Breaking: Mass Shooting In New Orleans As Gunmen Open Fire Into Crowd...

Breaking: Mass Shooting In New Orleans As Gunmen Open Fire Into Crowd Of Hundreds At Public Park

Chaos in New Orleans tonight as at least 16 are hurt after multiple gunmen opened fire in a crowd of hundreds at a public park in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Reports say teens are among the wounded, no word yet on any casualties.

The attack does not appear to be terrorism related at this time, police say it is likely gang-related.

According to NDTV.Com:

“At least 16 people were hospitalized after a shooting at a playground in New Orleans, a local TV station reported on Sunday, citing police.

WWL TV said the shooting occurred around 7 p.m. local time while about 500 people were at Bunny Friend playground in the city’s Upper Ninth Ward for the making of a music video.

Witnesses told WWL at least two gunmen were shooting into the crowd. The Times-Picayune newspaper quoted witnesses as saying they saw several people lying on the sidewalk after the shooting.”




    New Orleans police say at least 16 people – and probably
    more – were wounded in an apparent shootout at a park in New Orleans’ 9th Ward.

    Police spokesman Tyler Gamble says police were on their
    way to break up a big crowd when gunfire erupted at Bunny Friend Park.

    He says ambulances took 10 people to hospitals, and
    police were told that others were taken by private vehicles.

    Gamble says investigators don’t know how serious the
    wounds are, or what started the shooting.

    He says there were two groups at the park – people who
    had walked there in a neighborhood parade and people watching or participating
    in a video.

    Gamble says the video was being made without a permit to
    use the park.


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    • ***
      HI MNST–It’s even worse when the actual body count numbers on these crimes are reported!
      As far as the NAAWP–who needs another race based organization? They’re getting very old already. So last century!

  2. I clicked on this story through an email that promoted it as a shooting that happened in the first predominantly Muslim town. Since the text indicates that this is GANG related rather than terrorist or Muslim related, I find this misleading and unfair. I have no issue with reporting the facts, but I do have an problem with drawing associations where there are none. This kind of reporting contributes to conservatives losing credibility.

    • Muslims DESERVE to be suspected of ANY crime like this, until proven otherwise. Period. Got it? Good. You may be seated.

  3. Were these Black people shooting Black people? What a surprise…..the uncivilized natives are still fighting each other after more than 200 years of living in a civilized society.

    • NO because blacks cannot be charged with a hate crime.
      My white kids were jumped by some black kids. The were knocked to the and kicked repeatedly as they yelled about them being white.
      The cops told us that there was no way this could be considered a hate crime.
      Hate crimes are reserved for Whites beating up Blacks.

  4. The Muslim town issue is a different story. All of these links mention multiple stories. It’s normal, you have to look at the list of stories in the second page. Nothing nefarious about it. God bless.

    • Right on.

      Also, the carnage and insecurity due to Jihadis welcomed in by the Dems and the “cheap labor” (at any cost) RINOs is nothing compared to the millions of crimes that have been committed by the millions of conventional criminals (and their spawn) invited in by the Democrats and the “cheap labor” at-any-cost RINO chamberboy crowd.

  5. “The attack does not appear to be terrorism related at this time, police say…” That is a shining display of the police mentality. No wonder they’re so available to attend “beer summits”. Bury & the police are all that’s needed to “fill the needs” of many a cemetery. Back the Blue…into a corner with “the 0ne”.

  6. One way to rid ourselves of these savages. Let them continue to kill one another. And they wonder why no decent white, black, Asian, Latinos want them in their neighborhoods.

  7. Did you notice how this shooting came just at the time when the people were revolting against Obama taking in all those Muslims. Just like all the rest, they occur just when Obama wants to take your mind of his sorry projects. Hmmm, you don’t think he mighthave something to do with them do you???.

  8. USA LEO officials are going to have to get control of this stuff as we are having way too many of these incidents. The Democrat Party’s answer, to solve the problem, is to take away firearms from legal owners who do not abuse them or use them in an act of criminal intent. The result is more of us are arming at increasing rates and carrying ‘concealed carry’ permits. Democrats need to focus on the criminals, yet they will not. It is simply a bad situation but elected officials will need to start doing something or this stuff will only get worse.

    • The Democrats elect these officials because they only encourage and condone such action. If a white is not involved they become invisible, deaf and dumb.

  9. Funny how they use “Mass Shootings” to make you think it is another guy on a rampage killing innocents. Brainwashing! These Shootings are 80% of all gun violence in American. This is a True Stat. These added deaths by gun stats are what OBama and his “Gang” want to use as a way to try to get rid of the 2nd amendment. Gangs are not normal Americans in Middle Class neighborhoods. Then they will say,” Well how about the Sandy Hook, The junior college and the Colorado Theatre?” All of those were done by people that should be institutionalized and on Psychotropic drugs. It was not the gun. In this case it was the Gang mentality not the gun. Today you better feel lucky that we are not like Paris. The best stat we have is we a gun for every person in America. 300 million. Maybe that is a stat to send to ISIS.

    • There is no way Obama will interfere with the blacks having guns. Those laws are only for law abiding whites.

    • Not sure if you’re a troll or not checking the pulse here in conservative-land. If not a troll, you’re not doing yourself or anyone else any favors with actual racist comments like that. Seems to be your style checking other posts, unfortunately :-(

  10. Black-on-black killings is NEWS? The history of Africa is reproduced in predominantly Black communities everywhere. About 180 years ago, Alexis de Tocqueville warned that this would happen in America.

  11. Regardless of this being gang related, the white house and press will use it as a step stool for their anti gun agenda. Civil unrest cannot be cured by taking the guns away from law abiding citizens. That’s just Liberal Lunacy.

  12. Thats awesome!!! i say supply those stupid low life aoes with all the guns and ammo thay need to exterminate themselves.They serve no purpose anyway except keeping the asshole Dems in office with their sheep like political minds.

  13. Would gangs actually open fire on civilians? Libs trying to hide terrorists again? Terror attack in USA would prove them wrong. Watch out. Keep your eyes open.

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