Unstoppable? Donald Trump Opens Up 20 Point Lead!

Unstoppable? Donald Trump Opens Up 20 Point Lead!

“Experts” have said for months that Donald Trump would fall in the polls, but new numbers are showing familiar results for 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful as he continues to prove pundits wrong.

At 36%, Trump holds a 20% lead over his nearest rival, Ted Cruz. Cruz gets 16%.

According to Politico:

“Donald Trump is the top choice of more than one out of every three Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters, according to the results of a new CNN/ORC poll released Friday. And it’s not even close — at 36 percent, Trump’s closest competitor for the GOP presidential nomination is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, at 16 percent.

Ben Carson, who finished second in the October CNN/ORC poll, fell to third this time with 14 percent. Following the retired neurosurgeon, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio earned 12 percent, with no other candidate finishing in the double digits.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie earned 4 percent, followed by Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina at 3 percent each, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 2 percent each and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul at 1 percent. Other candidates failed to register support, while 2 percent said they had no opinion.

Friday’s poll provides further evidence that declarations that the summer of Trump would fizzle in the fall were premature.”





    • Wrong on just about every point. Ted Cruz is as straight a shooter as there is and when he says something he means it. Trump only says what you want to hear. He is FAR from being Conservative. He is a Progressive. Look and what he has said in recent years. Now it’s all different. Convenient. We need a President who has class, not one who is so in love with himself it’s sickening. We’ve had 8 years of that with Obama. Trump is the Republican Obama. Talks a good game but only wants power. He WILL screw you in the end. I don’t know where they are polling but hardly anyone I know has Trump as their number one choice. Maybe 5th or 6th. All you Trumpettes better do some research on your man and the rest of the Candidates. Trump is not qualified to be President just like Obama was not. But boy you sure like what he says. How about when he wasn’t running for something. What did he say then. It’s OK to change a point of view but on almost everything? I think not. Look at Fiorina, Cruz, Carson. You say Trump can’t be bought. Bull!! Everyone has a price. Might not be money but everyone has a price. We need a President who can stand on the world stage and make us proud. Not make us cringe. The man has no common decency. Thinks he’s still on a reality show and wants to win. Give me a break. The Republican (not really) Obama.

        • Tell me what I need to research. Trumps past? Done it. That’s why he is far down my list. Like I told the Dr. I want a true conservative in the White House not a lying Progressive.

        • Hillary also stinks up the electoral process. Neither she, nor Trump, is qualified to be our President. Hillary just lies. Trump doesn’t tell lies. He is just misinformed on the facts and we can’t have that, either.

          • They’re tehnically both qualified – and you will have to choose one or the other or simply stay home on Election Day with all the other Republican establishment pathetics screaming I WANT MY POLITICIAN!!!!!!!
            TRUMP 2016

          • Gary Johnson, the Libertarian, is a super candidate. His ideas are straight libertarian/conservative and he looks like and acts like a President, unlike Trump and Hillary. He is a great speaker and debater and has two terms of experience a Governor of New Mexico. Johnson is the best candidate, except that elections are rigged to prevent a third party candidate from winning. If the choice is between Trump and Hillary, he is definitely my candidate. If Ted Cruz is nominated by the Republicans, I would vote for Cruz, in order to defeat Hillary.

          • hillery was,is and always has been pd for,whoever can benefit her the most,and goes for her thinking she will get more points by sleeping with anyone, man woman ,anyone but willie ,they are tire of each other and willie doesn’t want or need her ,She’s also one of thee premier liers who has been in office of anykindhiollery has been bought n paid for, so has all the rest of them, anyone taking $$$ donations will vote how they are told to vote,cruz has donars,he’s been bought, Trump. like him or not can’t be bought,he has been pretty clear about not really caring what one thinks and does his thing.WHAT THIS COUNTRY NEEDS NOW IS A PRESIDENT TRUMP A KICK ASS GET IT DONE,NOT A , WHAT WILL THEY THINK , OR SAY WHAT IT, WHAT IT WHAT IS, TRUMP IS KICKASS GET IT DONE, NO EXCUSES,WHEN HE SAYS “I CAN’T WAIT TO STARTING MUSLIMS or refugees, get them out of here,they prefer to live in their home country, they don’t want to assimulte and won’t,send’em back to where they came from !!

          • I understand what you are saying, but Trump is a DEMOCRAT, dressed in Republican clothing. The best Republican candidate is Ted Cruz, who is very smart, a good debater and has full knowledge of the facts and control over his mouth, unlike Trump. Trump is not electable.

            I suggest that you compare Cruz’s policies to Trump’s former statements before he decided to be a Republican, because the Democrat slate was too full. Trump has always espoused Democrat policies and will fall back to them, if elected.

          • NO, TRUMP is an EX – DEMOCRAT. He is the BEST CANDIDATE for president. Carson and Reagan were EX – DEMOCRATS as many others are as well. Don’t you think people can change their VIEWS? TRUMP IS CONSERVATIVE, and is our ONLY HOPE FOR AMERICA.
            TRUMP/CRUZ 2016 !!!!

          • Gerald, why did it take this many post 2 let us know what you are, Smart, you are not my friend.

          • Speaking of smart, Ted Cruz is smart. He graduated #1 in his class at Harvard Law School, clerked for the Chief Justice and knows the Constitution, better than any other candidate.

          • Trump is well-informed on the climate hustle. Obama is about to crush any hope of economic recovery with draconian anti-CO2 regs that will have zero impact on climate (because climate is not determined by human emissions of CO2). We need a candidate who is adamant about real science and will restore credibility to NOAA and NASA that Obama’s administration has destroyed (they’ve been routinely “cooking the books” by lowering past temperatures to create the illusion that climate is dramatically warming … it is NOT. Even the statement that “14 of the past 15 years have been the hottest on record” is contrived and misinformed and only arrived at from cooking the climate books. But even taken at its word, if 14 of the past 15 years have been the hottest on record, then that suggests temperatures have plateaued and will likely decrease in the future as they follow natural climate change trends. Even if temperatures had been setting new records in 14 of the past 15 years (they haven’t), that would indicate warming, but it would indicate NOTHING about the origin of the warming. In order to fool the public with this climate/energy hustle, the Left has to assume climate change is due to humans because there has never been a single scientific study that has discerned a human component of any global climate change. Not one!

          • I agree with what you said, but what does climate change have to do with anything? The major reason to vote against Trump is that he is unqualified to run the USA, just as Obama was before him. Trump is unqualified because he does not know anything. Hillary is unqualified because she has no respect for anyone, except herself and because she is incapable of telling the truth.

          • Why don,t you tell us who you like.?You know you don,t present any facts on your post. As a lawyer you say you are, you know that in a court of law when you get on the stand and say all of these thing without one FACT a good lawyer would punch holes in what you have said and they would tell the jury your statements are hearsay,You were not there with them and you would be laughed out of court.By the way, I am not a lawyer but I can think.Good night.

          • Nobody ever asked who my choice is. My Republican choice is Ted Cruz. Otherwise, I like any of the other candidates, except Bush and Trump. If the choice is between Hillary and Trump, I will vote for Gov. Gary Johnson, the presumptive Libertarian nominee. He is a two-time governor, looks and speaks like a President and has a solid libertarian philosophy. He is a great speaker and debater and knows the facts.

          • A President, such as Trump, is exactly what America needs. He is not a politician, but knows enough to make good decisions. When he surrounds himself with those that know the in and outs of politics, if you will, he will do just fine. He has a business mentality. That is exactly what America needs now to rebuild the economy. The last thing we need is for the Country to continue in its present direction. You spoke of Ted Cruz, and he, or Rand Paul, would make great Vice-Presidents, later to become Presidents. Trump actually like Cruz, so that may be in the back of his mind.

          • Trump is exactly what every country does NOT need for a leader. He has no established policy upon which a voter can rely. He is irascible and cantankerous. He speaks before he thinks of the consequences of his words. He is stubborn. In short, it is my opinion that he would be unable to deal with other world leaders or world problems. In other words, another Obama.

          • I admit he is not very refined, but that is what I like about him. I run a Facebook page and expose corruption and dabble in court cases. I’m not refined either. That is what make me popular. When push comes to shove, I make presentations that silence my critics. My secret is that I already have the counter to their arguments in my computer. Trump is like that. He has only been a politician for 5 months. He has spent years negotiating business deals. He would be like a Ronald Reagan. Very direct and very forceful. I think if he surrounds himself with the right people, he would get America back on track. One of the things many people really like is he has business interests in America and, if America folds, he stands to lose a lot. For that reason, he would be the most dedicated person in years to getting the economy back up and running. Also, a lot of people that know him well say he is sincere. I think we should give him 4 years. At this point in time, we don’t have anything to lose, America is on life support.

          • To say that Trump is not refined, is to say that Obama is not really the disaster that he is. Trump was born into wealth, went to one of the finest business schools in the country and yet he comes out as unrefined. He will take his coarseness into the Presidency, if elected and do serious damage to the country. When there are so many viable alternatives, why select the worst among them. My suggestion is Ted Cruz, who is smart and knows whereof what he says. We have lots to lose with four more years of incompetence.

          • Gerald are you a woman.?you not be lying about being a lawyer are you.And are you as good as Trey Gowdy, if not you have some ways 2 go.

          • Lawyers specialize in their careers and I have no thoughts that I am better than Trey, or any other lawyer. I tried only 4 criminal cases, but won them all. I did not earn my living from criminal law.

            By the way, what do you think I am?

        • Spoken like a true Trumpette. Don’t like it, you use bad language and try to shut people up. Well tuff tits DR, I want a Conservative in the White House not a moron. And as far as me being politically correct. Wrong again. You are just plain wrong. Take off your blinders and learn. Political Correctness and being an a** are two different things. I am just a man with some common sense who knows a Pied Piper when he sees one. Just like I told the morons who voted for Obama. Now as far as Hillary, she is a lying sack of horse droppings who like Trump will say anything to get elected.

          • Oh I see! You’re NOT politically correct…you’re just an a••. Thanks for removing those blinders for me and I apologize for ever thinking you were PC

          • Maybe you should have pushed him out of the boat into deep water 10 years ago, or at least not have sent him to college.

          • Doc:
            You and I were brought up at a different time, especially me at 77. My parents were hard working relatively poor people. Yet they taught me to know God, understand work and to respect others as we did with our children. Seriously, I don’t know if I would want to parent a child in these times. I have 2 grandchildren that were raised to study hard, work and to respect others. Both are doing great.
            We also have 5 grandchildren that have grown up pampered and privileged and with no idea of what work is all about. Totally different individuals. Always some kind of problem for their parents. I worry about their future. I said a prayer for you.
            Charlie Harris

          • I appreciate your prayer. Really. I often long for those days you are describing. Much simpler and kinder days they were. They call this Progressivism. Moving Forward without God. Without values. Wow how long can this continue? Glad your family is doing so well!

          • Thank you sir for the apology. I am with you. Basically undecided but I have a few favorites. If Cruz would just talk to us and not make everything he says a lecture he could be my guy but it is way to early to, as you say, to select a concrete candidate. That is why I am puzzled about how angry people get who are Trump fans and who are 100% sure he is their guy. Just don’t get it. Many of them know little to nothing about the other candidates.

          • Dr. Tim, I for one Sir, want to think you for your Service to this great Country which you as me helped protect.Some of these people don,t give a damn what you did and that is sad.

          • Don312, get this straight, TRUMP USED to be a Democrat, 20 YEARS AGO.!!! A LOT of people have CHANGED THEIR VIEWS. Such as Carson. YOU JUDGE HIM BY WHAT HE USED TO BE. Don’t you THINK PEOPLE CAN CHANGE.? YOU are just ANOTHER TRUMP HATER. Trump is the ONLY ONE who is Qualified, Tough Enough and Knowledgeable Enough to be president. The ONLY one who can SAVE AMERICA. AND HE IS CONSERVATIVE. !!!!

          • Well said and let’s see, wasn’t the possibly most important patriot of the 20th century and my hero, Ronald Reagan, once a Democrat?
            As was I until 1960.

          • Absolutely Right, Charles. Reagan USED to be a Democrat and he was my hero, too. There are just Some people out there who Hate Trump. But there are more of us out there that Love Trump. I’m Glad you’re one of us, and that you are Not a Democrat anymore. This just proves my point to Don312. People can Change their Views.

          • You can scream all you want but it doesn’t make what you say true. Reagan changed his views in the 1950’s. 25 years or so before his Presidency.
            Donald Trump was once a Democrat, and he actually switched over to the Democrat party in 2001 after being registered as a Republican. In 2001 he switched from Rep. to Dem. then back to Republican in 2009. 2009. Not 25 years before now but 6 years ago. Look at what he stands for on more then immigration and ISIS. Of course I know you won’t look because he is your Pied Piper. Don’t compare Reagan to Trump. What an insult to the greatest President of our time. Trump only says what you want to hear. When he uses his “believe me”, I don’t believe him. As far as hating Trump, that is not true. I just don’t want him to be President of the United States. There are a number of way more qualified people running. We are barely surviving our first unqualified President in a long time. We don’t need them back to back. Trump is a badass businessman who mows down anyone who gets in his way. He knows how to make money but he has NO common decency for even his fellow Republican candidates. He thinks it’s cute to belittle them as people. Not their policies but as human beings. That is not how anyone should behave let alone the President of the United States. “Believe me”

        • Dr. Tim, you did not expect this long winded Don 2 say anything about Hillary or bernie did you ,? not one word which tell me they are scared 2 death of Trump.That tell me also that Trump is doing it right.I look at the large crowds of people that flock 2 him as a win win I am with him all the way no matter what.Your post was nice.Thanks.

        • Dr Tim,
          Now, more than ever conservatives, Republicans, what ever name one identifies with, opposite the libs, we all need to have decent discourse between us. Personally, I believe Cruz would make a wonderful president. He has everything people say they wanted in a president. He is intelligent, knowledgeable, close to having a didactic memory, is a Constitutionalist, has determination, and so many admirable traits I can’t list them all here. To denigrate him in any way is doing not only a disservice to him but to the party as well.
          As the election draws nearer, we need to show increasing respect for both candidates, show unity to those who would like to divide and conquer; we need to present a united front, thus keeping the votes within the party, rather than have voters splinter in disgust and vote elsewhere. And, it will provide the candidate going in full party support, thus allowing a better start when they take office.
          I like Trump for most of the reasons other people do not. I think he has a lot to recommend him, and those abrasive traits will assist him in getting things done. Trump knows well how to delegate, and call in the experts when needed. He is used to mockery and bad press so he has grown a thick skin. He doesn’t care about bad press nor political correctness. I could go on for sometime about why I think he would make a good president, but the one thing ( as I have said before) that concerns me about Mr. Trump, is his ability to stay the course. Leading the nation is a position that requires finesse, emotional distance, objectivity, occasional humility, the ability to think outside the box, and so on. Does Mr Trump have those characteristics? Time will tell. The first decision he makes will determine the type of leader he will be, and that is who he surrounds himself with in the WH. If Trump has sage people around him, people that work with, and counsel him and he listens to them and utilizes their wisdom, he may well make a great president. That is if we even seat another president.
          As to your comment about billary, it is evident to the majority of people, even those who align themselves with her, exactly what she is and how vile she is, so why should anybody worry about her? If we have an election, and if there is a change in the WH, the libs will seat billary, no matter how foul and evil she is, because they like that about her. She resonates their desires. Libs don’t want to be like Mikey, they want to be like billary! All of the worrying will not change that.
          This administration ( and I use the term loosely) is doing everything they can to get enuf immigrant voters in to fix the elections, and because the two parties have an agreement to never challenge a fixed election, if the libs manage to raise enuf dead people, buy enuf votes, stuff enuf ballots, billary will indeed be our next president. Especially if we have a fragmented Republican ticket.
          So now is the time to stop calling names, pointing fingers ,and make disparaging remarks. We must act like adults who know how to respect one another’s opinions, even if we do not necessarily agree with them, and present a unified face to the world, to more effectively advance our cause and get the job done!
          Everybody has an opinion and if we listen, there is a degree of wisdom in most of them. When we stop acting like chickens who peck themselves to death, and put our heads together, offering support and rationale for our opinions, we can be formidable.
          Trump? Cruz? We are blessed to have two such fine candidates, and we ought to act as such, and show the world just what prizes we as a party bring to the table!
          Let’s let the libs know that we are sick of their disregard for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the second amendment, and their by-word political correctness. Any more if one is political, there is not much correct about them any way~

          • Well presented. I would continue to support the Republican nominee to the end whomever that will be. Our country cannot lose again because we continue to be divisive within our own camp. Strength in Unity 2016.

      • Cruz yes. Trump no. How about Cruz/Fiorina? Two true conservatives.
        How can anyone possibly see Trump as a Conservative. That’s just insane.

        • Cruz/Fiorina?? You’ve got to be KIDDING!! FIORINA is such a Liberal, I can’t believe you Don’t Know This. You need to Research her. TRUMP/CRUZ 2016.

          • You can’t believe I don’t know that Fiorina is a liberal? She’s Ronald Reagan compared to Trump. But you think Trump is a conservative and Fiorina is a liberal? I can’t believe you actually think that. Kinda feel sorry for you. Good luck with the Trump thing. I kind of wonder why people jumped on the Trump bandwagon so soon. The wall thing? The pomposity? The lack of common decency (not the same as PC). Making fun of handicapped people? Always telling us how great he is? His constant contradictions of previous statements. His saying what a great person Hillary is? Donating money to her? Single payer? Saying he’ll do something as President but won’t say how? Yea, he’s a great catch! For the Progressives! But, this is America and you…and I are free to believe what we wish. I am leaning towards Cruz and I know he is a true conservative. If he chooses Fiorina for VP that will take votes away from the lying bitch of a former first lady. Then we have a real conservative in the White House.

          • Keep screaming you moron. Just because I don’t want Trump I’m a liberal. You’re just like Trump. Don’t like what someone says, call them names and scream. Well it’s been fun. Can’t fix stupid. You don’t address anything I say. Just call me names.


  2. It may not look it, but fall he will. No person as unprepared and just plain wrong on so many issues can continue to lead. His party loyalty is even in dispute. He is a Democrat running in the republican primary. The truth will out in the long run.

  3. Donald Trump is the poster child for the ignorant American voter. He is a loud mouthed, self-serving, megalomaniac. He has grossly exaggerated his “facts”, and his supporters continue to believe his BS. He is dangerous to the GOP. He will not get the nomination, the GOP has far more sense. He will run as an independent, not living up to his vow, and pull the ignorant votes. He is running to have Hillary elected, as he planned from the beginning. Remember he is tight with the Clintons.

    • The character of the person you described is now occupying the WH and another Dem is wanting to move back in.
      Why discuss who is the superior candidate? Any Repub candidate I could vote for if necessary, however I would really have to hold my nose while voting for Graham We actually have 4-5 excellent candidates.

  4. With the ISIS attack in California after Trump said that it was going to happen. he will only get more popular with every Proof of what he says happens!!!!!!!

    • Yea the guy is so good, he can now see the future. Give me a break. Anyone with half a brain knew it was just a matter of time. If you support him because you think he is a “god” then you deserve him just like those who voted for BO both times. But it affects my kids and grandkids. We can’t elect someone because of a speech or speeches. He is saying what you want to hear. Sounds good but can/will it be done. And why does he have to be such a jerk. PC is one thing but being a jerk like a reality show contestant is uncalled for.

  5. WTG, Donald J. Trump!!! America needs your strength and intelligence, and we needed it yesterday!!! America will not stand another year of Obama. He needs to be impeached. What he has done to this county is a shame. He has divided this nation. He has allowed ISIS to form and become united, in a common goal and that is to destroy the USA. “Death to the infidels.” He is trying to open our borders to Syrian Refugees who have been infiltrated by ISIS, and we can not afford to allow these people into the US. We already have to worry about the ones who have already infiltrated. God have mercy. Bring it, Trump!!! And, hurry!!!

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