Donors Save Home of 91-Year-Old WWII Vet

Donors Save Home of 91-Year-Old WWII Vet

Abram Belles - photo via Go Fund Me

Donors on the online fundraising website Go Fund Me saved the Pennsylvania home of 91-year-old WWII veteran Abram Belles, which was set to go up for sale because of overdue property tax payments.

Upon hearing of the crisis, Mr. Belles’ friend, a John Daily, created the fundraiser, which has brought in over $12,000 to date — more than twice the goal of $5000.

Mr. Daily has since posted the following in response:

In the past 8 days I have seen a large amount of caring and generosity from so many people. There are even those who mailed Mr. Belles donations! I can only say a very large thank you to anyone who donated or shared this story with their friends online. Donations both large and small made the difference. I spent about two hours with Mr Belles today and he knows you all helped save his home, he is truly overwhelmed!

It is always encouraging to hear good news like this. Read more of the story here.



  1. One of the tenets of Marxism is to do away with private property and taxation.
    Perfect example of the Matrix that we will never ‘own’ a home…..TPTB did away with the Alloidal Title so we never own anything on this earth it all belongs to the banksters….

  2. First decent story I’ve read all day…heartwarming to know there are still people out there helping others in need.

  3. anyone want to send a few bucks my way? I love how being a vet 70 years ago makes it ok to not pay your property taxes. for a guy with a rental property, he sure doesn’t seem to be able to manage his money.

    • Is his tax higher than his collected rents? In NYC, our taxes are in access to the tune of 170k a year and it is JUSTIFIED by the fact that rents are high according to the government which has also enacted a rent freeze on stabilized apartments also JUSTIFIED because the rents are reportedly high. That’s not true in our case but we had zero luck getting any help from the government about this and actually they could see my mother was in ill health and still sent her on a runaround to let her know without any confusion whatsoever that shes intolerable. She doesn’t just work for free but she uses her social security to try to offset her real estate taxes and she took social security early so she could get that much needed check every month so her payment is less than she deserves considering the taxes my father paid and the fact that he was murdered and his murderer gave a rent controlled apartment in the building as his post prison residence to his FBI handlers who use him as a “Big Help” informant but never bothered to take the murder victim’s family into consideration when they were the ones who contacted my mother about purported kidnapping plan while offering absolutely no protection to her ever.

          • not enough if it doesn’t cover the taxes, not everyone is meant to be a landlord. I have 3 income properties, 2 in PA that I manage to pay my taxes on.

          • Goody for you. You impress us all with your business acumen and foresight. I hope your spouse does not become ill to the point of draining your coffers. Any hardship can derail the best of plans. So stop

          • you mean she didn’t have medicare or he didn’t plan for health problems when they aged? Sounds like he’s still deficient. These people bought him a little time is all.

        • if it happened to you, you would care. That’s stealing and if he’s overassessed, then someone should question why because at least in NYC, there is a case for the ilegality of how NYC assesses but coincidentally there is no movement at all to self correct OR to prosecute them. That’s prettty suspicious.

          what happens here in nyc is that if you can afford the lawyer, he gets the overassessment discounted and he gets a third of that discount as his fee. That’s the only way you can get a discount i.e. you pay less of a rip off and it’s looking like there is some govt kickback involved because Sheldon Silver was involved with one of these tax attorney firms.

          Doesn’t matter because no one will help my family at all on the government side over this. In fact they let my mother know they weren’t going to help her by refusing to give her information expressly requested and then sent her to another building where they told her that if she didnt have the name and number of a tax assessor, they weren’t going to help her – even though these were people in the same building and if they were kind to her as they would be to others with nontargeted buildings, she would probably have been offered a name and number of someone who could help and in the aftermath, they can just claim ohh she could have followed proper procedure and gotten help but too late, too bad, so sad.

          that’s not how they treat their buddies

          The legality issue is that by acknowleding the overassessment, they then don’t correct their formula not just on the building that could afford the lawyer BUT on all properties in the vicinity. Get it?

          We are $170,000 a year so every year, it’s a cheap co-op in some further afield part of New York City that is handed over to the government and that is JUSTIFIED by what services? It’s more than total rents collected when all the apartments are rented out and every letter she gets bashes her harder when she tries as hard as she can.

          BUT that is not the case with everyone on the block. I doubt other owners are losing money like she is.

          it’s like my father’s murder – afterwards, tons of people started trusts for their families and finally got involved in estate planning and buying life insurance – cuz my dad was a fail at that and actually cancelled policies.

          We benefit others from our undeserved suffering. We must be goblins – handfed to Chinese triad for their pleasure. They can do anything they want to us because we deserve it. Murdering Dana Blake must have been a fabrication – he must have been in on it – because bad things ONLY happen to bad people with this much government and press coverup.

          • I don’t care about your tax woes. There is no mention that any of this even happened. He just didn’t pay his fucking taxes and your whole convoluted stupid story isn’t even how it works here in pa.

            Here’s a tip for you: if you’re a conservative, move the hell out of New York, it’s a shit hole anyway.

          • if he didn’t pay them at all – why was he helped? Just serving isn’t enough especially since this was a war that involved being drafted not just enlistments.

          • MY point exactly. People are making out like this is a great thing (which it is, I’m not saying it isn’t nice when people help anyone else) but really, it’s a story crafted to make this guy look like some kind of victim, but when it’s written in a different tone that someone has made poor decisions and is in trouble, we’d be crapping all over them. You can look at it like this: His improperly taking care of health and insurance responsibilities put him into a financial bind that then caused him to go into tax debt on his house and an additional income property. Rather than sell the income property at a price to move it off the market and at the very least staunch the tax bleed, he went to get loans to pay the taxes, which only added to his financial burden. Now faced with Sheriff’s sale, others had to bail him out because he’s pricing his other property higher than someone is willing to pay. – See makes it seem like his fault when you don’t play up the old man and vet angle.

            I’m just tired of hearing WW2 Vet dropped into news stories like it’s an accomplishment. It isn’t like he’s a Career Retired Vet who’s getting screwed by the government after a lifetime of service, he’s a guy who went to war like everyone else at the time.

          • Is what you are claiming true? I had someone who was willing to let us know that for years people had been told that the owner had so much money that they did not want to rent out their store – since 1998? that’s absolutely not true but people are remorseless liars because there is no payback. I have missed calls that don’t leave messages on Google Voice and don’t respond to call backs or text messages but these are MISSED calls that refuse to leave a voicemail so … that feeds a community that rewards Chinese Whispers. it’s all about character and what you are suggesting is speculation and not based on fact, correct?

            Well, Purple Hearts gifted a discount on a house to someone who was injured in training during the Vietnam War.

          • Just read what was reported in the linked articles. He fell behind when his wife got sick, she eventually died. Health and life insurance both would have solved that problem. The article said he’s trying to sell the rental property and that he’s a few years behind on his taxes, and has had to take out loans to pay taxes before that, well, you can infer that he either decided to sell the property too late, and is asking too much if it’s not selling. This is just an interesting example of how you can tell a story different ways with the same facts known to affect reader’s opinions. Leave out the old man, veteran, and sick wife that died and look at it dispassionately and a different narrative emerges.

          • Pennsylvania did not suffer the same market crashes as other places did in the housing bubble, if that’s what you’re getting at.

          • no I mean all the cheap houses I get on email alerts for Blakeslee Pennsylvania – I found out that a rent controlled tenant has a house and a Pen driver’s license there and told the state trooper way too memorably that he had to use the MAILING address i.e. his Blakeslee post office address and not his house address – possibly cuz he’s hiding his nonprimary residency.

            It’s a $234 1-bedroom filled with a lotta things in Downtown Manhattan. I have pictures – the firefighters had a hard time getting inside. It was AMAZING.

            When I told him I found his accident report on line and did he want to talk about the apartment, he started making construction noises AND loud crashing noises which is neighbors except for one studiously avoided acknowledging but I was there one night – and heard his noises followed by noises from his next door neighbors so I knew they were home and had to have heard it too and I recorded all these noises from the unit beneath and emailed him to get him to stop. I guess tenants love creating structural damage to show the advocates. They don’t care if they get caught or there are third party witnesses or leave a dent right outside their door – he did it once after an apartment showing over the head of a lawyer and the camera was still recording in my hand so it’s not a fabrication, not an exaggeration.

            This is the guy who told my mother that the contractor should use the fire escape to take a look at his radiator instead of walking through his apartment (cuz it’s back to being impassable?) and also scared her with stories that his boss says are untrue – cuz he carries a badge.

            Does he give depositions for criminal cases where he is the law? There’s no shame.

            And he lied about being present everyday during the post arson repairs – this guy has a badge so what protects him so well that he can be so dishonest and open about it?

          • nowadays, it’s scientologists and people running for office who get involved in these not necessarily genuine It’s a Wonderful Life stories.

            so many elderly are living in cold situations and targeted because they are old and not smart and there is active press indifference.

    • Seriously, you need to go do household chores for this man. He and his ilk saved your world so you could destroy it. What kind of child are you that you have no respect for him. You are ignorant of the sacrifices made by his generation.

      • F You, I’m a vet too, but I pay my bills. Just because he was duped into fighting another War the US wouldn’t have been involved in if it stayed out of European affairs doesn’t put me in any position to owe him anything. Glad fools are willing to pay taxes on his house and an income property, but I’m sure he didn’t get into this situation by making great decisions.

        • You may have a point if he asked for people to help him, but others stepped up. In fairness, you have no idea how he got behind and you have no idea if the government applied late tax fees were as silly as they are in the Texas county where i used to live. Five months late and they are doubled. Lighten up on a guy that never guessed he would live that long.

          • Which is fine, I just like to point out that had the story been written in a different tone, people would be bagging on the deadbeat taking advantage.

            look at the facts: He has 2 properties, he’s not paying his taxes, granted, he’s trying to sell the income property, but apparently he’s not desperate enough to sell it at a low enough cost to get rid of the tax and insurance burden he can’t afford, yet because they throw “vet” in there and “old person” we are supposed to feel sorry for him. There are obviously other factors at play here, that people just want to feel good about, but looking at his situation a different way puts it into another light.

          • You are right, the media plays us like a trombone. War on Vets, war on women, war on christians are just some of the examples.

        • I’ll believe you are a veteran when pigs fly. You don’t like it don’t donate. But veteran or not, I am glad those that can will help a 91 year old in need. Eventually your favored government utopia is going to run out of other people’s money, and then you may be glad such generosity exists for the elderly.

          • jerkoff, I don’t favor government utopia, I am clearly stating this guy didn’t prepare for his retirement well enough, but all of you are cheering him like having to be bailed out is all of the sudden a conservative badge of honor.

            Luckily like my self esteem, my veteran status doesn’t hinge on what some random moron on the net thinks either.

          • You are assuming a lot. You seem to have some issues with anger and resentment toward total strangers for no good reason. I am not a psychiatrist, but you might could benefit from talking to a professional about it. Maybe then you may save time by not feeling the need to attack people you disagree with and being an internet tough guy. Your anger at generosity toward a very elderly man who happens to be a veteran is a bit sociopathic if you ask me. I will say a prayer for you and the old man.

          • He isn’t my brother, he’s a guy who doesn’t manage his finances properly, who happened to fight in a war. A lot of vets out there get welfare too, should we cheer them? I know Vets who are too lazy to work because their VA benefits provide them with the video games they while away their days on, like if PTSD was so debilitating, you’d be playing Call of Duty all day long.

          • you realize of course I don’t care? You people would surely be jumping all over the single mother needing welfare as a welfare queen (as would I, but that’s irrelevant) but this guy’s a hero somehow. the cognitive disconnect is interesting is all.

          • Come back and tell us that when your wife falls ill and you go broke and get behind paying for the medical bills. If you can manage to get one with that attitude.

          • Yeah, I have health insurance, and a lot of life insurance, because we are preparing for our early retirement. It’s not my concern this guy made poor choices.

          • because to see you all pouring your hearts out because of a story edited to elicit sympathy is amusing to me. I could rewrite this in a way to make him seem like every other deadbeat and you’d all be agreeing with me.

          • Ooooo you’re so cool and edgy, everyone of us is ever so impressed. -_-
            And no I wouldn’t something a sociopath would never understand.

          • Are you slow boy? These were other citizens covering his back, not the government/welfare state. There is a huge difference.

          • No. What these people did for this man was moral. You know how the founders intended things to be. In fact acts like this were very common in America’s early days.

          • Sure, but it doesn’t change that not every person on the government dole is a worthless hack either like the general immediate assumption would lead one to believe.

          • Now your out in left field again. This story or conversation has nothing to do with the government dole. How is that so hard to comprehend?

          • apparently it’s equally as hard as it is for you to comprehend that people that don’t pay their bills created their own problems and aren’t really deserving of my sympathy. That they fought in a war millions of other fools who DO pay their bills did doesn’t make their failure any less their fault.

          • Who cares who’s fault it is that he needed money. You’re assuming way too much.
            We don’t give a rats back end whether its his fault or not. Those people that hooked him up didn’t either. Only you do for some sick reason. Those people helped him because it is a fair trade for what he gave to them, his service.

          • You already puffed up your chest about how great and planned ahead you are. Sorry no check for you as you don’t need it.

          • Ok, just checking, like I said, I just see another guy who didn’t pay his bills, he’s nothing special like anyone else who doesn’t pay.,

          • Yet, you have the pathological need to reply to my bullshit. It’s really amusing, but I have dinner waiting at home, good night, bleeding hearts.

          • It’s what brothers do for other brothers. We help them when they need it. You said you were a vet, you obviously need help. I let you cry on a shoulder.

          • Really dumbass? Had the US not intervened in WW1, bringing the might of American manufacturing to the bargaining table at the treaty of Versailles, then Britian wouldn’t have been able to decimate the German economy with their demands, and the hyper inflation that led to the rise of the national socialist party. Maybe you should crack a book.

          • Except that America’s getting involved in European entanglements was a point George Washington warned us would bite us in his farewell address, I guess your comment is germane to the discussion.

          • Gee, no kidding. I’ve never read that. The issue here dickhead, is that a guy wrote a blank check to the gubmint, to fight a war that he didn’t want, and now he needs a little help. And WE help our own. I hope that at 91, you’re lying in your bed, unable to get up, awash in your own piss and sht.

          • I’ll be dead before that, most likely, but if not, I’ve planned better than he obviously did.

          • God bless you too. But I’m a realist, Heart disease will take me out, and this guy didn’t take care of his obligations. See, that’s reality for you.

        • Are you 91 years old? What war did you serve in? I commend this vet for serving in the military, for paying his wife’s medical bills and for trying to support himself & his wife with rental income. Kudos to the f riend who solicited donations. It is a small way for us who want to say thank you to a vet who needs help.

          You, Mr. Typical, are a sourpuss and a jealous person. I hope you never need help Because most people would not want to give to such a self important meanie.

          • You wouldn’t know though, because maybe I’ll put a few War on terror pins on my white hat and sit on my porch weeping to sucker you all in.

    • “After Belles’s wife became ill, the aged veteran fell further and further behind in his taxes, until he was so far back that he couldn’t pay it all.” Nice job, Typical, way to run your resentful mouth without the facts. Moron.

    • Not the Commies but corrupt KMT overtaxed Chinese farmers in the midst of the Japanese invasion so that a farmer couldn’t afford to pay and would be forced to sell to these Chinese cronies who were profiteering in the midst of war – not just by doing this to land ownership (Theodore White Thunder Out of China) but also embezzling from the United States military and selling the stolen goods to the Japanese (Sterling Seagrave Yamashita’s Gold).

      The same thing of over penalties and over taxing has happened to our rent regulated building in New York City.

    • Erie county rewards the Buffalo bills with no taxes and they havent won a thing.
      All you have to do is goto down town buffalo to see how valid your argument is. empty buildings, homes and vacant businesses.
      this man at least served the country.
      what have you done but get drunk at wilson stadium and then whine that the the bills lost again?

      • they don’t want us to get too attached to the lifeboat. And what the few sacrificed for the greater good – wounded warriors are coming home with missing legs and they don’t all get new houses – its hard to argue when you have been targeted – you’re just not welcome here – especially if you are just an inconvenience that is preferably fed to the triad at their leisure – it costs no one anything and neatly wraps things up.

  4. Nice. To find God’s grace while sifting through all the bile and sputum that is the quagmire of the internet.

    • I have friends that are vets and get unlimited paid medical care no problem, no wait. One is about to get 25 years back pay (he served 4) for a supposed PTSD.
      My father fought in WW2 and got zip.
      All this veteran stuff about being deprived is rubbish. If they want to become druggies or drunks and not avail.themselves, Some reporter will find them.
      Plus the last real war was WW2, All the have to enrich the Jew bankers NWO slime and the Military Industrial Complex.In Iraq 1 to 2 million civilians died. It was not our business.

      • Prince Charles had to intervene to help Japnese POW Alastair Urquhart get his pension straightened out in his 90s and Prince Charles has no problem getting friendly with the Japanese monarchy responsible for the FEPOWs.

      • Iraq – wasn’t our business?

        Google Otto Skorzeny and Arab werewolves. Even if 9/11 was faked like Muslims believe, they should understand how the sticks line up – we’ve got news that Kara Mueller suffered even more than we originally thought, we’ve got the anniversary of 9/11 and no extension of the Zadroga Act, we’ve got the bombing in Thailand that no one wants to call Uighur, we’ve got monks killing Rohingya who have a history of killing native Burmese and we’ve got Saudi Arabia with a collapsed Bin Laden crane in their super fancy Mecca while Syrians and other Muslims are trying to get into Europe and Saudi has offered to build 200 mosques for them in Europe (will that be the Bin Ladens who will be building those mosques?)

        It looks like something is wrong in that region. They’re not sorry. If so many Muslims believe that 9/11 framed them, then Osama Bin Laden had to have been in on it and if that is the case, why would Saudi Arabia give them thousands of construction jobs in Saudi Arabia alone this year – cuz Saudi Arabia is punishing them now for killing those 107 pilgrims with that crane – cuz it’s bad for business to kill ordinary Muslims because the power of the one percenters involved staying on the right side of them – the Aga Khan gets a kickback to this day for being descended from Mohammed. That’s huge tithing.

        Let’s say we knocked down those two building and most of those victims are in witness protection (like my murdered father can’t really be dead) and their grieving families serve propaganda, where is the blowback on Osama Bin Laden’s family by the Muslim elite for collaborating with the Americans?

        • Your a brainwashed war monger,believing all the BS the corporate military industrial complex media (MIC)feeds you. Read war is a racket dot org .
          Was saddam a madman ? Yes. But its not my (The US)problem. We long sense ran out of money for being the worlds policeman. NK has killed many more. Are we going there next? There are massive open air slave markets in Sydan. There next ? All these trillions for what? To make more enemies for you guessed it.The MIC. The Rothschilds love “patriots “like you
          If they come over here or cause us problems, vaporize them.
          Until then ,let the rag heads kill each other over there.

          • You do understand that a Middle East-Germany alliance means Germany finally gets assured fuel supply to wage war – that means tanks crossing the Sahara into Africa and that wealth will mean they can outspend us.

            Israel is the canary in the coal mine. If they won’t let religious observers on the square in the Temple Mount, that’s NOT a good sign. No one is allowed there except Muslims. But they demand equal treatment if not more overseas but then don’t advocate on behalf of other religions for Temple Mount as paying it forward for the broadmindedness of others that they have benefited from.

          • If I could ignore everything, I would cancel internet. But I have a feeling that eventually my brother will go the way of Michael Deng or that young man my father witnessed getting beaten to a pulp in Hong Kong.

          • and all because he had INFURIATED Chinatown in a meeting and therefore probably KMT leading to them INVITING my father three times to take a position in On leong – because my dad said that eventually the Mainland flag would wave from every Chinatown association so it was no good to intolerate them, it’s going to happen. They never give that position to someone who is a loner like my dad.

            That is similar to what the Rabaul Chinatown (minus probably that KMT representative) surmised in the 1960s – that KMT would never return to power in the Mainland.

            Were they set up and killed and posthumously smeared as well?

            I know they would love to get together and claim he was a drug dealer and killer just like them but they sought him out, they demanded his time and that means they always were going to kill him and smear him – as a message and as punishment

          • I never look at Middle East news. It looks hella boring. And I don’t watch German news because it tends to be toxic and smug. However the refugee situation is so enlightening. Yes, the Syrians need to not be home and hate their relocations in neighboring countries so lush green Germany – why not when they’ve been INVITED.

            Germany has been too strong and has been nursing separatists in Turkmenistan, Tibet and Xinjiang. They probably do stuff in Africa that I’m not aware of. These refugees apparently ALL Muslim but not necessarily all Syrian might change Germany for the better.

            But Germany wants most of them in the Balkans and other parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire so did Germany extend this invitation on purpose?

            Was it just to force a sale of Greek Islands which reach across to Turkey which given the Middle East attitude to what is theirs, must irritate them.

            I don’t understand how power rests in their world. Saudi is so concerned with the offensiveness of 107 injured but NOT concerned with not providing hospitality to these refugees in Europe – but will build 200 mosques – so they WANT these Muslims in Europe? And the implicit intimidation of the Arab Werewolves means no Holocaust or other bullying? Cuz these guys don’t look like they scare.

            So are these our allies? Or is this just bully meets bully?

            And yes, the Syrians do look like they lived a jewel box life – their hair, their skin, their flesh, their clothing is so much better than the other migrants there. Many claim to have engineering degrees. But why the contretemps with Israel? Why were there so few Jews in Syria when before there were many?

            It’s very easy when everything goes your way to be kind and gracious and charming to third parties while intolerating one specific group.

            How is that our business?

            Well, I know what it feels like and I can tell you that my father’s killers and the community behind them are monsters.

    • Wouldn’t it be nice if our government gave a damn about our non-veterans also? I respect the service but there are other people in this country also who can’t pay their property taxes.

    • Unless you are 100% disabled, I found out this year that when I am 65, they kick me off the veteran medical and stick me on medicare, then I get to buy all those abc plans to almost get what I got under tricare prime. The older I get, the more I regret serving this country. On the up side, I have talked 25 young men and women out of joining.

      • Check with your VA. I don’t think that’s exactly correct. The VA will require you to have medicare A&B but you will still use the VA facilities if you want. They just bill Medicare. Check it out. I think that’s right. And if you had Tricare that’s for retired military and the same will apply, but you can still use base facilities and not bother with VA, or use civilian doctors of your choice and have no co-pay.

  5. These property taxes go to fund the local school system which promotes homocentric lifestyles, abortions and all sorts of other calamitous ideas.

    The irony here is that this was funded by saving the home.

    • here in Arkansas, since my house is small and just an acre of land, I get homestead credit and pay no property tax. Only tax break on anything.

      • I own property in Texas and Colorado and in neither state do I get taxed on those properties as a disabled veteran. My only break too!

        • and texas has so many innovative companies as well as successful consumer good companies like OXO while NYC has to give tax breaks apparently to Google and finance companies – does that make sense?

          kind of fishy, right?

  6. Not enough o comment on .Did he blow his SS? Over buy at the top.
    Wanna help.Turn off your coputer and go to the nearest soup kitchen

    • he doesn’t look like he’s been splashing out at Banana Republic.

      unless he’s got some vice that we don’t know about

  7. This is exactly why I detest property taxes. The founding fathers established this country with private property foremost in their minds. Property taxes are the reason most of us actually don’t own our most precious property: our homes and land. The fact we have property taxes on a recurring basis points to the evil inherent in government and the foolishness of the voting public to vote for such levies to be imposed on us. I can live with one time tax. I’m happy to know folks were willing to help out this man. It reeks to me, though, that the government he served and fought for, would turn right around so many years later and take his property away from him. Damn the government.

    • there’s no oversight and no efficiency and the federal govt is constantly being demanded from state and city to fund homelessness BUT the federal govt hands over billions to be spent inefficiently. If you have 50k new builds in Las Vegas, why are you spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on putting homeless people some veterans in roach motels in NYC?

      NYC has decided to foreclose on our building according to a broker – one of only 370 properties so it looks like we are sworn enemies.

      That building is my mom’s sweetheart – her real daughter that she can’t afford to polish up. I am not going to have an easy time with her after she loses it. She didn’t do anything wrong but I can’t speak freely about it until she loses it.

      But federal has to take responsibility for the check writing it does.

  8. I have friends that are vets and get unlimited paid medical care no problem, no wait. One is about to get 25 years back pay (he served 4) for a supposed PTSD.

    My father fought in WW2 and got zip.

    All this veteran stuff about being deprived is rubbish. If they want to become druggies or drunks and not avail.themselves, Some reporter will find them.

    Plus the last real war was WW2, All the rest have been have to enrich the Jew bankers NWO slime and the Military Industrial Complex.In Iraq 1 to 2 million civilians died. It was not our business

  9. Nice to read and hear something pleasant where by people do what we are supposed to do, help each other. Let’s hope it continues.

  10. wished i’d have known prior. would he still accept money, cause i’d like to send him some. bless him and his generation.

  11. Bravo Zulu to those who helped this great man. We need to have more great stories like this in the news rather than all the horrible stories that we are hit with daily.

  12. If you are hard working, eventually ,if you live long enough ,the government will become your enemy.

    Property tax should be illegal as your income has already been taxed.

  13. The sad part is that they’ll be waiting for him to be late again and take the property away. It makes no sense at all. And owning a home supposed to be the american dream? it is becoming a nightmare and the govt love it, 100% control.

  14. Just goes to show you never own anything. You just rent it from the government, who owns everything.

  15. Repeal all property taxes, both State and Federal. Make it impossible for the govt to evict anyone from their own house. Throw out any politician or govt worker from office, if they are for keeping property taxes. It can be done. Make Trump the spearhead for this effort.

    • I wasn’t aware of federal property tax. I’ve only dealt with county. What is federal property tax?

  16. We fought the Revolution so we could own our lands and not the Crown. Over time the states assumed the function of the Crown and we own nothing. The modern deeds are nothing but a lease for using state properties as long as the property, school and other minor taxes are paid to the state which is in fact your rent. We need a second Revolution to change this and many other things and throw the career politicians out on their behind.

  17. Well, it is nice to see that there is support when the reality that NONE of us own our homes comes to light – we only lease them from the government. Sad but true. We need to abolish property taxes (which started out as a very, very small tax but somehow (not unsurprisingly) became a HUGE burden).

    • yeah someone did say that to me that it is illegal – this is taxation, there’s no representation and in NYC, the assessments are not explained – there’s no way to fight this for free. There’s dead silence or misdirection in our experience.

      Sure, this means a Republican dominance in the future (obamacare will sting for a loong time – if you aren’t medicaid, you are screwed because you can’t afford these monthly bills) but locally, Republicans serve their backers just like Democrats so real estate wise – nothing will change. Federal prosecutors only go after property that ends up on auction and then benefits developers anyway so ….

  18. I will never understand why we don’t demand that local governments put a lien on property until the owners can either sell the property, catch up on their taxes or pass away!!! If they pass away, the family has the option of catching up on the taxes or they will be paid at a closing for the new owners by the new owners. Really simple and everyone wins.

    • what kind of taxes are you looking at over there?

      have you noticed that when subsidized citizens flourish, their future superior wages are not garnished to reimburse the taxpayers for past subsidies?

      homeowners get targeted to lose their properties but since they paid in so much in the past, do they get to go to the front of the line for subsidized housing for the homeless and impoverished.

      Once you get in the lifeboat of American citizenship, you may not get anything more and that’s not owed to you – but have you not noticed how much logrolling and pork barreling is going on using the neediest cases as an excuse and LANDLOCKED citizens are the ones who are intolerated against?

      what is happening in NYC is such a successful formula that it will eventually spread – not because all American real estate would be as fun to own as Downtown Manhattan – just a little bauble and it’s nice to have control – but because the government funding is so successfully engineered by local governments and the press. It’s a money machine.

      And landlocked citizens have something to lose so they suck it up and pay and pay and they don’t make a sound. Who would they scream to? the press is in on it.

      and local officials at least in NYC – they belong to the deep pockets running them behind the curtain. We don’t get help. And it’s shameless.

  19. I call it tyranny when today’s politicians catering to today’s parasites are willing to tax a man who actually “served” our country out of his home and can do so because he has little to fight back with. Thank God for the generosity of the donors. God Bless them and may the politicians and parasites burn in hell.

  20. Property taxes are going to skyrocket and harm all true Americans at an alarming rate due to Obama’s disregard for our immigration laws and unprotected border. How else can towns pay for the overburdened schools, healthcare, housing, and food for illegals? With the police overwhelmed by the alarming increase in crimes and the hospitals flooded with illegals, they have to do something to pay for it. More and more Americans will lose their homes. How many children and elderly Americans have and will die from all the diseased illegals, a dramatic wait list for health care, and the steady stream of violence illegals bring? We built this country and pay our taxes for the benefit of Americans, not illegals. What kind of an education are our children getting when our tax dollars are paying for interpreters and paying for the school supplies for people leeching off of us and just why should we suffer and give our country away to lawbreakers that only want freebies and have no intention of ever becoming one of us. They are bringing disease, violence, and all of their third world problems with them and destroying our quality of life. When Obama gets his way and places them in the suburbs and wealthy neighborhoods they will simply watch our comings and goings so they know when a woman or child is alone to rape, when nobody is home to rob us, and a host of who knows what.

  21. “overdue property tax payments”

    Governments have grown too big and too many non-productive people depend on hand-outs and subsidies. Sad thing is, if government creates a hand out, it can never stop the hand out. It just gets added to the existing list of government provided ‘services’ (freebies). And people like Belles end up losing everything so someone else can have a free lunch (or free mobile phone).

    • oh my family is personally paying for the GENEROSITY and warm hearts of the politicians. We cant afford anything and we are taxed at 170k a year which is an impossible sum. We tried to get help from the government and they IGNORED us so they are not impartial. The state government is slightly better but this city government does whatever it wants and hides it by pretending that there is dissent between the mayor and his army so whoever gets appointed next now is framed as not being friendly with the mayor.

    • I don’t feel that I owe the Chinese anything but unfortunately, I feel I owe the Americans (for dying in stopping Japan and Germany).

      • Yeah, the guys who gave several years of their lives, put themselves in harms way, or didn’t come back at all are owed a debt that we can never repay. If we can afford to give free money to immigrants who can’t even speak English, or to ne’er-do-wells who won’t bother to work, or to foreign countries who hate our guts then we can damn sure afford to support those who made sure we have an English-speaking place to call home.

        • I think they are an incentive to make sure other countries’ problems are solved so Americans don’t have to go in physically to solve them. I think that is what happening in the Middle East. I’m not sure if Hungary and Serbia are in on it because Serbia won’t feed nor house the refugees at the Hungarian fence even though they are physically inside Serbia so actually Serbia’s issue not Hungary but Serbia is saying sympathetic words and condemning Hungary while busing them to Croatia where they can get into Hungary – which means eventually they will reach Germany who invited the Syrians in the first place.

          Some vets came home and became criminals – one started a white supremacy group so I don’t think that merely enlisting makes someone a good person. Plenty of people turned out to be business predators too so ….

          • Even so, nice to see Americans step up to save the home of a vet who fell on hard times in his much later years.

        • Chinese soldiers suffered at least as much however this was a Chinese problem. It was a problem with government as well as culture – there was never enough people with that spark to correct societal bullying and those people always got the short end of the stick and ended up being used up for the benefit of the greater whole. Corean history is the same.

          It makes people want to immigrate but then they are often not included or trained enough to become the kind of fighter that they need to be so it eventually happens to them again. Evil comes to you. My father’s killers were all immigrants from Hong Kong, China and Burma. All Chinese bullies. But the HK filmmakers are correct in that White law enforcement can make it worse – we saw one Chinese agent who acted obtuse and one who acted partial to gangsters – that could have been an act just to let us know that they were not interested in protecting us and that we should stay away from them which we did. And obviously, the selective integrity of white and chinese journalists is a lesson in itself.

          But this current NYC government is appaling. Cronyism, old friendships is no excuse.

          My mother paid her social security and my brother his salary and we are treated intolerantly – and my brother has never been inside even one of those apartments that he helps to pay for.

          • Thank goodness Americans are not Orientals. What you say is true, all over Asia. Lived there; been all over Asia.

          • tenderized by the Unequal Treaties of the West and certainly West had no problem collaborating with Japan officially which didn’t help the Gordon Highlanders much in the POW camps nor the German missionaires in Rabaul.

            Oh well. We all pay the price for cheap behavior. It still rips up good Chinese – just concern for us happens too late if at all – because White doesn’t think it will ever effect them and hopefully, that means long memories at the top of the government but on the ground, most people are pleased to join bullying even if they don’t like Asians much – as long as everyone inside makes money inside the group at a target’s expenses, then that’s how it goes. There’s no deterrent.

            It’s not like bad guys get zapped with cancer, right?

        • I think it’s the degree of suffering – both World Wars were so intolerable simply because the Axis would NOT stop – during WW1, Japan bonded with Germany in front of British eyes after a battle won by Japan and England against Germany in China.

          If that suffering was taken personally by people in Allied governments, then you don’t forget and you don’t stop and you get VERY angry at all the enablers both the cronies – the Flying Monkeys AND the shirkers – the ostriches.

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