14-Year-Old Suspended for Bringing Homemade Clock That “Looked Like Bomb” to School

14-Year-Old Suspended for Bringing Homemade Clock That “Looked Like Bomb” to School

Photo via NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

A Dallas area high school student is being suspended for bringing a homemade clock to school that looked to his English teacher like a hoax bomb.

According to Dallas News, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed “loved robotics club in middle school and was searching for a similar niche in his first few weeks of high school.” So Ahmed built a homemade clock and brought it to school.

Apparently using his inventiveness in this way was a huge mistake.

Throwing together a circuit board, power supply and digital display in 20 minutes, Ahmed had his clock. The first sign of trouble for him was when his engineering teacher told him not to show any other teachers.

Then the clock’s alarm went off in English class and the teacher, apparently frightened that it might be a bomb, confiscated the clock and the school then called the police. Ahmed was taken to detention in handcuffs.

Now his invention sits in an evidence room, in spite of the fact that police have maintained that Ahmed insisted only that it is a clock and never suggested it is anything else.

The elephant in the room is Ahmed’s name, ethnicity and religion, and the bearing those things might have on the school’s and police’s perception of his intent, although no evidence has been released suggesting that Ahmed might be lying. Ahmed’s father says his son “just wants to invent good things for mankind.”

Police will hold a press conference today, but so far no further developments concerning Ahmed’s fate have been made public.

After the story blew up over social media, Ahmed tweeted his gratitude for the public’s support. Still, he has vowed never to take an invention to school again.



  1. Since he had already shown it to his engineering teacher, his nonviolent intentions are pretty obvious.

    • The teacher screwed up big time by not having student leave that project in his class. Everytime any of my sons had a project, to that class you go with the project. Especially with boys that are always clowning around .

  2. WHy didn’t the teacher have the student bring his project to his class in the beginning of school day? Anytime, my son had a project, you left that project in that classroom . So he is carrying this thing around all day; . Class to class ? Very stupid and he should be remprimanded for safety issues as well. Why does the media have to make sure everyone knows the student is Muslim? We didn’t know the religion Columbine shooters.

  3. Except what you said didnt happen…Also its safer to be a police in this country than almost any other job.

        • It’s all over the news, plus he’s invited the loopy Muslim kid to the White House. Obama has a penchant for losers – Beau Bergdahl, goofy Muslim kid builds a ticking clock, encases it in a metal box and sets it to tick in a classroom full of kids and a teacher. Yep, Obama likes deserters and dumb kids.
          P.S. Since Obama made ‘depression’ a reason for collecting Social Security disability, more liberal deadbeats are on SS Disability than widows and kids under 18 and the fund is rapidly running low.
          P.P.S. The trailer stuff is so passe – everyone knows that many of today’s ‘travel homes’ have five sliders and Prevost models begin at $350,000, so can it.

      • Tweeted in support of Muslim? Oh, you mean the kid who every Conservadunce at the school denies race/religion had anything to do with the call? The only reason the call was made was because of ridiculous assumptions like your own.

  4. If this kid had put his invention in his backpack, and thought that he would go on a guided tour of the WH, or maybe to one of 0webama’s speaking events thinking maybe he would be able to show it to 0webama, we guarantee that the guards, and SS would have been all over him especially if the alarm were to have gone off.

    We could careless this kids name, we care that the PC, SJW and illegal aliens and gun free zones, and sanctuary cities that are continuing by the Feds, yet that they are for some people to be protected and not others and these so called leaders have protections that we all pay our taxes for as in… Build the Fence at the southern border as there is a fence and armed security and armed air security for DC…

  5. Not checking out a young Muslim with a bomb looking clock is the kind of behavior that led to people jumping out of burning buildings to their own demise on 9/11 —

    • Why would the teacher even want to touch it if it was suspected to be a homemade bomb? Is the teacher a bomb expert?

    • No. it isnt. What you are suggesting is the exact opposite of a free and open society. That teacher is a moron. Stop being so complacent in giving up your freedoms. Tyranny can make everyone equal and safe. Liberty involves risks.

  6. Ah, if the boy didn’t think that wiring up a clock in a briefcase was a bad idea, his parents CERTAINLY should have been clued in. All that’s missing for the bomb is some plastique and detonator.

    This smells like a fishing trip.

  7. A bright kid swamped by a sea of ignorance. One can only hope the ‘discouragement fraternity’ doesn’t beat him down beyond recovery. If he were my kid, I’d make the investment and get him out of the public schools system.

  8. The intelligence of government “officials” — from government school teachers and administrators to government law enforcers — is on display for all to see, and it’s utterly embarrassing… Reagan was right: Government *is* the problem!

      • Is that supposed to be sarcasm? If so, you’re putting words in my mouth. If not, I’m sorry you think that way…

      • No, government is power-hungry narcissists who take pleasure in controlling other people. The rest of us consist of either makers or takers, and the takers are teaming up with the power-hungry narcissists in government so they can feed each other’s addiction — largely by taking from and controlling the makers.

  9. I’m not convinced there’s any profiling in this instance because it was at a school. You know, the kind of place where a caucasian second grader can be suspended for biting a breakfast pastry into a scary shape. Schools are hyper paranoid about everything these days, makes no difference if the “offender” is black, white, brown or whatever.

      • Most Atheists i know including myself Don’t give a damn what color or what religion someone is to respect them if they deserve respect that is….And the Religious Creationist nutjobs i was talking about tend to be the racists IMO. If we all got past the BS that the race baiter and the AGENDA based media have to say we could prolly talk to one another and figure out alot of our problems….But there is money is keeping the hate and discontent raining down like a F@$@in Hurricane…..

        • Evolution teaches racism. Just gather a bunch of skool kids together and ask them which “race” is more evolutionary advanced. Im a creationist and believe God created one RACE with many ethnicity’s…..yet Im the nut job.

          • Not only that, but most evolutionary teaching is simply a justification for racism. Charles Darwin was a HUGE racist…

        • Liberals are constantly reminding us of the race of people, and dividing them into groups. Are you really that ignorant or paid by Move-On to spout off your misinterpretation of the world around you?

          • For the record i am a native Texan and i lean towards being a conservative but think they are all liars…….And as i stated most atheists I know personally really do not care about race religion or personal creed….People should be judged by their actions and how they carry themselves not by someones else with an agenda…So keep jumping to conclusions and keep getting it wrong you have the right to do that.

          • I don’t see where your getting that i am spewing hatred in my posts just stating an opinion. How can i hate someone i have never spoken to is there so much negativity in the world everyone just automatically assumes my tone of voice in an internet post.

  10. Test run?

    Sorry progs, but sure, all muslims arent bad muslims…….its just that I dont trust any of them.

  11. Thanks to fears of Islamic terrorism a proven threat and an existing threat, people are nervous and jumpy. CAIR and ISNA are partially to blame for this mess, as is the millions of Muslims in the US who are jihaddists and in a state of denial.

    if there was no threat, this incident would have not happened. now if this kid’s father was a member of the KooKlucksClan, the media’s and Hussein’s response would have been worlds apart.

  12. Let’s see…does Obama invite to the WH all the old white ladies in wheelchairs that get frisked up instead of muslims on the same plane so that the TSA goons don’t look like they are profiling?

  13. The parents should have contacted the teachers and told them what the kid was doing, and handcuffing a kid like that is ridiculous…. and outrageous.

    I fault the parents and the teachers, and also the media and Obama for turning this into a race / bigot event, instead of teaching us a lesson about proper parenting.

  14. Great… so a Muslim finally shows some initiative and invents something… and everyone jumps up and down… man… a Muslim has not invented anything since… well maybe never… and now one invents a broken clock and all we do is criticize… in a few hundred years more… Muslims might actually be able to fabricate a working clock…

    • Cut out your bullshit— the numbers arent the only reason we say Obama is a racist. It’s the fact that his rhetoric consistently demonizes police, and turns violent thugs into victims & martyrs. He makes every XXX on black crime into a public affair, with the Department of Justice investigating anything that happens to a Black person. His race baiting spreads more racial animosity & anti-police sentiment.

      • “his rhetoric consistently demonizes police,”

        Really? What are some examples of this? Go ahead and Google it. I know you don’t actually know any.

        • You can’t be that ignorant, or are you just lying? Obama said all of these things:

          “There are some police who aren’t doing the right thing. It seems like once a week now.” [Gosh, at least he said “some.” Once a week??]

          “This is a slow-rolling crisis,” Obama said. “This has been going on for a long time. This is not new and we shouldn’t pretend it’s new.”

          “We can’t just leave this to the police,” Obama said. “There are police departments that have to do some soul-searching.”

          “We have seen too many instances of what appears to be police officers interacting with individuals, primarily African-American, often poor, in ways that raise troubling questions. It comes up, it seems like, once a week now,” (keeps repeating to make it seem frequent.)

          “And as I told them, not only do I hear the pain and frustration of being subjected to that kind of constant suspicion, but part of the reason I got into politics was to figure out how can I bridge some of those gaps in understanding so that the larger country understands this is not just a black problem or a brown problem, this is an American problem.”

          “I’ve said this before, in too many communities around the country, a gulf of mistrust exists between local residents and law enforcement,” Obama said. “In too many communities, too many young men of color are left behind and seen only as objects of fear.”

          “But I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home; and, No. 3 … that there’s a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.”

          So can you figure out any pattern??

        • Everything Jeepers said— plus calling what officers did to Gates “acting stupidly” before he got all of the facts of what occured.

  15. I knew this wasn’t your average white kid when I saw Obama had invited him to the White House.

    Kid probing school security? I’m just asking the questions Obama won’t.

  16. Uh oh…do you suppose all clocks in Muslim homes and businesses could secretly be bombs? Ya know, when they also wear watches, a guy could get pretty suspicious. Maybe the kid should leave his clock at home when he visits the WH…just sayin’ He sounds like he will end up being a great engineer…but might be burned out on clocks.

  17. They showed it on the news just now – and it did look suspicious – a bunch of wires and circuit board and a metal briefcase – what a moron this kid was – no matter what his name or religion – to think that wouldn’t look suspicious……..he is trying to make it sound like it looked like a Timex!!!

  18. I wonder what would have happened if this kid would have tried to bring his case with the circuit board and wires into the White House? Would Obama still be praising him then?????

  19. Better safe than sorry. Doesn’t the police always encourage to notify things that look suspicious? then it is up to the police to determine if it is suspicious or not, the teacher preferred to err on the side of caution which is what we are always told to do like at airports report bags that are left unattended. Same type of thing, No need to turn this into a racial issue. White kids got suspended fro bringing toy guns to schools in the past. So if you bring a clock that looks as complicated as a detonator, why not be confused and be suspicious whithout turning it into a race issue?

  20. With all of the violence in schools, it’s better safe than sorry. In liberal utopia US, we are supposed to pretend that all stereotypes are rooted in nothing but racism… never mind the statistics. Radical Islamic terrorism is real— this kid was innocent, but what if it WAS a bomb, and teachers ignored it for fear of being branded “racist”?

    It’s like those dumb liberals who refuse to take safety precautions around a group of black thugs on the street. Crossing the street is racist! Locking my car door is racist! Then they get robbed, beaten, or murdered. At least they aren’t racist, though!

  21. Thank goodness the school is on high alert. If you look at the picture of the “clock” hopefully you would have called it in. Also weird the kid wouldn’t explain himself to the cops. He’s (hopefully) not a terrorist but I suspect the family’s goal is lawsuit against our weak, let’s just settle, government

  22. My question is this . . . if this kid is so brilliant, why didn’t he take the advice of the engineering teacher! I think it was bloody stupid of him to take it into his other classes and to set it to ring? Really? The most ridiculous part of this is he is now being rewarded by The POTUS and Facebook, etc. for doing something stupid and wrong! If my kid did that I would be grounding him until he was 18!

  23. The Engineering Instructor was to dumb to look at the board, identify the components and determine it was harmless.
    Those who can, do.
    Those who can’t… Teach.

  24. If this kid were not planning on becoming a future terrorist, he is going to be one now, because of Fauxbama’s INVOLVEMENT, and PRAISE for him!

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