New York Judge Sworn In With Quran While Wearing Partial Hijab

New York Judge Sworn In With Quran While Wearing Partial Hijab

A New York judge was recently sworn into office…while wearing a partial hijab and using a Quran.

According to MWN:

“In the United States and the majority of Western countries, politicians and members of the courts are sworn in to their positions while placing their hand on the Holy Bible when they take their oath.

However, Judge Walker took her oath respecting the sacred book of her Islamic faith, the Holy Quran, while also wearing a hijab.

A video posted on Facebook shows the moment when Judge Walker was sworn in as a civil court judge of the 7th Municipal District at the Brooklyn Burough Hall in New York City.”



  1. This is bull crap, no U S office should recognize the Quran as the proper book for the oath of any U S office. This is America not the Middle East

    • That attitude “Is The Problem”. I don’t feel sorry for any putzes succumbing to the mooslem insanity; they get what they deserve.
      Seems it’s getting about time to leave the Ferals……again.
      The CSA is not restricted to just the South this time, lots of Yankee Rebs tired of gun restrictions, high taxes, welfare queens, NWO Banksters/Corporists, and especially the long legged “mack daddy” mooslem in the WH.

        • I may have; but I feel no sorrow for a people or country so stupid and beguiled as to select a marxist moosie racist community organizer for putz in chief.
          Better get you guns oiled and ammo stocked high, and vittles to feed a growing family knowing history as you do.
          God bless

  2. Allah of the Qur’an is NOT THE SAME “God the Father” of the Christian Bible. How can the public oath to defend the US Constitution be the same intent? This is PC OVER THE TOP.. and Obama is a Muslim, so Its only appropriate. IS THIS JUDGE ELECTED? or APPOINTED?

  3. We really have gone off the rails with this kind of Muslim display by a sworn in judge……but, then it is NEW YORK CITY……..

    • “Ooh! Look at how progressive we are. We are such superior beings of secular enlightenment that we can prosecute Christians while welcoming moslems.”

      Gag! Gag!

      • SO true, Sam, and now they even ridicule the fact that they are persecuting Christians. They are despicable in their hypocritical arrogance..

        Like Rush said earlier today, he hopes for a great turning around away from these ideas to get the country back on track…

        Liberals are the ruination of this country. Every single bad decision that destroys this country can be traced back to loudmouth liberal idiots (or like i call them “libiots”). Even their incessant railing against big corporations, the rich and the”greedy” – take a look at the net worth of Phony Pelosi and Dirty Harry to start, or some of these loudmouth idiots in Hollywood – nearly all idiotic liberals, and all are filthy rich, yet they speak down to us commoners in their collective condescension about how we are supposed to give, and we are supposed to allow in and live among all these muslim refugees who will not learn the language, not assimilate in any way….,

        While the elitists sit amongst their piles of riches behind their security laden walls.

        Sick. disgusting hypocrites…Always wanting to give money, but never their own – just ours…

        • All of today’s woes are directly caused by Liberalism. There is a certain mental rot that commands their senses. That is why common sense is their kryptonite.

  4. This is the start of the Islamic radicals making decisions and setting precedents of US law that will evolve to eliminating the separation of church and state and making the US a THEOCRACY where Shariah Law will be the rule.. TALK ABOUT A WAR ON WOMEN.. ITS THE DEMOCRATS waging war on women with all the PC.


      • John Brennan choose an early copy of the Constitution without the Bill of Rights –as he too is a Muslim. Keith Ellison on Jefferson’s copy of the Koran –which Jeffetson had translated to teach the American citizen what an abomination Islam is…. Lying Obama tried to present it otherwise.

        Islam is a political movement– outlaw it in the USA.

        Wash DC has been brainwashed with PC garbage and Middle Eastetn payoffs–

        The very word Islamophobia was created by the Muslim Brotherhood to shut you up and take away your right of Free Speech–Speak out Loud and Clear–and often –while you still can!!!!!

    • Do you need to ask? NY’ers should just go ahead and get their prayer rugs now. The ProgreSSive Putzes are already converting to avoid being “divisive”, while proclaiming “diversity”…..Schizo, and liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • If she follows the Rule of Law, the US Constitution and the NYS Constitution are supreme over all other statutes and precedents. However, in certain cases, Sharia Law, the Talmud and other foreign sources may be consulted when arriving at a decision. They may not overrule the Constitutions, but may be considered to clarify why the decision is made. Any relevant text may be consulted, even King Solomon’s famous decision about how to divide a contested baby.

      • Dear gms,
        Good points all. Her oath of office was no different from anyone else’s. She had to state under oath to uphold the laws and constitution of the USA and NY. If she fails in her duty, then appropriate action may be taken. The real issue could arise in cases in which the parties have elected to have Sharia apply and the application of Sharia would violate a fundamental right or would violate a strong public policy. Therein lies the rub.

        We shall see.

          • Dear F,

            Also a very good point. And was the very reason I advised (warned) not to believe anything BHO said but to watch what he does. Ultimately, everything BHO has done is constitutional, because every act one can get away with, even if it would serve as the basis for an article of impeachment, is essentially “constitutional” unless and until impeachment proceedings are initiated and conviction results. That is how the balance of powers was set up. Unfortunately, all Democrats and enough (maybe even a majority) Republicans are in lock-step with the communist/progressive/fascist/establishment agenda of BHO and his rabble.

            It has been my view that articles of impeachment should have been filed, for historical purposes, at least, even if there were little chance of a conviction. The leadership of the Republican Party is just as much to blame and may ultimately be responsible for its demise. They do not make up an opposition party; remember, all they said in the 2014 election was that “we can do it better.” What is “it”? A top-down establishment oligarchy just like what we have been living with since LBJ (maybe earlier with only a bump in the road when Reagan tried to roll back big government)–Jonah Goldberg wrote a very good essay in which he pointed out where Nixon came from and the communist/progressive/fascist/establishment programs that began in his presidency. That he instituted wage and price controls should have been a clue. He was impeached for important reasons, but Nixon is small potatoes compared to what has benn going on these past 7 years.

            So, unless someone stands and says “No,” they will continue to get away with what on paper violates the promises and limitations established by the constitution.

            Are there enough men and women of character willing to take a stand? We know the answer if we are to rely upon the leadership of the so-called opposition party.

          • Faye TOOK the words right OFF my post,, ovomit did the samething and IT WAS behind closed doors if you remember right. So ,, did he or did he NOT use the Bible or did he use the koran and what WAS Promised and said. Again NO ONE KNOWS because it WAS behind closed doors after he made a FOOL of himself when swearing in. Don’t believe, check it out

    • Why are so scared of one’s faith, swearing a judge with her faith doesn’t change the constitution but rather gives room for freedom of religion and make her to serve with all respect,

  6. Let us see her performance first and then decide.What do you think about the judges who have sworn in using Bible.We criticize them depends on what we are Dem. or Rep. Grow up.

    • Yes, comrade addled, let’s wait to see how she applies sharia to the dhimmis in NY, by all means. After all who knows what mooslems believe or how they behave? No way to “know”, correct, comrade?

  7. That is not legal! Period!
    My constitution protects me from tyranny and this is tyranny!
    Islam has no basis in this countries laws in our culture or in our government!
    This is illegal! That person is not a us judge!

  8. I guess that she really is not a judge due to the fact that she was not properly sworn in. The Quran, which teaches Sharia, is totally at odds with our United States Constitution and teaches the overthrow of the United States Government, or any other government that is not Sharia compliant. People had better wake up soon or they will find themselves slaves or dead. Any politician who allowed this to happen needs to be in prison – today. Or maybe he already is?

    • The NYC Civil Court is a City court and not subject to Federal Laws. However, as a matter of practice, the State and Federal Constitutions take precedence over other laws, including Sharia Law, if appealed.

    • Jim may be you are ignorant of your country’s constitution swearing in of an office holder of any calibre with what he/she believes in, does not change the constitution rather it makes one serve with honesty and dignity and will help in doing the right thing. Please you need to read the constitution if you can’t, get some one who is learned to interprets it for you.,

      • Imam Idris: Perhaps you misunderstood me. I hold a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree and have studied the Constitution of the United States, including Supreme Court opinions that lend an interpretation of that document, so I think that I have a fairly good working knowledge of what the Constitution, including all of the amendments state. Also, I did not question the integrity or honesty of the lady appointed to the position of Judge. I am sure that she is probably a very honorable and devout Muslim. However, the point is that Sharia, as set out in your Quran, establishes a form of government for a particular group of people, a set of “rules”, or “laws” if you will, that conflict with and are completely opposed to the Constitution of the United States. Any person who is charged with the enforcement of the Constitutional laws of the United States and/or any State within the United States must, first and foremost, be a person who subscribes to the laws of the United States, not to a foreign idea that directly opposes the laws of the United States, which the Quran does, and further, must take an oath to enforce and uphold the Constitution of the United States. It is my opinion that the person being sworn in as a Muslim, particularly using the Quran as part of her swearing in ceremony, signifies that she has no intention of enforcing the Constitution of the United States, but adheres to and plans to only be governed by the principles and ideals set forth in the Quran in direct violation of the oath of office and which makes her completely unqualified to sit as a judge in a United States court.

        • Great Jim, I like dealing with professionals and academics like you if iam right it makes me happy, think positively and encourage me to consult and read widely, we meet in another issues of concern.All the best

  9. She CAN NOT be a judge in the US unless she SWEARS to UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION – which – as a MUSLIM – – she CANNOT DO – – and – -if she DOES – – it’s LIE – because THEIR RELIGION SAYS IT’S OK TO LIE

  10. This is awesome! Freedom of religion truly coming into its own. If you can do it with a Bible, why not a Quran? Better still would be the Constitution, which is the original way people were sworn into public office. I am sure Conservatives will make sure she upholds it with the same scrutiny (i.e. very little) they do with other judges.

  11. The laws of the Land is based on the Constitution. There is a sharp conflict between Constitutional Law and Sharia Law. Having taken her oath on the Quran of which Sharia Law is based on, by all rights disqualifies her as a Judge in a court of law of which the Constitional Law is the only Law accepted.
    Question: What would her purpose be, for being in that court if she has already sworn on the Quran to uphold Laws. She was not sworn in on the Bible of which is use in taking an oath to apply Constitutional Law which is in fact the only law of this United States.
    If one were to come before her Court, could that person ask for a change of venue, or petition that she recluse her self. Just asking.

  12. President Obuttma took the oath of office by swearing on a copy of the Quran. It was held in private behind closed doors. Both times he swore on a Koran. If you think for one second that Obuttma is a Christian you are snorting cocaine.

  13. This is NOT LEGAL and completely Unconstitutional.
    Unacceptable, this clown needs to be immediately removed from the bench.

    This has to be stopped NOW.

  14. All oaths must be altered to include that they will adhere ONLY to the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution of the United States, and appeal to no other.

  15. She can not last one day if she does give makes a decision against the USA laws.She is not the President of USA.

  16. She is not constitutionally sworn in according to American judicial rules, therefore any judgement she makes concerning any case can be challenged. In fact, defendants can make that claim before their case goes in front of her.


  18. Bullshit. This should never happen. Bible or nothing; no Islamic tendencies whatsoever; this is America; the court is American. This is a bad precedent; despicable.

  19. The USA was FOUNDED, ON CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES, using the Bible, and the Word of God as its direction for freedom. For the State of NY to allow this judge to swear on anything but the Holy Bible is a slap in the face of All Americans, and Our Freedom as a Free and Peaceful Nation. No other religion has more radical fanatics then Muslims. And these terrorists use the Quran as “their Bible”.
    If this judge wants to uphold true justice, she should first of all condemn all Islamic Terrorists. And pledge her alligience to the USA, One Nation Under God Indivisable, with Freedom and Justice For All.

  20. George Barna’s research in 2009 found that 83% of the adults in the USA say that they are Christians. Obama’s statement that “America is no longer a Christian nation” is a lie. I am not calling him a liar, just that he apparently believes a lie. Islamic law and Biblically based law cannot exist simultaneously in the the USA!

    Also, our previous national leaders say that we were founded on Judeo-Christian [Biblical} principles:

  21. Next, we are going to find out that Obama was secretly sworn in on the Quran. That would explain everything, wouldn’t it?

  22. Here we go folks…. Little by little they will continue to invade and change America. Why do you think Obama want’s the refugees here? You just got your answer. There is a Cancer growing in America called Islam. America is going down unless “We the People” make a stand. The only one bold enough to say it is Trump. With Hillary in the White House in 2017 and this kind of attack on America taking place…, it will take We the People to fix it. I suggest everybody watch a movie called “Monumental”. It’s the true history of America with all the documents, monuments and evidence that Liberals are trying to wipe out and re-write


    • I wouldn’t trust that she would hold up the law after swearing on something that ironically, forbids people to run for office, or be allegiant to anything other than sharia law

  24. Allahu Akbar Glory be Allah for His mercy this is a good news for muslims worldwide to have a black Muslim Judge sown in with Holy Quran this shows democratic America

  25. The US is based on judeo christian faith. It is a slap in the face to have her in office and throwing in our faces that is hardly a bible. It goes against our country’s innate beliefs . Obama has a mostly Muslim Congress and now this? This should tell you something. Even his immigration director he just put in place is Muslim. Does this tell you something. This is abhorrent.

  26. Are you all forgetting what has happened to Americans within the last couple of years? Beheaded, burned in cages, drowned, etc. and some of you are saying that there is nothing wrong with a judge in America being sworn in with the Quran? Next, we will be hearing how she is bending our laws to go along with the Quran and taking breaks in the courthouse for prayer sessions. Come on people, is everyone oblivious as to what is going on here in America. It is a slow takeover of the Muslims.

  27. We are invaded on every level of government. Just like fireants….when you feel the first bite and you look down at your foot you see that you are already covered with them! Our government is being changed from the inside, “we the people” don’t mean crap anymore. Pray for America!

  28. All judges in these United States are bound to obey the U.S. Constitution.

    In any contest between a state or federal criminal statute and a religious ‘law’, the state or federal statute takes precedence.

    As a former Roman Catholic, I’m amazed that people don’t see the historical precedents.

    Roman Catholics at one time burned people at the stake and chopped their head off if they refused to ‘recant’ any belief other than what the pope wanted them to believe. But the papist cult was ‘domesticated’ before it was allowed in America, as were the Calvinist and Lutheran leadership that in Europe had also burned, tortured and decapitated Christians who refused to ‘recant’.

    Religious franchises are like sports franchises, food franchises, or any other. When they came to America, the Vatican and Calvinist brands had to ‘civilize’ their religious franchise before offering their goods to the American market. Believe me, every pope and bishop on the macabre, corrupt ‘Vatican team’ would love to see Canon Law enforced here; ain’t gonna happen. Popes can come here and be worshiped by hordes of RC peasants (just as in Europe and Latin America), and notice that we Christians don’t throw fits anymore about it?

    A century after America tamed the papist and Calvinist franchises, we tamed the Morons (they use the franchise label ‘Latter Day Saints’, but given their teachings, they’re Morons). They were accepted into American society (and stayed out of prison) only if their men limited themselves to one wife, who was not a child.

    In other words, in America, state and federal laws trump any religious code. The same civilizing steps can be taken with Muzzies. But because they still haven’t much got the message, we shouldn’t allow a single additional Muzzie to immigrate until we have stricter laws in place. If a religion still practices things around the world that are clearly capital crimes in America, that cult’s adherents should not be allowed into America until Congress and its federal courts are prepared to deal swiftly with them, by incrementally shutting that religion down in this republic, as fair retribution.

  29. I would’ve loved to have gone to new York at least once for Christmas but the fact it’s a liberal state with a communist mayor and now this they can go to HELL. Wouldn’t go there for any amount of money and everyone should also boycott ny. new York, California and florida are indeed liberal shit holes.

  30. Our world changed when Obama became President. He supposedly took the oath on the Quran. Look how that has all worked out. This should be illegal.

  31. Which ever law she chooses to rule and abide by…..
    We have become a nation being taken over by our own mis-interpretations of our Constitution and mis-placed Judicial activism!

  32. No place for her in our legal system. “In God We Trust”, “So Help Me God”, We honor the 10 Commandments and both the New and Old Testaments. So just where does she fit into any of this???? Not qualified for the position. Any rulings she makes should be automatically void.

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