A Federal Judge Just Made A Huge Ruling On Hundreds Of Hillary’s...

A Federal Judge Just Made A Huge Ruling On Hundreds Of Hillary’s Secret Benghazi Emails

(AP Photo/Brendon Smialowski, Pool)

A federal judge has ruled that hundreds of emails related to the 2012 Benghazi terror attack from Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State shall remain hidden and will not be released at this time.

The emails will be part of an “email dump” taking place in February-after the critical Iowa and New Hampshire elections…

According to The Hill:

“A federal judge on Friday sided with the State Department against a conservative legal advocacy group trying to speed up the government’s release of some Hillary Clinton emails.

Judge Amit Mehta said that it would be “unwise and potentially risky” to order the government to quickly release some of the 329 emails specifically related to the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, which it had recently discovered.

Those emails — along with tens of thousands of others — are already on pace to be released by next February, as a result of a separate lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act, said Mehta, a judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, who was appointed by President Obama.”



  1. You cannot tell me this isn’t Government protecting her and Obama. Anyone with 2 brain cells can see that.

    • Initially, Obama was about to turn on Hillary as he wanted to support Biden. When Biden decided to not run, then Obama realized Hillary was his best bet to follow on with his agenda. Obama was after Hillary so much in the beginning that, she stormed into his office and said to him…..”call off your f–cking dogs”. Fact

      • Lol, for someone to feel comfortable in saying that has LOTS Of dirt on him and he knows it!!! Just human nature to read that!!!

      • We must not vote for anyone who has the ability to storm Obama’s office…They are obviously a traitor just like O.

        • Wait UNtil the blacklivesmatter community organizers realize they have been made government slaves to the islamterrorists. Wait til they find out what Muslims do to blacks. And gays. Once islamcaliphate is in control. They’ll be made examples of the end times. For we’re living in the Barackalypse.

        • First, BLM has nothing to do with this article. We need to clean the corruption out of our government! BOO and the Butcher of Benghazi Clinton would be a good start, hence the Revolution time! And seems as if the BLM has had their money cut! Haven’t heard a peep out of them for a sometime now!

          • Oh they were whining that the Paris attack has taken the attention away from their cause.

    • It should be a known fact that Obozo has placed Muslims into virtually every department of Government. Who needs spies when the Terrorist Friendly/Communist Wannabe president of Democrat Traitors is in charge !!

  2. Isn’t there an American judge that could rule on this case? A little history….He later rejoined Zuckerman Spaeder, where he has represented companies
    and individuals in a broad range of federal criminal matters, including
    bribery, political corruption, mail and wire fraud, export control and
    sanctions violations, and environmental crimes.

  3. Wth is an email dump? If it’s what it sounds like these people all need to be removed from life! This broad should not be allowed to campaign for the presidency!

    • The government has been ‘dumping’ bunches of Hillary’s emails (while secretary of state) online for the public to see. The Benghazi one’s have so far been held back. Obviously, there’s probably incriminating evidence in those Benghazi e-mails so they are protecting her. She’s a lying, nasty, uncaring, corrupt piece of poop! She should be in jail. They already have enough info to do so. It’s totally in Obama’s hands. Even if the FBI want to indict her they can only do so if Obama agrees. Dictatorship!

  4. “Judge Amit Mehta said that it would be “unwise and potentially risky” to order the government to quickly release some of the 329 emails specifically related to the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi”

    How in the hell would it be risky?!?!?!?!

    • I don’t know if you remember Whitewater, but people set to testify in that drama were dropping like flies. Suicides, plane crashes, hit and run! It might be risky to the Judge. I would bet the Clinton’s have an incomparable blacklist that we will never see, more like a blackmail list.

      • Oh yeah. There is a film entitled ” The Clinton Chronicles.” You would have to do some online searching to locate a copy. I saw it several years ago, and it covers all the goings on in Arkansas before Clinton was even POTUS. It is an incredible expose’ of two very dishonest people and the crimes they committed.

    • That’s precisely why it was petitioned for duhhhh!!! Just a sorry excuse! Per usual with this regime….

  5. Why???? cause the emails are starting to get close to obamies sorry ass. But I have a feeling that this act is not over.

    • It all depends on who Obama wants the next President to be. Right now, Hillary’s his only chance to carry on his agenda when he leaves. The Democratic pool is a joke if Hillary’s the best they have.

      • Hilary is the only one in this race that would pardon him, of course that’s assuming he is planning on going anywhere. Events may prevent another election and that would be just fine with Barry.

    • ClintonGlobal institute = the NewWorldOrder lefts dream utopia for their elite control over US WeThePeople minionslaves.

  6. Surprise, Obama appointed judge…wait until AFTER election to release Benghazi e-mails. Hey, Obama, if you let them go NOW, you can pardon her before you leave office.

    • There are 45 Muslims in obama’s ‘house’. How many incidents to date have been delayed until AFTER an upcoming election or event. The nasty FB video hoax story was used 100% for delay because it was so close to election time for one example. France can’t be too concerned about the terrorist attacks, after all, ISIS is just a JV team…. coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

  7. Well of course not, this is an Obama appointee, he does not want these emails out, she has committed a crime, she needs to be held accountable for her lies, and for Benghazi.

  8. That is a judge to be removed from the bench and stripped of his license to practice law when the constitution is restored.

    • This is just crap. The judges are curropt as well. Somebody got paid off.
      The patriots need to go in and take over before its to late. And I seen this morning that if we were to take Obama out of office, we would have a racial war!!! I say take anyone down that interferes. And any politishion lawyer Muslem judge. And any racial interfearance.

      • Gail I agree with you! But you have misspelled words in your blog…”curropt” is spelled “corrupt”, “to” as you used it here should be “too”, “seen” is incorrect as used here…it should be “saw”. “politishion” is spelled “politician” and “Muslem” is spelled “Muslim”. Use the spell checker please!

  9. REPEAL THE 17TH AMENDMENT !! If the states still had the right to appoint senators, as the original constitution was written, we would not have all these libtard judges being approved by the SENATE ELECTED BY IGNORANT VOTERS !!

    • We do really need the states to appoint senators as they will be selected by the people we already trusted with our votes…Voting without knowledge is the problem…Waters, Pelosi, Boxer McCain etc…..Cornynj

      • Yes, it is harder for the commies to steal hundreds of local elections across a state, so your conservative locally appointed representative, will be the ones selecting your Senator. Now, the commie socialists only have to steal two elections , stuffing ballot boxes with 104 percent voter turn out, in a few high population areas, and steal the two senate elections. This is why the WISE founding fathers wrote the constitution the way they did. It was to guarantee States Rights. They knew from history, that if the people could elect all the leaders to steal from the treasury, the country would go into massive debt, which is exactly what has happened since Obama has been spending a Trillion dollars on welfare programs for the last 7 years. HISTORY HAS SHOWN DEMOCRACIES FAIL AFTER ABOUT 200 YEARS… THAT IS WHY WE WERE A REPUBLIC,,, UP UNTIL THE 17TH AMENDMENT CHANGED ALL THAT,,, Now, they can easily steal two elections in each state, and have turned us into a semi democracy with NO STATES Rights…. We will soon go bankrupt… and the great depression will seem like a bump in the road.. Just imagine what it will be like when the entire country has the masses of the azzes roaming the streets like they did in New Orleans after Katrina looking for food,, It will seem like THE WALKING DEAD for real…Keep your powder dry…

  10. From the article:

    “…said that it would be “unwise and potentially risky”

    The judge obviously meant risky to Hillary’s campaign.

    • Unwise for Hillary and potentially risky to let Americans know exactly how incompetent and corrupt our so called leaders really are. Yes that would be risky.

  11. Since the whole country seems to be impotent when it comes to taking O out of the WH, what do you think can happen if she is elected first and then proven to be treasonous?Right down the road to hell we go ———— again.

  12. Oh yes all is fair and legal in fairy land and regime appointed judge!!!! Doesn’t matter. What we already know is she, b ring tha t ambassadors boss neglect cted his 600 pleas for help!! Yup, only help he ànd 3 others got was death!! That I know, that was obvious so no vote from this independent going to a wretched human being. She’s alive and they are forever gone. Vile human being still trying to convince herself and the prow she wasn’t responsible

    • If you look hard enough, you can still see the blood on her hands. Hateful beeawtch, assigned Chris Stevens to Benghazi then simply ignored/forgot him!

  13. Excuse me….didn’t she say she turned over everything? Why are they “just discovered?” And exactly why is it potentially risky to turn over NOW what is supposed to be public records?!?!? Oh yeah….Obama…exactly!

  14. What did the people expect from a appointment from O??? How can any justice come from these same like mindset. That blackberry sure was by busy lol oops maybe it’s from his phone to valariephone huh….

  15. Look like the beginning of a fix for Hillary atleast until Feb. The more they hide the sooner a revolution and the arrest of Obama and Hillary.

  16. Another judge carrying water for the Clintons? Surprise? No. This is how corruption works and slick willie is calling in favors from everywhere to protect the Hildabeast.


  18. I wonder what the “plea bargain” was that the “judge” was purchased with? Perhaps the judge’s asking price got trumped by an offer that stemmed from an entirely different sphere of options? Ya just never no these daze.

  19. I knew it —no doubt in my mind this would happen,the reason this was done they want Hillary in as the next President and they will now fight with every breath they have to see that she wins,and if she does we are no better off than we are today with Obama and God helps us if things don’t change the old slew feet would not have it any other way for him to stay in or Hillary in to take his place with all of his evil doing and combine them with hers and then we will have a triple digets

  20. This looks just like Obama did with his records. Now he is hiding her records. I will wager one of these other groups will appeal this judges BOUGHT ruling. I also did not think he could appoint a judge to hear her case. Funny these will be dumped AFTER the elections in Iowa and New Hampshire in Febuary. Now I also wonder how many DEAD people will be voting in those states for they surely do not want her to loose. IF the people in those states have balls MAYBE they will post this ruling for a couple of weeks prior to voting day so the people will be made aware of the Obama/Hillary scam. I wonder if when she in on the Hill if she shares a bedroom will Obummer.

    This judge admitsit would be “unwise and potentially risky” to order the government to quickly release some of the 329 emails specifically related to the 2012 terror attack in Benghazi, Libya, which it had recently discovered.

    Those emails — along with tens of thousands of others — are already on pace to be released by next February, as a result of a separate lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act, said Mehta, a judge for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, who was appointed by President Obama.”
    Read more at http://conservativeintel.com/2015/11/13/a-federal-judge-just-made-a-huge-ruling-on-hundreds-of-hillarys-secret-benghazi-emails/

    Now UNWISE AND POTENTIALLY RISKY to what?? Like maybe Hillary won’t get the votes she wants for people will know what kind of POS she REALLY is?? Gee I wonder what else will be fixed come election time!!

  21. This is ridiculous. It should be done, BEFORE elections, etc. Good grief – this is so stupid. Four men died because of her dereliction of duty. She should be held accountable. This admin is good to say the words, but, they sure don’t follow through with actions, unless it racial or concerns the police. She may have tenure in the gov’t, BUT, she is not qualified to be ‘head’ of the White House.

  22. That federal judge is a disgrace to the office… Hillary is a commie cunt and should be tarred and feathered and drawn and quartered after a swift trial.

  23. This judge ruled the email dump to be “unwise” and ‘potentially risky”…..HUH?? Since WHEN is the TRUTH risky?? Only in liberal politics! That judge seems to forget 4 Americans died on Hillary & Obama’s watch! SOMEONE MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. This political elite class are playing US WeThePeople as fools. They own the media and just going through the motions pretending we still have a country.so they can put themselves in control of US minionslaves For their dream utopia OneWorld government. NewWorldOrder. All the world is a stage the people meer players…

  25. Of course a judge with that name would be for Hillary..Hillary has no right to run for office with her criminal investigation going on…Wake up somebody…..anybody!!!!

  26. As Obama is about to give a televised address to the nation tonight,
    it has finally become apparent to nearly all thinking people that Obama is a sleeper cell for radical Islam.

    Think about it: He has systematically destroyed America’s economy,
    culture and national security. He’s bringing in tens of thousands of
    potential terrorists and transplanting them into U.S. cities across the

    He refuses to admit the San Bernardino terrorists were members of
    ISIS, all while his policies aggressively attack Christians across the

    Meanwhile, the New York Times has now called for all Americans to be disarmed so that they’ll be easier targets for ISIS terrorists.

    America is occupied and run by the enemy! And if we don’t take a stand now, there’s no chance of us getting it back…

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