Trump Proven Right? France Declares War On Radical Islam: 3 Mosques Closed,...

Trump Proven Right? France Declares War On Radical Islam: 3 Mosques Closed, Dozens More At Risk

French President Hollande closes 3 mosques, makes arrests, and may close 100 more…

Is the very liberal Hollande the next person to be compared to Hitler by the media, like Donald Trump has?! Nope, doesn’t fit anyone’s agenda…

According to HotAir:

“Police investigating the Paris terror attacks have shut down three mosques in a series of raids to close the net on Islamic extremists, the Express reports.

Police in France also arrested the owner of a revolver found during Wednesday’s raid, France’s Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said.

Security officials found jihadist documents at the mosque where yesterday’s raids took place.

They have placed nine people under house arrest. Another 22 have been banned from leaving the country Mr Cazeneuve said…

Hassan El Alaoui, one of France’s chief imams, told Al Jazeera that French authorities were likely to close down more than 100 mosques in the wake of the Paris attacks.

“According to official figures and our discussions with the interior ministry, between 100 and 160 more mosques will be closed because they are run illegally without proper licences, they preach hatred, or use takfiri speech,” he said.

Takfiris are those who accuse fellow Muslims who do not share their hard-line interpretation of the faith of apostasy, and is often used as a pejorative term.”



  1. When people compare Trump to Hitler, it’s laughable! Trump would actually be the antithesis of Hitler. Hitler confiscated the weapons from his people and Donald supports the NRA and the Second Amendment…..the right to defend yourself! Goes to show how ignorant the left is!

    • All the media including Fox except Sean Hannity have been lying on Trump, but especially CNN and MSNBC; they are relishing the lie when Trump actally said, to stop all muslims UNTIL THE GOVERNMENT CAN FIGURE OUT WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. The all do not mention this last part. And notice all the IMAMS suddenly on TV denouncing Trump–why have they not come out before denouncing the Terrorists?

      • Wendy, You are RIGHT !! I have been posting the same thing. It appears the Media works for the Democrats & the White House. When Trump becomes President, and we no longer watch the bullshit news, then they will realize there are more of us then them. !!!

      • Although this is unlikely, if he does garner a good showing as far as votes are concerned, the message will be sent that there is a huge segment in this country who are fed up with the PC politicians who can go ballistic over a single word. In other words, more people are starting to wake up. But it is sad that so many innocents had to die (i.e., Paris, California etc.) to finally convince those who have been sitting on the fence about terrorists, Muslims and immigration. Go Trump!

  2. There are Mosques here in the US that are the same way. Trumps lead keeps growing. The media and the Republican establishment have egg all over them. How stupid can those people be.

    • Don’t forget the dumb Democrats and Obama. These are the people who are going to get us killed. No Muslims here period

  3. I just can not believe how blind some people are. Its like they have completely lost their minds and cannot see what is happening around them.

    • We got BO – TWICE; watch Jessie Water’s on Fox; his interviews show how dumb our students are….I have a friend who at age 21 flew 29 missions over Germany as the lead pilot…of a B29 — whose kid could do that today?

      • Woody, I watched Waters interview a college student & asked her, ” WHAT DO WE CELEBRATE ON THANKSGIVING, HER ANSWER, ” THE BIRTH OF CHRIST” STUPID, STUPID

        • Then she was asked do you know where Jesus was born? She replied “Bethlehem.” Waters then asked her, “Do you know where Bethlehem is?” She replied, “Pennsylvania?” Waters then said, “You mean to say that Jesus is an American?” She replied, “Yes!”

      • Agreed, I’ve seen several of Jesse Waters episodes and the brain-dead “educated” students, as well as other citizens, and it I is downright scary. Kudos to your friend flying that huge B29, he’s one of the reasons we need to keep fighting to get our country back on the right track.

  4. Trump is not only in a battle against the Democraps and their cable and “news” media, he’s battling the establishment Repukes. The hypocrites and liars of all parties are lining up behind the liar-in-chief BHO and Killary, who has the balls to say anything negative about sny candidate since she should’ve been jailed months ago. But of course, “what difference does it make?” that she and the rest of the corrupt cohorts in this administration are responsible for the deaths of at least our four Americans in Benghazi? The ignorant, racist and ill-informed will vote for her no matter what she says or does. She could take a crap on a platter and tell people it’s filet mignon and they’d happily eat it and praise her for feeding them.

    It’s up to the good Patriots to get the word out that we’re sick and tired of being told that we’re the problem, that we’re the ones who are racists because we want to protect and help LEGAL citizens and veterans who need and deserve our help FIRST. When I hear these idiots talking about Trump’s position as unconstitutional I want to vomit. They never call Jimmy Carter racist or unconstitutional for his actions after the Iran took Anerican hostages, do they? Where is the outrage over Obama’s dozens and dozens of Czar appointments, international “agreements” and executive orders without congressional approval? We The People has become We The Patsies. I don’t agree with everything Trump says snd I think he could use some fine tuning sometimes. But at least he’s got the balls to speak out on the REAL issues and dangers we face, and not the climate change rhetoric that’s bought and paid for by the U.S. government on the taxpayers dime without U.S. having a sat in the matter, as usual.

      • No, Bill said “I nevah had sex with that woman”. And then there ensued a ridiculous debate (as only can happen in the present US) as to what constitutes “sex”. If there will be any future historians-and it doesn’t look promising-this will appear as ridiculous as it sounds now.

        • Yes, Bill actually said “is” does not always mean “is”. Bill and Hillary always use “Hillary speak.” I also remember when the beloved Mother Theresa of Kalcutta addressed the Congress in the 1990’s Bill and Hillary remained seated and did not clap as Mother received a standing and overwhelming thunderous applause from the rest of Congress.

    • “…jailed months ago.”? I don’t think it’s too late for one of those infanticide procedures the POtuS is such an advocate of. I like to see Bury sent to a family reunion with Kermit Gosnell as well. Those who love death together should feed worms together. That’s an old Martian proverb by the way. Maybe Klingon, it’s been so long since I talked to my imagination, my recollections of those horrific hellucinations wax fuzzy.

  5. “Dozens more at risk?” Rather..”Dozens more to go…or dozens more to be demolished”. Once again, language is being used to downplay the seriousness of the matter and slip in a little “pro-moderate Muslim” language. Innocent people are “at risk” from Muslims. Always be aware of how language can be used (sometimes only a single word) to put a different spin on a situation.

  6. A Muslim has said that most of the mosques are preaching hate to America. They should be investigated, and the people that go there and listen to that stuff are just as guilty for not saying anything. They are all guilty if they participate.- Shut them down, like France. Trump was right.

    • Yes, notice that France found the Mosques in such a short time; they knew where they were before, just as i suspect the US knows; if we don’t have “spies’ in the Mosques we are stupid; notice also that it is justified since they have guns, ammunition and bombs in the Mosques; something i have never heard of in the Christian religion.

      • We DO nothing, because Obama is one of them! Just saw a series of pics that should go viral!! Shows Iran, Egypt & several other countries in the 40’s, 50’s, etc., dressed in western dress, UNTIL the muslims took over their countries-then shows them in the muslim garb! That will be America. Winston Churchill PREDICTED what is happening. He said slavery will never be dead as long as the muslim religion exists. EVERY FEMALE, young or old, belongs to a man-either as wife, child, or concubine-not because of or as an object of “love”, but as “property”.Can’t imagine how that will go over in America!!!

  7. Obama the criminal traitor fraud is “The Trojan Horse of Islam”.

    The democrats seem to have short memories when ” Jimmy Carter” during the Iranian Hostage Crisis deported all Iranians from the United States and barred them from entering the United States.

    This was done in a time when our country actually vetted foreigners coming into the country legally and actually vetted presidents as well.

    We the people of the United States are at war with radicalized Islam that have over 22 terrorists training camps on American soil training to kill Americans.

    We have radicalized Muslims executing American citizens on our own soil and a criminal traitor fraud president who’s allegiance lays with the terrorists and this has clearly been demonstrated by his blatant acts of treason and human sacrifices during his illegitimate reign of terror.

    Obama the criminal traitor fraud has procured the presidency by connivances, frauds, perjuries, massive voter fraud that resulted in rigged elections.

    Our electoral votes were counted in “Spain” by the billionaire Marxist George Soros to avoid a recount securing the rigged elections and in essence blatantly violating American Sovereignty that caused the criminal coup d’e tat of the United States.

    Obama the criminal traitor fraud was advised by his attorneys to seal all his personal records or face removal, prosecution and conviction.

    There have been “one too many massacres, one too many stand down orders, one too many acts of treaso, one too many violation of our laws, constitution and borders during Obama traitorous reign in the White House .

    Obama the criminal traitor fraud and Hillary Clinton’s allegiance has clearly lay with the same terrorist they arm, support and fund for payoffs and kick backs that are reciprocated in the billions of dollars funded by America.

    The numerous premeditated acts of treason have resulted in human sacrifices and these sacfices have gone without warrant, removal, prosecution or conviction.

    The Marxist-Socialist Media owned by democrats protects these criminally career corrupted politicians because they “share” in the looting of our country’s fortune.

    The Clintons own major stock in NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, MSNBC and other subsidiaries.

    Chelsea Clinton and her husband are both employed by NBC and make an annual salary of 1.2 million a year not including bonuses.

    The career socialist-Marxist politicians and media have continued to engage in “smoke screening” their premeditated acts of treason by and through the merit less claims of racism to evade removal, prosecution and conviction.

    The socialist-Marxist media continues to rely on “racism” as a ploy in order to evade any and all accountability or criminal culpabilty for their premeditated acts of treason against the United States.

    The Democratic Marxist socialist Party have come up with a devised scheme and ploy to smoke screen and evade the numerous acts of treason, embezzlements and the looting of our country’s fortune being perpetrated by their party and its called racism a defense relied upon and carried out by anti-Americans.

    All protest in America involving illegals that violate our immigration laws and borders, criminals that violate our laws and fail to comply, terrorist radicals refugees seeking to annihilate Americans , career corrupted Marxist- socialist traitorous politicians that have perpetrated acts of treason in seeking to destroy the United States have become immune from removal or prosecution, the violations of “open borders” that risk the safety and security of American are being defended under the absurd notion of “racism” this totally undermines the publics perception of justice.

    The “ploy of racism” has become a standard defense by the socialist-Marxist media and career corrupted politicians seeking to evade removal, prosecution and conviction as the deceptively mock and ridiculie the laws of government and constitution .

    The socialist-Marxist criminal politicians are without conscience as their criminal motives and objectives are so clearly demonstrated by the use of “racism” in an attempt to divide and conquer.

    We the people of the United States must unite in the interest of justice and national security in ousting these career corrupted socialist- Marxist politicians that rely on racism to defend their own premeditated acts of treasons against the United States.

    However, it should be known to the American people that “most” of the protesters in these protest being shown by the media are in fact “Non-Americans , socialist, Marxists, illegals, terrorists, criminals in essence anyone anti-law, anti-constitution or anti-American.

    Joseph Chirstian Henry Ardito

  8. I read a site called “Person Liberty” who took a poll asking ” WHO DID YOU VOTE FOR IN THE LAST ELECTION ” . This site said” 79% voted for Romney and 7% voted for Obama !!! With those numbers HOW THE HELL DID OBAMA GET INTO THE WHITE HOUSE

  9. Trump will end the democrat welfare vote buying programs and let people get jobs and live better and more profitable lives, causing them to vote Republican,,, and it scares the HEII out of them!!

  10. I think it is past the time for the U. S. A. to begin putting pressure on Mosques preaching hatred. Close those that preach hate and deport IMAMS who do the preaching. Since France was hit by these lunatics, how much longer will it be before The U.S.A. is hit.

    • Funny when all the terrorist activity was going on, you did not see one IMam on Tv; now with one remark by Trump they are all over the TV. And all he is calling for is an “importation pause.”

  11. It never ceases to amaze me as to how many people there are shouting, “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!” and how many people there are that are so very ignorant and uneducated. My reference is to: Donald Trump and those who follow his absurd and gobbledygook suggestions and ways.

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