Watch As Trump Puts Clinton On Notice: “I Will Do Everything In...

Watch As Trump Puts Clinton On Notice: “I Will Do Everything In My Power To Beat Hillary”

Trump, Right, With Ben Carson, left

At CNN’s 2016 GOP Presidential debate in Las Vegas tonight, frontrunner Donald Trump says he will run as a Republican no matter what happens.

And he’s ready to take on Hillary…

“If I’m so fortunate to be chosen [as the GOP nominee], I will do everything in my power to beat Hillary Clinton,” Trump said.






  1. Donald, you were just fine last evening, and we all were happy to hear that you will stay with the Republican party, no matter what! Just keep on topic, jobs for all who want and need them – here in the USA, help for our servicemen and women, and certainly for our veterans, close watch and review on immigration, review of IRS and Obamacare, imports from overseas, pipe line, well you know, you are the best for the big task ahead. We all were proud of you, and other than a loser venting some ‘sour grapes’ I think it was a very interesting evening.

  2. The U. S. of America needs the caliper of a man like Donald Trump. Although he has been somewhat rough along the edges, he is a GOD fearing man, a highly experienced and successful businessman and a man who is not afraid to speak out for our Country and its people. Over many years the politicle community has sold out our Country with political correctness and refused to do the bidding of the American People. Lets put a man in the White House that will do the job and has the ability to regain the respect of countries around the world.

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