Breaking: Federal Investigation Of Mayor Duggan Brings Agents To Michigan As Corruption...

Breaking: Federal Investigation Of Mayor Duggan Brings Agents To Michigan As Corruption Controversy Swirls In Detroit

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is under federal investigation by the U.S. Treasury Department, and reports say investigators have been on the ground in Michigan. Whether they are close to or preparing for charges is unknown at this time…

The controversy surrounds-among other things- a shady increase in the cost to remove blighted homes, and allegations of bid rigging contracts in favor of donors to Duggan.

Companies hired for Detroit demolitions

According to Reuters:

“A year after the city exited the biggest-ever U.S. municipal bankruptcy, a plan to demolish half of its nearly 80,000 blighted or deteriorating structures — nearly one in three city buildings — is showing some signs of success.

But the federally backed program has been tainted by allegations that Mayor Mike Duggan favored demolition contractors who donated to his campaign and by a steep rise in costs.

Federal and city probes into the allegations are underway. Duggan, whose program has razed more than 7,000 homes in two years, denies any wrongdoing.

The special inspector general for the U.S. Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program — from which Detroit gets its federal blight-relief dollars — is investigating the city’s demolition program.

Agents visited the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, a state agency that is a pass-through for the federal funds, on Nov. 17 to discuss the matter, a spokeswoman for the state agency confirmed on Monday.”

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  1. Sounds like the fox guarding the other foxes house to me. Although I despise crony government at the local level and the cost to the average-person taxpayer; I despise even more the nanny federal government whore swooping down on the locals in a pretty new dress. God please help us restore good government at all levels.

  2. After 20 years of mayor Young followed by Kwame-boy, you’d think the citizens of Detroit could find someone less corrupt.

  3. This is a DEMOCRAT CITY… cannot step away from corruption. But if the Federal Government steps in, that is NO GUARANTEE of a move away from Corruption, because they will all be Democrats also…..

    • Don’t pretend your Republican’t Snyder isn’t also full of corruption. The corruption and lack of democracy in Michigan is what has it at the very bottom when graded on ethics in politics. I think the biggest farce in Michigan is believing there is a difference between a Democrat and a Republican. These days the same money buys both sides and both sides are screwing the people in favor of their rich friends.

  4. Must be a democrat though even the republicans aren’t exempt from such behavior. I’m surprised he isn’t black. These cities in ruin are usually run by blacks who are democrats.
    Ever noticed how many car chases, crimes, etc are done by blacks. Before the chase is over, and you find out, you can almost bet and win every time if you bet the perpetrator is black?

    • They are… but they also have a ton of other corruptions.. the EAA, the outstanding debt of DPS, the poisoning of the people in Flint. Michigan has quickly become one of the worst places to live. This is mainly because we have a state government that ignores the vote of the people (the EM Law put in place despite the people voting against it, the additional gas tax and increase in vehicle registration put in place despite the people voting against it, the forced on the people “right to work”, despite people in this state being clearly against it. Never has there been a time where a government has been so corrupt and wrapped up in its own agenda that the people truly do not have a voice. It is sickening and Snyder’s EM law will continue the trend of pushing aside democracy whenever the government decides to push its agenda onto the people. As the saying goes.. no matter how well you dress up this nerd (Snyder), he will always be a turd.

  5. It’s not about Democratics or Republicans its about people who are corrupt. No difference then those two people who happen to be Republican was having an affair, then tried to cover it up using states dollars.

  6. Unfortunately we have greedy people running our government thinking about themselves and not about the people. And citizens need to fact check these government officials. Did they did what they said? Find out from actual employees who worked for them. We’re they happy with their work situation. Can’t go by name alone, whether you are Democrat or a Republican.

    • “Unfortunately we have greedy people running our government thinking about themselves and not about the people” This should be Michigan’s new slogan… get rid of that “Pure Michigan” crap and start putting the truth on the billboards.

  7. Let take one say 2 1/2 story house in Detroit Now remembering that more if not all are pre-1940 which means they are filled with lead paint, probably asbestos, need bulldozers and possibly wrecking balls, many many dumpster loads, double tandem dump trucks, excavation of the basement walls, special permits for dumping, Several trains of clean fill, clay and then top soil, must be graded and seeded in most cities, If you really a good contractor that knows what they are doing, you have crane operators, equipment operators, laborers all at union scale. I would say that $8,000 per house is not a bad price given the above parameter and considering the remains/debris need to be separated and go to special dump sites. I did just a 16 x 32 in-ground pool 8 feet deep on one end and it took, 9 trains of clay and three trains of top soil, two full days of laborers. The question is was it a contract out for bid? I know Adamo specializes in demolition, I do not have knowledge of the other companies. I feel $4,000 a house or less is probably not enough to do the job correctly. Junk work so to speak. The property should be left in a condition that someone can build on it again. That also mean removing any buried tanks, etc. I would like to know if there was any collusion in the bid process but believe the work need to be performed by competent contractors, licensed, bonded, fully insured, including pollution coverage. I would like that Hall of Shame guy to get out his pad of paper, sharpen his pencil and figure out the cost. Before, he shoots at the hip with his allegations. Definitely check out how the bid process was handled, but any municipality does not have to award to the lowest bidder but to the right bidder that can actually do the job right to protect the citizens of Detroit and people that would do future building on the land.

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