Watch: Harry Reid Blocks Ted Cruz From Introducing Kate’s Law

Watch: Harry Reid Blocks Ted Cruz From Introducing Kate’s Law

Senator Ted Cruz tried to bring “Kate’s Law” to the Senate floor today, but was blocked by Harry Reid.

The bill, named after Kate Steinle, the woman murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been previously arrested in San Francisco, was not voted on. (That Sheriff lost yesterday.)

“I’m sorry that the Democratic party doesn’t want to spend the money to lock up murderers, and instead, apparently, it’s cheaper to lose our sons and daughters,” Cruz said. “I think we have the resources to lock up murderers.”

“When the Democratic leader suggests that incarcerating aggravated felons, murderers and rapists who illegally re-enter this country is somehow a slight to immigrants — well…I am the son of an immigrant who came legally from Cuba,” Cruz said. “There is no one in this chamber who will stand and fight harder for legal immigrants than I will.”




  1. I thought when the Republicans gained control of the Senate, everything was going to be hunky- dory. Has anything changed???

    • YES, the Republican leadership now has to deal with Sen. Ted Cruz, Michael Lee and other tea party conservative Republicans. Ted has become a GREAT thorn in the flesh for people like McConnell and McCain.

      • Because WE are asking for the things Cruz is saying, WHY would you want to POSSIBLY obstruct Kate’s Law?? WHY would you want illegal alien criminals to remain in this country?

        • Because the Liberal Democratic Progressives do not mind innocent people being murdered in Sanctuary Cities and they sure do not care about the U.S. Constitution…

          They have to belong to the most corrupt Political Party in the History of the United States.

          I hope they all get a cell next to Hillary, Bill, Eric Holder, and Obama !!

      • Actually Edward, they need to prick the ***** with a bigger thorn. What we really need to do is ALL converge on Washington DC enmass and DEMAND what is RIGHT for us. Everyone else is demanding, everyone but the Legal American Citizens, I agree, the leadership in the Republican party are as big of liars as the Democrats.

  2. Reid is a do-noything low-life and is typical ploy of why our country is not moving ahead.Get these old po;otical backward people out of the congress. Why must we suffer at the likes of idiots???

  3. Ted Cruz is the example of how conservatives should deal with this and every issue we are faced with. He is not a thorn in the flesh of McConnell and McCain. They are thorns in the Senate that prevent everything that should be passed. They are evil drags on the process of passing laws that America needs to make our country great again. It is past time to remove these who think like our “president” and Democratic administration blocking what the REAL Republicans (not the establishment and career politicians) are fighting for.

  4. Harry Reid is the spokesman for the democrat party. Is there any defense for their position? I can’t think of one.

  5. Harry Reid could care less about Americans. If he’s afraid to hurt the feelings of illegals, the little worthless ,mealy mouthed rat f***er should be beat to a pulp.


  7. How are they blocking everything when they are the minority party? Do you need a super majority to bring this to a vote? Or will McConnell not use the nuclear option?

    • You answered your first question with a yes to your second question. And a yes to your third question. Bit*h McConnell has no Ba*ls.

  8. Reid is just another Lap Dog for Obama… He blocks every bill the Congress submits to him.

    He needs to be put in jail, preferably one that is padded so he does not hurt himself…

    He has no morals and he quit caring about the United States of America after Obama was elected.

    Really a pathedic human being !!

    • Hard to believe that he still carries a big stick even when he is in the minority. Sad state of affairs for the lame duck Republicans. Do nothing take up space group

  9. I am missing something completely: Did the Republicans NOT win the majority in the Senate ? How is Harry Reid still calling the shots. Could someone please explain this. And as far as Mitch McConnell is concerned, he should share a bed with Harry.

    • Because we have clowns like Mccain, and Mcconnell, who are RINO’s, along with too many Republicans who are actually liberals.

      • Time for McCain and McConnell to retire. They have been there too long. Look at Maxine Waters she has been a big loud mouth for decades. Term limits!!!!

    • A couple of years ago Reid changed the rules while he was in charge. He knew he could pass what ever he wanted using a super majority because there are enough RINOs to get his wishes to come true. He also knew that if the dems lost the senate, there would be enough conservatives to pass a super majority even if they voted party lines. Since it requires 60 yea votes to pass almost anything in the senate now, important matters such as this bill not get passed, because it would hurt the dems future voting block. The dems and RINOs don’t care about the US citizens; they only care about votes for their party.

  10. Let’s NOT Forget ~

    Harry Reid is a ULTRA-Left-Wing DOG !!! ….and he leads the DemocRATs with an IRON FIST !

    BUT ~

    Traitor Harry is a SPOKESHOLE and only has ONE Vote…..ALL of his fellow DemocRATs are backing him up and THEY are to BLAME as much as he is….they ALL must GO….NOW !

    In EVERY future election…ONLY Vote for a proven Conservative…NO more DemocRATs & RINOs….period.

  11. Harry (we’ve lost the war) Reid, is at it again! The Republicans are in the Majority, the democrats need to do what they do best,,, Sit on their hands & keep their mouths SHUT, and Pass Kate’s Law.

  12. Until the very end of their stay, they will ruin everything and anything that might be good for this country! i just hope those that fill their places, are a lot more patriotic, and believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! We really need to clean house ( both houses! ) along with the Oval Office!

  13. cruz is using anything and any body to get to what he wants he is a sleaze and douche bag that will go to no ends to achive his victory, he should go back to cuba, cause we sure and hell dont want that looser back in canada,we booted him out for good

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