Photos Of Chris Harper Mercer Myspace Page

Photos Of Chris Harper Mercer Myspace Page

Chris Harper Mercer

Chris Harper Mercer has been identified as the alleged shooter at an Oregon community college today, ruthlessly gunning down students who were Christian.

This picture was taken from his MySpace page.

Dating profile includes membership in anti-religion group.

Mercer also seemed to have a slight obsession with the IRA…




  1. I find it interesting that while you waste no time attacking President Obama and “the Liberal Media” about this tragedy, you also neglect to include that this young man described himself as “conservative (twice), republican” in his profile on the dating site. That seems like it would be an important disclosure to me.

      • I don’t know what his friends problems were. Yes, I saw that guy’s page, too — and remember, Mercer was also a bit fixated on the IRA, so he obviously held some diverse interests. All I know is that he had written in his profile that he was a conservative/republican. I just find it very curious that those particular entries were not even mentioned, while the comments about him being anti-religion were.

    • I don’t believe it for a second. No conservative Republican is going to single out Christians to kill them. Really now.

      • He was obviously not playing with a full deck, so who knows what he would have done if not this particular act…? My point is, why pick and choose which information to include if you’re going to report on it at all?

  2. Piece of muslime trash! If obummer had a son, THIS is what he would look like and act like! Another mother who should have had an abortion!

    • How many Muslims have you personally seen in real life not pictures. What is the Muslim look? He looks nothing like the crowds of refugees who are supposed to be Muslims nothing like the Afghans, Iraqi’s Jordanians, Lebanese, Palestinians etc. Muslims come in all shapes, sizes and races. You sure should your lack of education with that remark.

  3. Anti-Religious progressives prove to be
    REPEAL Jimmy Carter’s 1977 Law giving
    to stay out of insane asylums and the
    Country will be SAFER.

  4. One parent is black, so like Obama, he is all black. There goes the theory that only whites perpetrate crimes like this. Why does Obama only mention guns and not societal issues such as prescription drug use and coming from a one parent family? Why doesn’t he mention the killer’s anti-Christian Nazi ties? If the kid singled-out Muslims in the shooting, you know Obama would have made it to the press conference podium in record time.

  5. Well, he’s a mulatto. The msm was hoping he was a white male so they could spend the next month pushing their “toxic whiteness/white privilege” spiel, but I guess they’ll have to settle for “toxic masculinity” and gun control.

  6. DON’T publish his picture.

    DON’T mention his name.

    Giving these psychopaths publicity is a huge part of why they do it.

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