Trump’s Earned Media Value is HUGE

Trump’s Earned Media Value is HUGE

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Say whatever you want about Donald Trump, you have to give him credit for knowing how to manufacture massive amounts of free media.

The entertaining showman has racked up more than $50 million in “earned media” in the few short months since he announced his campaign for president, according to an analysis conducted by Conservative Intel.

The bulk of that earned media comes from the near-constant coverage of Trump on the major cable news channels. In addition, Trump has earned millions in free marketing using his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Of course, not all of the coverage of Trump has been positive. But even negative coverage so far Trump has managed to convert into positive poll numbers.

How much is Donald Trump’s earned media worth to his campaign? Can we put a dollar amount on it? If Trump’s airtime on Fox News is “free advertising,” how much would that time have cost him? According to ad buyers, a 30-second primetime ad runs between $30,000 and $45,000.

Media Matters, obsessed as they are with Fox News, have been keeping tabs on how much airtime Donald Trump has gotten since he entered the race in June. According to their report, it is about 10 hours, 20 minutes. This comes out to around 1240 30-second primetime ads. It would have cost the Trump campaign between $37 million and $55 million.

Similar numbers were not available for actual airtime on CNN or MSNBC, but Trump has raked in massive amounts of “free advertising” from those networks as well, according to the GDELT Project, which created a ‘2016 Campaign Television Tracker’ to keep tabs of the number of mentions have been made of presidential candidates on cable news since the beginning of 2015.

MSNBC has mentioned him 29,584 times, CNN, 19,289 times and Fox News, 12,563 times.

Trump mentions by channel

CNN’s coverage of Donald Trump has been so wall-to-wall complete that network president Jeff Zucker has heard complaints from his own newsroom.

And it is not just the Republican Primary that Trump is utterly dominating. He is also dominating the general election coverage. Despite being considered a candidate for less than half the year, Trump has nearly caught Hillary Clinton for most mentions: he has 74,000 and she is at 80,000.

Trump has also been mentioned about as often as all other candidates combined since his entry into the race.

While it is difficult to determine exactly how much cable news network mentions are worth, one thing that is clear is that this value combined with Trump’s airtime is worth far more than $37 to $55 million.

Social media is another area where candidates can both pay for advertising and benefit from other people talking about them and seeing them. Political campaigns in recent years have directed a lot of time, energy and money into building social media outreach campaigns. Trump apparently has not.

Still his Twitter performance has been unparalleled by his opponents. He was mentioned 1.5 million times in August alone. Since his entry into the race, he has gained over 1 million new followers – from just under 3 million at the end of May to about 4.1 million today.

The cost of Twitter advertising is difficult to calculate – it depends greatly on what you’re trying to do and how you do it – however the cost per engagement of a general sort tends to range between $0.50 and $2.00. Follows cost more on average than, say, retweets, at $2.50 to $4.00.

Using those numbers as an estimate, Trump has received at least $2.5 million in new followers and $2.25 million in engagements since early June. As Trump’s Facebook likes have gone up about 1.9 million – from the 1.7 million he was at in mid-June to his current 3.6 million – his Facebook presence would also be costly to match through paid advertising.

Between his Fox News airtime and his Twitter performance alone, Donald Trump’s earned media could easily be over $50 million. Taking into account his performance on Facebook, time on CNN and mentions by all cable news networks, it can be projected much higher.

This makes a HUGE difference, as Trump might say, as his is one of the least spending campaigns in the election.



  1. In the media’s numerous failed attmepts at discrediting him, Trump proves the old adage that any press is good press. F the media, GOP and establishment. Go Trump.

  2. Trump doesn’t need to pay for advertising. Only candidates wanting to make hollow campaign promises or flat out lie about themselves need to pay.

    And the left calls him dumb.

  3. And yet people doubt him when he says Mexico will pay for “The Fence” to be built along our border. He, as many other Americans, know how many millions of dollars Mexico is making by our US companies jumping ship here and moving their operations south. I can see him telling Mexico to pony up or sanctions are going to start flying all over the place.

  4. Well the media are all wh0res and parasites. So I guess the money they can make from the ratings machine known as Trump outweighs their desire to be lickspittling lackeys for the DNC.

    Go Trump!

  5. Trumps an entertainer, as he said himself… nothing more! Only people who dont know it are his own supporters! How sad!

    • Reagan was an entertainer, too. Remember?

      All those peole wo have said we need a businessman as President should remember that Donald Trump is a great businessman, and he has the other qualities we need in a President, including his affinity and connection to ordinary people, not the elites.

      • He’s great at taking advantage of bankruptcy laws, Reality TV and making sophomoric insults! That’s it!

        • Are you trying to tell me that if you were in a bankruptcy that you would not try to lose as little as the law allows? Seriously? He’s earned BILLIONS from HUNDREDS of successful deals…yet, you want to cherry-pick 4 cases.

          Very convincing…

          • How many times did he file for bankruptcy?! Point is he purposely ran his companies bankrupt in order to take advantage of the failed, corrupt system, and make millions and he’s proud of it! Nothing more than a crony captalist!

          • Aaah, so now you pretend to know his motives and what was said in private business discussions behind closed doors.

    • You say “nothing more”. But those billions didn’t appear from thin air. Your words are without substance. He’s achieved more than 99.999% of us could ever dream about. You seem to have conveniently left out some very successful real estate deals and projects that Trump has brokered…beautiful golf courses and a 98 story tower to name a few.

      To be honest, liberals have absolutely no room to talk about anything that Trump has done to this point. The history of misdeeds on the left side of things make Trump’s “rude” comments miniscule in comparison. Words versus real actions…Clinton/Lewinsky and countless other women, Clinton and the Great Email Scandal, Wiener showing his wiener, etc…

      To my fellow conservatives who bash Trump: Honestly…where would we be right now? Look at 2010 and 2014…they were a$$whoopin$. Does the current political atmosphere in DC reflect that? Iran deal ring a bell? You know as well as I do….without Trump…we’d be hearing crickets with maybe 2 million viewers on the early primary debates not 24,000,000. That doesn’t include the millions who watched world wide streaming on the internet.

      I am not saying you have to support Trump…but, be careful of biting the hand that feeds you. Furthermore, don’t pi$$ off too many of his supporters…because if Trump doesn’t win the nomination…hello Hillary.

    • It would be hard to vote for either, but I’d at least hold my nose if it was Bush. If the fake conservative is the nominee, I’m staying home! We already have one “entertainer” as President, we don’t need another!

      • And how was BO entertaining? If think watching the country destroyed entertainment….maybe
        Also you just said that you would vote for Jeb. Than you said that you wouldn’t (fake conservative)

        • That’s my point! We don’t need another clown in office who will bring nothing but sophomoric insults to anyone who dares to challenge him! He’s childish and petty! I’ll pass.

          • Rubio, Walker, maaaaaybe Cruz, but he’s shown to have no balls to challenge Trump on anything solely because he wants Trumps voters once Trump implodes, which is a little gutless and has changed my view a little. Carson maybe, but he’s has little experience in leading anything. Fiorina is a possibility! Too early to tell. I just know Trump would be my last choice, with Bush right there with him.

          • Trump has repeatedly stated throughout his career he’s for illegal immigration, until this year… Lol AND he trashed Romney by saying the only reason Romney lost was because he was too hard on immigration! Trump has no credibility when it comes to anything, especially immigration, because he flips and flops whenever the wind blows a certain way. No principles to run on! The convictions to stand by! In fact, Trump supporters have more conviction in Trump, than Trump has period, which is a little ironic… just a little.

          • But that’s not what Trump said! Don’t you believe everything he says!? And ya, “true conservatives” wouldn’t vote for Romney but “true conservatives” would vote for proabortion, pro amnesty, anti gun, pro universal healthcare, pro higher taxes, switched parties 5 times, donated to Hillary, Dirty Harry, Pelosi, and the other fake conservative Republican in Florida, Charlie Christ, Reality TV star Donald Trump…. Haha OMG! Well, I voted for Romney, who turned out to be right about everything, and I would never vote for Trump, so I guess I’m no “true conservative!” Thanks for informing me! Have fun with your Reality TV star!

          • Nope.. He says what the crowd he’s trying to win over at the time, wants to hear… Big difference! He’s literally selling snake oil, and y’all are falling for it hard! He’s been doing it his whole life and that’s why he’s s great at it.

          • Every politician in America is a snake oil salesman so you can put them all on an even keel and start using other criteria for your choice.

          • No, he is telling you what you want to hear. Afterwards, he becomes Obama II and does whatever he think us right, no matter what people may think.

          • Electronic voting machines won the elections as published in the Uk Guardian the voting machines are 100% hackable for any one in the parking lot outside and further more Mitt Romney did not challenge even the votes in districts that came up 100% for the current administration which is statistically impossible.

            Another “stand down” order.

          • Yes and they want Jeb this time or Christie…..Both will usher in one world govt. TRUMP is against that as he wants this country to be the best in the world again. It would do good for him, his family, his business…but it would be good for ALL…….This is why we will be great. If it is great for him it is great for us. he is worried about socxial security . etc and will turn that around. That doesn’t concern him personally as he said he will give the social security he gets away…but he wants it there for Americans to be strong.

          • Patently false. He made one statement in 2013 on the Glenn Beck show as a private citizen.

          • ‘Carson: Not Practical to Round Up Illegal Immigrants, Industries Would Collapse’ (breitbart)

            “… I don’t feel that it’s practical to round them all up and throw them out.””

          • Yeah, The Donald never actually says how he’s gonna go about doing things does he? How’s he gonna even find all of our illegal immigrants? We don’t even know where they are. Then what’s he gonna do, drop them off, exactly where? This sounds…impossible.

          • “Never give in- never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.”
            Sir Winston Churchill, Speech, 1941, Harrow School

            Imagine had NC given up hope of removing Kay Hagen where one billion dollars was spent!

            EDIT: Tillis-Hagan showdown could be nation’s most expensive Senate race ever

          • You’re right, all those other politicians lay out exactly how they are going to keep their promises, but Trump doesn’t. Oh how awful. Why isn’t he as honorable as the rest of them, so open, so transparent, men of their word.
            If Donald did lay out his plans for anything, your post tells me you wouldn’t be able to understand them anyway. You’re blowing smoke. You say “This sounds impossible” Think about how impossible your question is. What politician lays out his plans, chapter and verse, to do anything. Grow up.
            Give me one example, one politician who lays out his/her plans. They all talk in generalities and platitudes….That’s politics.

          • Oh but Trump did lay out his policy on immigration Thursday night we are finding out. He wants to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants within 2 years of his taking office. Because I do not react to what candidates say with emotions, I find several problems with his plan. How is he going to find all of these (and we know there are more than 11 million) undocumented immigrants? They’re undocumented-there’s no record of their existence by definition. Is he proposing we go door-to-door and demand papers? Sounds like Hitler. Will he set policy that everyone in America become part of a registry? Sounds globalist. And Obama wants to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees. How much is all of this going to cost taxpayers-how are we going to find these people, transport them, and to where? They aren’t all from Mexico. This is Trump’s specialty. Tapping into people’s emotions. The very thing we accuse liberals of. We are all angry about immigration right now and he knows it, as polling indicates, which he is obssessed with, so he drops this bomb right before the weekend of 9/11. Is that brilliant or what? But the joke’s on us. It will be no joke if he is number 45.

          • He doesn’t want amnesty, stop spreading rumors. He has talked about a guest worker program. And Ben Carson has discussed the issues facing Black Americans than any other republican candidate, you just wouldn’t know it because the media is ignoring him. Trump is appealing to the emotions of angry Americans by announcing a policy to deport every illegal immigrant within 2 years of his taking office, something he knows cannot and will not happen.

          • President Trump will be proven right. Carson represents the core establishment of GOP. Your guest worker scam is no more than
            amnesty. Why in hell does American need more border games of
            STEM job stealers at 1/2 price(H1B visas & so called farm subsidy guest workers

          • Carson’s talk is cheap. Black Americans need to be married. Govt might consider paying them say $10K @ year til 16, per child, if they stay married til legal age. That will help undo what your hero Pres Johnson did to them in the 1960’s. Father Johnson pd momma, if
            no legal dad present.
            Also, genius 94 Million(56 million women) with no full time jobs, last thing America needs is more imported labor. Are you in favor of American jobs or what, sir?
            President Trump needs to clear the deck of all illegal aliens in 2 years, just like Presidents Eisenhower & President Coolidge did. ROUND EM UP is my new T shirt. I like it!

          • How do you bring about legislation for something like that? He talks about the problems facing Black Americans all the time as I said. The difference is, he is willing to talk about solutions, and he is explaining to them that democrats have sold them down the river and used them for generations.

          • I personally think it was because Gov. Romney was a Mormon. That is just by opinion. I never held my nose when I voted for Gov. Romney.

          • You may be right about this. Never bothered me. Mormonism is not malevolent like Islam, thank goodness.

          • It was never about his faith as they don’t kill people. But this has nothing to do with the fact this country will collapse if we don’t vote TRUMP !!!!!

          • So what you’re admitting is that conservatives would rather have a radical liberal with socialist tendencies in office than an imperfect conservative. A bunch of morons, we?

          • And why should ANYONE hopld their nose and do that? I am ashamed I did and will NEVER do it again. I am for TRUMP as he will chance this country back to its greatness.

          • Mitt Romney “stood down” in the last TV debate before a world audience.

            Best not to have any more RINOS

            NO no no JEB Bush besides his family is on the Smoking Gun web site and JEB Bush speaks in foreign tongues rather than speaking to USA citizens.

          • And yes, I’ll admit, I loved Romney for president, but he did lay down, played it waaaaay too safe and it’s a major reason why he unfortunately lost!

          • When you say you will vote for the guy who speaks in foreign tongues and not to USA citizens you lose all credibility.

            BTW Why would the RINOS give immigrants the right to own three passports with three different identities in the USA as they did in that Immigration Reform Bill when USA citizens can only legally own one and it has to be one identity that belongs to the USA citizen?

            EDIT: Since you are obfuscating… I will answer the question I asked you directly.

            When foreigners are given the right to own three passports with three different identities in the USA the foreigners will be able to out vote the USA citizens 3 to 1.

            So go ahead and pass USA voter id laws because the RINOS and together with Democrats and “independents” are tying trying to ensure the USA citizens will be out voted by 3 to 1 as seen in that Immigration Reform Bill!

            Never forget ever who the enemies of the USA are

            One can not fundamentally change the USA with the USA citizens still breathing.

          • When the Donald rambles on with his incoherent sentences like he always does, it’s like he’s speaking in foreign tongues! Lol and I said Bush would be my second to last choice, with Trump being last. Bush is not going to be the nominee.

          • ‘McCain: I Don’t Know How Many Passports We Let You Forge’ July 18, 2013 (CNS News)

            ““Can you tell me why that would be part of the bill in the first place?”

            McCain answered, “ I cannot tell you that it is part of the bill.”

            In the legislation that passed in the Senate, Section 3707 amends Section 1541 of Title 18 of the U.S. Code. The section, appearing on page 777 of the bill, explained in detail that a person can be charged for a crime if they forge “3 or more passports,” meaning that they potentially would not be charged if they falsely made only one or two passports. The criminal charges and penalties do not kick in until after “3 or more passports” are falsely made, issued, or transferred, etcetera.

            As the legislation states, “any person who, during any period of 3 years or less, knowingly – (1) and without lawful authority produces, issues, or transfers 3 or more passports; (2) forges, counterfeits, alters, or falsely makes 3 or more passports; (3) secures, possesses, uses, receives, buys, sells, or distributes 3 or more passports, knowing the passports to be forged, counterfeited, altered, falsely made, stolen, procured by fraud, or produced or issued without lawful authority; or (4) completes, mails, prepares, presents, signs, or submits 3 or more applications for a United States passport, knowing the applications to contain any materially false statement or representation, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.”

            The immigration reform bill passed in the Senate on June 27 with a
            68-32 vote. All 52 Democrats, 2 independents, and 14 Republican senators voted in favor of the legislation, including Sens. McCain, Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Jeff Chisea (N.J.), Susan
            Collins (Me.), Bob Corker (Tenn.), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham
            (S.C.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Dean Heller (Nev.), John Hoeven (N.D.),
            Mark Kirk (Ill.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Marco Rubio (Fla.).

          • I know you don”t know any of them first hand or have any friends who do.
            I know Jeb and Marco. I have a friend that knows Ted… and I know someone who worked with TRUMP… you may have seen him being interviewed— Roger Stone. Ted is not electable due to the stinking lying establishment Rep., but TRUMP will probably pick him as VP.
            My daughter was a business major and says people don;t understand the brilliant and great 6th sense of TRUMP. That he can deal with ANYONE in the world and come out on top for this country.

            You people need to get your act together and see that TRUMP is the ONLY answer except bloody revolution…..I don’t want that …do you???????

          • I n dependents are for TRUMP….lots of Rep. and some democrats whose eyes are finally open.

          • He would of won if he was Romney.But no,he listened to some focus group telling him what we want to hear.The rest is history.

          • I held my nose to vote for Romney but NEVER again.. TRUMP…or I vote Libertarian in the general and then will get ready for one world govt. or revolution…

          • Austin Acosta – Now that you’ve eliminated all the Republicant’s. Go to Hillary. You’ll fit in.

          • You do not understand business in New York state nor in the USA so let me guess you are an employee and not an owner.

          • I understand you’re an idiot for falling for that lame excuse from a man who has switched parties 5 times and who has stated since Obama has been elected when asked to explain which party he is that ” we would be shocked to know there are more liberal views he holds than conservative”…

          • You are resorting to obfuscation and name calling.

            The current administration was not elected by the USA but by massive voter fraud as James O Keefe videos only touched a small fraction of the fraud being perpetrated upon the USA.

            Even the very experienced Ohio poll worker who bragged on world wide tv she voted six times for the current administration only served eight months for voter fraud crime in the USA.

            How many would be willing to spend time in jail for their candidate?

            ie. Susan McDougal was ultimately pardoned by POTUS Bill Clinton for refusing to testify about Bill Clinton’s criminal activity.
            Sandy Berger stole and destroyed documents out of the National Archives about 911 to protect POTUS Bill Clinton and only paid a fine of $50,000.

            Answer: Far far far too many

          • We don’t care. We also don’t care how many times he has been married or filed bankruptcy. All we care is that he has kicked the political anthill known as congress and the media and has them running in every direction.

          • I know lots of people who for various reasons changed parties. I was DEEP in the Republican party for 30 years, until I know longer could take the corrupt from bottom to top. Now I am a Libertarian, but will be Rep. again to vote for TRUMP.

          • That’s the genius of trump. He plays all of them like a finely tuned fiddle.
            And you see that see that as a negative, that’s why he’s a genius and you
            are a contributor to an unimportant blog. When you’re in business, like Donald is, the best thing you can do is alienate the people who can do you a lot of good. When these people ask for financial support tell them to FO, that’s the thing to do.

          • TRUMP is a brilliant businessman and he has made money being such. You do NOT understand business.. so maybe you should not even vote.

          • Every one of them thinks Trump will implode and they will automatically pick up the votes. My vote will NOT be one of them.

          • Ben Carson is the head of his department in medicine. He is a brilliant surgeon, you don’t get that way by being a community organizer.

          • Austin you are mistaken. Let me correct you here goes:
            Austin Acosta you sir, are my last choice!!

          • That made no sense, but you have none if you support Trump, so the fact that you make no sense actually makes perfect sense, so I make sense to you?

          • What kind of pure gibberish is spoken by you, sir. Trump is 32% in national pols, Carson at 18%. Everyone else measures in single digits. Acosta you have no case, sir. It is over, unless you are the Messiah! Obviously, you are not. Live with it.
            A President Trump will put the ‘Progressive Movement’ back at least 100 years. Any other questions sir?

          • Cruz is the smart one to not attack Trump. Conservatives are boiling mad at the “mainstream GOP”, and thus the massive backing for Trump thus far.
            Cruz is the only candidate smart enough to read the tea leaves and not piss off already angry conservatives.

            And Rubio? Really? He already proved he will lie and is a traitor with his gang of eight amnesty BS.

          • CRUZ is the only one of who you have spoken that is a true conservative. He believes in TRUMP . He knows TRUMP believes the same now as a true conservative does. Marco( I know)is a traitor for the most part. Walker is good but not ready.
            TRUMP will NOT implode. You listen to the lying liberals and that is exactly what they say.. TRUMP is the ONLY one that can fight the establishment lying corrupt Republicans and then handle who ever wins the lying socialist democrats. TRUMP 2016

          • You and Diane don’t have a lot of common sense if you think TRUMP is not a brilliant man who would have other brilliant people with him to solve this country’s problems. Our ONLY chance to save this country and you want to toss him. Leave now before it gets good under TRUMP as obviously you do not like a strong America.

          • Are you kidding. Jeb is trying to use Carly and Ben to get RID of TRUMP. TRUMP hates Jeb and visa versa….. Believe it. I know Jeb well and I know what I am talking about.

          • WRONG man. He would not be as bad as Obama as he is a Christian, but NO….He would not save this country.

          • Trump is not a clown, he has been in business for a long time. This yoo yoo we have in the White House now is a clown.

          • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. The La Raza gravy train is over on Trump’s first day. Borders matter. Anyone who thinks that immigration policy should treat one ethnic group better and ignore law-breaking is likely a bigot. And America is showing that crowd the door in 2016!

            ¡Trump 2016! ¡Si, Se Puede!

        • Austin is not very bright saying those things and saying he would never vote for TRUMP, the ONLY chance we have to save this country from a bloody revolution.

      • Trump never once, nor did one of his supporters ever claim TRUMP as a CONSERVATIVE, your CONS
        who helped OBAMA destroy this country.

        TRUMP is a capitalist and believes 100% in the rule of law

        • Trump only believes 100% about Trump. Nothing else matters to him, least of all the rubes who are buying his snake oil.

          • How so? Others may have evolved on certain issues! Trump has “evolved” on just about every single issue!

          • Sounds like a presidential candidate to me, pretty smart, not the least bit shy. Self assured, I’d vote for him.


            This is from 2011, when he talked about yet another run. He is a great entertainer, there is no doubt. This video is fun to watch. Notice the elite life he leads. He mingles with Hollywood A-listers, politicians. He bribes to get what he wants, by his own admission. This guy for president? He represents all that we despise.

      • Austin Acosta – IF YOU’D VOTE FOR BUSH who’s in single digits, and a faux conservative, and not for Trump, who’s a faux conservative, and obviously there are no other Conservative candidates but faux Trump and pseudo Bush, why not support Hillary? There’s little difference between J Bush and C Clinton. Their stated positions are near identical – though Bush might go at slower, considering he’s a conservative, at least in your mind.

      • I already held my nose when I was forced to vote for McCain, Dole deserved a chance, and I thought Gov. Romney had a chance. I never held my nose for Dole or Gov. Romney when I voted. But, as a conservative I will never vote for Jeb Bush. Not that I didn’t admire his brother and his dad, but I will not do it.

      • The moderates, aka liberals, said the same thing about Reagan. He was just an entertainer.

        Jeb Bush isn’t even trying to fake being a Conservative. He’s a full on liberal.

        • Bush must believe, the liberals are in and to get in I have to be like a liberal. He has read the mood of the country, absolutely wrong.

          • McCain, moderate (aka liberal), lost. Romney ran as a moderate, lost. Every time the GOP runs a moderate, they lose.

            W Bush was a domestic moderate, foreign policy Conservative, who ran as a Conservative. He won twice.

            Conservative ideals won the midterms. But the mainstream GOP and guys like Bush still think moderates win.

      • You are really stupid. TRUMP is not a fake anything. He is just an American that woke up and saw his country being taken from him and he wants it back.

      • lol…that sunbaked chicken neck is never going to be taken seriously.

        We have no intention of outsourcing the presidency to India.

        • We are outsourcing thousands of josb to India. Almost all big institutions in the banking industries, financial companies, title insurance companies, etc have delegate thousands of positions to India. Trump will bring those jobs back.

        • I would have loved to have heard Mr Jindal. I have heard him before & I think he would probably be a good POTUS. He’d surely be way ahead of what we now have.

          • Don’t ever settle for 2nd best. TRUMP or I don;t vote Rep., but Libertarian.I will never again support the establishment again…and I was DEEP in the party for 30 years. All the people running have betrayed America…except Cruz.

        • He was attacking TRUMP as he is so jealous. Let me say this. Willie Robertson is ( was) good friends with Bobby. He has come out for TRUMP. What does that tell you about Bobby and TRUMP? Willie is a smart business man and recognizes who would do for this country.

      • Joe Biden said “you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

        Jindal jokes about Trump’s hair? Hey Haji, the Slurpee machine needs to be refilled.

    • Trump is playing them like a fiddle, he makes an outrageous statement, they bring him on the show, he ignores their questions and gets out his message. Near the end he drops a bomb, rinse and repeat.

      • The guys worth billions and he’s not a businessman? NYC was going to build a rink in Central Park, after 7-8 years it couldn’t be done and millions over budget. Trump paid for it and did it in like 6 months, yep terrible businessman

        • He explained in the debate how he gets things done-bribery. Is that how he’ll run Washington? Excuse me, but that’s what we have now. So he says he’s no politician? Maybe not, but he’s walkin’ the walk.

  6. The GOP treated Ron Paul and his supporters like dirt in 2012. Trump is payback. I’ll vote Trump – even third party. The GOP has made it plain that they do not represent me. Trump 2016.

    • Protest the Vote! – Mr Vote, if Trump doesn’t destroy himself, and he’s the only who can, there are many of us who will go third party with you. The Republicant’s have fuzzed things up, turned into prog-libs, given Obama everything he wants, attempted to eliminate Conservatives holding office, and are attempting to eliminate the activists who do the grunt work, their Conservative base. They don’t deserve to be elected or to continue to exist as a party. I have no idea what the GOP/Republican Party stands for. Do they? Does anyone?

  7. Fox, CNN, MSNBC and the other MSM types have all tried to bring Trump down. During the first FOX debate Frank Luntz predicted Trump was done with the Megan Kelly “being on the rag” comment. Trump only increased in popularity and in the polls; not just the crazies as the RINO establishment claims.

    • Anyone who could seriously vote for a self proclaimed “entertainer” for POTUS has lost their damn mind and is a crazy!

      • After the current POTUS reign of terror, I’m pretty sure that a bunch of us have lost our minds and are considered crazy for wanting a true businessman that can convert free “stuff” into profits. Imagine what could happen to our treaties. Roll, Trump, roll.

        • Maybe, if the law allows him as POTUS to take advantage of bankruptcy laws in order to turn deficits into profits like he has throughout his entire business career…. Lol

          • Austin, you have no clue about bankruptcies, When you are involved in hundreds of enterprises, there are going to be bankruptcies, it’s the nature of the beast. You know only what someone else has told you or something you read somewhere. Did some of the enterprises that Donald was engaged in declare bankruptcy? Yes they did. So what! That’s the nature of the business beast, day laborers wouldn’t know that.

          • And all of those illegal immigrants working for him for 30+ years to build his empire? Those immigrants that “love” him? That he now talks about sending home, each and every one of them? If that is your personal position on immigration, so be it. If you rose to the top by their blood and sweat, that is an entirely different story. What do you think he is going to do to his supporters, which he “loves”, if he were to be elected? When he says no one owns him, believe it.

        • Ronald Reagan also proved he could govern and lead for 8 years prior! He wasn’t an egotistical jerk, who insulted anyone who dare challenge him. Comparing Trump to Reagan is almost as insane as supporting Trump for the REPUBLICAN Nomination!

          • Those comparisons between Reagan and Trump are ludicrous. Trump doesn’t deserve to have his name mentioned in the same breath as Reagan.

          • Sticks and Stones. Quit being so liberally brainwashed as to think words are so dangerous.

          • I call people names all the time… Like Trump supporters are morons! Yet, I’m not running for POTUS! Those who are need to be held to a higher standard, out of the respect for the Office that they are running for.

          • How high did the dems hold Bubba after getting a Monic Lou in the oval office. Now that was certainly not very presidential but hey he was a dem so all was forgiven.

          • A moron supports any of the other viable candidates, because they don’t have our interests at heart.

      • I feel crazy for believing what the republicans said before they took over the house and senate. Give us the house and senate then we can make things happen. They are full of crap. As Hillary likes to say “At this point what does it matter?” It is too early to pick a winner, but I sure like the stones TRUMP brings to the table.

        • And what good will those “stones” do for this country if he “evolves” back to a lot of his previous and recent political views once he’s elected? Hell he’s switched parties so many times, what’s to say he wouldn’t switch parties MIDTERM! No thank you!

          • Definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. This is how many voters feel about both parties.

        • Stop insulting Reagan like that! He actually governed for 8 years and never needed to resort to childish insults to those who challenged him! You’ve lost your damn mind by comparing Trump to Reagan! Shame!

          • They share a lot in common. Both were successful in the private sector before turning to politics. Both were liberals at one time in their lives. Both were disparaged by the Party establishment and called unelectable. And both seemed to connect with the average working class American with their nationalist and populist views. Ronald Reagan wasn’t exactly Barry Goldwater and Trump isn’t exactly Ronald Reagan, but let’s not make perfect the enemy of good. Right now Trump is the best chance we have to change the face of the party and get the GOP elites to acknowledge the conservative base.

          • I’m sorry! Maybe Trump truly has “evolved” on basically every issue! But I don’t believe it and I definitely don’t believe he’s a conservative! Reagan proved he knew how to govern while holding on to his conservative values because he did it for 8 years! Trump, not even 8 years ago, stated he had more liberal views than conservative, and the now though guy on immigration, said the number one reason Romney lost was because Romney was too tough on immigration! He’s all over the place!

          • Let’s be honest, Reagan did many things that weren’t exactly conservative either. But that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t the most conservative POTUS we’ve had in the modern era or wasn’t a hero to the right wing. You’re right, we don’t know exactly what Trump is going to do. But we can be pretty sure that nominating a politician is going to lead to disappointment. Those guys have been lying to us for decades and the GOP establishment keeps nominating RINOs that act conservative during their campaigns and then govern from the left if they ever make it to Washington. At least Trump is a populist. That’s exactly what we need right now. There’s nobody in DC thinking about the average American worker.

          • The fact that he has no principles to govern by is just one of the many reasons I couldn’t vote for him. He’s also one of the most un presidential candidates I’ve ever seen run. The exact opposite of Reagan, and I have more respect for the Office, although tarnished a little by Obama, than to support someone like Trump to hold it. The Carly Fiorina comment just further proves something I already knew… he’s unfit and undeserving to be POTUS. I can’t ignore the constant flip flops or his childish behavior and it’s why I just couldn’t vote for him.

  8. But no one watches MSLSD and the other 2 are loosing viewership daily. It also looks like Fox News is 3rd. Maybe they finally found out how to beat the Donald: Pretend he isn’t there.

    • You meant obama. in addition to being a megalomaniac, obama is also a pathological liar, and a psychotic, cold blooded, calculating traitor who lied to you about your “affordable health care”, and everything else he ever said. Are you better off now than you were in 2008? lol HELL no. And no one else is either, except for the illegal immigrants who were granted amnesty at our expense. So go on there Diane. Slobber all over your boy king, but he is more dangerous than the ISIS he created.

      • How quickly you wanna replace Obama with another clown, Trump! Basically, Obama 2.0! Mr bloviate! All talk and no substance.

        • Trump’s history does not support your view. It is full of achievements worth billions of dollars. Which current candidate has achieved more? Talk about “no substance”.

          • Substance doesn’t work with you! Just because someone is rich doesn’t automatically qualify them for POTUS! If it did, George Soros should be President! Im not going to completely ignore his previous statesments and political views simply because he says he’s evolved! He just said he’d take the Syrian refugees! He just said after the last election that the main reason Romney lost was because he was too tough on immigration! He recently said he’s for higher taxes, that he’d still be for partial funding for planet parenthood, that he’s for auto assualt rifle bans, that he’s for universal healthcare. And then when people question him on some of these things he either insults them, or walks back what he says, like he did for Syrian refugees and planet parenthood and it just further proves he’s only selling you guys what you guys want to hear! For some reason people like you and your blind loyalty for the Donald really don’t care about anything he says because you never hold him accountable for what comes out of his mouth. Why is he never held to the same standards that which we would hold the others to? You’re all a bunch of hypocrites, which makes you no better than your average Obama supporter!

        • Obama = LIAR, Psychopath, muslim, illegal alien, aiding and abetting our arch enemy, Iran, bailed out the banks and raised the debt to over $20T, homosexual, and psychotic narcissist.

          Trump = What he says, he will do. PERIOD…

    • Are you denying that he brings very strong ratings and money to the debates and interviews? Why should it all be theirs? CNN in a not so indirect way owes its existence to the U.S. military. Its coverage inside Iraq during the first Gulf War propelled CNN past the 3 big networks at a time when CNN was struggling. Why not give some back to vets?

  9. I wonder how much Mr. President (whatever his real name) earns in the way of “free” media? This is such an interesting statistic. How about other fascist luminaries? Clinton(s)? Bush(s)?

    Conversely, I wonder how many in public office – who deserve such media illumination receive a “contrary” media investiture? For example – Ms. Clinton? Ms. Laquer? Ms. Jarrett? Ms. Lynch? Ms. Learner? It seems the Queens are running the board these days … and operating in stealth while they fan the flames of destruction.

    So sad. Oh well … I guess we need a good Dark Ages … hubris knows no bounds ….

  10. Lets talk real world. If the IRS found out that I received 50m in advertisements, they would claim that I made income and would have to pay tax on that amount.

  11. Trump is the real deal!!!! Its time for the RINO’s, GOP elitists, DNC, libs and media establishment… the race is over… He is going to be the next President and there isn’t crap you can do about it…. Finally a Real President at the helm. Make America Great Again!!!! Go Trump!!!

    • It was the best of times. – Mr times. I hope you’re right. It’s all predicated on Trump eliminating himself because he’s the only one who can. He IS thin-skinned and does lead with his mouth. His response to attacks is silly. He’s too tender and must be calmer. The fight’s just starting. The Republicant’s and prog-libs haven’t yet begun to fire, though he’s been in their sights for months. My ONLY complaint is he’s too thin-skinned, and takes everything personally. He must stand back and deliver more accurate fire than they.

        • or they use bankruptcy law for their own purpose and screw the little guy. (which he has a history of doing).
          He’s not even a mediocre businessman, he IS a GREAT self promoter

          • And they hire illegal immigrants to build big buildings then threaten to deport them all for votes.

      • Trumps mouth, will bring Trump down… I think you even know, he just cant help himself. But on the other hand, he’s been able to get away with saying just about anything and change his mind from one day to the next so who knows.

      • What I haven’t figured out is why they don’t believe he isn’t serious about his presidential ambitions. Unlike the current clown in office, he is not a bull$hitter. Trump is successful and he has written countless books on becoming successful unlike the clown in chief we have as president. What did the clown obama (other than the fact he was black) have that got him elected? Not a Phucking thing because it sure wasn’t brains. Most if not all of the Dems, Media and Hollywood left I believe hate the Don because he has his own money and he made it on his own, and he doesn’t have to bow to anyones whim. The only thing they can criticize is his hair. Thats pretty pitiful.

        • Mr times – I believe they believe he’s serious. They have to say that until they can figure out how to eliminate him. I don’t trust them, or anything they say. You know, aim low, they’re riding Shetlands.

  12. The GOP…
    We need the House to repeal obamacare.
    We need the Senate to stop obama’s illegal amnesty.
    And what happened? They funded it all.
    I’m so sick and tired of those lying sacks of $$hit! Boehner and McConnell need to be kicked out!
    Right now I see no difference between the two parties. Screw the political establishment in DC!
    Thats why I support Trump. Mr. Trump build that stinking wall!

  13. So, can we have a similar analysis done for Hillary, since she has more media mentions? No? Didn’t think so. Typical Progressive double standard.

  14. Trump does not get unearned media, people just want to see the only candidate that respects his supporters jobs enough to fight for them. If each of these candidates were a tv show, 15 of them would have been cancelled, and getting zero coverage by now

  15. Trump is the anti-politician. He is the beginning of a political revolution in this country where the status quo of the allowing the DNC or RNC to choose the next president for We the People. They try to force feed us their Milquetoast candidate whether we like them or not, (and if we do not like them, they try to sell their candidate, who is bought, paid for, and beholden to the oligarchs who will place them into power, as being the “lesser of two evils.” Yet they are simply both evil!) Also facing the American guillotine is acquiescence to political correctness and the whiners who have beaten Americans over the head with it for the last 20 years.

    Americans are done with the BS of the professional politician, left and right, who have led our country to the precipice of disaster by allowing our borders to be insecure, allowing our debt, (read that the oligarch’s wealth) to accumulate to 19 Trillion dollars, to waste our precious resources by funding idiotic studies, such as the study to make computers more feminine in structure because they were invented by men, or other such wastes, or to pay deadbeat Americans to do nothing but watch porn all day in their “government jobs”, which are simply another form of welfare, the liberal application of corporate welfare, the abuse of public funds through spending on projects which see their original budgets multiply tenfold as the contractors milk the system and so on.

    This is why we need a businessman running the business of America. I think Trump is the man for the job.

  16. Try to calculate the value of the press that Obama gathered all these years from a slobbering liberal media—-makes me laugh when the leftists rant about Citzens United

  17. I’ve been waiting 3 months for any of Trump’s rivals to come up with anything half as good as the Session’s plan, and been disappointed. Meanwhile, Trump makes a mistake on initially wanting to take some syrian refugees, (though he qualified it at the time saying we have our own immigration issues), hears feedback on it as is nimble enough to rectify his mistake. The difference between Trump listening to his supporters and the establishment candidates ignoring GOP voters on immigration is striking. Trump not having to get permission from big donors to do anything is a concept americans haven’t seen in years, and I’m all for it

    • I agree with the idea that Trump seems responsive to his supporters. Personally, I wish he’d hit Obama a little harder in exchange for a little less towards his party opponents. I think that adjustment would propel him into the 40%+ polling range.

        • Why should he waste his time on Obama, he’s not running against him. The same question could be asked..Why doesn’t he mention the price of eggs in China….Because he doesn’t care about the price of eggs in China, nor does he care about Obama, Obama is history.

          • Is he? Obama will do his best to ensure that the work he has done in his two terms is continued, make no mistake about it.

    • Ben Carson is not beholden to anyone. He relies on small, single donors only. That’s his campaign. He was the original non-PC candidate. He gets very little media coverage, doesn’t scream at or insult anyone, and is either tied or gaining on Trump.

      • There is a little bit of a quandary though without Trump in the picture…he has exposed the Establishment and brought non-Establishment conservatives into the forefront. I would argue that a good portion of Carson’s support was given a boost post-debate from the 24,000,000 viewers who were mostly watching due to Trump.

        I tend to give credit where credit is due. Go TRUMP!

        • I would agree with your sentiment that Trump has been good for the process in terms of forcing the candidates to actually take positions and communicating those to the American people and in engaging people in the political process that otherwise would not have been engaged, but his usefulness in those regards do not equate to him being a good president.

          • …but it’s a good start. As far as the rest, I get a feeling he’s teachable…I do believe he would listen to his supporters. We shall see.

          • I don’t think he is teachable because he knows best, always. Which is why he wouldn’t make a good president. We have a government with three chambers. Obama has done what he wants for 7 years, working basically unilaterally. I don’t want a repeat.

          • I know plenty about The Donald. Maybe you need to start actually connecting the dots. Trump is playing into the American people’s anger. Good decisions aren’t made based on anger.

          • If Donald would pull back the throttle on his bombast just a smidgen, he could still be Donald but his adversaries might be less critical, perhaps he doesn’t care, I don’t know. That’s just my take.

  18. We have been given a gift; a self funded Nationalist with charisma. If we look this gift horse in the mouth, we likely will never get another chance To Make America Great Again.

  19. When have we ever an article such as this one before? “Free” media coverage for a Presidential candidate? Every Presidential candidate can get as much free media coverage as the media will give him or her. It’s happened before, but this article tries to imply that Trump is somehow gaming the system for his personal financial advantage.

  20. Trump’s great accomplishment is that he’s proven wrong all the people that have said you need to raise tons of money from the likes of Sheldon Adelson (they never mention George Soros of course…), to be a viable candidate. Well, you do if you’re boring, or your plan is to work against the national interest. But speak to what the people really care about (and, yes, do it with some verve), and, well, Trump’s showing how that works.

  21. MSNBC is the leader with these three because they are the leading left-wing media outlet and they are a sinking ship in terms of ratings. It is their intention to give Trump air time for higher ratings and because they are betting that he will say something to sabotage his own campaign. CNN is hoping for this as well. It’s no coincidence that Fox comes in last among the three-they don’t want Trump to be the republican nominee as they are establishment-driven. And if it weren’t for the ratings-obsessed Hannity, Trump wouldn’t be on Fox nearly as much as he is. O’Reilly speaks often about how Trump has been a positive influence on the political process in this campaign cycle, but questions his behavior and whether or not it is presidential. That’s the difference. These other news outlets are having Trump on to basically laugh at him (which has basically backfired on them and now they’re addicted to the ratings), while Fox engages in actual critical debate about Trump as a candidate.

    • “they (Fox) don’t want Trump to be the republican nominee as they are establishment-driven”
      That part is true.
      “Fox engages in actual critical debate about Trump as a candidate”
      Not so sure about that part.

      • Then watch O’Reilly. He gives solid analysis on Trump. Hannity? Total bromance. I cannot even watch it is disgusting.

  22. What’s the value of the fawning coverage Obama got in 2008 and 2012? Trump is getting a lot of coverage, yes, but its tone ranges from neutral to condemnatory. Obama’s coverage (in most of the media) amounted to out-and-out advertising; the Times, the networks (minus Fox), your local paper probably were out-and-out campaigning for him.

  23. President Reagan trusted Gorbachev more than I will ever trust a person using a title of Republican. Trust but verify, verify, verify and then verify some more. I am done being sold down the river by the representation we elect to represent us.

    We the People will have representation, the days of the career politician should be over and a good start to remedy that will be November 2016. Elect the Trump and he will bring his Trumpets to D.C. Also, vote out the turncoats that have no loyalty to us.

    The debate next week should bring out the candidates that are committed to defend us, protect the Constitution of the United States, our heritage and our sovereignty.

  24. Duh, the man is a business genius…he knows how to use the available resources to their maximum benefit with minimal spend.

  25. It proves Trump will be the perfect President. He’s smart, he’s frugal, he’s effective. He’ll save enormous amount of money for us, taxpayers.

    • Right on!!! He already has everything a typical presidential candidate is aiming for. Trump won’t be blinded by money because he already has it. He lives in his own palace, Trump Tower, owns his own airplane and helicopters. He pays for his own security. Trump has his own golf courses around the world.

  26. He should skip the CNN “debate” though if they don’t pony up for Veterans groups. He doesn’t need to field gotcha questions from the third rate talk show host Hugh Hewitt.

  27. So, who’s problem is that? It’s the fault of the media for being obssess with Trump but then again he’s also contributing to the media’s income because he’s giving them high rating and advertising. So everything is a wash. They give him free ad, in return he gives them more audience which is what the media wants. So screw all of you complaining crappers.

  28. Donald Trump has done more Positives things in the 3 months he has been in this race than ALL of the Politicians have done
    since they have been in Office…… COMBINED !

    • …and he’s done it with a huge spotlight and a hot microphone! Expose them all!

      The Iran deal could have been stopped…yet, the GOP wants to lie to us and say they did all they could. The landslide elections in 2010 and 2014 were rendered meaningless.

      • Yes, the GOPe has lied and needs to go. I completely agree with you. No more establishment. Ben Carson 2016

        • Don’t get me wrong…I love Carson. That speech he gave bashing Obamacare with Obama having to sit and smile was unforgettable for me. However, when I look around the world…the tough characters that need to be put back in their places…I just don’t picture Carson as the man.

          When I look at Trump…right place…right time. With Iran, Russia, ISIS, China, North Korea, refugee crisis, the economy, etc….I just find it difficult to be upset about hyped up “insults”.

          • Oh I hear what you’re saying. He’s the polar opposite of Trump for sure. But toughness isn’t always about yelling and insults and having a hot wife. Carson was the original “I’m not PC”-got into some hot water himself not too long ago. Toughness is about character. Conviction. And what this country needs is to come together again, not become even more divided. Ben Carson can do that. He can get us back to what the founding fathers believed was right for this country, which we have drifted away from for a very long time. He can make us great again. The right way.

          • Well, we will just have to wait and see. If and when one or the other wins, I hope that either of us will be pleasantly surprised.

          • I just want it to be 2017, Obama and the GOP establishment to be gone, and to have a good conservative in the oval office.


    • Yes, and without much effort. If it wasn’t Trump, it would have been someone like him. The leadership vacuum was making the proverbial giant sucking sound.

  29. Donald J. Trump is brilliant, just brilliant. The MSM is groveling at his feet every minute and American voters can’t turn away. Welcome to the White House, Mr. President elect.

      • Just the difference between night and day….barely discernible to the average deaf, dumb, and blind person.

        • Trump and Obama-they are both divisive, narcissistive, charming when they want to be, lie and manipulate their way through life, show no true remorse or guilt, are callous and unable to be empathetic, and are unable to take responsibilty for their own actions (it’s always someone else’s fault).

  30. Want to know the secret of trump’s appeal? He isn’t afraid of the corrupt media, he isn’t in debt to special interest groups who have paid for his campaign and he isn’t a career politician who works only to get re-elected to make his fortune. Oh, and he isn’t a lawyer! Millions of Americans are sick and tired of politics as usual. They are disgusted by a media that is so busy telling people what they should think that they miss 90 percent of the story. Trump is not a conservative but he IS his own man which makes him immeasurably attractive. He keeps rising in the polls (and the real numbers are even higher than what the hostile media is grudgingly reporting) because he doesn’t cower and apologize when someone is inevitably “offended” by what he says. It is refreshing and unheard of for any candidate to remain firm in their opinion when the PC crowd starts baying for blood. Especially when the demanded apology is unwarranted most of the time. I don’t know if I will vote for him if/when he wins the nomination but I will certainly consider it unless Ben Carson can make a real run.









  34. Trump is in Primaries mode, where talk in the political world is cheap as it rolls out of the mouths of wannabe’s.

    Trump has monetized his words in a way the others candidates and political elites at once do not understand and are grudgingly jealous of.

    Primary Candidate demeanor is to gather recognition while defining what one wishes to do once in office.

    The Nominee elect demeanor takes the recognition and beats the opposition party candidate over the head with it.

    • So far he is long on twitter feeds and short on details. As far as monetizing on words, that is precisely what this article is about. He has had more airtime (and we aren’t even taking into consideration radio time, which is no small thing considering the fact that conservative radio is huge) than any other candidate. His big thing is that he is running a campaign on very little money. He hasn’t had to spend any. He gets free advertising.

      • Well, ya, that’s what I said.

        But I was trying to point out that he’ll continue to do that as long as his poll #s allow him to, reserving his “Nominee elect demeanor” for the actual National Campaign where he’ll beat the opposition candidate over the head in a more Presidential manner that will give him as much “free media” as he’s been getting with the “sparing partners” throughout the Primaries.

  35. The current president is a celebutard elected through white guilt and misplaced black pride. He has been an unmitigated disaster propped up by socialists, left wing extremists, the media and anti Semites. The dem party is a joke, blindly following this charlatan in fear of being labeled a racist. I can only pray that the voter fraud which guarantee his re-election can be controlled this election.

  36. you are exactly correct, he has EARNED $50M in media coverage by being the only candidate willing to put himself on the line for the people. all the other candidates, both Parties, are hiding behind their mother’s skirts, afraid to say anything that might offend some minority somewhere in the country. when you show courage you get attention.

    • He earned $50 million in media because the networks make money when he’s on their show. See how it works? I scratch your back, you scratch mine? Kinda like what we have on Capital Hill right now? Only Trump’s working the entertainment/media business. It’s the same thing. He says he’s no politician? Could’ve fooled me.

  37. You can say what you want about Trump, he is a winner and that is what is needed at this time. We have a guy in office now that does not know gitty up from whooaa, we can not stand another one. As far as the clown car comments, you can not become a billionaire by being a clown. It is a media made term that back fired on them. Unless Trump is caught with a sheep in his hotel room, he will be our next president.

    • …and it’s a good looking sheep maybe not even then. he’s my man, I like people who stand up for what they believe. Oh, and that’s also another reason Bernie will trounce Hill-A-Beans.

  38. How much has the media made from covering Trump!!

    The media only covers those candidates that bring eyeballs to the screen or page.

    I believe that another reason for the coverage is that the media wants to be there if he stumbles and, they also want to drive the electorate to say “Enough of all this Trump stuff, we want someone else!”

    • but every time the media or his opponents trash him he goes up another 5 points. face it, the people love the guy and will forgive him a lot of stumbles. Hewitt thought he had him on the names of the 3 bozo terrorists but Donald just said he doesn’t care about their names and he is right. just kill them, we can learn their names from their gravestones.

  39. Trump is still wreaking havoc in the GOP. Nice. However, I’d like to see him go after any of Obama’s blunders a lot more. Also, go after Clinton more. I’m not sure why he’s holding back.

    • It’s no small thing that Trump does not go after Clinton or Obama. That should be on everyone’s radar.

      • Obama is not running and Clinton is being done by her own hand ,seriously doubt she will even make it to the debates

        • Obama is making sure that the work that he started to ruin this country will continue. He is quoted as saying during a speech in Africa in July, “In 18 months I’m turning over the keys (to the White House). I want to make sure I am turning over the keys to somebody who is serious about the serious problems the country faces and the world faces.” How is he “making sure” I wonder?

    • I’ll say it again. Do not make the mistake of confusing genuis with cunning. That’s what folks did with Obama.

      • The difference is Obama hates the country and has done his best to destroy it while Trump loves it and will do what it takes to fix it

      • No one voted for Obama because of perceived “genius.” They wanted to tell their grandkids they voted for the first black president.

        Your analogy is meaningless.

        • Some did, yes. But make no mistake about it. There are plenty of people that thought he was an absolute god, and hung on his every word. He was and remains to this day a master at campaigning. In his prime, he could give one hel! of a speech-made McCain look JV, pardon the pun. And he came out of nowhere, remember? And he was everywhere, had the entire country, hel! the entire world’s attention. Sound familiar? But there is a difference. We found out only later his true qualities: divisive, narcissistic, charming when he wants to be, lies and manipulates his way through life, shows no true remorse or guilt, is unable to be empathetic, and is unable to take responsibilty for his own actions (it’s always someone else’s fault). Sounds like Trump. Because that is Trump.

          • Sounds nothing like Trump.

            A cursory look at Obama’s past leading up to his presidential run shows zero similarities to Trump’s life up till now. That’s why I say there is no overlap between the two regarding the substance of who they are.

            But also their rhetorical frameworks have nothing in common. Obama sells snake oil Marxism. Trump has an undeniable record of success behind his words.

            It’s just a nonexistent analogy. Trump has more in common with your neighbor’s mom than he does Obama.

          • Perhaps you should reread my comments. I was speaking directly to Obama’s and Trump’s past with regard to their candidacies for POTUS. And you didn’t respond to my comments with regard to their remarkably similar character traits because you can’t. They are just too much alike. Incidentally, those are the character traits of a psychopath. No conscience. Any trace of emotion you think you see on The Donald is manufactured. I do not argue your point that Trump has been extremely successful. As has Obama. And now we learn that Trump wants to deport illegal immigrants within two years of taking office. Would those be the same illegals that built all of those buildings that helped to make him billions of dollars? I’ll answer that for you-yes. So he’s made his money and it’s time for them to go now. We’re going into a weekend starting with Patriot Day. The Donald knows he had to come out with something big today to make sure he was the topic of conversation at Americans’ dinner tables. What better way than with a whopper on immigration?

  40. SO WHAT?. It shows that the Guy is brilliant. If he did this in a few month can you imagine what he can do for the Country?

    • It shows that the media knows how to get ratings and The Donald knows how to get on TV. Is that brilliance? That is being an entertainer. He’s had a reality TV show for what, 12 years or something? He knows how to entertain and self-promote.

      • You forget that he is the voice of millions of people that were ignored by the Republican party for years. We the conservatives are being totally ignored by the republican leadership, lied to, only interested on us when they need our votes and after they drop us like a bag of potatoes. The only reason that people turn to those channels are to listen to Trump and that is the reason that the media want to have them in their programs. For your information I never watch his reality TV show. I listened to him know because he is stating the facts as they are. I believe that he loved this Country and he will make America Great Again. He will bring to his cabinet lot of talented people that knows how the establishment work and those talented people will benefit the nation. He is a leader and he likes to win , a great quality that we need in this Nation at this time. Our Nation is being destroyed and no one in this Government is doing anything. That is demonstrated with the Iran deal, The republican dealership , Boehner and Mc Donnell are a joke. They are the bad actors trying to put a show for us when they already have gone to bed with the administration many months ago. Dishonest and an slap in the face of the American people. Majority of the people are fed up with Insiders politicians that are directing this country to a world government in which Bush so much favor. I will vote for Trump any time over any one of the insiders. the other person I like is Cruz and a ticket like Trump/ Cruz will be great in my book.

        • I don’t disagree with so many of the points that you make. I too am and have been so angry and frustrated with the GOP establishment (and the liberal establishment) that I had almost given up on everything. They promised us that if we gave them majority in 2014 they would block Obama’s executive amnesty and then what did they do? They did the exact opposite and came up with that hideous spending bill, making sure that Obama got everything that he wanted, just as they have done basically his entire presidency. I want Boehner and McConnell out and all the others who pay lipservice to what they’re going to do to represent conservatives and make deals behind closed doors with Obama and the rest of his ilk. And this has got to stop, we all can agree on that. We don’t need another politician, no definitely not. But where I disagree with you is who the best person is to go to Washington and turn things around. Ben Carson is our guy. He is a true constitutionalist. He has received very little media attention. But he did get some a while back because he was the original non-PC guy. In fact, you may remember he got himself into some hot water with some of the things he said. The media (especially MSNBC and CNN) were all over him then, a black dude saying stuff about slavery and people going to prison and coming out gay? They ate it up. But what really put him on the map was his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast (youtube) when he talked at length about the problems with Obama’s policies with the man sitting about 5 feet away. I was actually in my car listening when he was making that speech. I remember thinking, “Who is this guy? He is absolutely amazing.” I didn’t know who he was, where he was, or anything about him. But as I listened to him, I thought, man this guy should be president. That was in 2013, and he became a national sensation in the conservative scene overnight. I started following him, reading his books, everything. Then he decided to run for president. Then I got the chance to meet him this past March. And he is the exact same person that he is on TV. What you see is what you get. When he says he is guided by his faith, he means it. And he could not be more different than Trump. I have never Trump’s show either, but at 47, I’ve been around long enough to have watched Trump in action. He has managed to insert himself into every POTUS election since 1988. He made the Sunday morning talk show rounds in 2000, but decided not to run. He talked about running for POTUS in 2004 (but said he wouldn’t because he was launching The Apprentice), a gubernatorial bid in New York in 2006, and another run in 2008. He considered it again in 2014, an election he told the AP he “would win easily,” though he stipulated he would only run if he ran unchallenged for the Republican nomination. Alas, he didn’t. Some people contemplate a run (Romney). Others use elections for self aggrandizement (Trump). And that really is my point. Trump is and has always been about Trump. The evidence is there. He is not a genius. Skills? Absolutely. Self promotion. Timing. Ruthlessness. He takes no prisoners. He is a total opportunist, it’s what helped him get to where he is today, which consequently is why he needs no money from large donors, but I question that as well. But that is what we have in our oval office now. The only difference is that Obama is lifelong politician. Trump is the business tycoon version of Obama. They’re both out there bribing everyone. They’re both narsisstic as hel! They both are controlling and whine when they don’t get their way. They’re both pathological liars. It’s never their fault, ever. They are void of a conscience. Look beyond your anger. Look beyond your emotions. There is a choice. Ben Carson is the real freedom-loving, common-sense, conservative that we have all been wanting for so long. If we elect Trump, we will have another Obama. Only this time, it could be worse.

  41. Free? He is making the networks money with ratings (ratings means advertisement money) when they have him on air. If any of the other candidates could do the same they would be on the air as well…

  42. When are the idiots in the lamestream press going to get smart. Number one, the only people watching them are the demoncrats and the porch monkeys who do not buy anything, but either steal it or get it for free, so———There are some big returns on ad $$$ there… The working class Americans are so fed up with professional politicians and the lamestream press that in a short amount of time, both will prove to be in serious trouble…..

  43. What people do like about Trump is he takes no shit from the liberal bleeding heart stupid dumb shit media. But with that said, you do not have to personally like a President. As long as he leads us in a good positive freedom and liberty way, I do not have to personally like him. Right now any person with some basic conservative common sense and is honest will get my vote.

      • No, dumb ass. YOU are SO fucked when Trump kicks ass and you will cry like a little whipped bitch when he makes your little pussy of a potus the homosexual, like you, obama leave office with his tail tucked between his ball less legs.

      • here;s my take on trump if we can get him in the W House. isis will run back to there caves and go in to hiding. mexico will call and say here is your check for your wall Mr trump i am sorry for not obeying u.s laws and will do much better in the future.. Putin will stop bullying other countries and start working out more in his gym in hopes of being a tough guy again. Iran will call and say yes we can renegotiate a nuclear deal and your four hostages will be on the next plane home. .our police will start getting the respect they deserve and blacks and whites will come together once again as a nation. and god will let Christians know there prayers will be answered.. I see this in trump and he will not have to raise his voice or fire a gun shot.

  44. Calling Trump an entertaining showman, instead of a successful presidential candidate makes the author of this article seem like an ignorant libeltard buffon, who is trying to get his name out by riding on Trump’s coattails. Trump is a businessman, who built a mega successful global empire and is obviously smarter than the other candidiates combined, as seen by his ability to garner tons of free airtime, when the other candidates get practically none, and who was smart enough to fire the guy working for him on his campaign, who insisted he pay for high cost polling, and instead let the networks do the polling for him for free. No one can out trump Trump.

  45. I am glad TRUMP is getting such free airtime as he will put HIS money into the election. He will NOT be bought and paid for. I think anyone who would not vote for TRUMP could not really love America. TRUMP has a great over view of what needs to be changed and he will have the best experts for all the exact ideas to make it work. It will be great again….that is the OPPOSITE of what we have now. GO TRUMP.. .Get those free ads!!!

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