Watch: Trump Compares Ben Carson To A Child Molester, Calls Iowans Stupid

Watch: Trump Compares Ben Carson To A Child Molester, Calls Iowans Stupid

2016 GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump caused a firestorm after blasting fellow White House hopeful Dr. Ben Carson is an aggressive attack in Iowa Thursday night.

In a nearly 10 minute section of the speech-which lasted over an hour- Trump passionately targeted Carson, comparing his admissions of some problems in his youth with that of a child molester.

Trump also questioned how stupid Iowans must be to reward Carson with such friendly poll numbers…

>>>Watch the Carson clip here, and the full speech below:

>>>Full speech:




  1. What I don’t get is why Trump has so many supporters, though the number is declining and will continue to decline as more people see that he is a bully who talks and acts more than he thinks. Dr Carson’s point was that he learned to control his anger before it ruined his life and so can anyone else who has the same problem if they choose to. I get that and admire the man for wanting to help others. But, Trump can’t because his lead is shrinking.

      • Trump is spinning Dr. Carson’s words to try to generate some way of discrediting him. You are doing the same thing with my post. Nowhere do I say Trump compared Dr. Carson to a child molester. I feel no need to spin Trump’s words. As for Dr. Carson or anyone who endorses him being a religious fanatic, you and Trump are entitled to your opinion. To me, Jim Jones would be a religious fanatic. A whole lot of Muslims in the Middle East are religious fanatics. Ben Carson simply recognizes that there is a God and he wants to live a life worthy of God’s blessing. If you and Trump think that makes him a religious fanatic, then I think we need more religious fanatics just like him in government. As for your video, I didn’t watch it. Since it is on the nbcnews site, I didn’t want to hear any more spin after listening to Trumps diatribe.

        • NINE books with his own picture on the cover? Even granting Ben Carson benefit of the doubt as my brother in Christ, anyone who can publish that many self-adulating books (plenty of mega-church ‘pastors’ do it, too) has shown the world what his favorite subject is: himself.

          Trump and Carson have that in common. Just because Trump is a total buffoon (I grant you that) does not make Carson’s humble-act any more credible. Trust me, he is heavily coached; if it is not an act, he’d have written perhaps one autobiography…or even two. Not NINE, my friend. That is a man too full of himself; and we have had enough of that with B. Hussein Obama, thank you.

          I’m not suggesting that Ted Cruz or any other candidate is meek and selfless; they can’t run for president of the USA unless they have an ego. But to grant that, is also to understand that Ben Carson is an act, whereas at least the ham-fisted, obnoxious Mr. Trump is his real self, for all to see.

      • He is also a lair. ???

        “Lair”—the place where a wild animal sleeps. : a place where someone hides or where someone goes to be alone and to feel safe or comfortable

  2. Trump is upset that people are so religious fanatics. Carson is using the name of God to attract voters. He is a blasphemer. He is also a hypocrite!

    I’m not going to mince words. Ben Carson will be the GOP’s Barrack Obama. VOTERS BE AWARE. The vetting process is showing that Ben Carson shows bad judgement in friends. He says, disgraced GOP media personality Armstrong Williams and he are a “package”. This is a man who was sued for sexual harassment by another man, supports Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton and manufactured a news story for George Bush for $240,000 and now advises him. PAY ATTENTION!

    Now here is another story where he stands up for someone who committed Healthcare fraud right when millions of Americans are looking for a fair shake in the current Obamacare system. He supports at least 10 years of prison for other felons who commit healthcare fraud but he wants to influence his friend’s trial so he gets a lower sentence for the same crime. Just listen to the letter he wrote to the Judge. Is this the man who we want handling our domestic and foreign policies?
    He would be no different than Hillary Clinton and the Clinton campaign would basically say, “You are no different than me”. This man should not be POTUS. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE VOTERS. Listen to the NBC story.

  3. Donald Trump is a blowhard, not a leader. He’s an entitled trust fund baby, a rich kid brat with a loud mouth and a knack for gambling with other people’s money and for team building. He’s not that different from a crime boss. He gets out the trash, with all his trash talk but he doesn’t know how to lead. He can mock and bully but he doesn’t inspire or elevate. Everything he says is angry and mean. There’s not an enabling or empowering bone in his body. He’s a massive walking and talking ego with an itsy bitsy, eentsy weenie tiny little moral compass that he hardly ever uses. He’s a tribal leader at best, not a president. He doesn’t have what it takes to make America great again. Ben Carson is not only brilliant, he’s a deeply kind and compassionate and moral man. He talks softly and carries a sharp scalpel. It’s not brain surgery: Carson 2016.

    • Absolutely agreed, about Trump. He is a buffoon; simply not presidential material. Ted Cruz would be at least 100 times better president in every conceivable aspect. Far down the scale comes Rand Paul, who lately is finding his ethics again on foreign interventionism. Nobody else is even close; definitely NOT Ben Carson.

      Dr. Carson is a very nice man with a HUGE ego. Don’t believe me? Read any of his NINE books with his face on the cover of every one! And if you think he has always held his present-day conservative policy positions, read any of his books, except perhaps the latest one. He is Jimmy Carter in a Black man’s skin — which makes him a deity in the eyes of race-pandering TEA Party followers who have not vetted this candidate, just as race-pandering Americans never vetted Obama.

      Face it, my breathless Carson-worshipper: if he was a White retired neurosurgeon saying exactly, precisely everything that Carson says, you wouldn’t give him the time of day, as I explained in a recent AmericaAgain! blog article:

      Vote for the honestly-held policies of the candidate; not for skin color.

      • If he was a white retired neurosurgeon, he wouldn’t have the potential of smashing the Left’s chokehold on African American and other ethnic minority voters. Cruz doesn’t have that potential. Rand? Yeah. No one else in the party has that potential. But sure, let’s stick with our die hard ideological purity and get our backsides ready for that bed of nails. Great idea!

        • I see you didn’t read the article I linked to, so you’re still drinking the Carson Kool-Aid. Ideological purity? I suppose that’s doublespeak for the U.S. Constitution, to race-pandering, big-tent GOP types.

          Go ahead; refuse to learn from history — or from the knives sticking out of your back, put there by your own party machine!

          • So what’s your plan then, genius? Cruz will fade faster than Carson come the new year. Mark my words.

          • My plan? First, stop looking to presidents as saviors, for they certainly cannot repair the ruins of this republic. Presidents have often made things worse, but have never improved America to any appreciable degree or for any length of time, as I explain in Appendix ‘J’ of my new book, ‘Fear The People’. Download a free copy here:


            Then our first step in the plan of action, called America’s House™ — finish ratifying the original First Amendment. It is explained in this 5-minute video:


            That will finally restore the apportioned representation stipulated in the original First Amendment and in Article I, Section 2, Clause 4 of the Constitution, and hijacked by the 71st Congress in 1929 with its unconstitutional ‘Apportionment Act’.

            Congress illicitly reduced our representation to 6.8% of what is stipulated in the Constitution — even as they set their own salaries, working conditions, office arrangements, staffing levels, benefits, and every other conceivable issue in their lives — while controlling our lives from skimming our paychecks without our consent, to determining our light bulbs and toilet flushes!

            Our relatively well-educated population has every creature comfort, yet is ignorant of our own history or basic civics, thus allowing our servants by law to become our lawless masters in fact.

            No president can ever restore our land; this is not a monarchy> As the opening phrase of the Constitution stipulates, the collective sovereign in America is ‘We The People’, not the servants that we create, define, and limit in that supreme Law of the land. Our land can only be restored now by the grace of God, after sincere repentance and years of responsible popular sovereignty.

            Every serious American is invited to join us. Watch the video; read my free book. Then compare that plan of action for all productive Americans to take charge of our own lives, to the supposed reforms called for in Carson’s nine books, or in Trump’s eleven books.

          • Yeah. That’s so unlikely from the get go I didn’t even read the article. Again. (Sorry) What’s really actually possible is a Divine intervention. Another Great Awakening which must then be followed by a wholesale Reformation. Maybe at the point of the Reformation your plan might be of some use. Right now you sound like you want to teach minions to fly.

          • No; I want to teach Americans to be the self-governing, responsible citizens assumed by the Founding Fathers.

            Thanks for coming off your snarky horse and engaging amicably!

            Am I correct in saying, then (per your minion comment) that you believe that self-government is presently impossible, even for the tens of millions of us who are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and who are familiar with, if not totally conversant in, basic American civics and the U.S. Constitution?

            AmericaAgain! is only seeking to recruit from that remnant of a few tens of millions. With as few as 15-20,000 members, we can achieve our initial campaign (finally ratify the original First Amendment, explained in the short video above). We only need 34 point people to work in 34 state legislatures in 2016-17 to obtain the last 27 votes needed.

            You make this appear to be nearly miraculous; it is simple diligence, by a very, very small remnant. Those who are finished with electoral puppet theater and ready to return to our duties as sovereigns.

            Your “teach minions to fly” characterization of common self-government is, with all due respect, more illustrative of a cynical attitude than constructive commentary. But it’s a free country!

          • I don’t share your optimism. I’ve seen far too much of Christendom, up and down, left and right, high and low, old and new. Wherever I look I find ignorance and selfish ambition. The Church today is so contaminated by moral decrepitude and doctrinal decay that simply calling one’s self a Christian is a practically meaningless statement. I’m waiting for that Divine intervention. That’s where my hope is placed. Sorry if my snarking irritated you. I snark because I expect a leftist to pop up from under every passing pile of crap and hit me with some lie or other. I roll in these comment streams loaded and ready for bear, as they say.

          • Distinguo. The tombstone of a civilization may be laid at that place where truth is no longer defended because it cannot be known.

            Truth can still be known in this republic; millions of Americans still defend it. A small minority, yes; but more than sufficient if we are wise and diligent.

            The LORD does actually provide, as it is. His mercy has kept humanity from destroying itself on many occasions despite our worst; and by His grace alone your heart still beats.

            You suggest that God has not yet provided. I say that AmericaAgain! and many other works of great merit, exist only by the grace and mercy of the LORD. I like to think of it as the Christian Remnant in America beginning to repentantly, diligently put our hand to the work that was always our duty to perform (if the Founding Fathers are to be believed).

            We can simultaneously have faith in the LORD, while also doing our own duty: just place one stone at a time in the bed of mortar, in America’s fallen wall. This will take time and dedication. We must not look to one Christian (in my case, Ted Cruz; in your case Ben Carson) to become our emperor, king, or savior. The role and duties of the presidency are actually quite limited, per the Constitution.

            I recommend the book ‘Reassessing the Presidency’ edited by John Denson. Each chapter can be read on its own; each is a trenchant article pointing out one or another absurdity of the 20th century, as Americans came to resemble European subjects of monarchy, and fashioning our presidency into the ruthless aristocracy that we have today — violating the Constitution in dozens of ways.

            Our fault, my fellow Christian. It is our fault for seeking a savior in Washington DC! Every time that things become truly unbearable, we finally call on the LORD to return (because we have so screwed things up again) or send us a savior-king to fix things.

            The only difference between great delusion and great vision is great perseverance and faith. Our team has been working on R&D for AmericaAgain! for over seven years, knowing that this mission exists by the grace of the LORD — but that it also demands repentant, diligent, unstinting duty by the remnant (half of 1% of the American people would be more than sufficient).

            Watch the 5-minute video:


            Then read the free book, fellow Christian; just the first chapter for now. The link to download it is here:


            After doing that, ask yourself which is more fitting:

            1) Hope for a president to save America, or
            2) Acknowledge that America only exists by God’s mercy, and WE have a duty to repent and return to the duty that our fathers abdicated for five generations

            I invite you to come beside us. Help us lift this first stone. Once you get to work, you’ll begin to realize that in the American constitutional and spiritual context, THIS is what reformation looks like, on the ground.


      • and I see Obama’s and Moochelle on everything I see and they aren’t what they claim to be be they both came of Hitlers drawers

    • Trump never had a dime handed to him. Get your facts. He borrowed one million with interest to start is billion dollar empire. Carson is a meek little mouse that can’t figure out what kind of grain they stored in the pyramids, but with Sharpton and Armstrong Williams and Farrakhan, his advisers can help him out. Don’t forget, Ben says when straight men go to prison, they come out of prison, and they become gay ..He also likes forced vaccinations. I wouldn’t say a man is moral when they lie about their connections.

        • I have learned enough about Carson and his associates to know that he would not be a good president. His mind is going.

      • You laulau are as big a liar as Trump. And Trump did NOT borrow one million. He got ALL his money and his business from his daddy!! Get your facts straight and quit defending a liar with more lies.

        • It always amazes me how people that are supposed to give an opinion will have no substance so they prefer to call other people nasty names. Trump himself said that he borrowed one million with interest and I believe him. He tells the truth so much that he gets himself in hot water. Where is your proof that he got money handed to him? There isn’t any. You are being misinformed. by Carson, Sharpton and Farrakhan.

  4. My Grandfather (& including me) would call Trump a piece of ‘OUT DATED’ farm machinery…A “MANURE” SPREADER.. Broken down & WORTHLESS for anything..’cept, MAYBE, S-“CRAP” metal…!!!!!!!!!

    • Nonsense. You are as self-deceived as the guilt-ridden Independents did with Hussein Obama; cheering for an unqualified egotist because you believe that his skin pigment will suddenly win Blacks into the GOP. As for Saul Alinkski tactics, that’s one right there: sucker them in with promises of a Black Deliverer…again!

      Carson is as unqualified as Trump to be president, as explained here:

  5. The book was written….so be it…..we all did stuff when we were young we regret doing….fact….everyone….Trump is relating the book. Now is the book real?….Well, read the book for yourself. Trump will be winning the nomination….

  6. I would not vote for any one who attacks another person like he has these attacks will not make him a leader on anything just blowing smoke out of his mouth and we already have one of them in the Oval Office that blows smoke out of both ends

  7. Trump is an out and out liar. None of what he said Dr. Carson said is true. He, like the MSM twist everything to suit their evil minds.

  8. Trump looks and acts mentally unstable in this footage…

    you can see it in the faces of the audience…like what is wrong with this guy….

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