Liberal Media’s Carson Character Assassination Attempt FAILS: Look How Much Money He...

Liberal Media’s Carson Character Assassination Attempt FAILS: Look How Much Money He Just Raised!

Dr. Carson and his wife... (Reuters)

2016 GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson may get the last laugh after a string of recent attacks from various media outlets. Led by CNN and Politico, Carson has faced intense scrutiny this week, much of it now debunked.

Supporters are rallying behind Carson, flooding his already record breaking campaign coffers with nearly $4 million dollars!

According to Newsmax:

Ben Carson sarcastically thanked the mainstream media and several negative stories for a fundraising surge that brought in $3.5 million for the former neurosurgeon this week.

Moreover, many of those donations are small from a huge spectrum of donors who can give over and over again, unlike many of the “bundlers” who tap millionaires and billionaires for other other candidates. That is already making Carson’s mailing list the stuff of legend among political professionals and rival campaigns.

Carson said Saturday that his haul was primarily thanks to a “biased media,” according to CNN. He particularly singled out CNN and Politico for several controversial stories this week about details of his personal biography.”



  1. No one is Superman or perfect, including Dr. Carson but most of the mass media have “sold their birthright for a mess of pottage,” no longer regarding the truth or making efforts to find it and report it in an unbiased matter for the benefit of the American people. I say, “Good for Dr. Carson and for the people who are supporting him.” I also commend other Republican candidates who have stayed clear of doing things for short-term political gain that will hurt their chances for retaking the White House and reverse the disastrous course our country has taken. It is time for the people to rise up and throw off the shackles of deception that would-be slave masters have been working to keep them in through deception. The Republican candidates need to stick together to topple the deceptive liberal mass media juggernaut and its liberal allies.

  2. I see the media trying to discount the Ben Carson narrative using the cover that what he says is not “logical”. They miss the point! The question ISN’T whether something is “logical” to some writer, but is it TRUE.

    • People cut Brian Williams a lot of slack for an intentional lie about something that
      was in the immediate past when he first lied about it. Then when he was under a lot of fire
      he doubled down on the lie by claiming, incredibly, that his memory was at fault, rather
      than his desire to steal valor. People can mix up details. But can someone remember something that happened as an adult as a fire fight when that didn’t happen ?
      Don’t ask Secretary Clinton about that.

  3. I am … amused by the press saying that they asked ten people about
    the story of Ben Carson as a boy almost stabbing someone over fifty
    years ago, and not being able to find corroboration, and, from that deducing
    that Dr. Carson told a lie. What amazing reasoning. There are some things which
    Dr. Carson says that concern me ( assuming, a big fi, that the version I have
    heard was not grossly twisted by the mainstream media ). This story and the story
    about being ” offered a scholarship ” at Annapolis or West Point are exactly the
    stories which should concern no one. As a child I heard a neighbor tell me that
    her son was being offered a scholarship to one of the academies. Even then I knew
    that that couldn’t be true, because the academies charged no tuition, except four, later
    five years of service. But that contemporary account by an adult was not a lie nor a material
    departure from truth, it was a mistake, misunderstanding the school. If this is the best the press can do to bring down Dr. Carson, maybe he is worth another look.
    These things happened a long time ago and memories of childhood can be distorted by
    not understanding things correctly at the time and by weak memories. I am younger than
    Dr. Carson and I have memories from back then which probably can be confirmed by
    no one because to the few others who knew about them at the time, they were not important enough to remember.

  4. On the “scholarship” discussion: calling an appointment to USNA or West Point a “Scholarship” was the rule not the exception at my High School fifty+ years abo. I edited our yearbook. We and all my classmates treated “appointments” as scholarships, and referred to them as scholarships in our school paper and our yearbook. One classmate got a “Presidential” appointment to West Point, and another was appointed to the USNA, and another “won a Navy Regular” scholarship (in our era a “full ride”) to a Jesuit College. All were “scholarship” winners to us. (One of the Navy men gave his life in Vietnam, and the other served for 40 years, retiring as a four – star.) Ben Carson was certainly speaking in the vernacular of the day when he described his meeting with Gen Westmoreland’s people.
    As to the “almost stab” comment: a personal note. I can recall, vividly, barely making the decision not to smash my six year old brother’s head with the brick I was holding above him, blinded with rage, after finally tackling him. I was seven, and really MAD (I’ve forgotten why, other than that my bro was faster, quicker, and more likeable than I, — he likely still is.) I was by no means a budding career killer, but I will never forget that “almost”, and attribute it to a very close “guardian angel”
    What we have in Dr. Carson is not a man who bends the truth, or tells stories, but rather a man who understands the truth and tells it just as it is, in its underlying essence.

    • Right on Ken, One VERY important point that the LAME STREAM media never reports, is that when Dr. Carson was approached regarding Wert Point, he was given a pamphlet that stated “A SCHOLARSHIP”.
      He stated he was NOT interested because he intended to pursue a medical career. ——————=Seems as if he did PRETTY WELL.

    • You have so eloquently described by feelings about the issue of CNN, Politico, and even one newscaster on Fox that I heard trying to run down Dr. Carson. Thank you.

  5. This is causing the country to relook at Obama’s complete lack of vetting by his fawns and it has given us Hitler. Carson has little in his record to worry about anger at others who is not guilty of that ask Hillary or Bill.

  6. “A black candidate for president learns the hard way that the media culture expects him to know a black man’s place, and stay there. That place has to be in the Democratic Party.”
    —Wes Pruden [11/10/15]

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