day after the network’s Tuesday night debate.

The real estate mogul appeared at his first campaign rally in Mesa, Ariz., since the last GOP debate of 2015, again suggesting he may not attend the next debate.

“I’ll bet you they get big ratings,” Trump said at Wednesday’s rally about CNN. “I think next time I won’t do it,” adding “just to see it tank.”

Earlier this month, Trump had proposed only appearing at the debate if CNN paid him $5 million, which, he said, he would donate to wounded veterans. After CNN’s president said the network would not pay, Trump reluctantly agreed to participate.



  1. He can donate his own $5 million! No loss to him! The thing is whether he can will or if his support will allow for another (Cruz) to will. Donald is not stupid. If he doesn’t think he can win, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will throw ALL of his support behind whomever he thinks can will. I love the Donnald, but there are “off” limits on every candidate, and his is women and religon…….two things that will matter the most in the voting booth.

    • After obama, I fail to see anything as being “off limits”. If an alleged bath house schmegle yodeler with a blurred past record can be elected, anything or anyone can.

      • We the People made quite the benevolent gesture to the worldwide web of the walking dead by allowing the powers dat be t’tell US we elected a dead Indonesian Mongrel as our Derelict In Cheese. Way to go my fellow Americans! Whatever will we fall for next?

    • I am a woman and I have many women friends that love Donald Trump. This woman issue about everything is ridiculous. He has great respect for woman and has said this many times. The Kelly thing was misunderstood and Kelly decided to not be professional a has kept it going. Women that still say he doesn’t like women are too sensitive. The reason we all like him is that he says things up front and not behind anyone’s back. He tells the truth and would be a great leader. Voting with one’s feelings get us people like Obama. For a change vote for the person that can turn this country around and let go of the touchy feely stuff.

      • I am a woman also and I agree with you. I am sick of this so called war on women and the lies about Trump’s demeaning women. Trump speaks his mind and what you see is what you get, unlike politicians that say one thing and do another. The only war on women I have seen is the ones coming from the mus-slimes and their sharia laws. I agree with him do not bring any more of them here until they can be 100% vetted and that can’t be done. If lib-tards want them put them up in their homes and make them take responsibility for their actions. GO TRUMP

      • If you want to see what an absolute hypocrite Hillary is concerning women, get Roger Stone’s #1 NYTimes best-seller, “The Clintons War on Women.” You’ll learn about how the Clintons and the Bushes are two sides of the same coin and how they cooperated to expedite the pushing of cocaine (Bill was hooked on both cocaine and women when he was Governor of Arkansas). Each time he raped or otherwise assaulted a woman, Hillary would get her band of thugs together to go to their homes, kill their pets, break their windows, steal things from inside the home and otherwise terrorize them in order to have them keep their mouths shut about Bill Clinton. Every accusation by Stone in this book is footnoted and documented; otherwise he would face the largest libel lawsuit in history.

        The Arkansas State Police related how Hillary would stand at the bottom of the stairs in their home and scream filth up the stairs to Bill, calling him names that cannot be repeated here.

        The Clintons are garbage and so are the Bushes. They are hip deep in big money, big corporations, lobbyists and special interests. Their focus is self-enrichment and they don’t give a whit about We the People. They are also masters at deceiving the gullible, low-information voter. Oh, and incidentally, Chelsea is not Bill Clinton’s child and Bill Clinton has an African-American son that he refuses to either acknowledge or support. How’s THAT for making you want to gag?

        • I agree with you, for the most part. I don’t believe the Bush’s are as bad as you say. I believe Jeb is an absolute joke, and a RINO, but G DUB was a man of integrity, as was his Dad. I’m not saying they were the sharpest tools in the shed, but, at least they were honest, or as honest as the president can be

          • Read up on the Bilderberg group and the Skull and Bones society, both of which have at least senior and GW as members. Mitt Romney is another attendee of the Bilderberg Group. Notice all those pictures of senior and Bill Clinton hanging around at various venues? Now to Trump. We are dealing with animals like ISIS, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia. With those leaders, might makes right. Obama is a laughing stock that everyone walks all over. Nobody will mess with Trump. He has exactly the kind of “take no prisoners” attitude we need in a President. He’s very bright and has a long reach. He will pick the best and brightest for Cabinet members and will listen to them, contrary to Obama or Clinton. He wants to win and his campaign strategy is to say what he needs to in order to win. Once he’s in the White House, you will see a different presence because he respects the office and also respects our military. He has donated millions to Wounded Warriors and is a wonderful husband and father. I think he and Cruz have an agreement to team up and they would be a formidable team indeed. We’ve had it with the lies of politicians for years now. America is ready to be the light on the hill again.

          • I think that has been the plan all along, Restless0217. If you go back in your mind over the prior debates. Those two were not attacking each other for the longest time. When Trump made his “maniac” comment about Cruz, he caught a lot of flak from Limbaugh and Steyn. He listened and was a totally different person re: Cruz at the most recent debate. They would be a formidable team, IMO.

          • Nonsense! The Bushes were both shameless puppets for the military industrial complex. Read ‘Family of Secrets’ (Russ Baker), ‘American Dynasty’ (Kevin Phillips), ‘Secrecy & Privilege’ (Robert Parry), ‘The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty’ (Kitty Kelley), or any of the other dozen books exposing one of the most powerful crime families in American history.

          • I TOTALLY agree with you on your post, I too think Bush WAS a great American and good president, Hey maybe not the best but WITHOUT A DOUBT he LOVED America and it’s people,, unlike the man in the white house today.

          • I think if you read “The Clintons’ War on Women” by Roger Stone, you will have a different view of the Bushes. Today’s GOP and Democrat parties are two sides of the same coin. They are about special interests and self-enrichment above all. We the People and our welfare are very low on the list of priorities. We have the illegal Muslim Socialist in the White House and 80 members of the Democrat Socialists of America warming the seats in Congress. That’s a dynamic we have to change, and soon.

        • A better book is THE SECRET LIFE OF BILL CLINTON, written by a British Journalist, can’t remember his name but everything is documented in the book with pictures and copies of records from many Gov. entities. Marvelous read.

          • There are a few journalists mentioned in Stone’s intro who have done their part in exposing the lie named Bill Clinton. I believe Ambrose Evans-Pritchard is the journalist to whom you refer. Another one mentioned is Peter Schweitzer. A lot is said about the billionaire pedophile who provided young girls to Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and other elites. Of course he was never prosecuted because of his generous donations to anyone and everyone who would have brought him down. It’s a sick den of perverts and thieves who are running this country and sending it down the sinkhole. We absolutely must turn things around with this next election; otherwise it may very well be too late.

        • Let’s face it, all politicians with the exception has skeletons in their closet. It goes back as far George Washington. The only one who didn’t was Jimmy Carter.

      • Trump is too liberal for me, though, I’m not a woman. He has been wishy washy on too many subjects. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, stands behind his convictions, and is much more sincere. I believe Ted is the more honest, and certainly more diplomatic. Ted Cruz says what he’ll do, and does what he says he’ll do. Donald, not so much. Just food for thought.

        • I do like Ted but I tthink the winner is a Trump/Cruz ticket. I’m not sure Cruz could beat Hillary, Trump could.

          • Wrong. In a debate, Cruz can rip the Hildebeast into tiny strips, whereas Trump would not do so well at all. Especially since most of his life he has been a Democrat.

          • I can tell you if it winds up as a Trump/Cruz ticket, I know who I am not voting for. I don’t care who runs against them. Those two together will screw the middle class family up so bad. Our country will be the laughing stock of the world.

          • I would love to know just who you had in mind then, it doesn’t leave many other candidates, unless of course you prefer blood on her hands, lies on her tongue – Killary

        • I totally respect others opinions. We all have one. Cruz sure is a good choice. I just happen to think Trump is a stronger leader, for me I’d like a Trump-Cruz ticket.

        • Here is a description of the Bilderberg Group for you, fishinjunki. I think it will help you to understand why the political dynasties are no longer wanted by the American people:

          “For over half a century, no agenda or discussion topics became public nor is any press coverage allowed. The few invited fourth estate attendees and their bosses are sworn to secrecy. Nonetheless, Estulin undertook “an investigative journey” that became his life’s work. He states:

          “Slowly, one by one, I have penetrated the layers of secrecy surrounding the Bilderberg Group, but I could not have done this without help of ‘conscientious objectors’ from inside, as well as outside, the Group’s membership.” As a result, he keeps their names confidential.

          Whatever its early mission, the Group is now “a shadow world government….threaten(ing) to take away our right to direct our own destinies (by creating) a disturbing reality” very much harming the public’s welfare. In short, Bilderbergers want to supplant individual nation-state sovereignty with an all-powerful global government, corporate controlled, and check-mated by militarized enforcement.”

        • As far as sincere, Cruz has you fooled. He was set to be trumps VP, but behind closed doors, he trashed Trump and didn’t think it would get out, yet there was a video of him. He also lied about wanting amnesty for illegals. A tape showed him trying to push amnesty into another bill. I don’t trust him. Yet he denied it when it was brought up. Untrustworthy….

      • Did you watch the 20/20 special about Donald and his family? Did you see how his wife acts around him? No wife agrees totally with her husband unless he is scares her. He scares me. I like people being honest, too, but there is a time when being honest is not good. Sometimes you have to bite your tongue and keep your mouth shut. He can’t do that. I predict he will have us in a war within one year after he is elected if he is elected. I am really hoping that women see him for what he is. He doesn’t like women. He was very condescending to the woman candidate at the first debate. Are you willing to watch our young people die in another war? I am not.

        • Yes I did see the 20/20 special and Melania didn’t act like she was afraid of Trump. I didn’t think there was anything on that show that would cause her to disagree. I guarantee they disagree on things. He has been written about and scrutinized more than anyone else alive. His relationship with her is solid. She is somewhat timid esp. in front of a camera with a political audience. She also has not been part of the political environment and has no idea what is or isn’t politically correct. She will make a great First lady. If he in anyway mistreated her we would have known a long time ago. I am sorry you have a mistrust in him. You have no proof that he dislikes women. I guess you think Michelle is a great First Lady and Obama is a truthful President.

          • Cindy you don’t like Donald Trump. So be it. He doesn’t have a woman issue for me and if he does for you that is ok. If you think Jimmy Carter had no issues you may want to do some research, but it is my opinion you are a democrat and have no intention of voting for anyone with a R after their name.
            This conversation is ended.

      • “Voting with one’s feelings get us people like Obama. For a change vote
        for the person that can turn this country around and let go of the
        touchy feely stuff.: — Well said! I hope the majority of voters will do that!

    • I think Trump has the utmost respect for women. I’m sure he does not love stupid women like Rosie ODonald and Megan Kelly. They make fools out of themselves. Mr Trump unlike, Hillary pays women the same as the men on his staff. Trump has not been involved in any scandals. He loves his Family and his country.

  2. Considering that the networks are using the debates to gain ratings, it is only fair that they contribute a set amount to the candidate’s favorite charity.

    • It would be excellent advertisement for those idiots who make most of their monies advertising for other entities? I’m sure the devil kicks’em a chip or two from time to time just to keep’em headed down.

  3. I wonder if his start and stop promises are how he would run his Presidency just like every other President. If you say something mean it! It’s like Clinton bombing an aspirin factory, or Obama drawing a red line in the sand. That isn’t how other nations respect you. We sorely need respect right now, because everyone who can, is taking advantage because they recognize the weaknesses.

    • NO, KATJAN68, Trump is causing waves and get even more free mentions in the media……smart. Last week the total amount of mentions for all of the other candidates combined was about 2600, whereas Trumps mentions exceeded more than 6O,000+.

  4. If there is to be still another debate, I would hope that at least four more of the candidates are not included. It just might get to the nitty gritty of just what the remaining candidates plan to do about so many different subjects! If I were Trump, I would show up, why cater to their ignorance, just don’t let them get under your skin, bring out that charm, Donald, and they would just shrivel up! Donald was thumbs up all evening, and Jebby should just pick up his marbles and go home.

    • Not a big trump fan, leaning to Ted Cruz, far more Presidential and seems to be far more aware of the problems we face and how to solve them….I would vote for any Republican over Hillary.

    • What is your definition of charm? I would not call what Trump bought to the last debate as charm. It is called arrogance. I hope doesn’t show up at the next debate so I can learn something. I got tired of all the arguing. All of them reminded me of children with Trump being the biggest one. His facial expressions was so childlike. I respect your right to like the man, but to some of us he is arrogant and conceited.

    • Government is a business – A billionaire businessman did not get there ‘working with ignorant, arrogant individuals’ who know ;nothing of what they speak; These are your ‘blowhards’. Brash & Bold makes a pretty good campaign slogan. Putin is right up there. Donald Trump has a has the same sense of purpose as the forefathers. :May God continue to bless America. Guide us on the correct path. Amen

    • How true! It was all about him, wasn’t it? I don’t see that Trump is all that great. Yes, he is rich as he reminds us everyday. He built a big business that his dad started, so he did have help. God help this country if we get Donald for a president. He is a dictator, not a president.


  6. I know many democrats who are going to vote for The Donald !! Black and White,,, The dummy rats will have to raise the dead and the illegals to win this next election

    • Problem is that they HAVE done it before, mostly in the 2012 election when it looked like Romney was going to win.Funny that even BEFORE ALL the votes Let ALONE States had came in with their votes they were saying that ovomit had won. Funny that at 10 pm eastern time Romney WAS winning, Then all those votes came in for obama, Like the cites AND states that had 104% voting for obama,, Ummm really,, how do you get 104% of the vote. democrats will cheat and lie to get whatever they can to win, Oh and yes many Rino Repubs will to. It REALLY IS time to take our ONCE Great country back, obama has MADE a Disgrace of America ,, what it STOOD For and disgraced the office of the President of the US.

  7. I think he has a great idea there. Lets see if the networks can make any money off the DIMM debates. Somehow I don’t think so !

  8. 5 top candidates are more than enough for a GOOD debat I believe they are doping these numbers is just to keep Bush in it as he is doing all he can to bash Trump andit isn’t hewlping him nor the debate processes.

    • There should be only three left, Trump, Cruz and Rubio and if people are aware of what Rubio has been doing he will be gone soon also.

  9. I live in Phoenix, and the police said it was about three thousand, a respectable number. Trump staffers said 7,000. I think they should be accurate since Trump is starting to be know to exaggerate.

    Fight terrorism

  10. If you are a government worker, you will not vote for Cruz. He is the one who wanted to shut down the government for 16 days. In our area we have lots of government workers and military. It really started hurting our area. No one would buy anything or go anywhere b/c they had no idea when they would go back to work. Giving the workers back pay was just a way to try to help them forget what the GOP party did to them and their families. I am not so sure that Trump would not shut down the government b/c he would have the power to. That is what he wants. I am not impressed with any of the GOP candidates. The GOP has a poor selection this year with Donald and Cruz with the worst.

  11. Just because the Donald doesn’t feel that CNN is playing fair, doesn’t mean he should take the ball and go home.. For Christ sake quit acting like a whipped pup. Stand your ground and act like you want to be president. Im beginning to think all this tough talk bull shit is just that “talk”

  12. Donald Trump MUST DO ALL OF THE DEBATES. Not for anyone else but himself. He must be front and center where he belongs. Otherwise, ditzy dumbo jebster bush might get the idea that he ran him off. Trump cannot play into the hands of his enemies and help them and hurt himself.

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