Breaking: California Terror Couple Pledged Allegiance To ISIS DURING The Rampage

Breaking: California Terror Couple Pledged Allegiance To ISIS DURING The Rampage

The California terror couple reportedly pledged allegiance to the Islamic State as they were in the process of murdering 14 people and injuring at least 21 others in a horrendous rampage Wednesday…

According to The Hill:

“Investigators believe the woman suspected in the San Bernardino, Calif., shooting pledged her support to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) during the attack, according to multiple reports.

Three officials told CNN that Tashfeen Malik, 27, made a Facebook post as the attack was happening pledging her allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, are suspected of storming an office building and killing 14 people on Wednesday. The couple was later killed in a shootout with police.”



  1. Merely Islamist Terrorists. Nothing more. It is not a gun problem, but a Muslim problem. Screen all Muslims in the US for terrorist ties and remove those who are not willing to sign a Loyalty Pledge to America and Christian Values! If any only support the Terrorists they need to be removed immediately and never allowed to return. This is a life and death situation, and we must get rid of the radicals.

  2. Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud procured the presidency by connivances, frauds, perjuries, massive voter fraud that resulted in rigged eclectic so and the coup d’e tat of the United States.

    The billionaire Marxist George Soros secured the rigged election by counting the presidential votes in Spain a blatant violation of free elections and American Sovereignty .

    To disarm while Obama the criminal traitor fraud and his terroristic reign of terror illegally swat in the White House arming, funding and supporting multiple terrorist organizations that include and are not limited to the Muslim brotherhood and ISIS is suicidal!

    One too many massacres, one too many stand down orders, one too many acts of treason and one too many violations of our laws, borders and constitution while Obama aka Barry Sotero the criminal traitor fraud has illegally obtained office.

    See terrorist camps training on U.S. soil.

  3. ALL lying, treacherous bastards. VOTE FOR TRUMP!! HE WILL “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”. Take that to the bank!!

    • Obama must go. But I hesitate to vote for a “showman”… If he said the word “I” less often, If he would stop saying “What I would do….” He has some good points, but his “Look at me mommy” way of speaking would further destroy our relationship with our allies. I will pray that my fellow citizens will recognize this and vote for a man of faith, of intelligence, and integrity. Dr. Ben Carson.

      • You know, of all the candidates running, I probably admire Dr. Carson more than any of them, as far as their personal story goes.
        Unfortunately, given Dr. Carson’s position on immigration, especially in light of the recent events of the last few months, I have to support someone who is taking a much bolder approach.

        I would submit that our allies are begging for someone to be in charge who is not afraid to take a stand. Do you really feel that Israel, France, or Great Britian have a lot of confidence and faith in Obama?

        We live in dangerous times. I think Dr. Carson is a very nice man, but now is not the time for nice. We need strength. There are a lot of areas where I disagree with Trump, but the main issues of dealing with the border, illegal immigrants, trade, and taxes far outweigh the areas where I don’t agree.

        Trump is brash and arrogant. No argument from me about that. But I also don’t have to like someone personally to also feel that they are the right person at the right time for the job. That is why I support Trump over Carson.

        • My fear with a man Like Mr. Trump… If he is provoked… he will go off with that ‘temper’ and spout his “I am President” and soon we’ll be at war WWIII…. here. Dr. Carson is a strong man. He will follow our Military Leaders – listen to their suggestions and handle those cowards with masks… Intelligent strength far overshadows temper triggered tantrums… Mr Trump has tantrums… In my opinion.

          • You seem like a very thoughtful and intelligent person. That speaks well of you. I have no doubt that you are a patriot and love this nation, just as I do.

            Personally, I am more concerned about borders and immigration, than I am the military, at least at the moment. Dr. Carson wants to let those who have broken our laws remain here. Trump wants to send them back and build a wall. Speaking only for myself, that has been my main issue for over a decade now. We have to get control of our borders and who is coming into this country, or nothing else will matter.

            As far as WWIII goes, I would respectfully remind you that both WWI and WWII started without the USA being involved. I have no fear of Trump starting a world war, because just as with the past two, they started, regardless of who was in the White House. Even today, we have people who are at war with us and whose goal it is to destroy our allies, such as Israel. So in that regard, a war has really already been declared. We, as well as our allies, are already under attack. The only decisions to be made are the ways in which we choose to respond.

            Trump too will have military leaders with whom he will consult. For all of Trump’s bravado, I do believe that he knows when he needs to listen to those leaders, but I also understand that if you project an apearance of weakness, regardless of how inaccurate that perception might be taken by others, it is that appearance which puts you at risk.

            Yes, there are a LOT of things where I disagree with Trump, but right now, the thing that I see that this nation needing above all else, is someone who will project an unqestionable air of strength. I know Trump will do that. Given Carson’s laid back personality, I’m have much concern that our enemies will also read that as weakness, regardless of whether it is true or not.
            Speaking only for myself, with the dangers we face, I would much rather have someone in place, whom I know for a fact will project that air of strength, over someone whom I probably would like much better on a personal basis, as would be the case with Dr. Carson.

            Perhaps I’m completely wrong, but at the moment, I don’t have nearly as much confidence in Dr, Carson to project that quality of strength in nearly as strong a manner, as I feel this nation needs at this point in our history. He is a brilliant physician, but I just feel that right now, this country needs someone who is much bolder in appearance than the one Dr. Carson projects.

          • I fear Mr. Trump’s habit of leaping before he looks…. I too am very concerned about the borders of our country. But to build a wall…. and have Mexico pay for it…..I assume you know that’s not going to happen.
            Mr. Trump does not appear to listen to anyone.. He speaks before he thinks….. There is a reason he and the Clintons are friends… and that is his biggest fault. He’s a liberal in a conservative’s disguise.

          • Well, as we are both patriots, all I can say is that we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

            Who pays for the wall is not as big of a concern to me as actually getting it built. The congress has already passed at least some of the funding, but, as usual, the congress didn’t follow through on their promise.

            As far as him being friends with the Clinton’s, I see that as being more of a business relationship. He was friends to the extent that he courted their favor for his business interests, as all business people would do, but I don’t see it as a personal friendship.

            I wish Dr. Carson nothing but the best of luck in his campaign, if he was to become the nominee, I would vote for him, but there is a long way to go yet. Politics is an unpredictable game. Who knows, we may both have to consider different choices when all is said and done.

          • Okay then we’ll agree to disagree… We’ll hope for the best candidate to get the nomination…I’ve said it so often, and never meant it more, God, Help Us!!!!!

  4. What an embarrassment Obama is to the USA and the world. But i try to keep in mind…….it is his second chance at his “first” job……FAIL…..

  5. isis has openly PROMISED that there would be Lone Wolf attacks carried out on American soil this Christmas Season. They are well-armed and ready… All their jihadi operatives need are opportunity. Any discussions ignoring the isis threat and blaming Law-Abiding US Citizens while threatening more “gun control” or any other Unconstitutional anti-2nd Amendment rhetoric should be met with FORCEFUL and UNAPPOLOGETIC calls for Immediate Removal from Office of ALL TRAITORS!!!

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