Watch: Obama Praises The Social Media Skills Of ISIS In Controversial New...

Watch: Obama Praises The Social Media Skills Of ISIS In Controversial New Trump Ad

The latest ad from 2016 GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump features President Barack Obama laughing mixed with shots of news footage from the ISIS terror attack in Paris.

At the end of the ad, Trump uses a clip where President Obama controversially praises the social media skills of the Islamic State…

What do you think of the new Trump ad?

Watch below:




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  2. ***
    Nero fiddled as Rome burned. Comrade Obama (PBUH!) does selfies as the Mideast–and Civilized societies burn and die at Jihadi hands.
    Deja Vu all over the place again, still, and yet.

  3. Oblamer is an Islamic terrorist…. a marxist, a racist, a muslim, an America-hater, a delusional narcissistic lunatic, a megalomaniac, a tyrannical despot, and he could care less about America! He’s all about himself… not America…!

  4. Remember folks, according to muslim law, Obama, as the son of a muslim, is also a muslim. And you’re surprised the way he acts?

  5. obama does not understand America. He is a mindless piece of filth that is so anti-colonialist…yes a socialist. But America, in their foolishness, wanted the “first” black president. (Should have waited for one with a brain, yes, HE is out there).Before you demand your right to vote, think; does this man or woman love my country. Do I want an enabler in the White House, again??
    God Bless America!

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