House Report: Obama Broke The Law With Controversial Bergdahl Swap, Lied To...

House Report: Obama Broke The Law With Controversial Bergdahl Swap, Lied To Congress

A new report from the U.S. House Armed Services Committee says that the Obama administration lied to Congress and broke the law in the process of negotiating a controversial prisoner swap.

According to The Hill:

“A yearlong investigation by the House Armed Services Committee has concluded that the Obama administration broke the law in swapping five Taliban members for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl — and went out of its way to hide the negotiations as they were happening.

The report said the administration broke a law requiring it to give members of Congress 30 days’ advance notice of any detainee transfers from the Guantánamo Bay detention facility, where the senior Taliban leaders were held.

It also found that it misled reporters and lawmakers about a potential prisoner exchange. Congress was instead notified just hours before the May 2014 transfer took place.

Bergdahl, who is facing charges of desertion, had left his base in Afghanistan in 2009, and was subsequently captured and held hostage for five years.

“At the time, there were rumors that on-again, off-again talks about a prisoner exchange, which had broken down several years earlier, might be underway again, but the administration repeatedly suggested to reporters and to Congress that nothing significant was going on,” the report found. “



  1. So why hasn’t the DOJ filed Criminal Charges? Lynch is his legal lap dog and only does what she is trained to do. Follow Barack blindly….

  2. What took a year? All of this was made clear in the beginning. The WH begged urgency as basis for failing to give tatutory notice. Then there was the rose garden charade with Mr and Mrs Bergdahl. And how many service men died directly or indirectly looking for Bergdahl? No one needs to call him a deserter. He is what he is and this is the leadership of the Democrat Party–5Taliban senior terrorists in exchange. Sounds fair to me…if I were a Taliban terrorist. And not one Democrat has stood to condemn this treason? Real Americans they are, right?


  3. ObamO is a disgrace to the Office. They change the carpets every time a New President is elected. This time it will need to be tented and fumigated too.

  4. And to think all the people who are going berserk over what Trump said!!! But no one cares that our own so called leader unleashed evil terrorists and criminals on our society!! Trump wants to protect America and obama wants yo destroy us!! there is something sickening about this thinking!! shame on Americans who are on the side of evil! WAKE UP FOLKS!!!!

  5. So what is the DOJ and Congress going to do about it? N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Like Hillary, Ovamit is ABOVE THE LAW. He is the Almighty King!

    • Yvette, not sure what they will do about it and may depend on what he has exposed but I imagine it will require some form of sucking.

    • Because he has so much bad dirt on a lot of people in Congress from his NSA spying on everyone for years they can’t do anything to take him out probably.

  6. If the DOJ or Congress do nothing about this, We the People need to. It’s high time that we The People file law suits against this administration and all of it’s accomplices. Mr Sekulow needs to advise and help we the people right now!

  7. What a surprise!!! Obama lied to the American people. If you believe anything that comes out of this Socialist’s mouth, you are beyond stupid! OK American liberals, you have almost killed yourself trying to convince the American people that Obama was really a good president when in fact he was an Anti-American Asshole. NOW IS THE TIME TO GIVE IT UP AND ADMIT THAT HE IS AN ANTI-AMERICAN ASSHOLE!!! JOHN KENNEDY WOULD HAVE SLAMMED A FOOT UP HIS ASS AND THROWN HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!

  8. Just think he is LORD OBUMMER. Well that is his thoughts and he thinks he can do as he pleases. Guess what?? So far he is right because NO ONE is even trying to stop him. SO he MUST be LORD OBUMMER, right?? Can anyone tell us anything that he has done that has been truly legal?? And when I say legal I am talking about ANYTHING that is or has been beneficial to our country and it’s people. I won’t even bring up Hildabest for she is worse than OBUMMER.
    I am for TRUMP and Carson for VP as they would be GREAT for the PEOPLE and the COUNTRY. Now let’s ALL pray that OBUMMER does not enact his Martial Law plan so we can have the election and get rid of the POS that is there. I am getting together 55gals. of ‘Kills anything that is NOT human’ fumigator spray/fogger for the not so White House so it can get it’s true color back. Anyone want to donate extra killer??

  9. Obama will get away with this and all the other treasonous acts he has committed. I pray that his day will come and he will spend the rest of his life either in prison or he will be exiled forever from the U.S.

  10. I’m disgusted with the republican party that let this happen I’m thinking about switching to independent they sat back and did nothing to stop him over the course of 7 years

  11. Look at that sloppy neck line on that tee-shirt – its stained and droopy! No Airborne trooper would be seen — much less take a photo looking this sloppy~~!!

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