Cruz Hits Rubio For Supporting Obama/Schumer Amnesty Bill

Cruz Hits Rubio For Supporting Obama/Schumer Amnesty Bill

Senator Ted Cruz is calling out fellow Senator and 2016 GOP Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, hitting Rubio for his past support of an “amnesty” bill.

The controversial immigration legislation, championed by President Obama and Sen. Chuck Schumer, was the brainchild of the Senate’s “Gang of 8.”

It has become a liability for Rubio on the campaign trail, causing Rubio, who was a part of that group, to trying and distance himself from his own legislation…

According to CNN:

“Ted Cruz on Wednesday continued to poke from afar at fellow senator and GOP presidential rival Marco Rubio, recognizing that the pair share policy differences that Cruz is increasingly willing to highlight.

(H)e encouraged voters to look at which candidates are “blowing smoke” on a path to citizenship and which are “telling the truth.”

Cruz is quick to charge that most of his GOP rivals have at one point supported “amnesty,” and Rubio’s signature push in Congress was an abandoned attempt by a group known as the Gang of Eight to pass comprehensive reform that included a road to citizenship.

It is also an issue where Cruz, who has pledged to crack down on border crossings, sees an opening in the fight for conservative support against Rubio, who has distanced himself from his own bill.

When asked later for differences on immigration between him and Rubio, Cruz said simply to look at their records.

“It is not complicated that on the seminal fight over amnesty in Congress, the Gang of Eight bill — that was the brainchild of Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama, would have granted amnesty to 12 million people here illegally — that I stood with the American people and led the fight to defeat it in the United States Congress,” he said…

Rubio stumped for that 2013 bill.”



  1. I agree w/ Cruz, w/ Rubio we will have more Illegals Enough of this, take care of USA FIRST!! The reason i am going w/ Trump!!!

    • Trump is no better than Bush. He is saying all the right things, hitting the emotional buttons of true conservatives, but he is a progressive, in the mold of Hillary. I have to admit, that when he first started talking, I was a supporter, but over these last several months, I am seeing his true colors.

      • Cruz may be the better choice, but Trump blew up the Bushie coronation and I will always be grateful to him for that because no other candidate could have done it.

        • No humping yet, until the Jebby is out and gone. McCain unfortunately came back from the almost out and gone. Trump is the plumber flushing the Establishment.

        • Yeah that too. Bush is a progressive, not quit a liberal, but close. He will never get my vote, besides, as much as I liked George, I think we have had our fill of Bushes, and Clintons. Time for some new conservative blood.

  2. Rubio is a member of the GOP establishment albeit a Junior member…..He still takes his marching orders from the GOP hierarchy who with their PAC money is financing Rubio’s campaign….Marco was once a proud member of 8 who supported the illegals to a path toward citizenship…..He’s no better than Jeb Bush when it comes to overhauling our immigration laws that were never enforced in the first place….Both sides of the aisle are guilty when it comes to looking the other way as millions of illegals walked or swam across our Mexican border…..

  3. I used to like Cruz, but I don’t like Republican candidates who bash other candidates. Cruz has helped me narrow my choices. Shame on him.

    • It was a good bashing and Rubio deserved it. I have never been a Cruz supporter but he hit home on a very important issue and i like him as vice-president behind Trump. I have always thought of Rubio as a phony who will lie about anything just to become president and who speaks in English and then the entire speech again in Spanish.

      • I’m sorry. I personally do not have a problem with someone being able to speak more than one language. Remember when Obama had that sign language professional who turned out to be a total hoax? Knowledge is power.

        • I speak Russian ,,German,, Slovak and English. But when i am in America i speak English. If you are running for an American office and have to speak Spanish to Americans there is a problem-.

          • So you NEVER speak Russian, German, Slovak and English? I agree that you shouldn’t HAVE to speak another’s language, but if you can, then more power to you. I only speak English, but my father was a multi-linguist and I was very proud of his accomplishments.

          • I also learned two of my languages through my father and mother who each spoke 3 languages because of living in Europe and the influx of bordering countries because of wars and natural changes. But my parents learned English and spoke almost entirely in English to their children and that was in. respect for America. they came through Ellis Island as 14 and 16 year old’s and had to learn fast. Good for both our parents and what they accomplished -Take care

      • CRUZ & CARSON in tandem 2016 & 2020..They are the BEST QUALIFIED “A-TEAM” to BEGIN our REPUBLIC’S RESTORATION process !!!

    • So what your saying redcat5 is that you agree Amnesty should be given to 11 million ILLEGALS. rubio like rand paul, bush and other non Tea Party Candidates should be running as democrats because they have supported EVERYTHING obama and the democrats have done. This is a fact you cannot argue seeing’s the republicans control the congress and senate and obama still did what he wanted. Job Well Done TED CRUZ.

      • Rubio doesn’t support amnesty, just a pathway to citizenship. Rubio says the illegals should pay a fine and if they committed any other crime they should be deported immediately. The rest should be given a temporary green card and when that expires, they have to leave and get to the back of the line. Some small businesses (e.g. builders) depend on these illegal and will need time to redo their re-hiring.

        • “Rubio doesn’t support amnesty, just a pathway to citizenship” ??????

          You really need to cut down on the drugs, comrade.
          “I like Ike” who deported Illegals with “Operation Wetback”. Uh Oh Truman (D) deported more Illegals than Ike.
          Trump will have a compassionate plan and send the entire family back to Mexico.
          You know what? I don’t care about the welfare of Illegals. Mexico doesn’t care about me……and neither does the Feral Gov. of the USSA!

          • I feel sorry for you. I can see that you are unable to have an adult discourse without resorting to name-calling. I can tell that you support Trump.

          • and you ignored what you could not respond to….the facts.
            Pease keep your sorrow for me , you’ll need it for yourself.

          • Pease may I stay here Amigo cat5? “Of course you can amigo, “for those whose only “crime” was to enter this country “illegally”…..
            You get a Green Card! and a EBT card, and a D.Lic., and gubmint skooling for your childruns, and a job that 90 million Americans refuse to do.
            Welcome to the USSA!!!!! (and Azatlan for S.CA., NM, AZ, and half of TX.) Amigo cat5 sez LOL, , open de door!! Only suckers wait in line or obey laws!

          • “Here in the West, we have the spectacle of a majority of our Congressmen and Senators, and our president himself, bowing to the demands of our neighbor to the south that we not fortify our mutual border. Legislation from 2006 mandates a border fence, but there’s been little funding provided for it and little to no work on it. The disproportionate participation of illegal aliens in felony crimes is widely known, yet there’ve been scant efforts to impede the movement or employment of illegal aliens already in our land. The infamous immigration reform bill gestating in Congress even offers a cheap amnesty to the estimated 12 million illegals to whom we’re already hosts, conciliating them above 290 million born and naturalized citizens to whom our government is supposedly subordinate.”


          • Don’t feel sorry for us. You are the one who is talking out of both sides of your mouth. Pathway to citizenship is the same thing as amnesty. You can’t have one without the other.
            That’s the most absurd statement I ever heard. You must be a troll.
            Trump is not the issue, now, but Cruz vs. Rubio, so stay focused which is difficult for liberals to do.
            If they can’t debate an issue they immediately go on to the next person to smear.

          • “Don’t feel sorry for us”? Are you more than one person? Hmmm…maybe you forgot to take your meds.

          • Couldn’t agree with you more, GenEarly. Rubio is establishment and many in the tea parties know this.
            He never was the darling of the TP’s.
            There are too many falsehood rumors flying out there.
            The only true conservative is Ted Cruz who has never wavered his principles.

          • Rubio Arnold once was the “darling” of the FL TP when running in the Repub Senate primary against Charlie Crist (R turned D).
            These Chamberpot Repubs are the worse, the DemocRats are clearly, openly marxist-mooslem while the Repub Elites use subterfuge and hollow soundbites to feed their sheeples.
            If these traitors cannot get Jebby, Kaisch, or Rubio then they prefer Hilarity over an “outsider”.

          • Agreed; Cruz is the best candidate on either party’s ticket. He is a neocon, admittedly (his only negative). But overall, he’s the best presidential candidate; he has the character and can articulate as well as (trained actor and orator) Ronald Reagan used to — though he doesn’t have The Gipper’s way with humor and timing; that was his training as an actor.

            The presidency demands gravitas, seriousness, and honesty. Not political glad-handing, which is what Rubio and Rand Paul have done for years. They can’t erase their own record of pandering. I believe Ted Cruz will eventually take the field next year; give him time. But make no mistake, he also knows that the GOP machine and its billionaire owners are going to gun for any non-establishment front-runner, so it’s best to ride in Trump’s big draft for now.

            Cruz is playing it smart as a fox.

      • Rubio supports a pathway to citizenship for illegals. First they should pay a fine and for those whose only crime was to enter this country illegally, they would get a temporary work visa. If they wanted to become citizens, they would have to get to the back of the line. So many small businesses – builders, farmers for example, would go broke if they suddenly would have to let go their workforce.

    • Shame on Rubio, it’s not “bashing” that Rubio kissed McCain’s ring and Schummers’s A$$ as soon as he got to DC. Then ran radio ads for “Conservative” Amnesty paid for by the Facebook kid.

      • I agree with Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” If Rubio wins the Republican primary, what irreparable damage Cruz’s statement does to our party. Why does he not stick with touting his record instead of trying to tear down a fellow Republican.

        • So Red, you agree with McCain, McConnel, Obama, and Schumer? Rubio’s record is what is being dicussed. Rubio is not a true conservitive, and if gets elected, he will be doing the bidding of the Dems.

        • Ronald Reagan didn’t betray those that brung him to the dance. I voted for Rubio and donated to his primary senate campaign against the former Estab Repub Charlie Crist. He lied back then and was against amnesty during that campaign, he is doing the same just today saying obviously up to 5 million Illegals will have to be deported, but he will evolve again to satisfy his financial backers who want amnesty and more war btw too.

        • Sadly it’s different times from when Pres. Reagan ran for office. We have a meaner world now and we didn’t have a Clinton and an Obama who divided our nation to the point of no return.
          The only way we can win back this nation, now, is by being on the offensive against the opposition and take lessons from the opposition.
          It’s almost funny how liberals, like you, invoke the name of Reagan, whom your party called the stupid cowboy. We’re on to you.
          I’m sure he is looking down now laughing at your statement.

        • Does that apply to Chamberpot Rinos too? Of course it does, Der Party above all else!
          It’s amazing how similar Fascists and Marxists are, both love Big Feral Gov. and the tyranny to enforce it.

    • Like Cruz said look at the record. When Rubio was elected, I thought we had a good conservative, but after he voted for the bill I knew he was just another RINO. All you have to do is look at the GOP senators who voted for it. Open your eyes Red. I really have not made up my mind yet as to I will support, but if it comes down to Rubio, or Cruz when this all over, I will stand with Cruz.

      • Yes, but Cruz should have focused his criticism on Hillary. To shift focus away from her being distrustful, was great for Hillary. Americans died because of her. The debate was viewed by so many and was a missed opportunity to keep her ineptitude in the spotlight. Also, what if Rubio were to win the Republican nomination? Cruz has given her ammunition to win. In the end, I will vote for ANY Republican candidate whether or not they are my first choice. We can’t afford to give the Presidency away to another Democrat.

  4. Rubio is a former Mormon and is pandering to the Mormon community for votes. He’s soft on amnesty. He’s with the establishment. He’s a little boy who dresses up like a grown-up and thinks he’s smarter than everyone else in the room. He’s a scary option for POTUS. Trust me…say no to Rubio.

    • The TP in Fl knows Rubio Arnold well. Probably this lost base of votes would have doomed his reelection as a senator. Hence his leap “Forward” for a possible VP role if a elitist insider gets the nomination.

  5. I have a plan for immigration. First & foremost, secure & seal our borders. Without doing that, the following steps cannot be achieved. Secondly, gather up all the Illegal aliens who have criminal records, and have been incarcerated by the American judicial system and have felonies. These folks pose an immediate danger to all American citizens as in the San Fran tragedy with Kate Steinle. No exceptions. They have absolutely shown a complete disregard for our laws and are out, never gaining an opportunity for US citizenship. Case closed. Im sure the NSA could keep a wonderful database of these folks for us. Thirdly, all of the remaining illegal aliens whether they’ve been here 15 minutes or 15 years with or without, families need to go to the nearest USCIS office and register and fill out forms that will determine and document any children/offspring born here during their time here in the USA, when they arrived etc. There’s a grace period of 60 days to register (no excuses, no exceptions). If the person/persons don’t register within that 60 day grace period, when located and/or caught, they forfeit any chance of becoming a US citizen and are deported immediately. By registering, we are able to assess exactly the number of illegal folks we’re dealing with and any children that were born here who are legally US citizens. This database of folks needs to be readily available to all LE agencies. Now the real hard work and process for determining eligibility and if so, where these folks end up in line, begins. There are folks who have been going through the legal immigration process, and following USCIS protocol, who have been in line for what could be years and have paid money. These folks are first priority. All folks that registered during the 60 days, are next in line. Their eligibility status will be determined by a sequence of interviews and protocol conducted by Immigration officers at the USCIS. Of course there might be mitigating circumstances that might expedite the process, but that’s determined by the USCIS, after the sequence of interviews and a determination of eligibility. I could go on but, you get the idea. IMHO, this is a fair plan and addresses a part of our broken immigration system and the needs of illegals, who have been residing in the USA. My personal opinion is, there are a great deal of wonderful folks who have been here illegally who’ve contributed to our country, payed taxes and deserve to continue to be here. They have families, and just like us, want only the best for their children and to be honest, this amazing country is truly the only place i feel left in the world where we really have the best of everything. That’s the price we pay for having the greatest country in the world…… everybody want’s to come here!

    • That is an excellent plan, but I have a much simpler one with an equal likelihood of ever being enacted: OBEY THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.

      To put it another way: immediately de-fund and outlaw all federal government handouts — of every kind, to every class of people in this republic whether born here or not. You would see millions of illegals streaming back home very quickly.

  6. It’s important for voters to realize that both Rubio and Cruz support a massive increase in the number of H1B visas. [You need to “google that” if you don’t know what they are.] This allows foreigners to come in and take our higher paying jobs away from American citizens. We need to be training our own people, not having them train people from India to take their own jobs! Cruz is one to talk…

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