Breaking: “Sharia Police” On The Streets Ruled Legal…Is Germany On The Brink...

Breaking: “Sharia Police” On The Streets Ruled Legal…Is Germany On The Brink Of Islamic Law?

A German court has ruled that radical Islamists who took to the streets as “Sharia police” attempting to stop people from going to certain establishments did not violate the law and should not be prosecuted.

According to the BBC:

“A German court has ruled that Islamists who patrolled a city’s streets as “Sharia police” did not break the law and will not be prosecuted.

Nine were arrested in September 2014 after patrolling streets in Wuppertal, western Germany. They wore bright orange jackets with the words “Sharia police”. They told passers-by not to frequent discos, casinos or bars.

The court said they had not violated laws on uniforms and public gatherings.

Prosecutors have now lodged an appeal.

The group of Salafists – ultra-conservative Islamists – included Sven Lau, a preacher whose passport was seized this year after he visited Syria and a photo surfaced, showing him posing on a tank, with a Kalashnikov rifle slung around his neck.

He is suspected of trying to recruit Muslims to join jihadists fighting in Syria or Iraq and has spent some time in prison previously. He said he had gone to war-torn Syria in 2013 on a humanitarian mission.”



  1. This could happen here if we are not very careful. Germany and Britain are covered up with them. The police do not even want to go into some neighborhoods because it is so dangerous.

  2. F- That .. No one is going to tell me where I can go or what i can do, as long as its legal… who the hell do these people think they are.. so they put on some orange jackets and think they are some kind of authority!

  3. Whoever the judges were on the court just doomed Germany including themselves. It will be the Third Sharia headed by Omar Hitler!

  4. I suppose I should keep my Porsche … a few years….the German’s won’t be making cars……

    …..they’ll be riding CAMELS…………..” HEIL ALLAH” !!!!

  5. We just returned after a visit with friends in Germany. We have been visiting regularly for the last few years and watched the steady decline of Germany. They have become the country of the walking dead. The citizenry is full of apathy and increasingly hopeless. The crushing control of the state and now the control by the EU bureaucracy has them feeling completely powerless. The PC behavior and thus control, is in full effect there. It is sad to witness their decline.
    This is at the hearth of the low birth rate in Western Europe. To counter it they are bringing in the Muslims who never assimilate. The workers that were brought in from Turkey in the sixties have never assimilated.
    And our political leadership is hoping to recreate in America this political order in western Europe. Total control and manipulation of the citizenry. Our political class is in the process of revising our system to become just like them. We will end up with the Political Class, The Crony Capitalist controlling in the Political Class, the voter class (those on welfare and government control) and the producer class being exploited, harassed and forced in to slavery to support the rest.
    We better be vigilant and not let this happen to us. We need a Donald Trump more than we realize. The conservative German friends are rooting for him hoping that he would influence change for the better for them as well.

    • Donald Trump is not the answer. What we need is a true libertarian in office to see us through this potential disaster. Trump is just another elitist, big-government type. He would exacerbate the process. I would recommend Ted Cruz…a true Constitutional scholar.

  6. Gotta love it when the liberals dig their hole so deep they can’t even get out! Angela Merkel did this to her country, and from what I have watched, the German public did nothing to stop her. Now germany will be forced keep sharia law there; let the jihadists go on with the plan to destroy any and all democracy in Germany as well as any religion other than islam.. Karma is a bitch! Germany did this to themselves, now nobody can save them and if the USA is smart, pull all bases and Americans out of Germany now.

  7. What’s crazy is Germany doesn’t allow any Scientology churches, claiming they’ve had their share of cults”Nazi’s”. But here they are letting one of the worlds largest cults, Islam, neuter Germany. World war three I hate to say, is around the corner and it’s gonna be messyā€¦.. End time prophecies don’t seem so far fetched with the current radical Islamists beating the drum.

  8. Merkel should be prosceuted!! Hopefully the good people of Germany will remember what happened the last thime they turned a blind eye to this type of thing. The Nazis took over…….this is Islamo-Facism at it’s worst. In WWll the leading Islamic religious leader in the Middle East supported Adolph Hitler and even made the trip to Germany to pledge his support for the Third Reich. Islam=Nazi’s!!!

  9. Has the judiciary in Germany gone Batshit?? How can such a rational and intelligent people choose to bring back the NAZIS??? People of Germany, Stand up and throw these idiots out of office!! LEARN FROM POLAND!!! (HITLER IS SMILING AS THE USEFUL IDIOTS DO HIS WORK)

    • How? Notice we don’t rise up against Obama here as well. That’s what it takes – full blown civil war against the government. They don’t have guns.

  10. YOU SOB’s STAY THE *&%^$#*(() OUT OF MY COUNTRY< STATE< CITY & NEIGHBORHOOD..or your Islamic accention to "ALLAH" is GUARANTEED to be EXACERBATED !!!!PERIOD

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