Did Oregon Killer Christopher Harper Mercer Support #BlackLivesMatter?

Contrary to rumors that Christopher Harper Mercer, supported #BlackLivesMatter, a blog linked to him seems to indicate otherwise.

The shooting suspect said of the recent murder of a Houston police officer pumping gas that “I’m on the side of the officer, and generally don’t agree with the black lives matter protests.”

Here is the full post:

“I just read about the houston cop shooting. Figured I’d post this since the response to my previous blog post on vester flanagan was so interesting. On the houston shooting it was reported that the suspect was influenced by black lives matter protests/movement. Although I don’t know if thats true, with all the issues about police and blacks/protestors in the news the past couple of years, it certainly seems like someone would be inspired to take action. With the constant chants of anti police rhetoric this was bound to happen. I don’t disagree that police brutality and excessive use of force is a problem, but killing an officer that never did anything to you is not the answer.

This whole event seems similar to the one in new york earlier this year where that guy killed those two cops sitting in a parked car. The inflammatory rhetoric on both sides, whether warranted or not will only continue to agitate the situation and events such as these will happen more and more. These are just my thoughts on the matter. Will continue to post more blogs on related subjects, as well any interesting thoughts I may have.

In case anyone’s wondering, I’m not on the side of the suspect, I’m on the side of the officer, and generally don’t agree with the black lives matter protests”

>>>Harper Mercer also posted videos regarding Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and Columbine along with videos about the occult and even pornographic ones as well.

In another post, Harper Mercer sypathized with Virginia news crew killer Vester Flanagan, encouraging readers to watch the disturbing murder he filmed calling the sickening video “short, but good.”

Christopher Harper Mercer