Breaking: HUGE New Video Proves Trump Right Over Reports Of Muslims In...

Breaking: HUGE New Video Proves Trump Right Over Reports Of Muslims In NJ Celebrating 9/11

A blockbuster video has been released on YouTube proving 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Donald Trump right about controversial comments he made regarding large numbers of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the 9/11 terror attacks.

According to Breitbart:

“The DC Media has spent the last two weeks attempting to destroy Donald Trump with lies. Outright lies, and they are doing so in order to protect a 14 year-old cover up. Not only have eyewitnesses and contemporaneous reports proven Donald Trump 100% correct about Muslims celebrating 9/11,  a just-uncovered  local CBS News (WCBS-TV in New York) report completely vindicates Trump’s claim of “thousands and thousands” of Muslims celebrating the fall of the World Trade Center.”

The video below is from a September 16, 2001 news report:



    • Better than if you like your ins., you can keep it or if you like your dr., you can keep him/er, and th4 ACA will save everyone $2500 on their med. ins. Now, those are lies you can believe in. In Jersey City, Muslim men danced on rooftops with the smoldering Towers in the background.

      • Of course, all your statements are true enough, but beside the point. Trump is a loose cannon, firing in all directions with no thought behind the statements. The fact that a few of his fusillades might be true and hit their target, or that Obummer and the rest of the treasonous Left lie with more skill is not a valid response. The only thing Trump has going for him is that he is willing to say what is on his mind (?) with no effort to be politically correct, or even correct at all. That may be a great quality for a sideline kibitzer but it is not enough to lead the country. Somebody please suggest that he run for the Senate when that idiot Chuckie Schumer comes up again. The Senate is where people like The Donald can play a valuable role.

        • Trump made his fortune through perspicuity, intelligence, charisma, and leadership, none of which makes him a loose cannon or a clown, and he has worked with people at all levels of gov. and prob. knows ole Chuckie Schumer’s home cell # by heart already.

          • I agree with Shadow, to a certain respect, Trump is a loose cannon, he is (or might be) the Conservative version of 0bama. Often I wonder if he is just saying exactly what he thinks we want him to say… Which is the type of politician that got us into this mess. Which in turn makes me question if he is the best choice..

            The problem is that we have let our politicians lie to the point that we have no clue who or what they are until we see their actions….

            We are at a point in this Countries history where we can not afford another mistake.

            But I also agree with the Trump supporters in that this “lie” is NOT a lie, it is NOT the mistake that the Trump enemies are looking for to dethrone the Donald…

      • Not at all. 8 is 8 more than there should have been. You seem to have The Donald’s skill at numbers. And how he made his fortune (don’t forget the inheritance) is not relevant either. One can be a fantastic real estate developer but a lousy statesman, which requires vastly different qualities. Wayne Gretzky would have made a lousy quarterback. Muhummad Ali probably couldn’t swim. Einstein was brilliant but he would have failed in running a company. As I said, Trump would do all of us proud in the Senate, where he could do little damage with his mouth and he would drive the Lefties nuts, always a great objective, or he might be a great Secretary of Commerce or US Trade Representative, but putting him in the White House would be a horrible mistake. But that will never happen. I am going to Ladbrooke’s in London and put a fortune on it. Regrettably, however, he is going to put Hillary in the Oval Office with Slick Willie groping the interns again. If he is nominated he will lose. If he isn’t nominated and lets his ego control (as he inevitably will) and runs as an independent, he will put Hillary in the Oval Office with Slick Willie running the graft operation through the Foundation. We lose either way. Think, everybody, think. Don’t let him get away with obfuscation and bombast. This is too important.

        • Trump will be a great President of The USA. He does not need to be in the Senate or House. He is one that can make decisions and negotiate. He has business sense and has never been a Community Organizer.

          • You are obviously a true believer, and you are not alone. I disagree but that is life. If I am wrong and Trump actually wins the GOP nomination I will surely vote for him, as a vote for Hillary is a vote for a criminal enterprise. But all I ask of you is if Trump is not nominated that you also unite behind whomever is nominated. Don’t sulk. Don’t whine and claim Trump was treated “unfairly”.

          • Well, I will allways vote for the Nominee. That was what happened in the last election when they did not like Romney. Look what that did for the Country. We dont need Hillary.

        • Personally, I would like to see a conglomerate of all the Republican candidates as President. All have individual greatness and all have some flaws.

          I actually believe that IF the corruption at the top of the Republican party keep their word and treat Trump fairly, Trump will keep his word and NOT run as an independent.

          You seem to think that treating Trump fairly is letting Trump win, but I think treating Trump fairly is simply the elite running the show at the top, NOT rigging the election. Like they did to get their “chosen one” Cochran elected over McDaniel.

          I think all Trump was saying was that you play dirty politics and I will play dirty politics back.

          Regardless of who wins, Republicans MUST unite behind the choice as a win for Hillary would put the first “convict able” future felon into the oval office. She will have to use her first pardon on herself…

          A vote for a Democrat is a vote for Socialism
          A vote for a Republican is a vote at a chance to save Capitalism.

          We must unite.

          • You are 100% correct. Unless we unite we lose. What is “fair” has always been a very slippery subject, entirely up to the perceived “victim” to decide. Is it “fair” for “establishment” Republicans to campaign against Trump? Is it “fair” for conservative Republicans (like me) to believe Trump could never beat Hillary if nominated and therefore favor some other candidate? I am afraid Trump, with his ego the size of a battleship, will inevitably declare that if he loses the nomination he has been treated “unfairly”, with disastrous consequences for all of us. Just my opinion.

          • You are 100% correct as well.

            “Fair” is a relative term, used by the left as a behavior modification tool against conservatives. And with the lefts destruction of morals, what is “fair” is a moving target based more on ones ideology than what is morally right.

            Yes it is fair for the establishment to campaign against each other.

            I think there is a line that should not be crossed when it comes to fair, and that is lying. I don’t see that Trump intentionally lied about the event that happened 14 years ago…

            He was wrong about the numbers, but as a politician these days, admitting you are wrong, is somehow not acceptable… Probably because the MEDIA would shred him to pieces.

          • Let me ask you this…

            Do you believe like me that the U.S. Government has become the biggest “Company” in the United States?

            Do you believe like me that the U.S. Government is the worst run “Company” on the planet?

            Given those facts (in my mind) I am drawn to the conclusion that career politicians are incapable of running the Government as either a “Company” or a Government…

            I say if it ends up being Trump, or Fiorina, or Carson, we are still better off than a career politician. Just my opinion.

          • No question, the U.S. Government has become (and since 1941 has been) the biggest and most powerful “Company” (meaning enterprise, not private business) in the world. Not just in the United States. But no, I must disagree with your second question/answer–most, and indeed close to all, other “Companies” in the world are much more incompetent and corrupt than our Government. With all its faults, and they are legion, and despite occasional disasters like our current destroyer-in-chief, our government is pretty much open, transparent and accountable to its citizens than any other government and certainly more open, transparent and accountable than most private businesses, although the private businesses are unquestionably more efficiently and skillfully run. But private businesses do not have anywhere near the bullshit that our government leaders must deal with on a daily basis.

            As to your conclusion, I respectfully disagree, although not entirely. I lived and worked in Washington for 52 years and have see all kinds of government employees and politicians. There are many very talented, dedicated and hard-working public servants. But the higher you go in any bureaucracy the more incompetent and corrupt it gets. At the top they are almost all political (Democrat) hacks. Where we differ is probably dependent on the definition of a “career” politician. Hard to define, but Congressional term limits of say 12 years would cure much of it. Some of the great ones, like Tom Coburn, get sick of it and leave of their own accord. Coburn was an MD before he went to the Senate, like Ron and Rand Paul and many others (including Ben Carson). Would you consider them to be “career politicians” just because they went into politics and got re-elected a few times? Some were businessmen, some were educators (like Dave Brat). Ronald Reagan was an actor. Politics, like any other calling, requires certain skills and simply to relegate all “career politicians” to the trash basket seems foolish to me.

            Our job, as voters and concerned citizens, is to separate the wheat from the chaff. The diamonds from the dirt. There is plenty of room for honest differences in opinion on what are the diamonds, but it is usually pretty easy to tell what is the dirt. If we keep our eyes open and clear.

          • You had me until you said that the Government is more open, more transparent and accountable than most private industries.

            Not having the experience of being in DC for 52 years, my perspective is that the system is anything but open, transparent, and accountable. It could have been at the beginning of your career, but that has changed.

            Our Politicians are no longer held accountable for their lies.Neither are the two political parties. The media no longer reports the news but is more of a Goebbels propaganda machine than a watchdog of the Government. The courts are changing the meaning of words to suit their ideology. We can no longer trust anyone at the top for their words, and have to wait for their actions, which is to late. Elite politicians are treated differently than the people, guys like Patreas do time, guys and gals like 0bama and Hillary get a get out of jail free card…

            As for individuals within the system, I think that if they stay in the system long enough the system will corrupt them. That is why I am all for term limits.

            How would you go about getting them in the system?

          • I don’t understand your last sentence/question, but be that as it may, you make several good points. However:

            I suspect you are much younger than I am so you don’t recall the way it was when I came to DC in the late ’50’s when Eisenhower was President. There was no Freedom of Information Act. No Judicial Watch, Institute for Justice or Pacific Legal Foundation, all of which (and many others) do great work opening the can of worms that is the federal government. There was no talk radio, either. We got our news, such as it was, from the “mainstream media” and nowhere else. Only 3 TV channels (no cable, no satellite), and Walter Cronkite was the only source of news for most of the country. On Capitol Hill there were few press conferences and the two parties made deals in smoke-filled rooms. Those deals were almost always dictated by the Democrats because finding any Republican on Capitol Hill was very difficult. The media did, however, go after any Republican who raised his voice and showed any independence. No, you have it backwards. Today we have much more freedom of information and the press than we had then.

            As for the politicians they lied just as much back then as they do now, but today we catch them at it. The Democrats do not pay much of a price for the lies but the Republicans sure do get trashed when caught. You mention David Petraeus. You are wrong–he did not do any time–but you are right that Hillary will get a pass for doing far far more in violating the law than Petraeus did. While I have met Petraeus twice I do not know whether he is a Republican or a Democrat (or neither) but I suspect he is a Republican because if he was a Democrat he would have gotten a pass as well. I personally think he was set up by the Dems because they might have heard some rumor that he might run for President in 2016 and there is no question in my mind–he would have won. [BTW I have a bumper sticker on my car “Petraeus 2016” but nobody has ever remarked on it.] The man is brilliant.

            Keep the faith.

          • How would you go about implementing term limits?

            I believe Petraeus is a true hero. He stood up for his principles when it came to serving this country and did not bow to the blackmail that was presented to him.

            This is what I think happened to Petraeus. The 0bama admin was looking for people to fill the position, came discovered the affair and thought that because of the affair they could control Petraeus if they needed to. It looked good for the admin to have him on board so the gave him the job.

            Recall that Petraeus resigned about 4 days before he was supposed to testify to the Benghazi committee. 0bama thought he could blackmail Patraeus and get him to lie for the administration about “the Video.”

            This is how I imagine the Benghazi subcommittee debrief went. 0bama as Petraeus what he was going to say. P said, “the Truth.” 0 said, no your not, you are going to tell them it was a video. P said, “why would I do that?” 0 smugly said, “Because I know about your affair.”

            Petraeus probably thought for a couple of seconds in silence and then said, “I resign.” and then got up and backed out of the room. He went directly home and had a tough talk with his wife.

            I think you are right, Petraeus is brilliant, he is also honorable. Sure he has made mistakes, he is human..

            He would make a great President, but he is starting awful late… .

          • You may be right, but I think my scenario is more likely. If the Obama people found out about the affair (how??) and tried, unsuccessfully, to force him to commit perjury, I think he would have gone public, after having that tough talk with his wife. But if they set him up in the first place, and he couldn’t prove it, it would be different. You recall our famous (infamous) DC mayor Marion Barry? The FBI forced this hooker to lure him into a hotel room with cocaine and sex and secretly filmed him. When he found out he had been had he famously said “Bitch set me up”. I think the O people had Petraeus’ lady biographer do the same (minus the cocaine), and as a bonus she got him to show her classified documents. Bingo–they had him by the short hairs and he resigned and pleaded guilty, being the honorable man that he is.

            I truly hope that in time he gets back into the battle. He is a resource that we cannot afford to lose. Whomever the Republicans nominate, I think that nominee would do him/herself and the country a huge favor by naming Petraeus to be the next VP or at least Secretary of Defense. I quiver with pleasure thinking how ISIS would receive that news. If you can join me in putting that “Petraeus 2016” bumper sticker on your car, I would consider it a special service. Maybe we can start a movement.

          • It is only a theory of mine, I have no proof. Yours is just as plausible.

            I think when the FBI did the routine background check on Petraeus, the affair kind of bubbled up. Those background checks can be rather thorough.

            The admin knew all along, it didn’t bother them, they saw it as a weakness of which they could exploit if needed. That is why the 0bama admin took a chance on him. They THOUGHT that they could blackmail him if they needed to.

            In an otherwise completely partisan administration, Petraeus made the admin look like they were crossing the isle. They thought they could control him, If they didn’t want to use him, they never would have nominated him in the first place.

            He is better off now that he has gotten the 0bama stink off of him. The Country will be better off when we get rid of that 0bama stink as well.

  1. Eight people is not “thousands.” Trump exaggerates to the point of lying. Are you people blind to reality?

  2. Trump is going to stomp Hillary and rabid democrats. Corrupt CDC attacks our children with vaccine Human Fetal “Aborted Baby” DNA Fragment Time Bombs that can explode into fatal Lymphoma Cancer at any moment for the rest of these children’s lives forever.

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