Kurt Russell BLASTS Obama Gun Control Agenda: “Absolutely Insane”

Kurt Russell BLASTS Obama Gun Control Agenda: “Absolutely Insane”

Kurt Russell pulled no punches in ridiculing President Obama’s gun control rhetoric, calling proposals for gun control in the wake of the California terror attack “absolutely insane.”

According to The Hill:

“Actor Kurt Russell says the notion that gun control laws can prevent terrorist attacks is “absolutely insane.”

“If you think gun control is going to change the terrorists’ point of view, I think you’re, like, out of your mind,” Russell told the movie blog Hollywood Elsewhere on Monday.

“I think it’s absolutely insane,” he added.

The “Miracle” and “Escape from New York” star said America needs to instill fear in its enemies, rather than cower before them.

“The problem — the problem that we’re having right now to turn it around … you may think you’ve got me worried about what you’re gonna do? Dude, you’re about to find out what I’m gonna do, and that’s gonna worry you a lot more,” he said. “And that’s what we need.”

“If I’m a hockey team and I’ve got some guy bearing down on me as a goaltender, I’m not concerned about what he’s gonna do. I’m gonna make him concerned about what I’m gonna do,” he added.”



  1. Thank you, Mr. Russell, I know it took guts to speak out on this issue, guts you clearly have, and you may not have made any new Hollywood friends. But you’ve earned the respect of millions of Americans by demonstrating your understanding of the severity of the evil we face. This ain’t no Holywood movie about terror that’s playing on our country, this is reality.

    • Every once in a great while somebody from the “entertainment industry” produces something other than co2 and badly cast virtual cartoons.

  2. Totally! These are the leaders we need. These are the men who stand and fight, who arm themselves and are prepared to defend their families and help others when the need arises.

  3. “….are you going to do something….OR just stand there and Bleed?”
    ~ Kurt Russell (playing Wyatt Earp, in the movie, “Tombstone”)

    Well, Americans ?

      S/Sgt. John Sharp, USAF SS Korean War Veteran

      • I’m with YOU, Brother !
        I’ve taken the Oath (several times)…both Military (Combat Wounded) and Law Enforcement.
        I will NOT usurp my Oath…..EVER !

      • John Sharp, Thank you sir for your Service 2 our Country.Me USAF also.Sometimes I wonder why we Served 2 wind up with all these stupid people who never served a day telling us how smart they are. Have a nice Christmas.

  4. I am with you Kurt, but you need to understand that obama pushes gun control to control the people, not to make anyone safer or to eliminate crime.

  5. MY KINDA WOMAN !!! Is the kind of gal who celebrates the testesterone bluster of men commenting on websites for COWBOY FICTION of blowing the smoke off his muzzle and riding off into the sunset. There will be a short time lag of a few months before the 2015 gun purchasing bonanza manifests in a new spike of American gun deaths. FBI website statistics indicate there will be about 38 citizen deaths (non-violent victims and family) for each felon / terrorist taken out by gun-tot’in neo-cowboys. Anybody care to predict how long it will take before some ” terrorist – blasting citizens” die when professional police response comes upon an in – progress gunfight and their training causes them to shoot anyone with a gun in their hand without a police uniform ??? YEE HAAH!! — I advise you cow poke to buy ballistic armor (and appropriate insurance so your family’s houses are not transferred to the citizens who are shot by untrained dudes in 10 gallon hats).THINK OUT THESE EMOTIONAL, TRUMP TROMP, RESPONSES, — ” misapplied common sense is why they invented ‘colleges’. ” !!

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