Breaking: Walker to Drop Out of Race, Sees No Path to Victory

Breaking: Walker to Drop Out of Race, Sees No Path to Victory

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has decided to quit the race for the Republican nomination, three people familiar with the decision have revealed.

The New York Times reports that Walker has called a press conference at 6pm in Madison, presumably to announce the decision, because he “has concluded he no longer has a path to the Republican presidential nomination.”

Why? From the Times:

“The short answer is money,” said a supporter of Mr. Walker’s who was briefed on the decision. “He’s made a decision not to limp into Iowa.”

Walker entered the race with high expectations, but his polling numbers quickly tanked. In recent months, he was performing poorly in supposedly-friendly, neighboring Iowa and he had decided not to attend major events, such as the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference.

As recently as last week, he was still attempting to persuade donors that he was viable, but apparently his entreaties were ineffectual.

With such low polling numbers, there is little hard support for Walker that can now go elsewhere. He goes the way of such previous candidates as Rick Perry in 2012 who entered the race as a presumed front-runner only to drop sharply and never recover their footing.



    • True. The problem is that the GOP donor class is (mostly) staunchly in favor of amnesty, so if you want to raise big bucks, you have to kowtow to them on immigration. But the GOP base is opposed to amnesty, so you lose support by taking the donor class’s side. You have to choose between pleasing the donor class or primary voters. Because Trump doesn’t need donors, he can thumb his nose at them, which greatly pleases the base. Only candidates who have managed to garner the support of the few anti-amnesty major donors, or who have their own war chest (or are willing to campaign without one), are able to follow suit.

      • the only candidates against amnesty for illegals are trump curz and huckabee. the other candidates are not against amnesty

        • Until the machine gun nests and flame throwers on the wall are fully operational and being used daily, I don’t believe any of the candidates are against amnesty. The round-ups are gonna be fun.

      • Give them amnesty and root out the felons. If they have jobs and careers and are contributing to the economic vitality of the communities they reside in, so be it. They will pay federal taxes.. Most already pay payroll taxes, state taxes, user fees, license fees,etc.. Fix the border. Criminalize “sanctuary cities.” Anything else is a “road to hell paved with good intentions” or “unintended consequences.” The US population is aging and the birth replacement rate for white Americans is less than 2 per family, which means, at this rate there will only be two workers contributing to the social security fund per each retired citizen. That is not sustainable.

        • The birthrate that American families have engaged in is a legitimate choice that they have made. The government should not be encouraged to suppliment it with massive increases in immigrant population, in detriment to our culture, infrastructure, and social cohesion.

          If SS suffers for that choice, so be it.

          • If they were really “immigrants” it wouldn’t be so bad, but they are not. They are the opposite of immigrants who respect the rule of law from the get go, not a bunch of scofflaws looking for something for nothing.

          • You’re talking about illegal immigrants, and properly so. But I am also talking about legal immigrants, of which the U.S. takes in approximately 1 million each and every year.

            Sound sustainable to you? If it does, I recommend you go to NumbersUSA website and watch some eye-opening videos on the subject.

          • A. Immigration is a legal process, and immigrants (as defined in the law) are aliens who have registered and received “immigrant visas” while waiting for their requests for citizenship are processed – they are aliens legally resident. There can be no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”.
            B. I’m well aware of the problems with assimilating real immigrants and the 1 million allowed would be tolerable if the resources currently being wasted on illegally-resident aliens, and all the corruption that that activity entails, were cut out.
            C. I’m also aware of the hideous incestuous relationship between non-profit organizations, who contract with the government to handle refugees, and their expenditure of tax-payers government funds (the worst receiving over 90% of their funding from tax payers) to pad the salaries of their top personnel and lobby representatives to increase the number of refugees, to further expand their enterprise.

        • Worst arguments in the world. They only “contribute to the economic vitality of the communities they reside in” if you completely disregard all the added costs they bring – as the studies from UCLA and USC did when trying to paint a rosy picture. And that’s just economically, the real problem is in the social problems they bring with disregard for the rules of law that don’t please them, being worse.

        • You’ve nailed it. The government is more concerned with keeping it’s behemoth Social Security running than it is about the American People.

          We now have Government of the people, by the Government, for the Government.

        • Then cancel social security. Don’t allow illegal lawbreakers to overrun our country, just to keep a government program afloat.

          Are you some sort of communist?

    • It almost seems that whatever position the GOP takes on immigration, it loses elections (this happened in 2006) – without drawing new voters into the coalition. If it get tough on illegals, it animates immigrants into voting. If it panders to immigrants, it brings people into into the electorate who oppose its policies. If it is quiet, the base stays home, and it loses that way.
      Really, the immigration issue is a no win for any candidate – at least it appears this way at this point.

      • The GOP has had a chronic problem for the last 8 years. It is related to “optics.” It comes across as mean spirited. It needs to broaden its tent and not sound so acrimonious. For better or worse, it has come to categorize older, angry, largely white men who are no longer the voting majority in the United States.

        • I disagree. The Democrats have been successful in painting the GOP as mean spirited through their support by the main stream media. The GOP just can’t keep its message on track and fend off the many false attacks by the Dems.

      • The reason that Trump is winning is he is supported by voters. Contrary to what the press and politicians are saying Trump could steam roll into the White House on the back of this very issue. It is what the 2016 election will be about, whether we remain a great Nation or sink into a Third World crap hole.

        • I am also very much concerned whether we remain a great nation, or we sink into a Turd World craphole. But I also remember the election of 2006 when immigration was an issue, and it drew out a bunch of people voting Democrat who otherwise wouldn’t have voted.
          Sadly, though, I see a dilemma, which could be nothing more than how fast we sink into the morass.

          • The “problem” in dealing with “immigration” – really illegal migration, is that the Left has succeeded in redefining the vocabulary of the issue to make words mean what they don’t mean and to lump the masses of illegally resident aliens in with “immigrants” who hold great respect among most of the citizens (because most citizens were either immigrants themselves or the offspring of immigrants.
            That is, in the U.S., “immigration” is defined in law, not the dictionary, and it is a “legal process” wherein a person registers and applies for citizenship and is granted an “immigrant visa” during the time that their citizenship request is under review. These are the only “immigrants”, and other temporary legal aliens – i. e., foreign nationals on American territory, include those with valid visas or green cards for a variety of reasons.
            It follows, from being a legal process, that there can be no such thing as “illegal immigration”. Further, there can be no such thing as an “illegal immigrant” or “undocumented immigrant”, as all immigrants have registered and hold immigrant visas.
            Yet, the supposed opposition to amnesty for that mass of illegally-resident aliens (the Republican base, cable-news pundits, conservative talk-show hosts, etc), continually use the propaganda wording of the pro-amnesty Leftists without even realizing that they are contributing to the confusion and problem by using the bastardized vocabulary of the radical left.
            When you hear them using terms like “illegal immigration”, illegal immigrant”, “undocumented immigrant” etc, you know they don’t have a grasp on the problem, much less the solution.

        • It’s not that the elite ruling class (“ERC”) are stupid, or that they don’t understand the cumulative effect that open borders and massive unfettered immigration has on the ability of the USA to maintain its history, culture, identity and economy. The ERC understands this only too well.

          The question that needs to be asked, is “WHY” ? Why is the ERC not protesting or opposing nation destroying levels of massive unfettered immigration ? It’s not even restricted to the USA. We are witnessing the same phenomenon going on in Europe with massive waves of Muslims who threaten the very existence of European countries. Again, all you hear from the ERC is *crickets* … WHY ? Perhaps the answer is very simple … they don’t want individual (sovereign) nation states to exist anymore. The fastest way to wipe out the “old order” and install the “new order” is via massive immigration. Overwhelming the recipient countries so that they collapse and no longer have a national identity. Again I ask the question, WHY ?

          I don’t purport to have answers to all of the above, but my gut sense is that this points to globalization … one nation …. one government. Does anyone else see this ? I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts.

          • Short answer: They believe in a utopian world state that doesn’t exist, and being hypothetical, they can paint anything they want on it, sound convincing, and have no fear of contradiction. In science we say that is “face validity” – i. e., it sounds good on its face, but it lacks “content validity” – i. e., the objective test of its ideas against reality.
            The idea of a Republic of Elitists comes from Plato’s Republic – another idealized world of social order and social stratification run by elites, that never existed, is shot through with quasi-communist ideals, yet continues to hold sway among many Western intellectuals.

          • thank you. I have no background in philosophy, so that explanation helps to fill in some “blanks” for me in this jigsaw puzzle.

          • It’s because the World’s elite believe that the future is a new world order, with a Supra-national internationalist order deciding what’s what.

            They don’t care about individual people, individual rights, or the hegemony of national identity.

            At the end of the day, they just plan on running everything to their benefit.

          • Gee, its almost as if there is a certain demographic group that must not be named and has alot of influence over the media, government, education and finance has been intentionally pushing for immigration and miscegenation for everyone but themselves, hmmm….. I wonder who it could be?

          • It is more like a group of “elite” people with common interest, than it is an organized conspiracy by one group. The minute you point to one of them (e. g., multinational corporatists, or academic eggheads) someone will shoot down your argument by pointing to another subset with the same agenda. That is, you weaken the analysis by focusing on just one group or annual gathering. Besides, they’re not particularly good at organizing one another, but gain the support of other like minds by granting favors to them (e. g., the media, owned by the multinational corporatists, host shows on their financial networks that assume internationalism as right and good, and consistently downplay, or obfuscate, the damage being done to the country and its people. —for another, both the corporatists and extreme Left find common cause in amnesty, an open borders, no matter how much damage it does to the nation.


    Governor Jindal did a great job in the last debate…but millions did not have the opportunity to view ‘his’ fight for America…and should!

    Now…that Governor Walker has stepped down…how about you Christie, Kacish, and Huckabee…why don’t you do the same?


    Ted Cruz
    Carly Fiorina
    Bobby Jindal


  2. The RNC is telling them to get out so establishment votes can migrate to Jeb! “act of love” Bush…

    They had a strategy with many candidates and its not working. They are in panic mode

    • you really think that Walker was Establishment .. they basically left him out to dry during all three of his elections. Pataki and Grahamnisty sure . they are establishment pit bulls .. but Walker not even close. Serious candiate that lacked Charisma

      • More establishment than anti-establishment if you look at his positions. But hey, he was a good guy and I agree with your “Serious candidate that lacked Charisma” comment.

      • If Bush is the nominee, I may vote for the demonrat myself. Better to run off the cliff than a slow stroll. Maybe then people would wake up and be ready to revolt. Kinda like the frog in the pot scenario.

    • Who, Jeb ‘Obama is a Christian’ Bush ?

      I wonder how he knows that ? Perhaps its because Obama never goes to church, refused to defend the marriage act, has promoted racial discord and unrest and to a level not seen since the 60s, been the most divisive President in living history, refused to protect Christians from beheadings, drownings, being burned alive by ISIS, lies constantly, was President to possibly the first jailing of a Christian on religious conscience grounds, voted against the born alive act three times and promises to veto any bill to defund the butchers at Planned Parenthood.

      That ‘Christian’ Obama ? This is why we don’t need Jeb Bush. He is completely clueless.

    • Yep you’re right, their strategy was to have a bunch of ‘favorite son’ candidates in key states like Ohio (Kasich), Penna. (Santorum) NJ (Cristie) SC (Graham, NY (Pataki), etc and they would then cede their delegates to Bush down the road.

      • I believe that was the intent behind Graham et al running in the first place. I think the establishment greatly underestimated the hatred the base has for them and the damage they are doing to the country.

        • You know, I, myself, didn’t know how much hatred I had for the lot of them until I saw them all gathered together in the debates.

  3. Trump has been great for raising issues that may not otherwise be brought up, but he has ZERO chance to win the general election and I’m afraid the longer he stays in the race, we won’t have anybody left who can win the general..

  4. Hiring high information consultant Mrs. George Will was a fatal error…I hope she goes to work gratis for Lindsey; I like Walker waaaay more than Lindsey.

  5. Trump totally annihilated this punk. 30 seconds with Trump was all it took to end this guy’s campaign. Amazing.

      • No. Trump and Cruz are allies. They have had private meetings recently and Cruz has so far rejected all opportunities to bash the Donald.

        Cruz very well might be Trump’s VP/brain should Trump win the nomination.

        • Cruz’s wife Heidi board of directors Goldman Sachs.
          Goldman & others on Wall Street/K Street have demand
          Cruz increase the H1B visas to only 5 times what it is now.
          That is really good news for our STEM graduates.
          Trump/Sessions(Sen Jeff) 2016 is the best ticket!
          Cruz can find a home over at the Supreme Court or some cabinet job, like AG.

    • Furor Macleod. Why would u call him a punk? Walker has been a good governor & he is a good Chistian man. It was just not to be this time.

        • He sounded real promising at first, advocating for reducing legal immigration to help raise wages. Then he backed off. Same with birthright citizenship–it’s too bad.

          Walker should be a lesson to the other candidates–weaken on immigration and fall.

    • Trump has so damaged the GOP brand that it may never win the Executive Branch again, apart from the fact that sheer demographics is weighing against its ability to remain a national party.

      • But if Trump shuts the border and deports illegals, that demographic advantage is not as clear cut as it would be if their is a pathway to citzenship.

        • You are not being realistic. First of all, Trump is running for President and firstly running for the nomination of his party. He and his fellow travelers are far off from the insane notion of a federal police force storming American cities and rounding 11 to 14 million people and deporting them to central America and Mexico on cattle cars. Get real!!!

          • There’s more than one way to skin a cat. Build a wall, enforce e-Verify, threaten criminal records for all illegal aliens and you’ll see most of them leave on their own.

          • And you will cause a major downturn in the economies of many of the large cities whose service and construction sectors are largely constituted of and depend upon undocumented workers who live in these communities, pay rent, pay mortgages, buy services and goods from the business sector, pay local taxes, sales taxes, user fees, license fees, gas, etc. and you will completely bolox up the court system and the department of immigration. And in the final analysis, you will so damage the GOP brand that it will not recover as a national viable party.

          • Indeed. Tighten the borders, and end “sanctuary cities policies.” No argument there, but crazy emotionalism that you seem to demonstrate will result in nothing but chaos and is completely and utterly impractical.

          • Like a junkee going through withdrawal. It’s going to hurt for a whole but we’ll be better off in the long run. Getting rid of the illegals puts more Americans back to work and shrinks the welfare state and hopefully the police state as well.

          • Illegal aliens from Mexico have NO RIGHTS, so these
            Invaders, lacking legal status get immediately deported.
            In your list attempting to make the case for Mexican Invaders,
            neglected to mention ‘Illegal Alien Mexican Invaders’ pay
            no IRS US Federal Income taxes. Bums Bums Bums!!!

          • You are so ignorant on what would really happen. If you could wave a magic wand today and ALL illegal immigrants went poof, the jobs they have would be taken over by the 94 MILLION American who are out of work. Also, you apologists forget that we can ALWAYS grant work visas to however many WE AS A NATION decide to do whatever work they are needed to do.

          • You round up the worst of the worst and work your way to the bottom, possibly offering the best of the best a fine and some sort of eventual amnesty. Only a Democrat would focus on the small leak over the torrent. You patch the worst holes first.

          • Lear a bit of history. Eisenhower deported (or caused the deportation) of 12 million in the 50’s by cracking down on the employers and by deporting around 500,000. The rest when the jobs dried up self deported. Of course back then we did not hand out freebie to every deadbeat that showed up at some welfare office. So yes it will be harder but no where near impossible.

          • And Reagan introduced the Bracero program that made good sense. In any event I was not aware of this, however, 500,000 is not 11 to 14 million, many of whom are intrinsic to the economic viability of the communities they reside in.

          • What does that big incorrect words mean, Mr Estaphulous, from Mexico City, I assume.
            Allow me to translate as follows:
            The INVASION only continues to displace more American Citizens from their rightful jobs. USA has only 94 million(56
            million women out of full time work! Your fellow invaders
            don’t pay taxes, cost taxpayer $25,000 a pop per baby, 90 %
            of the invaders are on welfare.
            We are done with you people & game is over. When
            President Trump takes office Jan 2017. We’ll get our America

          • Right you are & consider how much money America saves:
            Average Mexican illegal alien family costs taxpayer over
            $745,000 in a 6 year period. I say ROUND EM UP NOW!!

          • Put this in your pipe and smoke it:
            President Trump will build the ‘WALL’!
            Mexican ambassador to Wash said
            last week there are 31 million illegal
            Mexican citizens in the USA, not 11!
            E-VERIFY is mandatory Jan 2017.
            Employers get big fines, say $5K per
            violation & US Gov will close that business!
            They will self deport, once USA takes all
            the money benefits away. Think of it as
            a new daisy chain to Mexico city. We will
            use orange school buses not cattle cars.
            I like it & what about you?

        • The fix is in with Hispanic Americans with citizenship. That demographic has sufficiently grown to the extent that without atleast 40% of them voting for the GOP (Bush’s numbers), there is no way in hell a GOP candidate can take the White House. The Obama coalition will re-emerge once again, for whomever the Dems choose for their candidate. The fix is in and the GOP is really doing damage to itself. Quite frankly, their best bet is Rubio (he can cut into that hispanic consitutency and also carry Florida)

          • Yes, let’s elect a guy who has never held a job and is barely out of diapers to appease the Hispanics. Who cares about the rest of us.

          • Always fun hearing Liberals tell the GOP who they should pick… unfortunately the GOP keeps listening to them!

          • Trump is leading both Bush and Rubio 2 to 1. Neither one of the home town boys will win, because they are in favor of amnesty.
            BIG NEWS TODAY:
            Scott Walker just dropped out of the race for the GOP primary,
            reason being Walker wanted amnesty. Lessons learned.

      • Hungary doesn’t seem to be having a problem with their borders or what to do with several 100,000 illegals all at once. Maybe we should take a few lessons.

      • You sir, are an apologist & quitter.
        Translation: Progressive Socialist
        or evangelical better than all of us.
        There is no more a GOP brand.
        The word “Populist” comes to mind.

      • You clearly havnt seen the huge amounts of support Trump is getting from blacks and LEGAL hispanic citizens.

      • You’re right in saying that he’s saying the GOP establishment (NWO/Globalist) brand has been damaged so they will never hold the executive branch again.

        At least I hope you are. There is no difference between the existing GOP and the DNC. They are owned by the same people to benefit the NWO/Globalists.

        Both parties need to be destroyed, but most importantly, their owners (one in the same).

    • Nailed it. And he has this anti-college education attitude. I wonder why in his case? Sorry, a high school education doesn’t cut it for Commander-in-Chief.

      • Amnesty doesn’t cut it as Commander in Chief.
        Walker got 3 1/2 years college. How much college did Gates/Jobs/Zuckerberg log?

      • He went to college. Just dropped out his senior year with a semester left on his political science degree. Something tells me he didnt need that extra few months.

  6. Jeb Bush also has no path to victory, despite having whore-dollars. He’s also disillusioned & weird

    Why are Gramnesty, Santorum, Huckabee, Pakistani and that other guy still in the race?

    Jeb and all vanity candidates need to drop out, then we can have a contest.

    • He is super weird…the tippy-toe maneuver for the debate photo was absolutely too much. “Hey, Mom; did I make you proud?” Didn’t see Rand Paul (the shortest one I think) climbing on a chair to spot his wife – and we KNOW she understands English so could follow the discussion….The “act of love” which is obviously a translation because Jeb! THINKS in Spanish. And then the juvenile “I’m Superman” moment. Honestly I think he’s unhinged.

  7. Smart move that a good man made. Now if we can get some of the ego trip candidates to follow some clear thinking. I’m talking to you, Huckabee, Santorum, Jindal, Pataki, Paul, Christie and the POS known as Graham. I didn’t say Bush! cause he’s too dumb to read.

    • More will start to drop as they run out of money and fail to gain any traction in the polls whatsoever. How did many of them think they had any chance at all? Some of this is ego, others hope for a position in a republican administration,

    • ALMOST feel bad for all of these candidates and more. Can you imagine how they are feeling? They thought that they all had a shot (for their masters in the end) to be President, but Trump’s entry has dashed those hopes. Which is why everyone is pissed and trying their best to not drop out…(in their minds)…if only Trump wasn’t there they could be winning.

      Trump took a wide open race (for the globalist’s ultimate benefit regardless of who won) and is shutting all the establishment candidates down.

      Don’t self destruct and don’t give up Trump!

  8. This is all a big show for Jeb, the establishment wants Hillary and the only way to ensure her win is for Bush to become the GOP nominee, forcing Trump to Independent which will hand the election to Hillary. Jeb wiill be picked in 20 or maybe never, but either way, the Elite Republican class made this deal long ago. So, people can keep on whinng and defending but mark my word, hook or crook, short of an uprising in this nation, our country is no longer ours, it belongs to the establishmnt.

    • Trump isn’t going independent. That horse has left the racetrack. Independent runs are simply massive endeavors, essentially not worth it. Just getting on the ballots in all 50 states is an almost insurmountable hurdle. It will be the GOP nominee vs the Dem nominee.

    • You are so narrow minded. Don’t you realize that the truth is that whether Jeb or Hillary wins their owners (one in the same) win?

      And let me say, the same applies for more than just Jeb and Hillary. They, the NWO, has a lot more than just Jeb and Hillary as their candidates where they win on both sides regardless of which side wins.

  9. Reminds one of MN Gov. Pawlenty who ran in 2012. On paper, Pawlenty was nearly the perfect candidate, but had little energy and charisma on the campaign trail. He quit the campaign early too.

    But like Pawlenty, Walker may regret his early exit. If you recall the 2012 race, there were a series of “flavor of the months” who peaked early and then dropped out later. If Pawlenty stuck around, he may have been a viable alternative to Romney, once the dust settled. If this campaign is anything like 2012, the same may happen, leaving Jeb in the end against a few alternatives with the gumption to stick around.

    Walker should follow McCain’s 2008 example. McCain had no money early on but continued to campaign with minimal to no staff. As others dropped out, his standing slowly rose.

    The irony here is that Walker has touted himself as that kind of scrappy fighter who won’t let a few set-backs force him to back down. That vaunted backbone of his seems to have caved — ironically, not to the Dems, but to the Republican field.

  10. Walker did very well unscripted on the stage during the early events. Had the audiences eating out of his hand.

    I suspect he thought this quality would carry over into the debates. He was very wrong.

    The defining moments came during the first debate. Every time Carson was speaking, they would show Walker in the shot, grinning and nodding like a bobble head doll. The look on his face was “gee, I need to vote for this guy.”

    That was the first impression for millions of voters.

  11. These debates are a joke! The media is paid-off by special interests in DC. We don’t need any moderators asking divisive questions. Each candidate should be given 5 minutes detailing his/her position on the top issues facing this nation. American can’t survive long with this current media.

  12. Scott Walker is a good man, and clearly fiscally conservative or he’d have no problem racking up hundreds of millions in debt, just like the Obama administration and the Republican establishment have done with Trillions of taxpayer dollars.

    Perhaps he will be back another day. We need more people like him.

    • He is only one of two governors who have a fully funded pension plan for his state employees. A proven man. Once again, like the last two, the primaries will lead to a general election loss it seems.

    • If you have no money you can’t compete. And perhaps he wasn’t willing to bow down to certain people. Who knows.

  13. He’s young and has a great future ahead of him.
    Now, if we can get the communists from the Democratic Party to drop out, America will have a great future ahead of her.

    • Important distinction — he busted the public employee unions, which are scams on the taxpayers. He did not go after any industrial unions.

    • Agree….pathway to deportation would have been much better. Slap in the face to everyone that came here legally in regards to time and money spent to become a US citizen besides the fact it’s against the law and a lot of these vagrants are criminals.

  14. Walker is to be admired for taking on the Gov’t workers union, cause they have gotten way out of control with their benefits and pensions, etc .etc. Perhaps down the road after he gets a little older and has more bearing to him, he can make another run at it. It’s not easy winning as Repub in Wisconsin, which had libtards Herb Kohl forever and recently Russ Feingold as US Senators.

    • The fact that he took on the Unions and then drops out to give support to other establishment candidates speaks volumes.

      What does it speak? That he was always in the NWO pockets. The NWO doesn’t like Unions as they threaten their control of their own corporations (I don’t like unions either…but for different reasons).

      He wad doing their bidding all along. Take-out the unions and the become President. Now that the NWO has deemed that he has too much baggage, he was asked to bow out so his supporters could go to other candidates of theirs (which has yet to be seen.)

  15. Educated, informed Americans know to disregard what politicians SAY, especially during campaigns, and instead focus on what the candidates have DONE. Walker was the ONLY PROVEN WINNER out of all of the GOP candidates. He was the ONLY candidate who had a successful track record of being conservative and he was the only candidate who successfully advanced the conservative agenda…and now he’s gone.

    That leaves Cruz. He’s definitely a conservative but has a ZERO track record of successfully advancing the conservative agenda. (probably due to his position)

    If you think Trump is actually going to do any of the things he says he is going to do if he becomes POTUS, then you’re a feeble minded fool. He has a ZERO track record of being a conservative and a ZERO track record of advancing the conservative agenda. If he gets elected POTUS and the 24/7 negative articles from the MSM start, he’ll fold like a wet paper towel.

  16. The two wabbits, Trump & Bush, along with the rest of the zoo were too much for the tortoise Walker. He couldn’t build enough momentum although he proved his mettle in his previous battle against the jackasses.
    Trump will be part of the problem, not the solution because his lobbying efforts are legend…an emperor of trade who will be unable to humble himself.
    The Republican party has failed in the last two presidential primaries to elect the most stalwart conservative and the embodiment of a Tea Party ideologue. The Tea Party platform has won consistently. This primary, with the suspension of the Walker campaign, the Republican party has lost the the best personification of a Tea Party candidate.
    As a result, the Democrats are more likely to win again.

  17. Carson is next followed by Graham and Bush.
    The clown bus is dropping off passengers.
    Then, Fiorina, the Zionist warhawk.

      • Which will rip the party to pieces. A similar realignment occurred with the Dems in 1972 with the polarization of that party into the progressive left McGovernites and the establishment. That party did not recover until 1992 an the election of Clinton.

          • Barely, in a close election against Gerald Ford who had pardoned Nixon and made a damaging gaff in his debate with Carter. Carter had a four year term and that was it. The Presidency was held by the GOP for the next 12 years, until 1992. Actually the split in the Dem party was already underway in ’68 when the progressive left wing broke from the establishment candidate in the form of Hubert Humphrey. Not even LBJ’s announcement of a cessation of bombing of Hanoi and the convening of the Paris Peace Talks prevented Nixon from winning the election in 68.

        • Rip the party to pieces? Now you’re talking my language. The Party, as presently constituted is utterly and completely useless.

  18. On the other side O’Malley will drop out, Hiawatha and Biden will join, Sanders will fade and Clinton with the money changers billion will prevail.

  19. Walker is a decent guy and he should be in the mix, but people are going to have to drop out or Trump will get the nomination.
    Trump will get destroyed in a general election when the media turns on him. Furthermore he will destroy the Republican brand. Even just as important, it is unreasonable to assume that Trump will govern as a conservative given the many public liberal positions he has taken over the years such as advocating nationalized health care.

    • I can’t even figure why Christie got in. His time has passed and he did himself no favors with all his Obama hugging. Walker at least looked like he had a decent shot when he declared.

      • He made the decision to get in back in 2012 with Hurricane Sandy. He decided to fully embrace Obama and later shun the convention with his half-hearted speech.

        Why? Because in 2012 he had decided that he was the outspoken leader America needed…and also saw that he would not be the nominee that year…so he put his own interests in front of America and sold-out to his own PERSONAL INTEREST and helped give us 4 more years of Obama.

  20. If a top tier candidate like Walker is out, some of the other hopefuls should see that they too do not have a chance – like Pataki, Graham, Gilmore, and Jindal, as well as yesterday’s favorites like Huckabee and Santorum. These six don’t add anything that is both substantive and realistic to the race.
    This isn’t the end of Scott Walker. He is still young and can parlay his governship into something else. If we get a GOP President in 2016, he is very viable for a cabinet post.

    • I’d throw Christie and Santorum into that group, certainly in terms of any realistic chance of the nomination. For that matter, which candidates still have a solid chance at the nomination, i.e. getting sufficient delegates for a first round win or even a second round win? Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Cruz, Rubio, Kasich, Bush and that’s being generous. Rand Paul no longer has a chance. Seven, eight on the most generous basis.

  21. Typical product of current society, exit and blame it on everyone but yourself and then try to derail Trump all at the same time. No class.

    • His owners told him to do that. They told him “thanks for your work, but you’re the most un-electable (in our eyes) due to your lack of a college degree. Therefore, bow out and your supporters will go to our people (the latter is yet to be seen.)

      We’ll make sure you (Walker) are well taken care of for the rest of your life.”

  22. I’m in favor of LEGAL immigration. Those are the real hard working people who have earned a place at the table. I’d gladly stand by any LEGAL immigrant who pledges an oath to the US as their home and call them my brother.

  23. Don’t worry about it, Scott. You didn’t want that job anyways. I know you thought it would solve your personal debt/money crisis, but it’s not worth the abuse. Everybody knows that once you get elected president, they tie your hands and feet and hang you from the rafters like Chuck Norris in Missing in Action, and you’ll just hang there as a punching bag for the American people while you act as a business agent for world corporations, the CIA, and America’s military hardware manufacturers.

  24. Bobby Jindal, George Pataki, Lindsay Graham, and Rick Santorum all have less support combined than Scott Walker has. None of them have a path to victory either, and they are just wasting our time and a debate stage with their amateur hour debate.

    When are THEY going to give it up?

      • We can also add Rand Paul and Hucklebee to that list at the moment.

        They had a right to be heard but the majority has spoken…it’s now time to lead, follow, or get out of the way…and at this point their choice should be limited to supporting the future party nominee.

        • If we’re cutting Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee then we need to cut Chris Christie and John Kasich, too.

          And maybe Jeb Bush.

          • Cutting Chris Christie alone would give them a lot more room on the debate stage so they don’t need to be elbow to elbow like they were last time.

          • I don’t agree with any of Christie’s views, but he’s a good debater. I thought he performed well in both debates. Thanks to Donald Trump, both debates set ratings records for both networks. Christie is a good apprentice.

          • Rand Paul preaches term limits, then endorses Mitch McConnell, the longest-serving Senator in Kentucky history, for his 5th re-election in 2014. That’s honesty?

          • Don’t worry, Scott. President Trump will build that wall across the Canadian border for you. Thanks for the suggestion.

          • I am not Scott Walker since he is another pro-amnesty and immigration and alledged refugee pusher no matter the cost to the USA.

            I enjoyed watching him win his fights with the UBER left wing of the USA.

            How at the same time can the USA “not be producing enough children” yet USA citizens are being told to live in UBER tiny dwellings and abodes like rats in cages ? You know ‘less is more’ even though math dictates 1-1=0 and never more and children need space to live properly in?

            Too many rodents in one cage means they eat one another too. Basic science class 101

          • Jeb Bush is the reason we have 16 candidates. They’re all running to keep Bush out. Rev. Jesse Jackson had it right in 2000 — “Stay out the Bushes!”

          • I think a lot of the candidates are in the race to help split different voter blocks so Jeb can win with relatively low support.

            I think Trump may be in to stop Bush, and certainly the Stop Bush coalition has coalesced around him. That is why Trump’s support is so unshakable. I think that if Jeb were to drop out, Trump’s support would soften somewhat.

          • It’s clear with Trump, Carson, and Fiorino in the top 3 and everyone else in single digits, that GOP voters don’t want another GOP politician. They’re disgusted with the GOP and demand a complete change. Even the TEA partiers Cruz and Paul are stuck in single digits. They were supposed to represent change in 2012, and they’ve proven to be disappointments. They’re considered establishment now. Cruz saw this early on and realized this is a race to become Trump’s VP.

          • Good observation.
            I think especially Rand Paul has been co-opted by the Establishment, which has hurt him, and rightfully so. And I say that as a big supporter of his.

            Paul in particular came with such a stigma due to his father and was such the outsider originally, with a lot of Establishment knives out for him, that he really went over way too far to compensate and ingratiate himself with the McConnell Establishment.

            I hope to see him return to his more radical libertarian roots after his Senate reelection.

          • Since Rand advocates term limits, his next term will be his last, unless he has no integrity whatsoever. In order to get re-elected in Mitch McConnell’s state, Rand will have to give those voters what they want. After all, his Constitutional duty is to represent THEM, not himself. I don’t expect Rand to change. His proposed budget increases Pentagon spending, and he’s committed to make sure the international bankers get their debt paid back in full with interest.

          • Too bad she is unable to make her own room to breathe and needs extra help.

            Perhaps the USA deserves a leader and not one who needs help and room to breathe in the first place.

          • No, it would shift slowly but surly in Trumps direction. Jeb is getting the old vote. The golfer vote. The brunch crowd likes him. But as this primary season goes forward you will see Trump actually pick up Hispanics, blacks, women and the youth vote. They will cross party lines. He has the ability and branding to move people in his direction. I have seen it everywhere. In the last 8 days I have been in four different states and talked to numerous people of completely different background and race. Every one of them said they were interested in Trump. He will motivate the non voters and the people who are sick of Washington. That alone is a large enough constituency to win.

          • I just hope Trump is putting together a first class operation that is going to get independents, Reagan Democrats, and non-political non-voters registered and to the polls for the primaries. Because it still is all about organization. You can have all the support in the world, but if your supporters don’t show up to vote, you have nothing.

          • I say if Jeb left the race Trump’s support would soften somewhat only because at that point, we could all breath a sigh of relief and people may then feel free to wander and test drive some other candidates.

            Ultimately, I think voters are going to go with The Donald because he is the Alpha Dog.

        • We need Rand to be Trump’s punching bag. It’s good TV. Huckabee is entertaining, too. I like his program to fund cancer research to find cures. We need a Manhattan Project like that to Make America Great Again.

      • And who decides who has 5% or more…the bogus polls. No, I want as many candidates as possible to be heard if only to get them off the list of potential future candidates!

        • Rick Santorum was the 2nd place finisher for the 2012 GOP nomination. Traditionally, he should be the one the GOP crowns as its 2016 nominee, since the Republican party runs like a union, where seniority counts most. I’m disappointed he has been treated so poorly by his fellow Republicans. Pataki is a nice guy, and he would be a nice addition to the debates. Get rid of Bush and Rubio to make room for them. Anchor baby Piyush “Bobby” Jindal should be deported back to Hindustan, and Lindsey Graham is the Fredo of the GOP.

          • George Pataki ……LOL ! He’s about as relevant as Martin O’Malley on the Dem side maybe less so.

          • Pataki is more competent than Bush and Rubio put together. Bush and Rubio have had 2 opportunities now to make their case at the debates. They remain in single digits despite all their special interest money and media hype. They’re done.

    • Theu are doing the establishment, inside the beltway bidding. They are there to siphon support away from the clear leader.

      • He is the former governor of New York .i had forgotten that he was in office for 3
        Terms,and he was our governor during 9-11 I t is too bad that he didn’t get much time in the last debate,he would be some one to hear out.But the one you will hear about is Mario Cuomo when his son Andrew is put up for some position…..getting a sense it may be coming

    • When they collect enough money in their PAC’s which they turn into charities which they own,….just like the Clintons!

    • I want a candidate the puts the American people and the US Constitution first and I don’t mean the bastardized constitution they are trying to create. I want a candidate that means what he says and does what he means. I want a candidate against leftist perversion. I want a candidate that tells the hypocrite leftist press to pound sand. I want a candidate who supports a strong American Military and Space Program. I want a candidate that will rip through the teachers unions and declare a state of emergency for our public schools and restore them to their historical level of excellence. I want a candidate who will defund dem”rat” baby killing and speak to the evil of abortion and the evil court that made the decision.I want a candidate that will work to defund any university practicing political correctness and abridging freedom of speech and thought. I want a candidate that will defund any university found falsifying and supporting junk science. I want a candidate that will honor God and speak to the blessings he has historically showered on this nation. I want a candidate who will thoroughly examine our election system and remove the potential for fraud. I want a candidate that will see to it that all US Military ballots are counted. I want a candidate that will stop paying people not to work. I want a candidate who will remove all illegals from this land and follow the laws already on the books. I want a candidate that will make Congress and SCOTUS live under the same laws they make for the American people. I want a candidate that will get rid of the TSA and stop spy organizations from spying on the American people. I want a candidate that will get rid of government agencies that have abused their power. And I’m just getting started…..

      • No candidate has pledged to get rid of the TSA. I want a candidate who will deport anchor babies Rubio, Jindal, and Cruz.

  25. Walker can still be a viable candidate if he does two things. First, concentrate on Wisconsin his last 2 1/2 years and make it the best state he can make it. Then, take a lesson from the man he admires so much, Ronald Reagan. Not on policy, but on strategy. Reagan had his own ideological machine behind him, of volunteers who were very committed to him, especially youth. They would do anything for him. That is how a man who appeared to be so extreme to the political class won the Presidency twice, and won big. Had he not had this, he would have been a mere cipher in 1976, and he would be like a successor of his, where his movie career, not his political one, would define him. However, such a machine will have to have something unique behind it, which is what Reagan’s had (in his case, pure conservatism, which almost no politician expresses). And it will need to take a decade to build, and have a flavor in line with contemporary society while not surrendering on the issues. This is possible, this is what Reagan did.
    He is still young, so he has time to do this. He can also become an expert on the issues over this time to dispel the reputation that he is a lightweight. This would make him the front runner in 12-16 years, when he would be in his late 50s or early 60s, an age when Presidents are still not considered to be too old.
    If he does otherwise, and runs for the Presidency again, he will be another Perry, Huckabee, or Eugene McCarthy, or worse yet, another former GOP first tier candidate who repeatedly flaunted his irrelevancy, Harold Stassen.

  26. Good choice Scott and good luck, you’re on the right track and I agree with your decision to focus on the pathway for the party.

    In the words of the minions stroking Trump on Apprentice:

    “You made a tough decision, but it was the right one!”

  27. This is excellent news! Walker’s hate of working people was evident in his desperate last stand pronouncements coming in the past week. The guy was a lightweight, who lacked education and wisdom. SEE YA! I predict the next exit will be Graham.

    • No, not your lying claim of “Walker’s hate of working people”, but rather your cherishment of Union dictatorships got you a Schadenfreude moment. Get ready, there’s more putting you in your place to come as well. Walker is going to see to it and with the peoples support. Union dictatorship life as you knew it is over. :o)

      • How is Walker going to see to it? And with what people’s support? His less than 1% of Republicans? He shouldn’t have been allowed on the stage to begin with.

  28. An Amnesty/Open Borders/Proxy War Loving RINO, who not only never served in the military, he didn’t even have a parchment, what was not to like?

    Here’s a news flash for Rinse Probeus at the RNC, you front another one of these clowns for November of 2016 and all you’re going to hear is crickets. Your last hurrah was the 2014 Midterm Elections, and since then, the House and the Senate have done nothing but continue to throw us under the bus. There’s not a promise you can make that we’ll buy.

  29. His untenable stand on amnesty aside, Walker’s big draw within WI was his attack on public employee unions – unions that are unjustified in principle and a disaster in practice. That cause has to be taken up by another GOP, or third party, candidate, or all the whooping and hollering about all the rest will be just a footnote in history, because they will continue to strangle the representative democratic system as long as they are in business, and they will be the ones writing the history.

  30. Gov. Scott Walker did himself in when he hired a known illegal immigrant sympathizer who supported amnesty for lawbreakers. Let this be a warning to the other candidates…Americans will not tolerate a pro amnesty pro illegal immigrant candidate for president!

    • Fiorina is trying to distract from this main issue as well, trying to come across as righteous about partial birth abortion. Ben Carson is pulling the same stunt with radical Islam, trying to distract us from the important issue of illegal immigration!

  31. The establishment RINOs will try to FORCE Jebito Bush, Fiorina, Rubio or Ben Carson on us. Not one of these candidates will mention ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION or AMNESTY! This FACT identifies them as Establishment RINOs, end of story.

    • Yup, if they won’t talk about the illegal invasion, I will not be voting for them. It is as simple as that!

  32. Remember, if the GOP candidate refuses to discuss ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION & AMNESTY, and endorse Donald Trump’s immigration policy, they are fall back establishment RINOs!

  33. I guess he’ll be riding that motorcycle into the Wisconsin sun. I get so sick of candidates that try to create a false image of who they really are. Sort of like Rubio throwing footballs. If they have handlers, they cannot handle themselves.

  34. Notice the douesche Jeb Bush is still there? Perry, Walker, Grahamnesty, and at least one other are deciding to drop out, like Romney did for McCain the first time around. Jebito & Rubio are going to wait it out, and Fiorina will also. This is a establishment GOP game, don’t be fooled, they are trying to confuse the issues in order to obscure the immigration battle.

  35. Biggest mistake Walker made was hiring and listening to the inside the beltway establishment hack consultants.

  36. Just remember, Jebito Bush, Rubio, Fiorina, and Carson are waiting in the background. You can bet they are trying to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. The ONLY two candidates who have addressed the November 2014 mandate by the voters was Donald Trump & Ted Cruz, Trump actually provided an immigration policy, and Cruz supported it. ALL the other candidates attacked Trump, period!

  37. I’m overseas, and they have been reporting Trump is taking a hit in the polls? Who is allegedly gaining on him?

    • No one! The establishment/political class is attempting to make Fiorina the one “surging” in the polls. It’s all propoganda

      • Appreciate the info, that’s what I was sort of thinking, but you can never exclude the possible idiocy of the public.


  38. I’ve sent money to Ted Cruz on four occasions. He’d make a good President. None of the others have impressed me enough to invest money in their campaigns. Before everybody starts throwing tomatoes, I’ll offer that if they’ve sent money to other campaigns, God Bless. They felt their choice would also make a fine President, and they would have been correct. Scott Walker would have been better than Barack Obama, as would Rick Perry. Any of the Republican candidates are better other than Jeb Bush. I’m still a Cruz supporter, but I’d vote for Trump, Carson, Fiorina, or even Mike Huckabee if they were to win the nomination. If Jeb wins, I write in Ted Cruz. Santorum, Pataki, Kasich, Graham, or Jindal will get the same treatment. I will not stay home. I never have. Bullwinkle Moose has gotten my write in vote in a number of elections. The Moose would make a better President than Barack, Hillary, Biden or Sanders, and Rocket J. Squirrel a better Secretary of State than Hillary was.

    • Fiorina is a major league Rino FRAUD who was a failed businesswoman and an establishment insider. Don’t be fooled by her or the Rino & MSM…

  39. Walker stood firm like an erect penis against the commie unions. Then his erect penis stance went limp when he supported ILLEGAL ALIENS…

    TRUMP for PREZ 2016
    Hellary for PRISON 2016…

  40. This is a courageous move. He knows that he has little chance to win and wants to narrow the field. I hope some of the others follow his and Rick Perry’s example and drop out. We need to narrow the field. As bill said several of the others have no chance and should get out.

  41. Walker got a big head after surviving the recall and then getting re-elected. The former, because the recall was stupid to begin with, and the latter because the opponent was burke.

  42. Am I the only one that is bothered by a process where candidates drop out before a single vote is cast? Fund raising is important and debates are important but neither should control the pool of candidates. We need to have a nationwide, same day primary so every vote is heard and candidates drop out because they didn’t get enough votes, not because they did not raise enough early money and not because they were ignored in a debate.

  43. Trump is a winner a great deal maker and more worldly than any president we’ve had for a long time. He get’s my vote and the more the establishment and their media try to dissuade me the more staunch I become in my support. Bush can’t freeze him out of the money. Everyone else has already lost and doesn’t know it yet,.Jeb has all the establishment money.

  44. So he quits, and on his way out the door he tosses in a grenade because he can’t win. He couldn’t drive support for his campaign so he’s going to undermine the front runner who obviously is getting the majority of support right now. That shows a tremendous lack of class and a lack of faith in the republicans who at this time are supporting other candidates. He could of said so much more and could of been more positive if he just would of said “I don’t have the votes so please use your vote wisely”. Attacking Trump accomplishes nothing. It will only make us who want a candidate like him want him even more. I don’t really want to like “Trump”. I would much rather have a more conservative person win. But I also want to push a giant stick into washingtons eye. I want a candidate who fights back and who will win at all costs. To me, that person is Trump. I actually don’t care that much about social issues I just want someone to fire half of Washington and put the other half on notice. If Scott Walker had made that commitment he would be the front runner. He didn’t so now he’s out. And he gave us all the typical finger on the way out the door. Next up? Bobby Jindal, Lynsey Grahm, Pataki and any of the others that can’t garner 5%. WE WANT A NON POLITICIAN BECAUSE WE ARE SICK OF POLITICIANS!

  45. Republicans need to understand that at least half of Trump supporters will not vote for another Republican other than Trump. For them it’s three elections too late. Whereas some Republicans are getting weary of the situation where they’re not being represented by their elected leaders most Trump supporters have been aware of this for three election cycles now. I’m afraid that if Republicans and conservatives don’t coalesce around Donald Trump it will put a Democrat into the White House. It cannot be overstated that these Donald Trump supporters will never ever vote for an establishment Republican. At the very most it may be possible to get them to vote for a Carson or Cruz, but not likely . Take note that independents will vote for Trump but are not likely to vote for Ben Carson or Ted Cruz. I honestly feel that establishment Republican leadership which runs the party would rather see Hillary in there than Trump, Cruz or Carson.

  46. Educated, informed Americans know to disregard what politicians SAY, especially during campaigns, and instead focus on what the candidates have DONE. Walker was the ONLY PROVEN WINNER out of all of the GOP candidates. He was the ONLY candidate who had a successful track record of being conservative and he was the only candidate who successfully advanced the conservative agenda…and now he’s gone.

    That leaves Cruz. He’s definitely a conservative but has a ZERO track record of successfully advancing the conservative agenda. (probably due to his position)

    If you think Trump is actually going to do any of the things he says he is going to do if he becomes POTUS, then you’re a feeble minded fool. He has a ZERO track record of being a conservative and a ZERO track record of advancing the conservative agenda. If he gets elected POTUS and the 24/7 negative articles from the MSM start, he’ll fold like a wet paper towel.

  47. I want a candidate the puts the American people and the US Constitution
    first and I don’t mean the bastardized constitution they are trying to create). I want a candidate that means what he says and does what he
    means. I want a candidate against leftist perversion. I want a
    candidate that tells the hypocrite leftist press to pound sand. I want a
    candidate who supports a strong American Military and Space Program. I
    want a candidate that will rip through the teachers unions and declare a
    state of emergency for our public schools and restore them to their
    historical level of greatness. I want a candidate who will defund
    dem”rat” baby killing and speak to the evil of abortion and the evil
    court that made the decision.I want a candidate that will work to defund
    any university practicing political correctness and abridging freedom
    of speech and thought. I want a candidate that will defund any
    university found falsifying and supporting junk science. I want a
    candidate that will honor God and speak to the blessings he has
    historically showered on this nation. I want a candidate who will
    thoroughly examine our election system and remove the potential for
    fraud. I want a candidate that will see to it that all US Military
    ballots are counted. I want a candidate that will stop paying people
    not to work. I want a candidate who will remove all illegals from this
    land and follow the laws already on the books. I want a candidate that
    will make Congress and SCOTUS live under the same laws they make for the
    American people.And I’m just getting started…..

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