Carson and Fiorina Surging in New National Poll

Carson and Fiorina Surging in New National Poll

The latest national poll from PPP shows Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina moving to the front of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, in 2nd and 4th place respectively.

Carson is running at 15%, the only candidates aside from frontrunner Donald Trump to be polling in double digits. Carson’s favorability is by far the best in the field, as he has a favorable image among 68% of respondents and an unfavorable image among only 14%.

Fiorina polls at 8% with solid favorability ratings as well. She has a favorable image with 53% of respondents and an unfavorable image among 23%.

Fiorina has the most to gain from these polls, as she needs them to counteract her lower polling numbers from prior to the first debate, which factor heavily into her eligibility for the second debate. It should also be noted that just today, an article in National Journal argued that it is more important how well she performs at the national level than in just New Hampshire and Iowa.

PPP’s poll reflects on the national level the findings of two recent polls conducted in Iowa that also show Carson and Fiorina surging to the top of the pack.

Additionally, this and other polls show Scott Walker dropping precipitously. In PPP’s poll, he dropped 12 points, from 17% the last time the poll was taken to 5% and 8th place in the latest results.

A final interest result: John Kasich doubled his showing from the previous run of the poll. He was running at 3% and he is now up to 6%.



  1. Sadly, I cannot vote for Carson or Fiorina (at top of ticket) due to their weak stand against invasion amnesty seditionists.

    • You’re right to want someone strong on immigration and certainly Trump is the strongest. However, we also need someone more articulate than Trump to get that message across to American voters and Fiorina would be much better at that. She would also tear The Hildebeast a new one in the Presidential debates whereas Trump is a loose cannon on a good day. Fiorina is not the RINO Jeb and some of the others are. The most important thing is to put the Hildebeast or any other Democrat down and out.

      • Fiorina is too boring to get the win and her immigration grade on NumbersUSA is as bad as Jeb’s. She must not be atop the ticket but she is a viable VP choice.

        • wcapurro: In agreement with U. Carly doe articulate the message, Trump is a showman has been good for the party GETTING EVERYONE TO TAKE A STAND?


    • Carson and Fiorina shouldn’t be afraid to make a stand since the invaders are bad at being seditionists as they want to come here and mow our lawns and cook our food. Make America Great Again

    • Your exactly right and I keep writing about this in some blogs and so many people are just not getting it. Carly is also very dumb when it comes to ISIS and the history of Islam as I seen in a documentary with her praising (just like Odumbo did) all the contributions Islam gave to the US. I don’t think so! Maybe to their own countries but not US. Carson wants to seal the border but, wants more guest worker visa’s that will lead to a pathway to citizenship.

  2. It clearly helps the Republican Establishment to promote the splitting of the anti-establishment voters three ways. If they succeed even JEB bush can manage to win the nomination.

  3. I hope and pray they both knock Trump out of the primaries, then team up as a run as a ticket. I think that would be a dream ticket.

    • By your comment am I to assume that your OK with amnesty giving a pathway to citizenship, don’t mind guns being taken away and that Islam has contributed greatly to America? Carly and Carson support these issues just as all the others except Walker, Cruz and Trump.

      • Again… show us the RECENT speech you keep referring to about Fiorina’s “contributions to Ameria” comments. We’ll wait.

  4. I like ,Ben and Carly Trump could be good if he laid out a plan besides putting up a fence.sometimes I thought wouldn’t it be nice if there was a channel where you could listen to all the candidates as they are campaigning,highly unlikely.the Media likes the scuffle with trump so this is what is available?

      • Thanks Shane for the info,I missed Chris Wallace Show yesterday.What is Trumps plan other than putting up a wall/fence?

        • Hey Shane and Savetheanimals,thanks for the links,but all of a sudden it dawns on me that no one is speaking about Interstate 11 a work in progress that goes from Mexico to Canada,all thru many of the western states,so when you think about it who needs a fence,Mexico to pay or any thing else being proposed,they will have a superhighway?

      • Carson, according to his public statements, is for enforcing the border; keeping those who are doing good; charging them a tax penalty for breaking the law; paying back taxes, and taxes going forward; no freebies at all from government programs; and no path to citizenship/no voting rights, except by applying, like everyone else, from the back of the line. Reasonable, plausible, do-able, not insanely expensive to prosecute, not disruptive to businesses that fuel the economy, and fair to those who applied the right way, to be citizens of the U.S. Those who are here illegally will either pay the back taxes with no citizenship/no vote, or leave of their own volition, as no employer can afford to keep them here working, with prison being their reward for doing so. In a real world, this is the most reasonable, humane and fair solution. This is what Carson recited to a huge crowd of many thousands, late in August.

  5. I am so glad that people are realizing that Dr. Ben Carson would be the best person to lead our Nation. He has the most logical approach and is the best at explaining and backing up what he says
    He has said that the immigration laws need to be enforced and that we need to stop pregnant women coming to the US just to have their babies. It is just that he has other things that he is very concerned about. Among the top is Obama Care (Trump hasn’t mentioned) also the national debt. He has a lot to say about jobs and education.

      • I believe a persons life shows more who they are and how much they can be trusted. Look at Ben Carson’s life look at how sincere he has been in helping people and what he has accomplished for young people in education. No one has ever seen him mistreating people or not keeping his word. Your past shows who you ARE You are right sometimes you need to look at peoples past actions.

      • Mik, you have obviously been badly scarred by politicians. Take heart in that Carson is not one of them.

    • Have you ever read Carson’s articles at Townhall….if you had you would not be saying this. Also, during the debates Trump mentioned he had donated to almost all the candidates standing next to him on stage …Carson almost broke his neck shaking his head back and forth that he never received any money from Trump. Trump has his own money and won’t be bought and paid for. The rest of them well…..

      • I saw the moment you are talking about. I didn’t feel the head shaking was so strong as you implied – but if Trump gives money to someone – it is not for nothing.
        I have read some of the Town Hall articles. Not sure what you are referring to. As far as Dr. Ben Carson needing money from anyone I believe you are mistaken. He had the ingenious idea of giving scholarships to encourage students to excel. I believe this is in al 50 States now. He has given books to libraries in the schools where they were needed to encourage education and reading. He has especially said he will not be swayed by the special interest groups. He does not need other peoples money. He has a background of giving rather than receiving and is always being honest.

        • If you saw the moment I am talking about you must not have high definition television maybe. Because clearly if Ben had been a dog the drool would have hit the screen.

          Also I’m curious where did Ben get all this money to ‘give’ away all these scholarships and books. And just who exactly did he give them too?

          Obama Huessin said ‘we will not lose our doctors’ hence Obamacare. Can’t believe everything you hear.

          I clearly ‘see’ what Trump has ‘actually’ done. Created thousands of jobs and all ‘colorfree’.

          • I don’t think we think alike. Are you comparing Dr. Ben Carson to Obama who never told the truth??
            Yes, Trump has clearly made a lot of money but declared bankruptcy 3 times. When ask about it he said, ” I know how to use the government.” When asked about the people who had lent him money, he did not reply.
            Be careful we have now a president who was elected because people did not consider his past accomplishments or behavior.

          • No I don’t think we do think alike.
            Are you saying that Ben pulled money out of his ‘own’ pockets to just give away. Or does he know how to use the government.
            Also, the article you may have missed which Carson wrote was all about ‘unwed’ pregnant women and how we should all feel sorry for them with their pregnancies with different daddies and give them free educations.
            Maybe we all need to be careful. This country cannot take anymore mistakes.

          • I am sure your quotes from Ben Carson have a little of your own twist on them.
            Why don’t you read to find out where he got his money. You might change your mind about him. Bye

          • It was Chapter 13? which is restructuring your finances not having them wiped clean.

          • You may not understand Trump’s problems. There were 4 companies with trouble, not his personal finances. These were Chapter 11 restructurings, not Chap. 7 “bankruptcies” which people file to get out of debt. He used millions of dollars from his personal fortune to keep the restructured companies alive. To secure better deals or more time to pay off debts, Trump forfeited lucrative ownership stakes and allowed bankers and lawyers to take large parts of his empire. In one deal involving hundreds of millions of debt he personally guaranteed, he sold his ariline and yacht, and he allowed bankers to stipulate how much he could spend every month.

            He has navigated these successfully to build a $10 BILLION dollar empire. Who else has his understanding of what to do with our massive debt and deficit?

        • Bet the majority of giving was to inner city Black schools and libraries which is good but, could show some bias. To me it doesn’t seem to do much for those schools b/c our government has been giving to Blacks for as long as I’ve been born (60y.o) and I still see no improvement.

    • Carson has been very wishy washy on amnesty and wants the border sealed but, wants more work visa’s which he wants to lead to a pathway to citizenship. He also doesn’t mind taking some guns away from people. He would be good as Surgeon General but, too soft spoken for our enemies. Trump has mentioned Obamacare and would like to repeal it and replace where there’s more competition and everyone gets covered not just a percentage of people.

  6. A Carson-Fiorina, or a Fiorina-Carson, ticket might be just what the country needs to send a real message to the buffoons in Congress; and tell the world we have regained our sanity. The current Democratic handful can only reming us of McCarthy and McGovern, with a little Dukakis thrown in.

  7. Any thinking person can read through the lines that Trump would be unable to carry out his Immigration plan. The solution to our Immigration problem is to execute the law and to make hiring an illegal a felony. Another law could negate anchor babies. Removing the attraction would remove the necessity for a wall. This would not resolve the criminal element, which could only be handled through mandatory incarceration – maybe special prisons for illegals.
    Trump would not have either Carson or Fiorina as Vice President – he would not run the risk of someone outshining him.

    • That last statement is my sentiments exactly. Trump cloaking himself as another Ronald Reagan reminds me of that wise saying about nostalgia. The bad thing about nostalgia is we tend to cling to good memories and forget the bad ones. I miss the Reagan years but I do not want to cling to the past and contribute to the same mistakes.

    • It wouldn’t be outshining him….it would be the fact that this country is so brainwashed and voting based on race, color, gender etc. is all that seems to matter anymore. The first this…the first that. Never mind past experience or morals etc. Trump has experience as a ‘very’ successful business person. He knows how to listen to people. And he employs thousands of people. He has created jobs and for ALL colors and ALL genders. He is an American and he is fair.

      • Trump has a history of dumping people also. He claims to have fired one of his campaign advisor’s which was Roger Stone. Stone said he actually resigned. What do you make of that.

        • Do you know Roger Stone personally. Were you actually there and know that Stone resigned. What do you make of that.

    • Anyone remember E-Verify? The plan to ensure that those applying for employment are here legally? The plan Obozo hates, that actually works? If it were implemented nationwide, and all the freebies were curtailed, we would see self-deportation. (The Border Patrol needs to be stationed actually at the border again as well, instead of being pulled back several to many miles from the border.) If the jobs are limited to citizens, and legal aliens, the job magnet disappears for illegals. Has anyone running for President been speaking about this? I have missed some interviews and snippets of talks with candidates, so I might have missed someone talking about E-Verify.

    • That is because you think like a politician…all the strings that have to be cut….If the US cannot implement a plan to handle immigration it is not because it cannot be done. It is because the people in leadership start off by saying it cannot be done…

      God Trump!!!

  8. Trump for President, Fiorina for VP and Carson to run both the FDA and the VA as he could clean both of those corrupted bureaus out in a year or two a the most.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  9. “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
    – Winston Churchill. – – – He might have added, five minutes spent reading these comments. Happy Labor Day.

  10. IT’S not that they are surging but as much as someone wants whitey to be ruled by women and Negroes.

  11. I think that Dr. Carson is brilliant enough to be teachable, and given the choices, is our best hope among major parties. Ms. Florina is a failed CEO. I fail to see a meaningful association for true conservative adherents.

  12. Everyone… while we all seem to like where Trump stands on immigration, take a close look at the rest of his platform, and more importantly the many things he has said BEFORE he was a candidate. Most of his pre-candidacy positions are to the left, including ObamaCare and DOMA. Don’t get caught up in the rhetoric of the moment, but study all the candidates, and more importantly all of their positions.

    While the idea of “running government like a business” sounds appealing, in the real-world it does not work. The playing field and the goals are total different. In the business world, the desired end state is to make a profit for the investors, and that is good and healthy. Anyone that tells you otherwise is a closet socialist. In government, that can never be the goal. Being good stewards of the people’s treasure? Absolutely, but the administration of these totally different goals most times run counter to each other.

    For example, if a business has a branch or division that cannot make money, it’s closed, end of story. That’s the right thing to do, even if it means people lose their jobs. On the other side, if a state is losing money, i.e., California; as much as we’d like, we can’t close California or sell it to the Japanese or the Arabs. In government, you have to find fixes and most times this involved compromise and negotiation. This is the weak end of living in a free society full of humans, but its one hell of a lot better than a dictatorship–as we can see in the current state of the nation.

    One last point, just because Trump has not previously run for office before dose not mean he is not a political animal. You get to there he has without being very political–especially in a political cesspit like the City of New York. And yes, he can be bought, just like anyone else. If he did not have an interest in growing his wealth, he would have not amassed the fortune that he has.

    I am not against Trump, nor am I for Trump.

    What I am is very sure that the current regime and their fellow travelers need to go ASAP, and equally sure we must be very careful in selecting our new leadership, as it will be incumbent upon this leader to fix the current issues and rebind the wounds across our nation, purposely inflicted by the current occupant of the White House.

    This is more than one issue; we are selecting a leaders that will need to address all the problems befalling our nation.

    Let’s not be swayed by boisterous rhetoric and half-baked ideas and make sure we select a leader that can bring the nation back together again.

  13. Fiorina is nothing but a FILTHY Fag loving, muslim loving RINO wench. Carson is a very good man but just to meek for my taste. Just the facts !!!!!!

  14. Very sleazy article…doesn’t give you Trump’s numbers…It was also sleazy in that it had me vote on FB regarding today’s debate and never showed me the results!!! Just brought me to this page and wanted me to sign up for their newsletter…

    If they can be that dishonest…I would take TRUMP any day!!!

    Go Trump!!!

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