Boehner Exit Paves The Way For Planned Parenthood+Ex/Im Funding, Bush Advocacy

Boehner Exit Paves The Way For Planned Parenthood+Ex/Im Funding, Bush Advocacy

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Speaker of the House John Boehner is calling it quits in October, but don’t expect the Ohio Congressman to leave without a fight.

After a shocking caucus meeting this morning full of tears and sympathy for the departing Speaker, Boehner will now likely attempt to use the last of his remaining political capital to avoid a government shutdown.

That means contrary to the wishes of the House Freedom Caucus and other House Conservatives, Planned Parenthood would receive full funding.

The Planned Parenthood controversy has continued to rage after a series of videos exposing the outlet was released.

Ever since, the cries to defund the controversial group have grown louder and louder, undoubtedly a key reason Boehner has been in the hot seat more than ever lately.

Another hot topic in the halls of the House: the Import/Export Bank. One leading Dem says Boehner wants it passed.

“I think, in my discussions with the Speaker, that he believes that it ought to pass because I think he believes that it’s costing us jobs and economic opportunities,” said Steny Hoyer.

Just like Planned Parenthood funding, Conservatives vehemently oppose funding the controversial Ex/Im Bank-they believe it is pretty much a corporate welfare check and not the proper purpose of government.

Where will Boehner go from here? Many believe the Speaker will take a prominent role in the Presidential campaign of Jeb Bush.

Speaker Boehner was a strong advocate for Bush to jump in the race, and also has close personal ties to the Bush family. A surrogate role on behalf of Bush makes a lot of sense, and the Speaker could also help the former Florida Governor with fundraising.

According to The Hill: “It’s been a yearlong courtship, but no one quite knows if it will pay off.”

For the past year, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has been wooing his longtime friend Jeb Bush to jump into the 2016 presidential race, even as he has shunned potential Tea Party rivals like Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky.

Boehner stepped up his lobbying efforts this week, singing the former Florida governor’s praises in a pair of media interviews.

The Speaker’s preference for yet another Bush White House run is partly political, partly personal. He sees Bush as undeniably the strongest, most viable candidate who could pull the party together after a bruising primary and take on a formidable Hillary Clinton, sources said. And the two men are aligned politically, hailing from the same centrist strand of the GOP.

But politics is often personal, and much of Boehner’s desire for a third Bush presidency stems from his decades-long relationship with the Bush family, including Jeb.

No one knows how things will shake out in the coming weeks, but make no mistake-John Boehner doesn’t want to end his reign as Speaker with a government shutdown, and a role in the Bush campaign is a natural fit for the Ohio Congressman when he leaves D.C.



  1. […]  Another hot topic in the halls of the House: the Import/Export Bank. One leading Dem says Boehner wants it passed.  “I think, in my discussions with the Speaker, that he believes that it ought to pass because I think he believes that it’s costing us jobs and economic opportunities,” said Steny Hoyer.  Just like Planned Parenthood funding, Conservatives vehemently oppose funding the controversial Ex/Im Bank-they believe it is pretty much a corporate welfare check and not the proper purpose of government.   Read On…. […]

  2. Going down fighting the will of the People on his last days; Think what Obama is going to try for in his last days……..

  3. It would be just like Boehner to screw the people that gave him the majority and speakership one last time before he leaves. We need term limits and to get rid of all RINOs. We need a true Conservative speaker.

        • Look how term limits work in, for example, Arizona. Politician term limits out in one job, swaps offices with another term limiting out of another spot. Only reason ballot box won’t stop them is stupid voters. Plenty of those.

    • He’s not only a RHINO but a CINO (Catholic in name only) All the tears and banter about the Pope putting his arm around him makes me sick. If he supports PP he is not Catholic. I am a cradle Catholic and I don’t see how anyone could support that horrible origanization. Close them down and open clinics that truly help people and not use their babies for experiments.

      • You don’t have to be Catholic to dislike – hate – whatever – abortion. And most Catholics I know are ardent Democrats and wouldn’t vote Republican “just to vote against abortion”.

        • Gram. I know you don’t have to be Catholic to hate abortion What I was referring to is the fact that Boehner Pelosi Kerry the Kennedys Biden All tout the fact they are Catholic but are pro abortion and abortion is against our religion

        • Gram. I didn’t say only Catholics hate abortion Boehner Pelosi Biden Kerry Kennedys tout their Catholic faith and then vote for abortion which is against our religion. There are many people of all faiths that are against the murder of babies

    • We already have term limits; they’re called ‘elections.’ But that’s really not the problem and we’d lose a lot of good Reps/Senators in the process. Better to restrict the amount of time they can serve on committees because that’s where the real power is.

      Also, 50% of Congress are millionaires, with most accumulating their wealth while in office. Fix that and they’ll leave in droves.

    • You’re not going to get a conservative speaker as long as the eastern establishment controls the USA federal system.

    • “Boehner Exit Paves The Way For Planned Parenthood+Ex/Im Funding, Bush Advocacy

      Three reasons why conservatives are so pissed at the GOP establishment. THere are many more.

      • Boehner remaining would have paved the way for PP funding. GOP controls the House and Senate, but they can’t get their supposed way on anything.

          • Burn in Hell Baby Killers.

            Americans should stop funding the corrupt US govt with their taxes. They’ll only kill innocents here and around the world with your money (labor), killing babies and foreigners who don’t even know where America is located or why you want them dead.

            Search tax regs for “exempt income means”, www DOT ecfr DOT gov (click “Simple Search” on left-side of page)

            Be sure to read both 1.861-8T(d)(2)(ii) and (iii). When enough Americans know actual US income tax law, it will be obeyed, even by govt. Then ask your so-called “tax professional” why he/she never bothered to search for legal definition of “Exempt income”, or told you about it. Of course, tax court judges know “Exempt income” is codified into law, but claim that portion of code is frivolous. Yet, there it is, codified as law.

            Learn more:
            Computer scientist data mines tax code,
            whatistaxed DOT com

          • I do know that you have to have social security and disability deducted from your pay on every paycheck or deposit but you can ask your payroll dept. not to deduct federal or state income tax. It is kinda like unemployment-you decide how much you want deducted but you owe the money at the end of the year. So, I’m thinking that if enough people ask their employers payroll dept. to not deduct fed. Income tax for awhile (I think you would have to give the payroll dept. a signed statement saying you do not want fed tax taken out) it would send a message-remind our dictator who works for who. NOTHING has been done about his lawlessness and he’s going to spend our tax dollars plus to bankrupt us and leave us vulnerable to our enemies and rivals. I’m glad Bonehead was ousted from his position but I agree he should be out starting today. If we allow Oslima to serve his full term I’m afraid it’s going to be too late to save America and our constitution. We need to revolt both by tying the purse strings and find a way to have our dictator removed from office.

          • Can I just opt out on the portion that is making the INTEREST ONLY PAYMENTS on 2 illegal wars? You people that keep hammering the president on the debt. Fail to take into account the interest and the $2 Trillion and rising war debt. Why haven’t I ever heard a single Republican American say a word about GW taking America from a surplus budget to a deficit one in less then 3 years in office? Are you that young or just that STUPID. Don’t get me wrong I dislike the Presidents stand on many fronts. But I am SICK AND TIRED OF THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK!!!! You repubs. have short memories. Like President Reagan INCREASED Federal employees by over 190,000 in 8 years. But yet no one wants to admit Reagan GREW the government. Or how about VP Cheney going on National TV, telling America that deficit spending is good? Did you conveniently forget that or are you just that blind and stupid? The republicans are just as bad as the dems. In one way they are worse. ALL republicans in DC take an OATH to a private individual after taking office. How is that a party that represents you?

          • There were no illegal wars under Bush. They were both duly authorized and funded by the Congress. Learn something rather than just regurgitate lib big lie talking points.

            As such, the remainder of your diatribe can be discounted.

          • GW is not a communist, intent on bankrupting our country. He does not hold Americans in contempt as Oslima does. Each administration seems to be just a little more corrupt than the one before it. I did not fear ending up in a FEMA camp as I do now or having my retirement stolen by the government. Oslima is a dictator who thinks he is the supreme being. He believes we work for him, not the other way around. He lies even when it’s not necessary and should focus his anger on his real father who never acknowledged him instead of on the American people. He’s anti gun even while arming our police forces to the max. Oslima is the biggest threat to our freedom and should be charged with treason, be tried, convicted and put in prison. How you can stand up for him is beyond me! I’m not a Republican or Democrat-both parties suck!

          • I vote to show Him the door tonight and the 30 Conservatives need to push through the “NO CONFIDENCE VOTE”

          • Exactly, he needs to be neutered immediately before he does any more damage…and believe me, he has it in him…

        • He is remaining and will use His last month to push through Obama murdering baby killers in planned parenthood.


          • Hopefully Graham, McCain and the rest of the Bolsheviks will quit too before the People show up with the torches and rope…

          • These people have a complete sense of invulnerability ,they are well insulated from the world,or very afraid of something !

          • Correct! But I was speaking of their presumtuous ,narcistic arrogance , the fear part , I am speculating on what Disraeli ,and Pres. Wilson said about a powerful force behind the curtain.

          • I’m tracking with you. For example when the previous Pope was told to resign so this current Social Justice Marxist could become Pope. That takes “a power” that also controls presidents like bottle washers. NWO?

          • Yea, I think you said it all. Someone is pulling the strings, but how come one person want so much power, evil, just plain evil.

          • Because they are of the belief that their lives doesn’t have a termination date, and then they will be facing the real JUSTICE.

          • I understand injustice roberts got his orders from the same Maltese group. This could easily be B.S., don’t recall where I got this from.

          • For a Pope to be told to resign is very very strange…This replacement is an evil being.

          • God has a plan…He is coming on the scene very soon….Things are about to change…We must resist evil. We must support the good.

          • So ros, Bil der berg, Roth child, fed reserve. Look up who owns it. The plan was 100 years, that was 1913-2013. They’re behind schedule.

          • I may know more about sorros,bilderberg,and the fed. than needed. What I ‘m refering to pre-dates these. Disraeli pre dates these elements,not to mention Ben Franklin’s like comment about the King George the Third, that there was an invisible force behind even George the Third that controlled things. Franklin based this on his years there dealing with him. I know some people, you I’m am sure are familiar with,one told me this more than 30 years ago; following the private talks of many of the bilderbeg ‘ guest’s ‘ Pres. Nixon’s ” Boy ” was waiting, and a man approached this guy; gave him an envelope; he returned to Washington ,met with Nixon privately ,and the following day Tricky Dick announced favoured nation status for China..This is but one small example.

          • This unseen force is supported by the Scriptures the Prophet Daniel gave a couple of examples, the Apostle Paul confirms this when he explains who we war with. several presidents, well known industrialists and even FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover wrote and spoke about this force.

          • I had heard comments since I was a little kid and didn’t understand what they meant. I learned to read at a very young age and was fed all kinds of books. One book was about the rise of the Rothchilds from the ghetto.

          • Research what Baron R. did to literally rob England with the defeat of Napolion. Putin recently thru the Rothschild’s out of Russia along with Henry Kissinger. Of the 8 countries without R. central banks the U.S. was/are bombing 7. The one not bombed is Iceland. They got no bailout there ,they went to jail,and in 6 months their economy recovered. . There are a few others of course but not of any negative consequence to U.S Dollar . BRICKS is challenging the N.Y. London hence R. banking cabal. Would make a pretty good movie.

          • What a glorious time to be alive! Well, for awhile anyway, but no one lives this life forever, so enjoy the opportunity to be here for the 3rd War of Independence. Choose well……

            “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated.”
            — Thomas Paine, “The Crisis”, December 23rd, 1776

          • I saw an incomplete list once and haven’t been able to relocate it or it’s development though I’m sure it’s ongoing. It’s harder than finding proof of the non existance of global warming though the proof that it isn’t CO2 is still available.

          • I was looking for a video of the esteemed senator turn coat, oh sorry I meant turned president. There were 2 of them, both gone,

          • You’re right. The ‘bustards’ are destroying everything. Like the ones across the world destroying antiquities. Make sure there’s no history left but the garbage they spew out.

          • Yes, yes, yes. I’d read ‘rumors’ that Kennedy was killed because that was his plan. Of course we’ll never really know.

          • This theory is not a bad one. Kennedy printed U.S. currency thru the Treasury dept. redeemable for Silver bypassing the Fed ,a few months latter he was murdered. The interesting part is with all the problems created from a U.S. pres. being murdered in front of the world the first thing Lyndon Johnson did was to resend that order.

          • Wow, I did not know that. I’m dumfounded. Puts a whole new light on the topic. As a history/political junkie, though nothing could really shock me.

          • That is an interesting reason. I think more that they needed Johnson to ruin the nation with the immigration disaster.

          • I guess in our open and transparent society there’s a lot of things we’ll never know.

          • Only way we can is through the vote. The only way the vote will count is knowing who counts the votes, and demanding that only impartial companies do so. If we start any kind of civil disobedience bozo will declare martial law, suspend all voting and be king for life.

          • This is worse than a rock and a hard place…We must pray day and night to get the O out.

          • Phyllis, “I feel your pain”. But the pain started under Bush the Elder while reading his lying lips on taxes. Then continued devolving under the Clintonistas. Bush II and his majority Chamberpot Repub Con-gress spend money like drunks, and expanded welfare. Of course Obamy has reached all new lows as the USSA’s first Marxist-Mooslem Putz in Chief.
            My point…….We are in really deep, very deep, Sheet. Look to your own survival, because the dollar dominated economic bubble is going to pop.
            Politics will become secondary to eating.

          • I do not believe the good people of America will allow the rino’s to force another “romney” down their throats. The rubber band does not have unlimited use of elasticity forever. It has to stop because an idiot “bush jeb john” will probably totally eviscerate what’s left of the United States Constitution, PERIOD!

          • Another Romney? To make any comparison between Romney and obama is to lower yourself. We need to back whomever gets the nomination and go for broke. And we better unite on that at a bare minimum. We are in trouble and we’re running out of time. Carson 2016

          • Tomahawk, I respect your opinion, this is America, what’s left of it. All I am saying is the establishment lightweights hate us, their base. History tells us that they cannot win. It has been proven time and time again. There are millions of conservative republicans who have never had the chance to vote for a conservative in their life times.. Dole, Bush 41, blew it by not following the conservative structure in place put there by President Reagan; Dole, who did not have a chance; Bush 43 who spent worse than a drunken mafia Don and Mccain a campaign ONLY conservative and Romney, who quit,after the first debate! Look at what happened after Ted Cruz stood the conservative ground in the well of the senate in 2013! The establishment, RINO’s yes, the establishment RINO’s trashed him to no end! But look at the results of the 2014 election! The gop walloped the socialist all over America. In Maryland the republican Larry Hogan did the impossible, whipped the LT Gov een after Hliiay and Bubba made repeated trips into Maryland to stump for him. The state housed gathered about 600 seats for the gop America-wide. So much for the establishment. Jeb Bush is hated throughout America! Ask American’s and you’ll hear for your self.

            Why is it expected for us to swallow our American values and principles every time there is an election? Were you around when Gov. Reagan ran in the 70’s? The establishment hated him then and evidently Jeb Bush still hates him. Remember about early in 2015 when Jeb told us the ERA of Reagan was over! He had to fight the establishment tooth and nail to win the nomination from George H. W. Bush! Now, we may get stuck with another Bush? Is the America or is this England where they have dynasties and families born into wealth and they and only they can be in leadership of the nation?

            I/the conservative movement is sick and tired of always having to capitulate to losing candidates who we are told over and over again they are the only candidates that can win. So, Tomahawk, the conservative movement is right in the thick of the debates and we totally understand the importance of the 2016 Presidential Election! The question is does the establishment understand or is their mega billion agenda so important to them and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce and its crony’s so important that they will swallow it’s leader Tom Donahue iron-fisted policies and K Street down the presidential alley of defeat again Bush 41, Dole, McCain & Romney.

          • I’m not in disagreement with you. And I do remember the Reagan issue of which you speak. If you notice, Jeb isn’t doing very well, and I don’t really see that changing. I could be wrong. I have nothing personal against the man, in fact he was a pretty good governor, I’m told. But he’s guilty by association or sharing a name and genes. I don’t know if that’s necessarily fair, though neither is life. Enough. The establishment does not care about the conservative movement, and they’ve proven it. So we have to take up that cause. But what I have been seeing on posts around the web is something all too similar with how people reacted to obama in his first bid. With regards to Trump, that is. I refer to it as a “blind following”. And it scares me. Just because one makes comments that resonate does not mean it can be done, or that true intent is even there. I propose to everyone of us that we need to do our homework, and stay on top of it. Look at the history on these people, as well. Get involved as much as you’re able to do so. It is that important. As for 2016 and WHO?, I can’t answer that one for you. I don’t know if I have a final answer on it for me, yet. But right now, I’m sticking with Carson. If you knew me, your jaw would be on the floor right now. Good luck to you, and thanks for your reply and your time. Carson 2016

          • We are not in disagreement, wow! Great, Tomahawk. Now, I can fully breathe all the way. I am glad to hear from other American’s who love our country. “If you knew me, your jaw would be on the floor right now.” Whatever this means is alright with me, I believe you love our America. That is all that matters to me.

          • I am with you for Carson all the way–morals and American values and for the low class stands tall in my book –he is a man with the gifted hands so he may be that man with a gift heart for the people of American and lead it in the right direction than Obama has torn down these last seven years

          • Carson is a good man but he is for amnesty , and also he said the police should have more respect for the black people. No, I’ll take Trump for 2016.


            You will be “voting” for food, you will be controlled by the Gov food, and you will comply with anything you are told by those with the food.

            Disagree? Then do something about it Now; and voting ain’t it. Just my opinion, especially when the “choices” are Comrade A or Comrade B.


            “We will not be voting our way out of this, ladies and gentlemen.” – Billy Beck

          • Trump for 2016 and save America. Jeb is an idiot, he is where he is today only because of his donors, other than that he is hated by 99 1/2 % of the American people.

          • m, carson would back down when the liberals get on his back, but Trump won’t Trump in 2016.

          • Comrade Stalin stated,”It’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes”. The Constitution is practically already eviscerated, the 2nd Amend remains somewhat intact not because it is written, but because of the guns in unrelenting hands.
            I suggest less time on politics and more on plan B.; because the sElections
            are a year away and out of our control and plan B starts today.

          • get real! no one has spent more money than Obama the bomber,what did he do come to you in sheep’s clothing then become the raving wolf to the American people? I had rather have ten Bushes than One Obama anyday at least none of the Bush’s was ever a dictator,a traitor,and brought into America all the terrorist than gonna blow your a** up as well as the rest of us to never never land don’t matter if 99% of the people thought positive there would be that 1% negative so that means people can not please everyone

          • No one has spent more money than Obama, no argument; but it seems you are buying the dual party system and also ignoring the premise of what “Progressive” means.
            For example, Bubba Clinton’s upset of the homosexual ban in the military to “don’t ask don’t tell”. Then Clinton’s policy is called backward as full and open homosexual “show and tell” becomes the Obamy policy. Then “progressed” into Trannie rights today. Bite by Bite.
            The Bushies are All NWO. There is only One ProgreSSive Party, USSA with two factions, Chamberpot Repubs and Marxist-Mooslem DemocRats. They squabble over the morsels but agree on the direction:
            One (UN) World Government run by International Banksters.
            ISIL is probably fueled by the black budget of the CIA to stampede the sheeples into a Police State, while importing even more Mooslem terrorists as “refugees”, and the Hispanic Illegal Invasion to dilute any remaining voter rebellion.
            I feel your pain, but it’s going to get much worse. Unless or Until……..
            we decide it’s really up to us. CYA, friend.

          • I remember the Clinton’s in” don’t ask don’t tell” policy.Obama had to enforce the policy because he is homo himself,and I know it is going to get worse day by day,but we have not yet become the One World Government and it is leading to this very shortly because the dollar will collapse and there will be shortage of food,and many bunker tanks are going underground in tunnels for months. FEMA camps,ISIS scattering in almost every State for the take over of the American people and Obama does not want to leave office and he probably want said he is the best thing the people in America has ever had (“quote”) from his Kenya visit last month.If it was up to me and I could do it alone he would have been long gone before now but the people are no longer united,only divided thanks to Obama,and we are no longer “One Nation Under God”

          • We will prevail, somehow, someway. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of food stockpiled and of course arms and ammo. Be able to defend you and yours, then other family and friends.
            The economic demise will set it off. just be as self sufficient as possible, the banks will freeze up any deposits so be wary. All the best.

          • Americas downfall started at the hands of the mass-murdering Lincoln! The wrong side lost to a Fed monster that has been consuming WTP since 1861.

            Food and white metal is a wise investment…

          • LOL, I thought you meant silver! Thanks, take care. My whole point on these posts is to get people to understand that they will have to take FULL responsibility for their survival….especially food, without grocery stores and then everything that develops out of that scenario………
            If nothing happens then Eat Well !
            Here’s an “intro piece” if you would like to help get your peoples prepped


          • We’ve been on our own since the Wilson administration, with succeeding administrations making the bad even worse. The people need to stand up for what is right and bring our country back to the greatness we once were.

          • Sadly very few people understand this and even fewer would believe you. I may be wrong but I get this from a lot of people from other sites, that when someone states something like you’re saying, they call us conspiracy nuts.

          • “Sticks and Stones” name calling is the essence of losing. I know it well, because I do it too, having “lost” the morality of a country to the ProgreSSives.

            A firm grasp of reality, by viewing the current facts, and historical precedence can give at least a glimpse of the future to prepare for.

            Evil will always be with us, Our Response to it is all that matters. God Bless. CYA.


          • White Sulfur Springs, WV. It is out in the public domain now,they showed the entrance door to the press years ago.

          • I believe that “they” have been compelled to “see the light” by the illuminati, tri lateral commission, bilderburgs and in short the one world government traitors. And WE need to see the light and get rid of them ALL one way or another. Whatever it takes!

          • It’s the force that the Prophet Daniel wrote about, many well known men wrote and spoke about this Dark Entity including presidents Lincoln, Wilson and JFK even FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover and several well known domestic and foreign industrialists have also made mention of this. The Apostle Paul confirms this when he explained who we war with. It’s not in Vogue today to mention the Scriptures but it is to show Hollywood with all its Satanic symbols which are many. The Occult is thriving well in modern America.

          • Funny how the Republican savior President Reagan was one of those actors from “Hollywood with all its Satanic symbols”.

          • There is only one savior most of us Christians call Him Jesus in the English tongue and I didn’t mention any one party being more controlled than another. Nancy Reagan was into astrology big time. Hillary Clinton is known for trying to communicate with Eleanor Roosevelt. Washington DC has many symbols that can be traced back to Babylonia, most people think these symbols are from ancient Rome and Greece because they had them too but they got them and the ideas to mold them from ancient Babylon. if you think these symbols were just creations by ignorant people, you’re mistaken, there is a spirit world. Satan is real and god of this world for now anyway.

          • of all the recent past presidents……..all you can find fault with is Reagan?

            Comrade K your posts on the deplorable Chamberpot Repubs is spot on, But your omission of any criticism of the Marxist-Mooslem DemocRats betrays your hidden ProgreSSive agenda.
            Are you such a “useful idiot”, not to realize that tyranny will suppress you as well?

          • ya, Obama’s death threats against them, their families and friends.. if you haven’t noticed ,, Boehner came in like a lion and is leaving in the same manner. with a lot of reluctance… someone is holding some shit over his head…i wonder who?

          • “Don’t ask for Whom the Bell Tolls………..” Something is being held over your head too. You will comply, Comrade… In all things decreed or suffer.

          • If they shove bush jeb down our throats that should be the next action for the people. We don’t have any B(ubblehead) S(kunks) royalty in America we have elected people, non of that rap. And, the kennedy’s can go to hades as far as I am concerned.

          • McCain is losing in Arizona, Graham has no chance in the republican race for President–so yes I hope we can say goodbye to those two and Mitch!!

          • FLAKE, MCain’s a—-ole buddy from Arizona and a pure RINO must be escorted from our Capital

          • Republicans Flake, McCain, Graham and Rubio one half of the gang of eight, along with their Democrat pal Turban Durbin these five alone will have America looking like Detroit.

          • James, If you know anything about Obama, then you know that in the truest sense of the word, he is a true c– sucker.

          • I think a good share in the white house are true c-suckers,thats why they have the queer flag hanging over the white house.

          • How I wish, because these people have caused more damage than most Democrats since they falsely claim just the opposite as what they really are, I cant think of any Democrats that are Republicans or DINOs. RINOs are Traitors to the country as well as the people that put their trust in them. Which makes me believe they understand perfectly well they’re destroying the country where most of the Democrats believe they are helping the country. Like Bernie Sanders I believe the man is just stupid, even though history has proven his ideology cant work but he believes it can, even though I cant stand the man or his Ideology I consider him a better person than RINOs.

          • Actually, no one can fill Obama’s shoes. He has earned the title of “Worst President in History.” And to think, the American people, who he thinks little of, will be providing for him and his family for many years to come. It’s called “poliitcal welfare,” or “unearned income.”

          • No republican is trying to replace the fine muslim. We want rid of him/it. Just wanted to clear that up for you. You may proceed back to whatever rock you crawled out from under.

          • Sorry love, you will need to be visiting your dear Hill in prison by then. Perhaps you can sneak her a file. Sorry again love, didn’t mean to use that word file to remind you of her ignorance and arrogance. I meant a metal file so she can try and saw her way to freedom…

          • That should clean things up for “starts.” Harry Reid is a thug, and Pelosi is an embarrassment to all intelligent women.

          • I live in McCainland (Arizona) and would LOVE to see him VACATE HIS SEAT ASA-NOW… The ONLY decent thing he’s done in recent memory is Volted Sarah Palin onto the National Stage… Time for him to go NOW…

          • wonderful post. you could have joined the gestapo in the 30s. you would be well received.

          • I did what I could, last time to get Graham out, but I did not have nhelp and he went back in!!!!!!!!

          • I wish you were right with all your heart and mine too. Those two skunks are in love with the many millions of dollars they control, quitting is not an option for the traitor and the eunuch, his son.

          • Not many people understand the nature of your statement, nor how deeply the Bolsheviks have infiltrated our government. Very wise

          • I read your history. You think there are 9 million folks awake and aware today? That’s 1 in 33 people. If true, it would make me feel a lot better…

          • Been to Ohio, its pretty, and nice people. I drove for a trucking company out of Seville, just down from Medina. Its too bad your state got the luck of the draw with that pompous wind bag.

          • Yea I know.i didn’t know that pig poop could be stacked that hi. I sent him some emails awhile back we he ask me to renew my repub, fund
            . I told him , I warned you before about the back stabbing .that I would not support repub as long as he was speaker. I dam sure don’t fund the demos. Bunch of sick twisted jerks.

          • i sure did not. i would never have voted for a alky. that is exactly what he is…an idiot alky…

        • they have to call for him to remove. the must take a vote now to remove him. only way he survives is if others can be blackmailed or threatened. which has already been taking place, that’s why he’s been able to remain as speaker. America has got to speak out. We have no Voice, Our Votes don’t count, you saw that with obama. how many Mickey Mouse Votes were their, how many illegal votes were, each election gets worse with Fraudulent votes.
          Trump like him or not, he has been a voice for America. Trump should have gotten out there in from of Rubio, the news media are taking every opportunity to push Rubio. Trump needs to speak out about Boehner.
          tell the house not to wait, Vote him our now. lets see their back bone now and get Boehner out now before he lets obama put this country in more danger. GITMO may be more serous than most are taking it. Can’t close Gitmo, Gitmo can be the Death to Ameirca in the hands of China or Russa,
          or even Iran. Iran with all the Billions of dollars he will be able to buy Gitmo, I sure obama will have a good excuse for getting rid of Gitmo tell us what a great deal he is making money wise but not telling how easy it will be for them to Destroy America.

          • I can see the cuban missile crisis all over again. And I wasnt even 1 year old the first time.

          • Your an idiot then. With satellites nukes can not be moved without America knowing. hell even the republicans were spying on our allies in Europe.

          • It was a figure of speech. Of course we would know if they were moving weaponry. Just felt like getting up this morning and insulting someone huh.

          • Votes don’t count when bozo gives the counting job to his puppeteer so-ros, in s-pain. Find out who counts yours.

          • Sorry but GW out sourced the contract to count votes in 2004 to an over seas company. This is no big news today. Where were you 11 years ago?

          • There was NO PROOF of vote changes. The video that went around supposedly showing vote changes at machine was just another computer manipulation i.e. photo chop. We do now for a fact in 1999 Jeb Bush used a KNOWN flawed computer program to purge the FLA voter rolls of criminals. What happened was Americans voting rights were taken away from law abiding Americans. including a 70 year old minister. That is why the “hanging chad” was such a big deal. I can say this for a fact. GW Buh was only the second and the first in modern history to become president WITHOUT receiving the most votes. So MORE Americans voted for Gore but Bush still became president. Given that the majority of Judges on the Supreme court were put there by Republican presidents what else would you expect. Just another Republican trick to take control of the government from the People. Same as the republican Citizens United. Now only the rich and connected can get elected to the hill in DC. Then add to that the Patriot Act. The republican bill that took AWAY ore American rights and freedoms then any other legislation in history. So now the government controlled by Americas rich can spy on every American.

          • So only the rich get to the hill, well there you go, that includes obama. So if the patriot act is spying on Americans, which it is, then why did obama want to keep it. It was some members of congress that kept it from going thrpugh, and we got a cheap facsimile, which O signed. As far as the voter thing goes, you need look no further than the 2012 elections for that, people in Ohio jailed for multiple votes for O, and all republican precints voting a 110% for obama, and the soros voting machines that after the fact that they knew were switching votes. But hey it is what it is, for bush and obama, and a little late after the fact.

        • The Conservatives can and must push Him out of the Leadership immediately to save many babies from the horrible planned parenthood butchers.

        • Why will we leave traitor Obama in for 30 more days…There is no time to spare to remove Obama. Arrest him today as a traitor.

        • well wait until the next Speak of the House is in we all my be sorry he may be worse than Boehner he was told time after time to listen to the people but again Obama don’t listen to anyone either so I maybe sorry also I sent letters to Congress time and time again for him to resign and the same for Obama and he is still in and still no chance of congress helping that along for him to resign..all we need now is another Obama’s butt kisser and nose wiper since he has plenty left guess another want hurt since he will be the Speaker





            LORD I HOPE SO !!

      • YOU are absolutely right. Boehner is a prostitute for Obama. Same on you Boehner. You have damaged our party but we will recover.

      • I remember him as “Weeping Boehner” and he has reason to weep, he is a traitor, does all the damage possible and then retires, as if none of this will affect him, he will work his butt off for the next few days to change America but not for better for worse!

          • Few are not! This is all threatre. State dept. document 7277 signed in 1961 ,also called the Freedom from War Act requires All weapons to be confiscated period! Both House’s allocated funds to implement it 18 times during the 1960s alone. Both Dem. & Repub. said how pro. 2nd they were. Few to this day have heard of this Act. All theatre , and the monkey’s eat it up. Get on Central committee they decide who runs as Dem. or Repub. get this pestilence out. There is often unopposed seats open,get ten friends to vote for you and that is often is enough.

          • That’s right. He did. We don’t need any more illegals coming in and let’s get rid of them.

      • Yea. Can you believe it? And they both probably think his endorsement will be a great service. Again, another example of the total disconnect between DC and the true America

      • Bush’s campaign??? more likely Hillary’s with all the people he’s in bed with. he’s so far up the Democrat anal canal he’d have to back paddle a long way to get anywhere near a Republican campaign. And he would be the death knell of any Republican campaign. Doesn’t matter they’re all the same anyway Democrats and Republicans….Whores and mercenaries all of them.

      • Rubio is just as bad as Bush, might even be worse. the news media is pushing for Rubio. that have to keep Rubio and Trump apart, they ignore any negative statements about Rubio. right now i thing Rubio is just as big a threat to this country as Boehner is. Rubio is in the pockets of some Sugar Growers and also in the hands to the Democrat party because of that deal he and the Dems made with the lobbyists for the Sugar Growers. Rubio needs to be investigated,. where’s he getting his money and why, and if he used campaign money for investments?

        • I do like to hear him talk though… see….he’s a decent orator, he doesn’t stutter or stammer and need notes and teleprompters! Whoever said O’anus was a great orator obviously never had the wherewithal to observe one!!!

    • I will never forget the UBER experienced Ohio poll worker who was so confident she bragged on world wide TV she voted six times for the USA’s first Mystery POTUS and then she got a lawyer paid for by George Soros and only served eight months in jail.

      Who would do time in prison in the USA on behalf of their candidate?

      Example: Susan McDougal

      How many would be willing to serve time for their candidate?

      Answer: Far too many.

      • Whenever this is brought up in these message boards liberals always deny that it occurred and expect someone else to provide the video for them.

        • The world watched Beohner’s state of Ohio flounder in corruption leaving no doubt why Beohner is elected too.

          Note no investigation into Ohio voter fraud either. Would not want to rat out the mechanism that got one elected.

          • Boehner represents only one district in Ohio. He has no power anywhere else in the state. He actually has no power IN his own district, as he represents the district in Congress, not in any local or state office.

            So far as I’ve heard, the main corruption in Ohio is in the Democrat voting, such as that Democrat poll worker who served eight months for voting for Obama six times in the last election. She is one example of someone who was caught. If Boehner had been elected through corrupt practices, it would have been headline news in every liberal media outlet.

          • Election 2012 Is voter fraud being committed in Ohio? (Human Events)

            “COLUMBUS, Ohio — Two volunteer poll workers at an Ohio voting station
            told Human Events that they observed van loads of Ohio residents born in
            Somalia — the state is home to the second-largest Somali population in
            the United States — being driven to the voting station and guided by
            Democratic interpreters on the voting process. No Republican
            interpreters were present, according to these volunteers…”

            And of course the James O’Keefe who only touched on a far larger USA tax funded community organized voter fraud in the USA (ACORN) and yet no investigation in Ohio not there and not any where.

            Even the USA voting machines have been outed as hackable in the last three elections from the polling place parking lot.

            Actions speak louder than words

          • And this relates, HOW, to anything I’ve posted? If anything, your post seems to confirm that I’ve been saying.

          • I’ve tried twice now to find your post and still have not been able to see if I responded.
            Yes, it is expected that the Democrats will commit voter fraud at any and every opportunity. But what does that have to do with Boehner? He does not run the voting apparatus in any Ohio locality.

          • But you need to ask yourself WHY the Republicans have not cried FRAUD…..the very reason all this is going on in mass proportions!!
            The Republican Party made an agreement many years ago with the Demoncrat Party NOT to ensure voting integrity and NOT to pursue any suspected vote fraud……now if you knew nothing could be done, or would be done, would you stop your dastardly ways? Or would put out in force all that you could?! Fortunately, the judge involved in this just died last month….so let’s hope things are in the works to seek out another hearing on this decree!! Although that judge had been retired for many years, he made it his sworn duty to sit for these hearings and overruled every time…..or some such thing….not sure of all the legal terms, but you certainly can look it up.

          • I don’t need to google it. I saw clips of the lady proudly stating that she had voted for Obama six times, and she didn’t feel she had done anything at all wrong.

          • NO NO NO She knew 100% she would never serve the time that she was suppose to serve and as you know she only served eight months and got a free lawyer too! All costs paid for by George Soros

            Another example: Susan McDougal would not say a peep about White Waterr protecting Bill Clinton who just pardoned her after three years of her silence.

            How many would serve time for their candidate?

            Answer: Far too many

          • It would be my guess that Susan McDougal was assured of financial remuneration in return for her silence. She probably had the evidence well-hidden or she might well be on the infamous Clinton List.

          • Just how does one manage it, I don’t believe I could ever live like that! I say don’t tell me crap, because there’s no way I’ll not spill it in a court of law. Ain’t happenin’!! ;)

          • I’m sure she was paid well, and for sure she is on that infamous list! Only a fool would think otherwise!

      • When I first started to read your post, McDougal immediately popped into my mind!! I like when that happens, makes me feel confident that all oars are still in the water! I don’t ever want to end up like Pelosi with bats in the belfry!!!

    • more like Stooge I don’t know why they waited so long to get rid of him. I know they couldn’t get the votes. but they had to come and speak to the American people and get them behind them to remove Boehner now who know what he can do to fur put this country in danger. I Boehner is for the murdering of babies and the Iran deal, what does that tell you. another Gitmo Terrorist released, soon GITMO will be empty and nobody is talking about the deal for Gimo. China and clinton were making a deal to lease our Nave base when he close all those base, obama, Harry reid and son were getting rid of the Ranchers because the were going to sell Nevada land to China. is obama hading over GITMO to CHINA, is this the reason for the China meeting. WHO ever gets GITMO they will use it to come after us. Iran’s Nuclear Deal that Russia and China support, the reason for getting rid of GItmo is for the Death to America. China failed to get the Naval Base and Failed to get the Nevada land, so what’s nest, GITMO


    • actually, why would anyone want too remember either one of these total misfits?? not me, that is for sure.. i just look at them and get an instant revulsive feeling in the stomach…

  4. Benedict Arnold was a coward and a traitor. Boehner will find his place in the same Pantheon. He will take “revenge” on conservatives by allowing the Democrats to pass the CR, Immigration Reform, Import Export Bank, ObamaCare fixes.

  5. He’s quitting, but not until he secures funding for enfanticide.

    That alone will enter him into the “Legacy Business”.

    • I love how the liberals spin it. Dems threaten a shut down if PP isn’t funded. So the liberal media spins it as the GOP would shut down the government by de-funding PP. It’s as if the operation of the government, a multi trillion dollar operation, depends on funding PP.

      • Exactly! And if Bonehead can’t articulate a sensible message that puts the blame where it belongs then how in the world can he expect the base to put up with him?

  6. Sure, Johnny, sure. As a Conservative I say, this guy has done just about everything that Obama wanted him to. Now, at this mornings conference meeting, he has stated that funding for Planned Parenthood will continue. What a sell-out! One of your last acts as Speaker and you are going to ensure more babies get slaughtered and sold for spare parts. Boehner’s actions are despicable. He stands for nothing noble or notable other than corruption along with McConnel and Obama. What a waste of time these guys are.

  7. The liberals on MSNBC are in a tizzy, begging Boehner to bring legislation to the floor before he leaves. OF COURSE THEY ARE! Boehner has been their puppet for so long, the Dems need him to pass the immigration bill so they can start filling out paperwork for these once-illegals to vote next fall. It’s a lot easier to start declaring rights for illegals if they’re “in the pipeline”.

    • Indeed. Nobody in their right mind can support Planned Parenthood after what they have done. It was just too ‘Joseph Mengele’ for anyone to be on the fence about it. The problem is, the actual information has not made it out to most people.

      • Dr. Mengele lived in Argentina and Latin America after WWII until he died and his German father funded him and his German son visited him in Latin America too.

        USA was forced to pay for WWII then forced to rebuild both the enemies, Germany and Japan, when the Union never rebuilt the South after the US civil War to make the USA great again.

        instead we rebuilt both our enemies so that their industries became great again.

        Now Germany and Japan had not only the resources but the means to repay wars debts and rebuild themselves without the USA tax payer monies since Germans had money to send and support their famed sons who magically escaped capture in Latin America and whose magical sons were able to visit their “exiled” fathers.but no one else in the entire world was able to capture the war criminals.

        Magical eh?

    • The Gang of 8 Senate bill died when the last Congress ended. So,if Boehner did try to resurrect it, the bill would have to be resubmitted to the Senate.

    • Seems that the deems and the east coast rinos need to go on their own way. Secessions seem to offer the best path as the USA federal system collapses.

  8. This resignation explains so much. Boehner has been crying with regularity for some time now. He has been caving in to Obama and the Democrats for years on almost every issue.

    What blackmail have they been holding over Boehner for all this time? What barrel has he been over? What is it that he has finally said “I’m out!” rather than continue as Speaker?

  9. God-willing the Pope’s visit will have inspired Boehner to not cave on his Catholic beliefs and to fight to defund Planned Parenthood. If he and other Republicans can’t muster the moral courage to do that in the face of the most horrific revelations imaginable, they deserve eternal shame and condemnation. Pope Francis missed a golden opportunity to remind Catholic lawmakers of their obligation to defend life, one that’s fully in line with the U.S. Constitution.

    • Nick, unfortunately Boehner stated this morning at the Republican conference meeting that he intends to go forward and ensure that Planned Parenthood will be funded. He’s a despicable sell-out not truly concerned with the innocent unborn babies who will be aborted. When it comes right down to it, he will fold and the babies will die!

    • the pope was too busy pushing Climate Change,and telling us we must admit all the muslims. to hell with him on BOTH

  10. I want the next Speaker to be someone who will get their knuckles bloody by finally fighting for the people of America — the people who put these politicians into office based on their presentation of principles and promises. I want someone who is going to take back the legislative branch of our nation as prescribed by our Constitution. Stop the infanticide, stop the slaughter of innocent unborn, stop the barbaric selling of aborted baby organs, stop the lying and corruption, and take back America. I want someone who will fight, finally fight!

    • You would think that controlling the House and Senate would give the GOP more pull. The reality is it isn’t that they can’t get their Conservative agenda accomplished. The reality is their agenda is the same as Obama’s.

    • Well, we’re going to get McCarthy, so conservatives should demand one of our own to be the next Majority Leader of the House as the price for our support in 2016.

        • Not my preference either, but that’s the scuttlebutt circulating around the internet. However, Johnson is being mentioned frequently for the Majority Leader spot, supposedly in exchange for conservative support for Kevin.

    • No more RINOs. Someone with the courage of their convictions, and who loves USA more than their personal and special interests. Someone who will not be a bedfellow with evil.

    • All these crimes will come to an end when will end when that black muslim, America hater leaves the white house.

  11. Joining Bush? Yes, that will help with the perception that Bush sees only the perspective of the donor class, ignores his base, and is related to unpopular Washington figures. Makes perfect sense. Perfect.

  12. Boehner to help Bush? This is how utterly out of touch the ruling class of establishment politicians really are. With Boehner on Bush’s team, Bush will be going lower in the polls and further away from the nomination. In a certain sense, this is a great move … get Bush out of the running once and for all.

    • That video of Rubio mentioning Boehner’s resignation and the loud and sustained cheering and standing ovation from the crowd is all you need to know about him. I truly hope Bush is such a fool to bring Boehner onboard. I’m a supporter of both Trump and Cruz, but most of the field is palpable with the exception of Jeb.

      • Not to me. Immigration — legal and illegal — is my issue in 2016. Trump and Cruz? Definitely. But the rest of the top tier are amnesty squishes, and that’s a deal breaker for me.

          • Trump is my #1 choice, mainly because I’d love to see Cruz on the Supreme Court… preferably as Ginsberg’s replacement.

          • I’ll be really surprised if she doesn’t retire so Obama can pick another Communist or even worse a Muslim to replace her.

          • The Democrats have been begging her to resign since at least 2012 so Obama could nominate her successor: she is adamant in her refusals. By all accounts, Ginsberg loves being on the Court and has no intention of retiring any time soon.

          • The Justices need to have term limits. Years back, the length of a person’s life was around 50 yo. Things have changed, so we need fresh faces and voices who are cognizant of the changing world and opinions that come with it.

          • I agree but if those fresh faces are like Obama then we’ll change alright, change for the worse. The masses are getting dumber and every generation as a nation we value our Liberties even less. We are witnessing the death of America and it seems to me the vast majority cant see this. Just one group of people with a rapidly expanding birth rate in comparison to all others is 8 to 2 and growing, and these people favor Sharia Law over the Constitution. They have a history of destroying countries and turning them into Hell-Holes Egypt and Iran were at one time great countries, many smaller countries today were at one time decent countries before the cancer Islam struck. There are several small cities in America where Muslims are making demands for Sharia Law and trying to force their holidays on school official to make them school holidays, these officials agreed to let the Muslim children off but that isn’t good enough the Muslims said they wanted the schools to recognize them as American holidays, this is their m.o when their numbers are great enough their demands start. At these meetings they brag that soon they will be the majority, the sad truth is they are right.

          • Just finished reading Cruz’s book! He certainly is experienced in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I think he and Trump would make a good match. Trump talks and Cruz keeps him legal..

          • Much as I adore Cruz (he is one of my Senators and I couldn’t ask for one more responsive to his constituents), his ego would never allow him to accept the VP slot. My preference is the Supreme Court, but he would also make an excellent Attorney General.

    • When I was doing my best to warn people about Obama being the Fascist he is, I was assured by all the business owners with a chuckle that a man like Obama would never be elected, of course we will never know how much voter fraud played in his win. But what I don’t understand is the lack of concern by the Republican party. There is supposed to be a company that counts a large section of the country’s votes located in a mid western state, the investigating journalist who tried to check out this company claims that it would be just as easy to get information from a Mafia Godfather about his business activities. Why is this such a clandestine thing when we the voters have a right to know if our voting system is honest. As I said we know there is fraud, it’s the degree of fraud we don’t know,

  13. You haven’t seen anything yet. Boehner in one last attempt to stick it to the American people is going to try and pass the Senate amnesty bill that is already in the House. Thankfully it was tabled. He now feels that with the help of Obama and the DEMS in the house he can stick it to the American people one last time making sure that the Republicans will never have a majority in the House again with all the illegals votes for the DEMs. He doesn’t have to worry about not getting back in office, so he can do what he wants and really stick it to the American people.

  14. This article explains many of the reasons most of us are not at all unhappy with Boehner’s resignation, including his blind dedication to the Bush family – can we all say together “establishment”!

  15. Weeping John is the master of betraying the base during lame duck sessions. Why should his exit be any different?

  16. WTF? This should be more incentive to let the government shut down. It’s not like he has to worry about any fallout (most of it is fabricated anyway), since he’ll be gone.

    • A federal shutdown will be a rehearsal to the final days of the federal system. Seems that we’ll be lucky when the federal system implodes in 2018. It’s almost there.

  17. Boehner and Bush–what a team. If Boehner’s last act if funding Planned Parenthood and then he jumps onboard with Bush–what will Bush say about abortion then?

    • What if he ends up as Bush’s VP candidate? That would be a piss poor choice for Bush, but it is possible.

    • Boner joining Bush would sink Bush down more in the polls. Boner, Bush, McConnell and others in the leadership and establishment are the reasons you see Trump, Carson and Fiorina ahead in the polls. The majority of the people not on the east and west coasts are fed up with Washington and business as usual. Bush, if he wants to be a serious candidate, would be ill advised to bring Boner on board.

  18. Like obama he will leave double-crossing us! in a year he will be fat and drunk in Cinnci! on our dime, well, more than a dime!

  19. Politics has many strange bedfellows. The devout Catholic Speaker resigns and part of the deal is to protect funding for Planned Parenthood. The Pope only vaguely mentioned abortion in a speech to Congress, the week after Democrats successfully defended killing five month old fetus’. Who’s on first?

  20. JEBush appears to be no better than in 6th place for presidential run. That does sound somewhat encouraging. That could be more encouraging to the country if JEBush dropped further,
    On the other hand, a JEBush try for the Federal presidency which would be based on his belief because as he says, “It’s my turn”, might be great because such could encourage secessions.

  21. If they had any brains, they would hold a vote and remove him from his speakership now to prevent him from causing a shit load of trouble over the next month.

  22. If he didn’t step down he was going to fund PP. Stepping down he will fund PP. What’s the difference?

    Funding or de-funding PP will not shut down the government. The Dems are threatening a shut down if the GOP doesn’t cave to fund PP.

  23. Mr. Obama is losing another of his legacy’s chief cheerleaders – only equaled to Harry Reid’s earlier retirement announcement.

  24. Simple solution for Planned Parenthood – don’t defund it, simply remove it’s funding from the budget and require a separate vote for it to be funded, thus allowing Democrats to decide if they really want to be on the record supporting it.

  25. Idiotic to think that Boehner could help Bush when the vast majority of Republican voters dislike him and McConnell. I did not know that Boehner backed Bush but it makes perfect sense and explains why I would never vote for Bush.

  26. Let’s stop al legislation until the weepy pussy is gone, and then try to destroy Obama’s agenda when we get a REAL speaker in there.

  27. Maybe John B can get his pal Eric C on board and together they can bring their HISTORIC LOSING CAPABILITIES to the already losing campaign of Jeb “amnesty” Bush so they will all go down in tears and flames

  28. It’s not enough to change my vote or my mind
    Too little too late GOP =gutless cowards don’t deserve to be in charge
    I’m still a no vote for any of these GOP incumbents
    Throw them all out both parties
    We need to fundamentally transform congress for the good of the country

  29. Boehner is about as much a conservative Republican as Nancy Polosi. You wonder how a person like him could be elected Speker of the House by Republicans. He will go down as being Obama’s right hand man

  30. “…but don’t expect the Ohio Congressman to leave without a fight…Boehner will now likely attempt to use the last of his remaining political capital to avoid a government shutdown.”

    That kind of “fight” is exactly why conservatives wanted him out. To conservatives, that called “surrender”.

  31. Thank God this guy is finished. Please, John, take anyone who was involved in Clinton impeachment proceedings with you.

    John McCain. Paging John McCain.

    I am no longer a Republican due to the failure of these gentlemen to keep their pledges. I no longer trust Republicans. I no longer like Republicans.

  32. “House Freedom Caucus”. Ironic, the group that has has freedom in their name wants to take away a freedom of all women in America. Yes, abortion is bad, but if early term is bad, why are all the fertility clinics allowed to discard of millions of fertilized eggs (aka embryos), every year. Conservatives are pro contraception and abstinence to solve the problem. Republicans, not conservatives, are just against anything they want to be against without thought or reason.

  33. How many more idiotic decisions can the Bush campaign possibly make and remain in the race Boehner is the most hated RINO in the history of RINOs and will cost Bush far more votes than he adds.

  34. Is anyone else tired of our failed institutions of government? Why are we standing for this garbage every day of the week / month / year?

    It is clear that the ballot box no longer offers any sort of realistic solution.

  35. Any excuse to do the wrong thing continually regardless of the harm it does. I think that’s pretty much defined as treason. Our government is hopelessly corrupt and vile.

  36. As a parting gift, ALL republicans should send the orange B0ner out the door and on his way with a “NO Focking Way” vote on PP funding.

  37. Some people just do not get it. Until a conservative is in the White House, nothing is going to happen in DC that conservatives want. Oh, and there is a 60 vote threshold in the Senate as well. Are there 60 Republicans? You people are kidding yourselves. Fighting losing idiotic battles that result in a government shutdown, Republicans being blamed, and losing all footing with voters is stupid. For such a highly educated bunch, some conservatives are just plain dumb.

    Boehner did the best he could with a polarized caucus, and an electorate that has elected Obama not once, but twice.

  38. Lock the old bastige in his office for 30+ days, then throw him down the Capitol steps. He’s been probably the worst Republican Speaker in recent history. I bet he still has the footprints from Obongo’s girly shoes on his back. What an absolute waste of oxygen.

  39. Regardless of whom is House Speaker or Senate Leader, we should not be funding murderers to the tune of more than $250,000,000.00 a year when they make money selling body parts!

  40. Many believe the Speaker will take a prominent role in the Presidential campaign of Jeb Bush.

    Fail at one job and go to another that he and his new boss will certainly fail – great move cry baby

    Nothing like being the pawn of Obama for 4 years and now of Bush – funny shit

  41. I can’t tell if this article is reporting or a hit job on “Jeb!”. Because if “Jeb!” hired Boehner, it would be the kiss of death for his campaign.

  42. Boehner’s support will be the end of Jeb. And it doesn’t mean PP and the Ex-IM will be funded either.

    No one cares what Boehner wants!

  43. Boehner’s exit is an establishment Republican ‘rope-a-dope’ maneuver.
    He was forced out because outsiders dominate the polls and will be
    replaced by someone who leans more to the conservatives, bringing the
    tea party more towards the establishment to fix the polls.
    convention time the establishment republicans will slam us with their
    candidate (probably Jeb) saying they did the best they could. The new
    speaker will have a very short term.

  44. the same thing is being done by the Texas Legislative Board and Lt Gov Patrick – bullying their way to get what they want – to protect their purchased opinions – in spite of what the people want. To much power is given to the few that control what gets voted on and when.

  45. one last thumb in the eye to conservatives.

    What is wrong with him – no one cries that much – seriously….there’s something mentally wrong with him.

  46. He’s gonna work for BUSH!!!!

  47. Hey Weepy – go for it man! You’re already going to be know in history – right along with the ‘worst Preezy ever’ – as ‘worst Speaker’. Ever. And then after that JOIN Jebby’s campaign? LoL – Jeb, the ‘pro lifer’? Cant wait for the deer-in-the-headlight answer when the glitterati get hold of that juicy morsel.

  48. Naturally there are rumors, and some of these rumors may well related to putative blackmail from this administration…

  49. The real miracle in the Pope’s visit is over shadowed by the greater news of Boehner’s retirement. You don’t suppose the Pope told Boehner that the Planned Parenthood funding if passed on his watch would push the Pope to excommunicate the Speaker? Hence his resignation.

  50. You cannot fool me, John Bonehead! You’re heading-off to the Bahamas to share a hot tub with Debbie “Wash-Your-Mouth-Out-With-Soap” Shultz. Considering the two of you seem to like being in “hot water” from your respective parties, you might as well be in the water together… Good riddance, you useless corrupt POS boozer!

  51. Boehner will skréw America before he leaves. He already cut a deal with Pelosi behind the curtain before he announced his departure.

    • so did he sniff he stink,or kiss her ugg,shellacking,Fallen,Botox face?? i think not, and she did not suck his johnson, and she needs to ,remain young lookin?? plese stop the queer thoughts!

  52. Why does the writer say this guarantees planned parenthood will be fully funded? He has lost his stroke. He no longer carries the big stick of committee chairmanships, etc. How will this help him?

        • don’t feel,think. if u r kid had stem cells to cure my kid, will u giv me u r kids stem cells??nys has a provision for organ donation on the license. so; wat?? r u sur that the media may hav presented this in the wurss way possible? and of course the media did! be enlightened. don’t’ feel, think about it. or ask ole clint 4 an opinion.

  53. so u’alls think we the people r gona tak it up the ass? u think that the bonehed is gona do tuat the niggerian wans him to does>?! i think not! i think he mite tri to kill everi thing the brownoser prez is trin to do or undo?! good-buy johnie! we will not miss u any mor then we did the gingrich.

  54. The fact that they have supported obama every step of the way should be telling people something. We need a third party. If the elitists in the party agree with the way the republicans are running things, why not just have democrats????

  55. Here’s hoping that either the House Republicans will be able to stop Obama’s agenda in the House, OR that the Senate Republicans will be able to use the filibuster if necessary.

  56. He absolutely better NOT take advantage and do anything idiotic on his way out!! And if by some chance he does somthing stupid, the conservatives BETTER send a message to him and all the other misfit politicians in D.C. The Republicans made promises to all the voters as to what they would do if put into power (wanted control of the House & Senate and got it in the last election) and have not done ONE SINGLE thing they promised. Typical.

  57. The cry baby is going to Jebbie?! Ha! One loser hooking up with another. With Boehner on Jebbies team Jebs poll number will really start dropping. Way to hire the pariah Jeb. LOL!

  58. There must be a way or us to stop this stupidity! No funds for Planned parenthood…that funding needs to go to pay off our debt.

  59. Yes,Boehner is playing right into Obama’s hands,his crying a t the Pope’s speech was really a crying for America,We are doomed as a World power and for that I am crying

  60. The man is a disgrace, if Jeb Bush wants him he is a fool. This man has no spine and has backed Obummer just as if he were a Democrat. Good riddance, he can’t leave soon enough.

  61. He won’t support funding Planned Parenthood unless he is soulless. I think Boehner is weak but not like Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell.

    • Where is the conspiracy, other than for the Democrat Party to advance a Trojan Horse homosexual moslem communist without valid IDs into the highest political office in the land?

  62. B0ner said he prayed this morning before resigning. Any Catholic with half a conscience would do everything in his(her) power to block funding for Planned Vivisection. Ergo, there’s a special place in Hell reserved for him, even more tortuous than for the Demonrats who follow their leader unconsciously.

  63. And like BO he is leaving his final traitorous legacy. Will anyone be surprised at this actions. He will side as always with the dems and his rino buddies.

    • Most likely, and I hope I’m wrong about getting some one as bad or worse,but it’s seems like our government is controlled by some evil force today. There have been previous presidents and other well known men that wrote and spoke about some evil entity that those in power feared. Lincoln, Wilson, JFK and even FBIs J Edgar Hoover, also several famous industrialists domestic and foreign. The Scriptures back up what all those men believed; in the Book of Daniel we learn that the Dark Force can take control of man’s governments and the Apostle Paul confirms this by explaining who we war with.. Why this Biblical teaching isn’t popular anymore in our churches just proves they’ve become the Laodicea type, this is prophecy being fulfilled.

  64. Boehner … LOL … loser … crybaby, … he sobbed his pussified eyes out when the pope came to town….rightfully so…he has lots to be sorry for.

  65. Please, please, please let the drunken tan man go to Jebby’s campaign. That would be the death knell to Jebster’s WH run.

    Sorry, I wrote the the above prior to seeing AmericanKim’s post on down the line.

  66. Avoiding a government shutdown means allowing Obama to control legislation and ignores the will of the Republican majority and the people that voted for Republicans so Obama would not control legislation. The shutdown would occur only if Obama vetoed a budget spending bill that did not fund the baby butchers known as Planned Parenthood. A government that funds the murder of babies should be shutdown. Something being legal does not make it moral. Democracy is not a god to be worshiped. Justice, God’s justice, is worthy of honor, not a government that mocks God with its laws.

  67. Obama’s “Step ‘N Fetch it”! We already know that he’s a traitor not only to his party, but to the very people he was elected to represent! Now this ScumBag is setting up to betray AMERICANS again! TREASON is the word that comes to mind whenever Boehner and McConnell are mentioned!

    We’re going to have an immense mess to clean up behind these two if we are to continue to have a country!

  68. Glad to hear he will be gone,but do NOT let Kevin Mc Carthy ,from California take over he is another RHINO
    phone ALL your reps and tell the Not just NO but HELL NO

  69. Can he be given his walking papers now before he causes harm with the funding of PP and the import/export bank? We do not want or need to do either of these, so he MUST be stopped! Is the House listening and learning something regarding the voice of the people? STOP BOEHNER from more spending!

  70. So now they’ll continue to fund Planned Parenthood so the Democrat-Nazis death-camp doctors can continue their murderous slaughter-for-profit practice of innocent children.

      • And they’re also mass murderers. One day they will all be brought to justice just as the perpetrators of the holocaust were brought to justice before them. It’s interesting how it took an invasion to put a stop to the Nazis. I wonder what it will take to put a stop to the Democrats.

  71. boehner should be arrested for treason. Hope the rest of our elected won’t sit back and allow this moron to continue his assault on USA. McCarthy will be just as bad.

  72. Here’s a good reason for getting rid of that ass hole he’s going to take an appointment position with of all people Jeb Bush ! What slime balls those two are Bush and Boehner !

  73. Nancy Pelosi has more balls than him, I never saw her cry. I guess birds of a feather do flock together two losers Jeb & John

  74. There is no doubt in my mind that Boehner and McConnell have run the House and Senate the way they have because the Bush For President Campaign for President has wanted them to run Congress that way. The Bushes want to elect Jeb President, and the easiest way to do that in their judgement is to not confront Barack Obama. That is made easier because Obama’s programs, like amnesty for illegals, are supported by the Bush Elites.

    Most likely another Bushite, McCarthy, will succeed Boehner, so there will be actually no difference in the way the House is run. The establishment will also work really hard to see their guy McConnell is not replaced in the Senate.

    There is little hope for the GOP unless the Bush family is knocked out of the Driver’s seat of the Republican Party, a position the family has held since Bush 1 became President in 1989.

    And little hope for the country, either, since the Bush run GOP sees eye to eye with the Democrats on most important issues–like immigration, Big government, and New World Order style foreign policy

  75. He is diametrically opposed to any conservative ideas, and he just might be out for revenge —so we had best “be on our toes”

  76. Abortion cannot be justified before God as American Law has stipulated since 1972, thanks to a rogue Supreme Court decision. Those who want illegals with the excuse that menial jobs go unfilled do not bat an eyelash at the statistics of those millions murdered who would now be adults of working age. Unforgiven murder will be remembered on judgment day.

  77. Well, if he does this, he was no “servant of the people” and most likely will drop the bullet of revenge on the conservatives that have called for his well-deserved removal. Typical of a closet lib.

  78. It is time for this shit tyo stop! The rest of Congress better do their jobs stopping the madness or they will be looking for a job comne next election! Jerks just plain jerks! They don’t care about America!

  79. Get Boehner out of there right now. he is not worth the powder too blow him to Kingdom come. all remaining congressmen get him out now..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a bad news thing he is…

    • I agree this Liberal can do a lot for Obama in a month so getting rid of him now would be a great deterrent to King Obama’s agenda, he should just switch to the Democrat party, him and those like him, they are worse than the Democrats, we know what to expect from them but these people we expect them to be loyal to the Constitution.

  80. he’ll always be remembered as a traitor to america …and thats exactly what he is a traitor to the american people

  81. Thirty days is all he needs to make sure Obama’s Agenda is thrust onto the American people. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GET HIM OUT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. amazing! This just proves that the whole Republican vs Democrat narrative is false. They all come from the same gene pool, they all go to the same parties and sleep with the same people, they all draw their paychecks from the same source… Saudi Arabia and all the international banking cartels that control America…. Well now Boehner will have plenty of time to work on Hillary’s campaign.

  83. He should go raise money for the Dems as he like Bush are both worthless Obamaite N.W.O. cronies. Oh by the way take McConnell, McCain, and Graham with you too as they are likewise equally worthless, and also Obama Toadies.

  84. If he doesn’t fight to de-fund Planned Parenthood and it goes through, his legacy will be that he aided and abetted the further destruction of the Republican party. If he won’t stand up against this evil (and he claims to be staunchly pro-life) he will have plenty of tears to shed as he stands before the Lord to explain why he didn’t do what he could to stand against this monstrous thing.

  85. When he ( Boehner) leaves the house, we the people want him tried for treason and i am sure that i speak for many true patriotic Americans…

  86. Go ahead gop. Play the shell game with your rinos. . One rino out and another one in.. we are on to your games. .

  87. Boehner did nothing after the President had said 23 times he had “no power under the Constitution” to deal with immigration. Then, Obama got out his pen. And Boehner just let it go. (Does he know there is a Supreme Court?) Boehner has let the Republicans take the blame for “shutting down the government” (which is a great idea) even after passing a budget 2 years ago that gave Obama 10% MORE than he requested. All Obama had to do was sign the appropriation bill and keep the government going. HE shut it down. Boehner and Mitch McConnell should have a joint retirement party. We can give it a charitable name like, “The Cowards Run for Full Retirement Pay.” Boehner has been a “leader” just like Obama… “from behind.” Trump might not be the most PC speaker. But we have a lot of enemies who will sure listen. With Boehner and Mitch being outwitted by idiots like Reid and Pelosi for 20 years, maybe they just should have served in Congress as pages. I am going to celebrate my 50th year as a staunch Republican by re registering as an Independent. I hope John and Mich saved their servers! Trump should run this USA national “corporation.” Then have Ben Carsen as VP to politely explain what the Donald meant. Can you imagine how many “You’re Fired” pink slips Trump would pass out in his first week?.. The Mint would have stop printing Obama’s phony dollars to have the time to print pink slips.

  88. Go to Bush’s campaign and help SINK IT!! I emailed my worthless RINO congressman and asked if he, too would resign….didn’t get a response.

  89. This just shows that Bone head and spineless John Boehner was a water Boy and did not know
    what team he was to help and refresh and could not lead a cheer with a fist full of Pardons in a

    Woman,s Prison. He knew that there was the votes to vacate his Chair and resigned,before that
    Happened.. KNOW THAT P.O.S. (Boehner) is leaving with another defeat to reign in Barrack
    Obama,and stop the funding of Killer,s of Babies of Planed Parenthood,or selling body parts
    of dead babies. My Opinion of Boehner is lower than Whale waste at the bottom of the sea as

    well as Obama,s leadership and presidency. GO HOME BONE HEAD/SPINELESS BOEHNER,

  90. I hope the conservatives will be able to stop his exit agenda. He should be gone now! Why would he be an asset in the Bush campaign? Hopefully he will help Bush to crash and burn.

  91. Bush- Boehner there’s a presidential ticket that will guarantee a DemocRat victory. Even Bernie would win that one as 1/3 of registered Repubs would stay home. I don’t even want that R after my voting preference anymore. A complete betrayal by their ruling elites, Offal.

  92. Just another Rat jumping off the ship of disgrace. If only he could load the ship with like minded politicians like Nancy( I’ve had to many face lifts) Pelosi. Now he will sell his soul to the devil on his way out the door to secure his eternal future on K street. Dear John, you will always be remembered as a spineless coward asshole. Sign, The American people.

    • I have been voting for 60 years, this is a complete now world. Back then most people were Christians and we voted that way. Christians are the under dogs today an the persecution of Christians has begun, right here ,in the USA

      • Guess I have at least three counts against me. I’m a vet, a Christian and a rabid Patriot. I haven’t missed a vote in near 60 years either but I’m having serious reservations about 2016. I’m afraid votes wont fix my beloved nation’s problems this time. Dig in Evermyrtle & Semper Fi

  93. Don’t care where Boehner goes as long as he don’t come back to Ohio. I’m ashamed for the way he acted and ashamed to live in the same state.

  94. A self confirmed Catholic who weeps at Pope Marxist 1’s speech while still insisting that the selling of baby parts is a necessary function of Planned Parenthood and therefore should be funded instead of diverting funds to a reputable Health Care Facility for women, is unfit to hold any position let alone one in a position of authority. How despicable. He can protect his worthless self from harm but an unborn baby cannot. What a worthless piece of human flesh on display for the American people to see. I guess he saw the handwriting on the wall.

  95. Boner is a boner ….. a traitor and a RINO to the nth degree. His retirement pockets will be filled with Obummer money. The next speaker needs to have brass alloy or stainless steel balls and a thick skin. Someone that can stand up to the radical socialist demowits and their minions and useful/useless idiots.

  96. Remember, Boehner didn’t do anything on his own. Everything he did required the votes of fellow Republicans. Hopefully, all his cohorts in the House of Representatives will soon be primaried.

    • The Chamberpot Repubs are as rotten as their pals the Marxist-Mooslem DemocRats.
      I know it’s difficult to imagine that these putz careerist pols are all the same…….rotten.

  97. Boehner has been an embarrassment from the very beginning, he is the best asset Obama ever had, even better than Pelosi. No conservative backer and was amazed he got voted in again, but then again, there’s Obama.

  98. Just watch… he will carry out BO’s agenda for the next 30 days and land in a soft cushy DNC lobbies’ job soon. F’ing sell out. We sent you to the dance to dance our step not the left’s!

  99. Why do we allow mr. boner to stay until the end of October? He should be forced out NOW before he does any more damage to this country!

  100. I cant believe the amount of people that have no problem with planned parenthood especially after seeing the new vids,along with planned abortionist you people will stand befor God and have no excuse why you think its ok to chopp babies up ans sell their body parts,you will be the ones that stands befor God Almighty and he says get away from me I never knew you,you workers of iniquity and that also goes for a pope that doesn’t stand up for innocent lives that cant fight being ripped apary by a machine that man made for the purpose of killing them,God sees all my friends doesn’t matter wether you believe he exsist or not,he does and one day you will not be able to deny it

  101. Well avoiding a government shut down is what our elected officials should be doing. Planned parenthood may have it’s issues but we have to approach with caution. Even in the Mike Brown case the eyewitness sworn account by the person along side of Brown lied and people continue to believe and deceive about it. Freddie Grey another witness that floundered both ways and it is costing 6.4 million tax dollars to the family for his actions. But that’s my perspective out of millions. A few cases don’t make the whole process bad is my point. No matter how ugly it maybe.

  102. Now we know why the weasel is not going to leave until the end of October. He has not finished doing Obama’s dirty deeds! He is a despicable reprobate!

  103. I don’t like corporate welfare either but NAFTA still exists so imports pour into our country with out the same return. You just need to watch truckload after truckload of pigs crossing the border from the north and our farms sitting idol. Look at the grain also they can’t market GMO products but dump it of in the states. Where are the checks and balances…I don’t see them…Now EU is pulling Roundup but we are ignoring it and adding 2-4D how does this make sense. Corporate farming isn’t the answer to our food supply. It maybe a carrot for a starving nation but last I heard Somolia and others still hate us and are not any better at dispersing our aid shipments.

  104. Boehner needs to be removed Monday, before he can do more harm to our country. Like our President he is part of the problem. If only we had a group of Lawyers that would defend our country from these internal subversive politicians. Please…

  105. just like he screwed the new repubs last dec, by passing the cr to fund the government and they couldn’t do anything about it , once they were sworn in, him and mitch are as bad as pelosi and reid

  106. This piece of treSonus crap should be removed right now, Congress remove him now before he creates a problem ,or this country will vote you out at election

  107. Unfortunately the spineless Boehner has definitely sold his soul to the Devil obuma, ever since he had that private meeting with the traitor and came out making claims that under no circumstances would he Impeach the treasonous Barry Sotoroe obuma, or what ever his real name is.
    We the Conservative people worked very hard to get control of the House and obviously it made no difference to The Speaker of the House, because he has been busy washing obuma’s feet, and giving the bastard whatever he wants.
    rocco you are so correct and now it sounds that he is going to put the screws to us x2 before he leaves, this is why we have to be Loud and consistent when it comes to expressing our dissatisfaction with the government and the corruption that has ruined everything that our for fathers set in motion for us.

  108. If Boehner does that then he is not a Catholic and he did not listen to Francis. By the way, I am not a Catholic and as far as I am concerned, the Catholic leader are blindsiding their followers. A priest, or father as he is called, cannot forgive one of their sins. Only God can do that. Also, Catholicism is not the religion of Christ nor is Saint Peter the first Pope. The Catholics got that BS all wrong and I would like to hear their reasoning during judgment day. The church of Christ was Peter, the rock, and their religion was Christianity. Need to read Acts.

  109. Boenher is just a piece of Obama’s pocket lint just like our disgusting Florida Senator Bill Nelson. Just vermin taking advantage of political office. I wonder how much these maggots are being paid to throw their constituents under the bus?

  110. in my opinion Boner as well as Biden John m and reed and all that Follow the U N Agenda 21 Concept are all Traders to the American People and that includes Obama and John Carry.

  111. Bonner & his bud Obummer will go down in History as traitors. Who will be the next Democrat Trojan Horse?

  112. Boehner!!!! Dam the Washington party!!!! we the people. Is who and what you should have listened too!!!! we have a 2 party system. that I and most people can’t tell apart , WE THE PEOPLE!!! HAVE HAD ENOUGHT!!!! OF THE SHIT!!!!! D,C, IS SHOVEING DOWN OUR THROATS!!!!!!!! IF THINGS DON’T CHANGE. BACK TO CONGRESS PUTTING CHECKS AND BALANCES, ON THE PRESIDENT,AND THE CONSTITUTION BEING PUT BACK AS THE LAW OF THIS GREAT NATION!!! I FEAR THIS WILL LEAD TO A NEW REVOLUTIONARY WAR!!!!!! as I am disabled. I’ll be one of the 1st to die, but I will not go out on my knees. I will STAND AS LONG AS POSSIBLE,WITH OTHER TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS

  113. That SOB is bound and determined to throw a monkey wrench in the works with his departure. They need to tar and feather that bastard and ride him out of the country on a razor sharp rail.

  114. Boehner needs to be dismissed immediately! Why should the Congress allow this conservative traitor to stay any longer as the Speaker. He is as well as dead to most Conservatives. He must go right away so that he does no more damage by partnering up with Obama and his sick agenda. Send Boehner packing. He has been a total disappointment. We need a speaker with guts and grit that will stand up to Obama and the liberal Democratic sellout of America. We need someone like Trey Gouty that will stand toe to toe and fight for our conservative beliefs. Get rid of Boehner now!!!

  115. Way to go Scheiitt head you will be 10 minutes late for the door, and better be 3 days the devil doesnt knows your missing.Boehner. To sign in Obamas agenda the last move you make. Tears of regret, or tears of joy you were always on the job for Obama there buddy buddy.

  116. Boehner loves Pelosi and Obama (it has been reported) knows of an affair Boehner had and has been holding this over his head. TRUE? I do not know, but one thing I do know is that they had the votes to oust him and so resigning was to avoid embarrassment!

  117. He was disliked by a considerable number of the voters on both side of the isle. I Don’t understand his motives unless he plans on changing political parties. To leave office after such a despicable tenure as Speaker with a final act of sabotage to the American peoples sanctity of freedom and right to life. He, like Hilary, should be imprisoned for crimes against the people of the is country and to do harm against the constitutionally elected state representation to lead this republic.

    • Can be the last if we stand our ground and deny Him any more time as Speaker and vote Him out…………. Oust this Bast–d

      • my opinion-have the tea party split from any affiliation with the republican party and start anew conservative party and let the republican party disappear.

  118. The Tea Party members should immediately push for a vote to unseat Boner and relegate Him to the janitors basement room for His last month in office to deny Him any possibility to push through any of Obama’s planned parenthood murders and Big Bank deals .

  119. TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVES, listen to your base, bring the “no confidence vote” to the floor immediately and be done with this RINO in order to stop Him form doing any more damage for Obama.

  120. In the name of GOD and to save the country and many babies from butchery by Obama’s Planned Parenthood murderers, call, E Mail visit your Conservative Representative tomorrow morning and demand the no confidence vote and get this RINO out of office or at least the Leadership immediately so as not to hurt America again.

  121. Shut this Shart Hole down if that is what it will take to DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD and stop them from butchering babies.

  122. Well if that is his intent it is all the more reason its good to get rid of him but I don’t know how he is going to ram anything through as a lame duck because no one needs to fear his retribution for more than a month.. He will only be proving what an ahole he has been all along. Not exactly the way to leave office by sticking it to the people you represent.

  123. If he tries to pull this off then I believe it would be worth the attempt to IMPEACH him even though one month wouldn’t be enough time to finish the job, it would definitely put a big blemish on his already lousy legacy

  124. Can we get a real conservative in the seat. Why is it when the Democrats won’t play ball, they are justified, but when the conservatives won’t play ball, they are just being difficult? The government should not be funding the killing, and selling of baby parts, no matter how much rhetoric they give, it is murder, and cannibalism, and if we let this continue, we are no better than ISIS. 57 million babies have been murdered in this country, and we sponsor and endorse it, ISIS would have to rush to catch up. If we don’t stop this innocent bloodshed, we will be judged by Almighty God.

  125. If he loves his Catholicism so much…Then he should PUSH for de-funding Planned Parenthood. But we all know…it is not God he loves…It is himself..and the devil.

  126. Going to help jeb? Good luck with that. No rino has a prayer against socialist democrats. Memo to republican party. You have been exposed. It’s either a conservative as our nominee or we stay home. Tired of losing to jv team.

  127. There will not be any real Conservatives warming to McCarthy. If they are warming to McCarthy, you can be sure they are RINO’s. They could have just kept Boehner and named him McCarthy.

  128. Too bad most people think these guys are different. Besides their logos? Dems and Repubs are exactly the same. Exactly. The rare times we see a difference and causes “tension” is just part of the show. There are 2 forces at play here. Nothing, no one else matters. It’s good vs. evil. Period.

  129. The Freedom Caucus needs to play a vital role in STOPPING Funding of Planned Parenthood and the Export-Import Bank and any and all Funding of the recently passed Iran Bill that’s looking to give $150 Billion to Iran not only in ALL Budget Bills while Speaker Boehner is still in Office, but FROM NOW ON… And I for one am looking for the Freedom Caucus to STAND STRONG and NOT INCREASE THE DEBT LIMIT AT ALL… We need to start putting the CONSERVE back into CONSERVATIVE especially IN SPENDING…

  130. His relationship with the Bush family tells us he is a danger to our country. Now we need to remember any and all rep’s who vote for anything he is pushing and vote them out of government. Simple as that!

  131. This should have happened after his first week on the job. Too bad they aren’t taking him out in chains along with his pal in the white house. How long was this trader in the House? Does anyone know how long he was commiting treason? Was he that good of a liar to fool the voters ln Ohio to be in office longer than one term? He makes me sick,he is one the same level as any other pervert, he preverted his office and himself out to the anti-American powers in goverment. He should go down in history as one of the biggest RINO’s in the democratic party.

  132. This agenda is evil not just inconvenient I certainly hope what sanity left in congress will stand up and not play the emotional fool. The passing of boehner is a good moment what possesses the man I can’t tell except he is lacking in emotional stability. :)

  133. Boehners stepping down is long over due. He is a democrat in republican clothing and has done nothing to help any conservative effort. His leaving is good also because he can go help Jeb Bush LOOSE!!

  134. I think he should go to confession and ask for forgiveness of his sins against the American people, he’s today’s Benedict Arnold, especially if he plans to ram through Obama’s Planned Parenthood agenda before departing… God forgive you Boehner if you turn your back on poor babies being used for their body parts.

  135. It seems like he would be a better fit with the Hillary campaign.
    The rest of Congress need to ignore him until he leaves. No special deals promoting the Obama agenda.

  136. Look at how Boehner has betrayed the Republican party-funding obamacare through this Oct, allowing exec ord of illegal immig.- saying let courts sort it out, later etc. Unfortunately, he has acted more like a democrat than a Republican caving on everything. So glad he’s resigning, however, he’s resigning because people want him out(McConnell is next), not to join a campaign for Jeb Bush, which by the way-if Boehner is with Bush that may well cost Bush supporters to leave Bush. Republicans don’t suffer from lack of memory-we (well), remember all Boehner pushed through last December before the new members voted in could be sworn in -in January. If obama chooses to shut down the government because taxpayers don’t want taxes to support planned parenthood murdering-disecting-dismembering human babies then selling them piece by piece for profit then shut it down. Says a great deal about obama, but no surprise here. This potus is always on the amoral side. The results of the midterm election Nov. 2014- should have sent a clear message to Washington DC, and we expect those voted in to fight for what is right. Might be a win-win to shut this government down-maybe will prevent more crap happening while its shut down.

  137. Boehner is the worst thing to happen to the Republican Party in decades. If he is a republican, I am an Abysinnian astronaut.

  138. The Republic needs term limits and a flat tax to survive. However, Congress will never give up it’s power as it’s all about them and not the taxpaying citizen!

  139. The Democratic side of the aisle is inhabited by uncompromising Liberal zealots; harry & Nancy are the worst. The Republicans ( I am a Conservative Independent) have Boehner & McConnell. Both are willing to compromise to get things done. They are good men, Conservative but not zealots who understand, like our founding fathers knew, that little good is accomplished without compromise. EX: The Democrats rammed thru “Obamacare” Conservatives know that there must be radical changes in healthcare and would have cooperated in a bill that would be less controversial . Now there is bad feeling all around.

  140. Boehner ,should count his blessing if he escapes this with his life intact.By all rights he should be hung. that is the penalty for Treason.

  141. He is really putting both he and Barack;s life in real Pearle. Not that they aren’t already.Has any body told theses 2 there NOT INVISIBLE???WE know every trick they try to turn. Barack’s PUPPETEERS think we don’t know there involvement. WHAT A SURPRISE THEY HAVE COMING when the Fema camps are there future homes.

  142. Boehner will be remembered as the total Rino he is. He may be the worst speaker ever in the Republican Party. He will be remembered as a traitor to America and her values.

  143. Boehner is just one of these elected cretins that operate without any consideration for the country, only for their own welfare. This last election we got rid of a bunch of them but it is going to take a couple more elections to get rid of the rest.

  144. Mark Meadows had been pressing for a vote to remove Boehner from his Speaker position. There was even an online petition being passed around for e-signatures. I know this for fact because I read it and signed it. This was to come up for a vote very soon, I think next week. I don’t know if that had any bearing on his resigning or not, but it is possible. And I think he should be removed right now. There has to be some sort of protocol for installing a temporary Speaker.

  145. you chicken hawk conservatives threaten our fine president every day.sounds like your idol cruz has flipped out threatening president obama and the leader of iran!

  146. Boehner turned out to be King RINO, so he won’t be missed by real Americans. His caving into the Obama disgrace speaks for itself. Now to find out that he wants another Bush in our WH takes the cake. BOO!!!


  148. Boehner has been all for Obama’s illegal immigrant agenda from the beginning. How many times did he bring it to a vote only to lose to public opinion? With Obama he saw his best chance to ignore the will of the people. An IED would be too good for him. The RNC and Bush family implemented the liberal takeover of the Republican Party when they selected Bush 41 as Reagan’s running mate and have been oh-so welcoming to the social liberal vermin ever since. Remember Bush 43’s response in 1998 when he was asked what sort of Republican he was and his response was….”I represent a kinder, gentler Republican”? That was when I went from being a Conservative Republican to being Conservative. It’s time to take back the party from the Democrat filth that jumped party’s and return the party to it’s Conservative roots.

  149. The Republicans make me ashamed that I ever associated myself with that group at this point. Before the last election they kept saying “We can’t impeach Obama, simply because we can’t get the votes to do it.” I find it amazing, and infuriating there has not been ONE SINGLE WORD about an impeachment ever since the last election was concluded. What, Obama grew wings and a halo at the end of the last election? I think not.

    He continues to terrorize our country like never before. I’m FAR less worried about an attack from ISIS, opposed to an attack by Obama, which he threatens us on a daily basis with. This man should never have been in office to start with, and now the Republicans are so weak kneed, they can’t find their own balls with a compass and a ball of string.

    As for “Boehner”, he is the true definition of RINO (Republican In Name Only) because everything he does is right with Obama like they were the two best buddies on planet earth.

    • Two words come to mind. Judgement day. I would not ever or want to be in their shoes and lie to God on that day. I can hear all the non-religious freak telling me this and that. Say what you want to say. I believe in what I believe and I wish you the very best to the pearly gates. Because I will be in the pearly gates, I know I will hear others saying I won’t but it won’t stop me in knowing I have been Baptisted and love the Lord and pray everyday. Top that one. I pray every day for your souls so back off. If you don’t like it than wish upon a star that someone loves you and wishes you the very best if you do not feel that you are not qualify to fit into that grace. (PB)

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