Outrage After Ohio Wal-Mart Throws Marine Collecting “Toys For Tots” Out In...

Outrage After Ohio Wal-Mart Throws Marine Collecting “Toys For Tots” Out In Brutal Winter Weather

A Wal-Mart in Ohio is under fire after throwing a Marine who was collecting donations for Toys For Tots out in weather described as “brutal” after the Veteran had previously collected toys there without incident for over 15 years…

According to Fox 8 Cleveland:

“A veteran Marine and his wife are disappointed after they were asked to take their Toys for Tots campaign outside their local Walmart. But they aren’t the only ones upset, a photo shared online has people outraged…

Thousands of people have shared the picture of John Harkness standing outside of the Medina Walmart on Pearl Rd. The picture was taken by a Medina resident on Saturday, when the weather was brutal, according to the couple.

Much of the feedback received is that it was disrespectful for the Marine to have to stand outside.

Lynn Harkness is the Toys for Tots Coordinator in Medina County. Standing in the toy warehouse Sunday, she explained that this incident was not only an issue of disrespect, but health is a factor for the volunteers.

“We have the Auxiliary and the Marines helping they are in their 60s most of them and on up. A couple of the Marines have had cancer surgery and their health isn’t the best, being out in the bad weather could damage their health,” she said.”



  1. I’m going to call the store! So should everyone else who reads this!
    Walmart is going to be the store our soon to be communist government uses for rationing. Just wait and see.

  2. Dear Walmart,
    Sam Walton is trying to kick the ends out of his casket, so he can come to your store and kick your ass, you PC pussies.

  3. What a slap in the face for our service people and the people who would have gotten the toys==We are ass backwards on all the new agenda’s. I have always shopped once a week at Walmart because of their prices and i am on social security but if they do not change their policies,, i and my neighbors will go elsewhere . What a slap in the face on our troops===From an 84 yr old vet

  4. No group is permitted inside the store to collect. They all stand outside. They’re not singling out the Marine.

      • I’ve stood outside collecting for the Salvation Army. I’ve never seen a group inside the doors raising funds at my Wal-mart, but have in PA. I’m more apt to give more to groups collecting this time of the year. If the weather is bad, people don’t usually do any collecting.

        • 10-4 I know that the Dick’s Sporting Goods store in Richmond, VA allows Marines to stand in vestibule.

        • Well lady this Marine did, he did not let the bad weather stop, he probably figured the Walmart would not care if he stood inside the doors. Where does
          Walmart think they buy the toys from? Get a life.

    • Maybe you should go stand outside with him Bernice. How many organizations are collecting outside of Walmart this time of year?

    • Bullshit they have been collecting for the Marines toys for tots for 15 years in the Store .Fire the Disloyal manager .See if he likes selling copiers .Give him a bad reference.And the boot.Semper Fi +

    • It’s wrong Bernice, Sam Walton would never have done such a thing. That is exactly why it is so very very wrong.

  5. You throw our one of our soldiers…where are the rest of the people in that shithole town blocking everyone else from entering the store…where is the notice that the stores management has been terminated….get pissed off and DO SOMETHING

    • 1.800.925.6278 I had to spend 3 minutes selecting options (* repeats options, lol) and 5 minutes waiting for a csr to take my call. Every call counts! I think I’ll send emails also and call the local stores to speak with the store managers. Every pebble in the pond makes a wave. What would Sam Walton do?

  6. I will not shop at Walmart agin till I hear that bastard manager is fired.
    Mike Bryant
    Shreveport, Louisiana 71119

  7. The best idea, is for NO ONE to purchase anything from this store for the next WEEK. Plus, call the Wal-Mart Corporate and tell them you won’t be purchasing ANY THING from this Specific Wal-Mart for One full week, because of the Disrespect they showed to a Marine!

    • Better yet, don’t buy anything there until after Christmas!!

      That will totally screw their sales numbers and Headquarters WILL notice! Then there will be action.

      I also think calling headquarters in Arkansas may get better action than calling the store directly. Call 1-800-WALMART (925-6278) If you go to walmart.com you can also use their email option (have to go through a bunch of stages). From walmart.com go to the very bottom and under Customer Service is Contact us. They also have a FB page everyone can hit!!


  9. They are not treating this marine differently: Walmart allows every conceivable charity to collect funds in their stores. And, every single one that I have seen (including Girl Scouts), stands outside the store.

  10. For the past 20 years I have avoided doing business with Walmart because when they come into a community they destroy all the Mom and Pop businesses in the area. Now with this idiot of a store manager disrespecting one of our fighting men, I have resolved never to buy a damn thing from you people. Someone should tell that idiot that if it wasn’t for guys like that Marine, he would be speaking German or Japanese. SHAME ON YOU; SAM WOULD BITCH SLAP THAT MANAGER, SLAM A FOOT IN HIS ASS AND FIRE HIM.

  11. Sam Walton is spinning in his grave over what the corporate elite has done to his business. He was cheap on hourly wages but the employees used to get bonus checks for thousands and thousands of dollars if their stores did well. They got 5% raises every year, 50-50 match on company stock. Now you must go past meets expectations to get .25 an hour raise. Now they reward the individual zombie and outstanding service is beat down because it makes others feel bad about themselves. Some people should feel badly about themselves because they act like crap! Poor Sam Walton’s memory, he loved all his help, not just the management.

  12. I spent 5 minutes on my phone calling Arkansas. Guess what? Operator knew exactly what I was calling about when I said Medina OH and who made this decision? Now I’m going online also and calling my local store. “What would Sam Walton do?” pretty much sums up how far this company has dropped since his death. Kids too lazy or spoiled rich to involve themselves with his principles? It’s disgraceful.

  13. Why show pictures of the terrorists? You make them martyrs.
    Perhaps you could show pictures of the victims.

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