Conservative Intel Poll: Jeb Bush’s Support for Puerto Rico Hurts Him in...

Conservative Intel Poll: Jeb Bush’s Support for Puerto Rico Hurts Him in Iowa

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Jeb Bush’s committed support to Puerto Rico on the issues of statehood and bankruptcy is likely to hurt and not help his electoral chances according to our poll conducted last weekend.

Conservative Intel polled Iowans likely to participate in next year’s Republican presidential caucuses with some interesting findings.

The poll asked whether respondents were more likely or less likely to support Jeb Bush for the Republican nomination due to his support for Puerto Rican statehood as the best path, reported in The Guardian. Respondents had a generally negative reaction to that position: 46% were less likely to support him, while 27% were more likely. A plurality – 28% – was somewhat less likely and 23% said it made no difference, the most common two responses, showing that Bush’s position is certainly not popular, though not necessarily toxic.

Much more off-putting is Bush’s call to extend the bankruptcy laws that apply to states and municipalities to Puerto Rico, which would allow for the restructuring of debt owed to the United States. 64% of respondents were less likely to support him and a plurality – 34% – was much less likely. This position may jeopardize Americans taxpayers’ 401ks, mutual funds and IRAs, as these are the forms in which most of Puerto Rico’s $72 billion in debt to the U.S. is held, according to a New York Times article. No wonder it is unpopular.

As reported below, Jeb is already polling worse than expected for Iowa. Since this is an issue he can expect his rivals to attack him on, it is bad news that it doesn’t play well to voters.

It is bad news in a larger sense too: Bush has staked much of his success in the Republican primary on his ability to persuade Hispanic voters – an important and growing demographic – advocating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants considered by many to be equivalent to amnesty, as well as praising their economic importance.

As I have written elsewhere, however, the influence of the Hispanic vote is overstated, especially by a media hoping to get conservatives to change their positions. Besides, Hispanics are not as monolithic a voting bloc as liberals condescendingly assume, being somewhat divided in their views on the issues Bush has been emphasizing.

For these reasons, Bush is taking quite a risk on the trade-off that is currently costing him a lot of support from the Republican base he needs in Iowa. While he may pin some of his presidential hopes on his potential appeal to Hispanic voters, especially in the general election, if he is unable to persuade Iowa caucus-goers and other early state Republicans, it won’t matter. Right now, he is not persuading them.

Our poll asked the candidates’ images with voters, as well as which candidates they would vote for were the election today.

Bush fared badly in terms of his unfavorability rate at 34% – even more poorly than Donald Trump and he polled a surprisingly low 6.4% when voters were asked which candidates they were most likely to support. By comparison, fellow Floridian Marco Rubio also polled poorly at 4%, but his image with voters is overwhelmingly positive: 54% favorable to 13% unfavorable.

Bush’s performance in the first Republican debate last week, while not bad, was not likely to change the minds of voters who dislike him, something that he must do between now and next year.

Additionally, the poll asked whether respondents approved or disapproved of Ted Cruz’s calling Majority Leader McConnell a liar who “rammed” the Export-Import Bank reauthorization through the Senate and whether his approach made them more or less likely to support him for the Republican nomination. More than half – 51% – approved of Cruz’s approach and 63% said they were more likely to support him, 32% saying they were much more likely to.

The IVR survey was conducted July 30th-August 2nd, 2015, and has a random sample of 500.  The margin of error is +/-4.38%.



  1. I’ve yet to meet anyone who likes Jeb, much less gets enthusiastic about him. Take your big money and go home, Oligarch.

    • You travel in the wrong circles, then. Hamptons Democrat donors seem to love him…at least in case Hillary flames out. Gave him gobs of their money when they invited him to several fundraisers at their homes within the last month, according to articles I’ve read.
      Should tell anyone all they need to know about Jeb

      • Good – they can lose their millions they spent on him trying to ram someone down our throats . . . .

    • Jeb was in the right place in the right time of history for Florida. And right now if all we had to pick from was Bush or Killary, I would pick Bush for sure. But Jeb has lost some of his passion.
      I think that whoever we pick as the Republican nominee should get ALL of the campaign money from the other primary candidates. This would show the Democrat party that this time and in the future we Conservative Republicans mean business.

      • If I am going to be forced to vote for a Democrat, I won’t hide behind the Republican name and vote for a RINO. I will vote for Hillary. Then maybe, just maybe, the Republican leadership will wake up and start doing what it’s core is telling them what to do, not throwing us under the bus. Only way I would vote for Bush is if Boehner and McConnell are fired before hand.

    • Makes you wonder who in the h#### he planned on winning. Vote fraud like his brother did in 2000? We know machines can be programmed to flip votes. Maybe he wants the illegals votes who knows.

    • It’s a political nightmare for the citizens of this country. For the life of me, I can’t even begin to imagine why we’re here discussing Jeb at all. If the electorate was worthy of having their votes counted, Jeb would be a non-starter. Same with Clinton.

      • The Jeb Bush wing of the GOP, the RINOs who run BushNews (aka FoxNews) would rather lose with a RINO so as to keep control of the party apparatus than see a non RINO have a chance to win. It is all about power and control within the party.
        After Reagan, the RINOs chant became “Never Again”.

        • Then they can have control of a soon-to-be-dead party. I was all for closing ranks and supporting the party until I saw what Boehner and McConnell had in store for us.

          • I keep hearing that Trump is a really a democrat. Well arent the House and Senate leadership desperately trying to support the Democrats? It’s time for something different!

          • But, PLEASE, not Trump. He would be an electoral disaster that would cost Republicans the WH, the Senate AND the House.
            Why he attracts ANY support is mind boggling. He was a Democrat just “yesterday:
            “. Doesn’t that mean anything to Trump cheerleaders??

          • What difference does it make, The Donald is for getting our Jobs back, the only thing that might be a little left is single payer HCare but we are there all ready and NO Rhino has done dittlie squat about it any way, the amount of cleaning up of abusive spending the Donald will do and stop sending our troops all over the planet so the Industrial Military Complex keeps profiting and we start minding our own business and make deals with others instead war could be a good thing.

          • He says he’s for getting jobs back but fails to explain how he’d do it. There are only a handful of ways that it can be accomplished and a lot of ways he can make things worse – that means his methods are important and he doesn’t present details.

          • Mr. Williamson, the man has several hundred companies which employ many thousands of people. It’s possible he has an idea or two about job creation.

          • how could he present his ideas when kelly was asking about rosy? Besides before making changes one must look from the INSIDE what is wrong and then CHANGE IT, not just fly off the handle and then when presented with FACT have to back track

          • The debate was a joke, granted. I could only stomach about the first half. That being said, he had other venues in which to explain his platform.

            If I understand you correctly, you think Trump needs to be elected first, then figure out how to fix things. I can assure you that is not how he operates his businesses and rightfully so. Trump may very well be the right person for the job but until he gives concrete examples of his leadership, I’m not convinced.

          • I own TWO companies. Started one on 100 dollars and built it up and the other with funds from the first. If you know anything about business you would understand you just do not change things until you find the problems and then direct your total energy to square away your problems.

          • Okay… would you purchase a business without first knowing the problems the previous owner was experiencing? Would you first determine if you could turn it around to make a profit? Or would you just throw money, time, and effort at it and just hope for the best?

            Likewise, when you interview potential employees do you ask them about their history, what qualifies them for the job, maybe even see if they had a vision and the means to execute? I suspect you don’t just take random people off the street and assume they can perform.

          • You would first see the overall condition of the business. Usually they will not allow you to delve very closely into that business but you have a GENERAL idea what is wrong. You buy it, and then call a MEETING, Find the FACTS, ID the problems in either personal, manufacturing, buying or selling. Then gather a group of people assigned to square away those problems. You direct, they perform. Or to make it simple

            you are a doctor. A man comes in and says Doctor X says I have cancer. You turn to him and say, tomorrow we shall operate WITHOUT viewing any of the charts etc. You operate and cut off both arms and leg. When you are finished and he wakes you declare him cancer free. He THEN informs you, he has gonad cancer…………………………………………… That is the stature you are placing Trump in at this moment. You want him to fix the problems without knowing where and by whom caused it.

          • Ah but apparently he knows enough to state that a problem is jobs and the solution is to create more. I think we’d all agree with that.

            Suppose you are the patient. Wouldn’t you be foolish to use a doctor that didn’t tell you what they were going to do before they did it?

            I don’t think Trump is stupid. I also don’t think you can run for office without having some idea about what is wrong and how to fix it. A few years back I was approached by a worker from the local UAW that wanted my signature so they could push congress into making “jobs” a focal point and get it on the agenda. It sounded nice and he had a lot of signatures so others must have thought so too. Then I asked him about the methods the UAW wanted congress to use to create more jobs. I suspect they he had never been questioned because he repeated the same talking points. When pushed further he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) explain what the UAW’s means. I don’t put my name on just anything and generally speaking unions and I are pretty far apart politically. Now clearly the UAW has experience in managing jobs. Was I wrong not to blindly trust that they’d do the right thing?

          • He has highlighted some of the wrongs but until he is in, cannot find the root of the problem.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Conservative Intel Poll: Jeb Bush’ s Support for Puerto Rico Hurts Him in Iowa

          • you took obamassssss off the street and boy has he “performed” No track record, not SS number No birth certificate, NOTHING yet you backed him because he said HOPE AND CHANGE

          • I did? That’s funny because I could have sworn I voted for McCain and Romney. And you’re right, I have hated almost everything Obama has done. I’m about as conservative as they get but I’m not stupid. I don’t vote for R for the sake of voting R and I never vote D. So I want to know the difference between Trump and the others. Most of them shouldn’t be up there period and Trump has brought important issues to the forefront. I still don’t know how he’d accomplish anything so I’m not ready to jump in on team Trump.

          • I believe 4 billion dollars or more tells you something concerning about his accomplishments.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Conservative Intel Poll: Jeb Bush’ s Support for Puerto Rico Hurts Him in Iowa

          • And by the way, when you go into personal attacks and name calling you are delving into the liberal arena.

          • Brian Obamasss is what I call him. No SSN, No Birth Certificate No background checks. In the Corps we have worse terminology than what I have stated.
            Subject: Re: Comment on Conservative Intel Poll: Jeb Bush’ s Support for Puerto Rico Hurts Him in Iowa

          • You would attempt to find as much as you can but most will be hidden from you. Until you buy it and then find out WHY it is in such bad shape. Subject: Re: Comment on Conservative Intel Poll: Jeb Bush’ s Support for Puerto Rico Hurts Him in Iowa

          • You’re acting like a fool. First off, if you are so d amned positive you have to know everything first, get his books and read. You will find a wealth of information about your questions, that is, if you are telling the truth and not a troll.

          • I never said he had to have a concrete plan to deal with every situation before election day. Go back and read my posts. Call me a fool if it makes you feel better but this country already fell for a snake oil salesman. We’ll be paying for it for years to come. If I’m a fool for wanting to hear a candidates platform from them, then so be it. I don’t follow the pack. Good luck with that.

          • I said, if you’re so all fired up needing to know what Mr. Trump is going to do, get his books. If you do not have the dollars to buy them, find your way to your local library and get them for a week, free. All you want to do is p iss and moan. Information is available, if you apply yourself and look. Personally, I think you’re a troll!

          • A whole lot of our problems could be solved by the simple thing like educating our kids. And doing that with out political bias placed on them. Just the 3 R’s.

          • And reinstalling discipline not only in the home but in schools also Subject: Re: Comment on Conservative Intel Poll: Jeb Bush’ s Support for Puerto Rico Hurts Him in Iowa

          • Agree, for all of them. What I really listening for is the one who steps up with a plan to reduce government intervention. By large margins.

          • Just as obamasssss explain in detail every one of his ideas, OH I forgot it was a simple message HOPE AND CHANGE which turned into ROPES AND CHAINS

          • he’ll get to specifics as the process proceeds …. it’s too early to put out specifics because many voters can’t handle thinking.

          • you bought Hope and Change with no explanation…so NOW you want a road map from a man who has actually DONE stuff instead of TALK about doing stuff?

          • 100% of the jobs created have gone to foreigners. The place to start is getting the illegal ones out. Then American’s might actually get one for themselves.American jobs for American’s only!

          • Sit tight Brian, Trump is just warming up! The 24/7 attacks by Dem’s, Media, & RINO’s will get kicked to the side, as he moves past their attacks! They don’t want him to lay out his policies, but he has already started. For example, Insurance companies will no longer set boundaries, and they will have to compete. He gave that at the debate!

          • They thought he would react like the rest of the Republicans who run away and start apologizing as soon as the PC crowd gangs up on them, not The Donald, which is why I am introducing a new word:

            To Trump (verb): To laugh in your opponents face and then punch them in it.

          • Keep in mind that tens of thousands of Americans are employed by the Military/Industrial complex; perhaps Trump would REDIRECT some unneeded weapons production to actually producing products for our military, such as uniforms and flags, that we now buy offshore?.

          • I HIGHLY suggest you read Sun Tzu bing-fa Art of War Hypertext on the net. The very first paragraph says it all

            1. Sun Tzu said: The art of war is of vital importance
            to the State.

            2. It is a matter of life and death, a road either
            to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry
            which can on no account be neglected.

            the Romans had a saying

            Si vis pacem para bellum

            If you want PEACE, prepare for war.

          • So get Cruz in first place then….oh wait…Cruz has to get Cruz in first place. I’m for Cruz but more imortantly, I’m for whomever can destroy the apparatus that has given us 20+ years of RINO’s and libtards.

          • Cruz is good too and would wrnkle the noses of the rino party. I want the one who will actually get the illegals out of this country and so do other voters.

          • No too many of them are committing crimes here. They broke our laws just getting here. No pass for them. No reward for breaking our laws.

          • Stop it. Nobody needs that. Our enemies do not distinguish among us. All Americans need to stick together and no group will suffer more than black Americans from this uncontrolled invasion across our unguarded southern border.

          • Biff, you obviously do not know what you are saying, which is, legalize 11 to 20 million illegals and let them stay here and bring their extended families, maybe 55 to 100 million total.

            That what you want? Really? Cause that’s what you’re saying.

          • Colin Powell was a Republican who was sought by many GOP’ers to become a candidate after Bush43 …. Didn’t Colin publicly endorse Obama for president over that great American hero, John McCain?

            What the hell is a political party anyway? Booze and sex!!

          • Please stop talking about McCain he is a looser, and will loose his Senate seat in 2016, please just let him go, I am so sick of looking at the dumb people, they are boring and a bunch of liars, Trump or no one for me.

          • and you REALLY think there is any difference between shrillary and rino bush 3?? he is the dumbest of the 3 and the MOST liberal of the 3! look what a disaster w was! he GAVE us obola

          • @Jayjay1963:disqus No, it doesn’t. Frankly, I can’t hardly tell the difference between a republican or democrat anymore, so as far as I’m concerned, anyone who torches the establishment status quo, I’m interested in, and this includes Trump.

          • Since we have had a great dem president what ever party Trump belongs to last year does not matter to me. Right now he see’s what this country needs. If he wins I do believe he will do as he says. The man who wins this election and can actually clean up this mess with the backing of the middle class American Voter will go down in history, Go Trunp.

          • He isnt a democrat. He gave money to the democrats like he did to the Republicans. when you are a businessman as big as him that is just what you do.

          • What wouldl cost the GOP control of the House and Senate would be a continued demonization of the front-runner Trump and his growing legion of supporters.

            And what really is the importance of a Republican Congress which is afraid to honor their promises to the voters on repealing Obamacare and deporting illegal aliens?

            At what point does voting Republican cease to matter?

          • About two minutes after the November 2014 election results were used by Mitch McConnell aka the TURTLE and John the drunk Boehner decided to give us all the finger and play ball with the Democrats and pass all of Obama’s agenda.

          • They did it for the Bush family, making it easier to elect RINO Jeb in 2016. That’s the only reason. REmember, rfecently in Texas daddy Bush went to the airport to smile and wave at Obama when his plane landed.

          • The time has come, where have you been? I would stay home before I would vote for Bush, and there are many more that will, so if it cost us the election this Country will be a memory of what used to be thanks to all the idiots that voted for Obama and set the downfall of America in progress, The only way we will survive is with someone like Donald, those wimps om the stage at the Debate were embarrassing, they need to go home, No vote from me for any of them except Cruz, or Trump.

          • You want to know why you are afraid of Trump, HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH that most AMERICANS desire to hear and does NOT back down like a panty waste to say he is sorry.

          • I’ve posted this before nonetheless, here it is again:

            Here is why Trump is doing so well. The
            American people do not view the tsunami of humanity swarming across our southern border and helping themselves to all of our stuff as a wave of migration. We view it as an invasion. We are sick and tired of it. And we are sick and tired of being called names because we are sick and tired of it. Then, out of the clear blue sky comes Trump and says out loud and without a word of apology, and without taking a step backward, what all of us feel.

            Thus he has separated himself from the
            spineless half-stepping jellyfish that want our votes. We did not appreciate John McCain referring to us as ‘crazies’ one little bit. We are American citizens and if he wants to treat us with that kind of contempt, he is the one that is crazy. It’s not that difficult to understand. Here is what we want. Wewant the border sealed. We want all of the illegal aliens deported. Here’s what we don’t want. We don’t want to be called racists by people who refer to us as gringos or effete nitwits who live in gated neighborhoods.

            We don’t want any excuses about how hard it would be. Tough luck. We just sent a space ship 3 billion miles over almost a decade and it ended up right where it was supposed to and worked perfectly: we can build a wall. We can detect and track ICBM’d flying at us at 10,000 miles an hour. We can detect and track Mexicans walking 3 miles an hour and we can send the illegals a couple of hundred miles south and so no, we are not interested in any excuses.

            If Trump sticks to his guns about this issue he will win the nomination and the general election in a walkaway.

          • He’d independent all right. Just curious…would you want his finger on the nuclear button when he can’t control his anger over even petty things? I despise the notion of Clinton in the WH, but the Donald scares me.

          • Control his anger. You mean like when Obama called Republicans hostage takers with bombs strapped to their chests or just the other day when he called people that opposed his Iranian surrender, ‘making common cause with the ayatollahs. Please, Obama is the king of hurt feelings and quick anger.

          • “Iranian surrender”????

            WTH are you talking about? You need to latch on to a more credible pack of lies because “Iranian surrender” is non-existent.

          • Yes. I would want his finger on the Football. Unlike you, who believe leaders should never raise their voice, I may suggest two General Puller and General Mattis. Both USMC. Both LOVE AMERICA. The reason Donald scares you, you do not have any ballssss. What did you think Eisenhower or Patten said when they were in command. And remember Eisenhower was President of the US. How about TR. Speak softly and carry a big stick. Well now it’s speak LOUDLY and USE the big stick because the pos we have in the white house is murdering America. And don’t tell me about war. I do not have tattoos, but many scars. It takes people such as my Brothers to keep this country safe and if you think the USMC practices pc when we speak, think again and cut out the pc and glad Trump tells it like it is.

            Here are a couple of Mad Dog’s Mattis’ quotes

            “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with
            you, with tears in my eyes: If you f–k with me, I’ll kill you all.”

            (San Diego Union Tribune)

            4. “Find the enemy that wants to end this experiment (in American democracy) and kill every one of them until they’re so sick of the killing that they leave us and our freedoms intact.”

          • Our enemies certainly don’t want his finger on the button just like they didn’t want Reagan’s finger on the button which is the EXACT reason why the Iranians released the hostages while Reagan was taking the Oath of Office.

          • first of all, I’m pretty sure there’s no button like the one you describe, that one person can just push and launch whatever they want, but yes, I would trust him as commander in chief. I have watched many of his speeches and I feel comfortable saying that he truly cares about not only America, but the greater good of the rest of the world. He is not the monster the media wants people to believe. He has a heart and he speaks his mind. His whole life elite people have been coming to him asking for money, and he has always given freely. Now, common people are coming to him and asking for help, and he’s trying to give freely to them as well. If you really think he’s a monster I would say watch some interviews from before he announced his run, he is really very likable.

          • People who are NCF’s do not realize how things work in the Military but they KNOW IT ALL
            Subject: Re: Comment on Conservative Intel Poll: Jeb Bush’ s Support for Puerto Rico Hurts Him in Iowa

          • Michael, the Cold War ended in 1989. Haven’t you heard, we’ve got all this firepower now to stop someone, someday, who might want to detonate a suitcase bomb somewhere on earth.

            “Finger on the nuclear button” is about as relevant today as backyard atomic bomb shelters.

          • yeah, he scares me too…however he is dragging the republicans to the right, as he has hit a nerve with voters. He is saying what needs to be said, and hopefully we can get a leader with some balls to straighten this sh*&%t out……..

          • In fact it is better for Trump to take down this c*** GOP party. If the system demands 2 parties by design, then it’s necessary to do this.

          • I’d respectfully disagree. I think they’re about the same but some of them have packaged themselves a little better and haven’t been found out.

          • What you are describing is statism or more pointedly, they are statists. Any pol advocating for the continued growth of the state is by definition a statist. There are very few non-statists in congress. You can’t REALLY be a small government “conservative” (whatever that means) and be a statists.

          • Trump has the votes of dems, repubs, the blacks, Hispanics that is why the elites are using the media pawns to try to destroy him. It is blatant now in the eyes of the public that we have a propaganda machine in America.

          • The Repub party leadership at the top is rotten to the core. It’s time as we are seeing, for citizens to rise up and take back our country AND party and put the USA back into the free market System that has raised the middle class to the most powerful class in the country again. The money isn’t with rich folks, it’s in the middle class. Eco 101.

          • I believe that Boehner and McConnell are two of the biggest RINO whores attached to the Republican party.
            Yes Masta BO we will make sure your hate America laws get passed.

          • They are very disappointing.

            For years both Pelosi and Reid have ‘worked’ the system to their advantage; while Boehner and McConnell are like deer in the headlights.

          • You are right on! I held my nose yet one more time in 2014, to give the GOP one more chance. I worked the ground game and donated money to several GOP candidates. Then Boehner, Mcconnell and the rest of the RINOs funded everything Obama wanted. The house members voted in Boehner as speaker even though 65% of the Republican VOTERS were against Boehner as speaker. They do not care about the people who elected them so they can go $crew themselves. I will not vote for a RINO for president and I will not vote for any house member who voted for Boehner nor a Senator who sported McConnell every again. They do not care about their voters and now the voters do not care about them.

          • Porcer, Boehner and McConnell are just carrying out the Bush family orders–Leave Obama Alone, everything will be alright when Jeb gets elected. It’s all about electing another Bush.

          • McConnell is a tired, cookies and milk at 8 PM 72 year old and has no energy to drive what needs to be driven and that is the will of the American people. Doesn’t want to put the effort in. He, like Obama, is a dictator. Boehner is a drunken, cigarette swillin’, golfer and at 68 has less energy than McConnell (if possible) except when it is time to tee it up. He, like Obama, is a dictator. Obama is lazier than these 2 put together. I invite the overthrow of these 3 and the appointment of Ted Cruz as President.

        • The whole debacle Thursday night was staged to take Trump out and built little Jebbie up. Well, they can forget that. Not only will I never support Jeb, I will curtail any Fox program in my home again. I was livid during that debacle. Megyn Kelly, who should know better and who should have conducted herself more professionally, was absolutely disgusting with her out-front disdain for Donald Trump evident on her face. Chris Wallace showed, once again, he is his father’s son, with the snarky questions and the smirk on his face. I am thoroughly washed up with Fox News channel. The funny thing is, they think they did great. It will be interesting to see the polls for viewers after this week.

          • I sent Fox an email and told them I disagreed with the immature Megan questions and you are right about snarky Wallace.

          • I’ve been watching but still waiting. FOX is doing a good job keeping their employees from breaking ranks. No cross criticism yet pertaining to Kelly, Wallace, and Baier coordinated attacks on Trump and everyone not of the Bush family line. Thus, my obvious agreement, FOX is, not only in the tank for Bush, but out in front working the FIX. Watch the FIX on FOX daily.

          • The fix is in for either Bush or Clinton. No difference between the two both work for the same people. The question is will the public be able to close ranks and get their candidate in.

          • They have to circle the wagons. Kelly is a major star on that network. It is my feeling she is going to lose viewers with her horrible performance during the debacle. Wallace, his performance was expected. He is a liberal democrat. Baier is so-so. Those three reminded me of a bunch of bullies plotting and scheming to take down the local nice guy without even giving him a chance. I don’t like that.

          • I was disgusted with the whole lot of them, Meghan, Wallace, Baier. They are media whores who sold out our country and should hang their heads in collective shame. It was appalling the way she and the rest of them attacked Trump. She had hate in her eyes for him as did Wallace. I will never watch Fox News again. Hope they go into the toilet.

          • Easy now…I thought Baier was ok and is guilty by association. The other two…gloves off. What about Eric Erickson pulling The Don from his forum?! Fox’s doubling down on one bad decision made it even worse.

          • God invented the Internet and Drudge for a reason. This is it in a nutshell. Fox is better than CNN, although they seem to have CNN aspirations. Nope, not supporting any fox sponsors. Until it is shown that Trump is on the Mexican drug cartel payrolls or on Hillary’s, he has my vote. Repub party. Tea Party. Dem party. Any party. I’m voting for Trump.

          • Trump has been a democrat and has supported democrat policies his whole life until a few months ago. But everyone else is a “rino”? You need to read more and not just be impressed by tough talk. He has no real plans just grandiose ideas that once he TRIES them wont work.

          • I am so tired of this meme. Donald Trump has supported pretty equally Republicans and Democrats for years, You can go straight to the Government’s FEC website and find all the contributions he has made since the 1990s.

            Yes, he supported Hillary Clinton for Senate and President. Guess what? He also supported Rudy Giuliani, McCain/Palin, Romney, Allen West, Tom Cotton, Trey Gowdy, and many more individual candidates and the Republican National Committee plus all sorts of soft money pacs which ran ads for Republicans and against Democrats with totals of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

            You know who he never directly supported? OBAMA.

          • I’m talking about money given to candidates not about schmoozing Obama back in the 1st year of his Presidency. There were lots of people fooled by Obama when he ran for President == and there is nothing non-factual about Trump’s statement that Obama becoming the first black President was an amazing accomplishment.

          • Funny…i wasnt. But then i actually did some research on the guy unlike most of america. Same for you on Trump. Maybe do a bit more research on his past instead of what he is SAYING. TALK IS CHEAP. Trump wont do anything to help anyone but himself and he has ALWAYS done it that way.

          • Your condescending attitude says it all . . . Had I not done research I would not have been delving into his contributions on the FEC website. I remember all the articles written by George Will and other “inside the bubble pundits” way back in 1979 warning of the disaster that awaited if the Republican voters chose Ronald Reagan as their nominee. After all, no actor could possibly be a good President of the United States, right? And certainly Reagan was not to be trusted since he had once been a far left Democrat (my own father voiced those same worries).

            In the end, Ronald Reagan loved America and that love of his country made him a great leader. I have not settled on Trump as my candidate = there is still lots of time for that. What I do know is that Trump loves this country and that makes him ok in my book.

          • they are hoping that the rest of the country will continue to believe the “bombastic clown” narrative while they try and figure out how to root him from the Republican field. if they had asked him real questions on primetime all the Democrats watching would have realized at the least that he isn’t a joke or worse that they agree with him on many issues, at which point his polls among all voters would start to skyrocket as well.

          • They have tried that derogatory narrative just once too often. It isn’t going to fly any longer. Now I am speaking about the establishment repubs. They usually have their “dry, boring” candidate all picked out and then someone like that slimeball Rove goes on a selling campaign for the “dry, boring” candidate. In the meantime, we have a field that contains maybe one or two really good conservative candidates for We, The People which Rove quickly recognizes and tries to put the kybosch on early in the game. Been through that a couple times before and I will not play that game again. We have maybe three or four good candidates and Bush or Rubio are not included in the count. Now, along with that slimeball Rove, we have another want-to-be slimeball, Megyn Kelly, trying to KO Trump in the first round. I am afraid she was the one who got KO-ed (at least I hope she did because she so richly deserves it). Give the guy a chance. I want to hear his ideas and I do not want some snarky moderator acting out on TV. If the wizards of smart are correct that Trump is a buffoon, we will soon see that. I have not yet and I am intelligent to determine if he is or is not. Right now, he is making perfect sense and I am willing to listen to him.

        • The GOPe would rather be the minority party. That way the still get to go to all the Dempublican parties and avoid all the hard work.

        • Bush and Clinton belong to the NWO as did Obama. These people do not love our country nor look for the bettering of it. They sold us out a long time ago. If our votes counted neither Bush nor Clinton would win the election or even be given the status of a candidate.

        • i TOTALLY agree with that, that’s why i WILL support a 3rd party run, there is NO difference between these rinos (bush, boehner, mcconnel) and shrillary and obola for that matter NONE!

        • Here’s how to spot the Rinos. The favor every possible war in the Middle East designed to benefrit Israel at the expense of our brave sons who serve. They also favor gun control, abortion on demand, homosexual marriage and oppose Christian prayer in schools. Just look at people like Bill Kristol, Paul Wolfowitz and Charles Krauthaumer as examples.

      • This seems to be the preferred tactic now. They ran McCain against Obama and Romney the year after. Neither one is much of a Republican. The GOP thinks that they can run these RINOs and win but in truth, it’s all just single-party nonsense.

          • Oh, but Bob Dole “earned it”. Don’t you remember that? That’s what the GOP told everyone listening at the time. I guess too many people did not remember it either when they entered the polling booth. Trump ’16!

          • While Dole, unlike McCain did earn it. His pushing for “corn-a-hol” placed him way up on the crony list.

          • Being around DC long enough is not/should not be a pre-requisite for holding the office of POTUS.

          • Very true, but he is a far better man than most of the others. Being a lifelong legislator, really qualifies you for not much of anything. Look no further than the Iran “deal”.

          • I forgot him. I always wondered what happened to him. Something in the Warren Commission I guess. He was quite strident in the ’60’s. As my poly sci prof said, to get Warren and Ford to agree on the Kennedy Assassination, it either had to be true, or you don’t want to know the truth. At any rate he was certainly ineffective.

      • It’s an RNC/DNC thing. Kind of a unified divide and conquer of the vote so that they can coronate their two chosen toadies to continue the plundering of America.

      • One reason Jeb is being discussed is he’s quite easy for the Beltway to crush – allowing Hillary to win. And even if he squeaks by their legions and gets elected he’s so alike with the Left’s views that he’d be easy to keep on narrative.

      • But think of all the great things his brother gave us- wars, NSA spying, huge increases in spending and debts, unchecked illegal immigration, every project Ted Kennedy wanted, a Democrate controlled congress, and most of all…….. Obama. Why wouldn’t we want more of that?

        • The “Old Man” ’41 did not enforce the provisions of the 1986 Amnesty Bill and now we have him to thank (sic) for that.

          • The legal and illegal 3rd world assault will end when all Americans raise their collective voices. Millions are part of the citizens’ army at numbersusa; many are members of FAIR and other anti-white genocide groups; return fundraising letters with letters protesting the third world assault; do your own gardening (I do!); give money to politicians who are on our side; and always go to the polls. Massive third world immigration is a form of genocide against whites. You can’t sit on the sidelines while this tragedy unfolds.

      • The only reason why we ever had a Bush in the WH is because Reagan gave the VP slot to “41. He took the Reagan Revolution and in a short four years … it was gone/destroyed. When was the last time any Bush paid homage to Reagan for their success?

    • Ditto! The GOP extablishment says Trump is hurting the GOP Image. Enforcing the immigration laws? Smaller goverment? Less Debt? Less Taxes?

    • Bush vs Clinton … really?

      Click on the link below then scroll down for the Bush/Clinton doozies:

      “Bill Clinton has been a CIA asset since he was an informer for them on his anti-war buddies at Oxford in 1968.

      George Herbert Walker Bush, who helped to organize the Bay of Pigs invasion, has been CIA since at least the early 1960’s, probably the mid 1950’s. The building at CIA HQ is in fact named after GHW Bush. (Sidenote: Poppy Bush is on the record saying he can’t rememeber where he was when JFK was murdered in Dallas – in fact US Senate candidate Bush was staying in the Dallas Sheraton on 11/21/63).

      CIA Cord Meyer told GOP insider Jack Wheeler, “We recruited Bill [Clinton] the first week he was at Oxford. Bill’s been an asset of the Three Bad Words ever since.”

      “The Clintons, the Bushes, Oliver North and the CIA were all heavily involved in the CIA drug trade of Iran-Contra.”

      Sex, drugs, power, murder

      Here’s the eye opening article:

      Google: Bill & Hillary Clinton: A Life of Violating People

      Chelsea Clinton is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell, NOT Bill Clinton… 2012/ 02/ chelsea-clinton-is-biological-daughter.html

    • If you understand the treasonous club, things will make sense (as they make grand speeches about ‘restoring America’ to the sleeping sheep obsessed with ball games) they conspire against our constitution, Bill of Rights and state’s rights.

      RINOs and democrats have the same boss and agenda, they only fight about which party will have more power and perks, the videos below will explain their hatred of the Tea Party and constitutional conservatives. The constitution is a threat to their end game and it must be destroyed.

      Boehner, Ryan, McCain, Kerry, Bush(s), Clinton(s), Graham, McConnell and who RINOs and all democrats bow to:

      Check out the last 30 seconds of 2, then watch these two short videos:

      youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 1

      youtube: Obama and Rockefeller 2

      You have to watch the above two videos before you can truly appreciated this one:
      Hillary Clinton admits the CFR gives the Orders

      US citizens are now the enemy of their own federal governmnet, we let the globalists get too powerful, now they are coming for us. and they are going to use foreign troops and the UN.

      See Planet Earth’s Flag: New World Order has begun

  2. Jeb Bush is NOT a conservative. He is a pro big business Wall Street/Chamber of Commerce moderate to liberal who supports the continued invasion of the USA by those coming here “for the love”.

    • There is no such thing as “moderate”. That is a lie perpetuated by leftists who are not open about it and like to portray conservatives as if we are moving “so far right”… The truth is, if the conservatives have been “moving so far to the right” for so long… how have we not reached the edge of right yet? Our positions have remained the same throughout the course of history. However, leftists positions: abortion, gay marriage, minimum wage, welfare, executive branch “departments” (more like gestapo)…. etc, etc, etc. have changed monumentally over the last 30, 15, 5 years, to the point we have reached their edge, and it is ugly. There is no such thing as moderate, using that term only allows the lie of “so far to the right” to be perpetuated.

    • The sorority girls and fraternity boys at Townhall are doing everything in their power to trash Trump and prop up Jeb. It is disgusting what they are doing.

    • I fail to see why all the fascination with this man..
      His father was mediocre..his brother not much better
      and Jeb…well there are no words I can think
      of why he should be president.

      • I’ve always thought he has a certain mentally defective look about him, sort of a vacant porch light is on but nobody’s home look.

      • There is zero fasciation with him from the public. He is bought and paid for by the powers that be. They know he will follow their instructions just like Clinton. They work for the dark side.

  3. Jeb will never secure the border. Jeb will never hold other countries accountable for cheating on trade deals. Jeb will never reduce Federal spending.

    • John Bush will continue all current policies holding unemployment and under-employment at all time highs. He has no idea, individually, how to change direction of our economy. He will do nothing to reduce two major household costs: taxes and utilities. Can you imagine what you might save if the money Obama sent to all global warming reducing companies was paid to currently operating electricity, water, or natural gas companies to reduce your ever increasing monthly costs. I still receive billing statements asking for donations to offset costs for these services to the poor.

      • YES, BUT YOU’RE IGNORING THE FACT THAT IT’S OWED TO HIM BECAUSE HE’S A BUSH! This is the last election he’ll have to make Daddy proud.

    • Unfortunately I think you’re mostly right. Jeb is light years better than the communist morons Obama and hIllary but he doesn’t get big government as being evil.

  4. every thing about this Bush dude is wrong , dude is driving wrong way on , his way to the white house ,,,,,,,,,

  5. Questions for Jeb:
    You say that illegals will be required to learn English, pay back taxes, and pay a fine in order to become legal so how will you enforce this? If they don’t comply will they be deported?

    • Trump is garnering 46% of the vote, Bush 2 to 3%. Yet, we have been given skewed polls for him over and over showing him as frontrunner which are a crock of you know what. Never has he been frontrunner and never will he be.

  6. Bush is just another LIBERAL that is clueless as to the American public’s view regarding giving away the rights and prosperity of taxpays in this country.

  7. Know what is really funny?I’d love nothing more than to see the “110 million dollar” big donors get burned on their donations to Jeb when he hadn’t even participated in an event, nor debate. . . .Serves them right to donate so much, and get burned for millions. . . . .by trying to “pick” the candidate and ram him down our throats. . . .

    • For some of us, castor oil.I like tapioca sometimes. . . .(grin)I’d love to see the “big donors” that were throwing millions at a pac get burned for all their money if he flames out and sinks. . . .Serves them right for trying to ram a candidate down the voters’ throats. . . .

      • Think of how they got their money. Did they get it from righteous deeds. I think not. Much of the millions Jeb got came from consultant work for these large companies many of whom got money from the government.

    • The history of the Bush family is marked with many evil deeds. His grandfather Prescott helped finance Hitler. He made money on it with an industrialist named Thyssen from Germany. Google what their history is.

  8. At the Convention Nomination Vote, it’s going to come down to Bush vs Trump. How many State Delegates are going to say “We give our votes to Bush!”…I just don’t see that happening

  9. Jeb’s primary problem is that he has ZERO voter support outside of the immediate families of Chamber of Commerce members, Karl Rove and the Fox News RINOs…..ZERO.

  10. I loved hearing Trump calling the elected Washington DC politicians ‘the stupid people who run our country’

    You have to admit, he is right, along with Cruz who called McConnell a liar regarding the EX/IM bank.

    I hope Trump stays in there and keeps everyone on their toes and very nervous. He will be the thrasher that separates the wheat from the chaff.

    Trump 2016

  11. That will get JEB, what is his last name??? oh yeah BUSH another huge chunk of money from his NWO elites buddies.

    My Daddy and big brother told me it is my turn, does not matter what the people want.

  12. Democrats will vote for Hillary because the media and establishment tell them to.
    Republican will vote for Jeb because the media and the establishment tell them to.
    I’ll vote for Trump because I’m tired of fat cats telling me what to do.

    • Look into Fiorina and Jindal. . . .Now there’s a 1-2 powerhouse punch. . . .Either way – Fiorina/Jindal, Jindal/Fiorina. . . .

      • Fiorina can’t be in the pole position. She has one of the worst rating of any of the candidates. Trump’s rating is higher.

    • and if he wasn’t a “bush”. . he wouldn’t have amassed over 100 million in donations already.He’d be another Kasich or Jindal, only with unpopular positions on amnesty/illegal immigration. . . .

      • As the GOP did with McCain and Romney, they continue to shove their chosen ONE down the throats of conservatives. Thus giving the election to Democrats, of which GOP faithful feel a great kinship. My suggestion to GOP faithful is reflect on what is best for the country, not the party elite. Analyze your local leadership and dump those acting like tyrants.

  13. Jeb is just as electable as Hillary “I’m a pathological liar” Clinton. They’re both regressives that will not win their respective primaries.

    • Trump’s an a**hole, Obama’s a law breaking a**hole, Clinton’s a law breaking a**hole.

      I’ll take the generic a**hole to the criminal ones any day.

  14. They believe in crony corporatism and graft – NOT free markets.
    They believe in an open border welfare state and amnesty.
    They believe in iron-fisted, centralized control over education.
    They believe in BIG, ever-expanding, intrusive government and abhor federalism.
    Most of all, they despise constitutional conservatives.
    …The Bushes & The Clintons.

  15. Bush is no more presidential material than is Hillary or Sanders. If the GOP forces Jeb on the American people we will see a Democrat take office.

  16. FTA:

    “advocating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants considered by many to be equivalent to amnesty”

    Jeb Bush is for open borders and common core. Both of these are anathema to rank and file Republicans. If Jeb was a former Republican governor of Florida but his last name was Smith, okay, Jeb Smith, he would have been in the early debate. Because of his stance of amnesty for the illegals and promotion of the common core abomination, Jeb Bush will not win a single primary and if there was anyone who would be a candidate to switch parties and run as a democrat after Hillary is forced to withdraw, it is Jeb, not Donald Trump.

  17. The US should send Obama to Puerto Rico, and make him ruler of Puerto Rico.

    Then Jeb and Obama can cut treaties together and be given peace prizes and stuff.

  18. I support statehood for Puerto Rico if they want it. The last time they voted, didn’t they decline statehood? At any rate, I may support that, but I do not support Jeb Bush.

  19. We don’t need another bush. Especially Jeb. Besides the fact that he wanst to nationalize the education system he just is not a strong leader which is needed right now. ENOUGH OF THE CLINTON”D AND BUSHE’S WE NEED A Carly, Trump or a Dr. Carson. Politicians have changed nothing except for the progressives led by the President who are effectively destroying our country.

  20. If you want your Corrupt Big Government, you can keep your Corrupt Big Government.

    Vote the RINO Ticket, 2016!

  21. So Jeb is going to guarantee the election of two democratic senators forever? He is finished in my opinion.

  22. If people’s first language is spanish, Bush is on their side, if they speak conservative, Bush will spit at them, as he has since he announced he is running for president!
    This conservative will never vote again for a RINO like I did for McCain and Romney!
    Nothing Bush can say or do can get me to vote for him, and I will do what I can to defeat the Rinos’s choice!

    • I’ll write someone in.
      Maybe if enough disaffected republicans, democrats, and independents write in Trump this country can get somewhere.

  23. The Republicans we sent to take over the House and Senate in 2014 can’t even stop payments to the Baby Butchers! It’s like they’re not even there! Where is the “Representative Government”? Jeb would continue to keep us disenfranchised…..

  24. Look – it’s time to “dump Trump” to the trump people out there.Ask yourselves this question:Does anyone really think that Bill Clinton calls someone and encourages them to get in the race to deny his wife the white house?Use your common sense people. . . .Do any of you Trump people really think this won’t be the center piece of an HRC campaign against him?He retweets a bimbo comment. .then the blood from her eyes comment. . . he keeps making MK’s point for her.And he made a comment about Bush’s wife?Jeezuz people. . .wake up. . . .Basic math – 1/2 the voters in the nation are women. You’ll never get the liberal female vote. So how do you win, when you anger 1/2 of the 1/4 of the women that are remaining on the right, hmmm?You can’t get there on just the couch-farting/wife-beater tshirt crowd people. . . .

    • Sorry, stereotypes can let you down. The crude insults may make you feel better about yourself by inventing people that you can feel superior to, but everyone sees right through that. Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for doing what got David Petraeus convicted of a crime. She abandoned our allies in Ukraine. The Russian Reset has resulted in the California coast now being patrolled from only 40 miles offshore by Russian bombers carrying hydrogen bombs. She took a $30,000,000.00 bribe to fork over our uranium to those very same Russians. She ducked snipers in Bosnia, right. She is a serial liar. She is likely to be indicted. She waged unrelenting war on the women Bill Clinton sexually assaulted and those women are standing in line to tell their stories. The Republicans could run Charley Sheen and beat Hillary Clinton.

  25. You know what we call someone who supports a bailout and statehood for Puerto Rico? A #cuckservative

  26. Not very surprising that Bush would be supporting Puerto Rico on a bankruptcy bailout. After all it was Jeb who was on the board of Lehman Brothers when it went belly up in 2008, sparking the financial crisis and then on the board of Barclay’s, the bank that bought up Lehman Brothers assets. It was funny the other night that Megyn Kelly asked Trump about the bankruptcies in his past but not word one to Bush about the bankruptcies in his past which were far more devastating to the country as a whole.

  27. Two weeks ago Puerto Rico began defaulting on its 72 Billion party debt.
    It is unfathomable that Jeb would continue to support something already unpopular, and dig in deeper and say that we should admit a bankrupt nation, or another California, and then pay off their debts!
    Holy FREAKING Crap City! I mean, I’m not even pissed, but just a completely soberly and logically, like WOW. Just wow.

  28. I’d bet more than 50% of the “pollee’s” have no clue about Puerto Rico, its history and relation to the U.S. Bush is an idiot but the Puerto Rican question means nothing to anyone other than the super well informed.

  29. While Democrats pander to the illegal Latinos to the tune of millions of dollars, social and community organization and political favors our territory in Puerto Rico languishes in debt and suffers from the same problems the rest of the USA has-no jobs.
    Democrats will offer a useless bailout using tax dollars and create resentment in the rest of the struggling America instead of offering real solutions based on growth, jobs, family and pride.

    As for the GOP Establishment are they any better? The only reason they want another Bush is because his wife is Mexican and in their shallow minds they think this will equal votes. They are fools. Illegals are like sheep, they will vote for whoever throws them the most fodder and the Democrats know this. Puerto Ricans have much more pride then that but anyone struggling will reach for something free but it comes with a price which black Citizens in their Dem city ghettos are only now realizing.

        • They own everybody and everything thru toxic currency. That is how they take your property anytime they want. But, there is one man teaching, for free how to put them back underneath man. People are learning and having great success but we need more and in large numbers. google Karl Lentz

          • Ever notice how your small town banks have dried up and everything consolidated into the big banks?
            All the Western countries are doing this and we have seen the world bank/IMF growing larger. When all our debt bubbles burst who will step in?
            Internationalism by intentionally destroying capitalism.

          • Oh yes. When you wake up you can see everything they do. They dumb everybody down with public education. Go to the link I posted and listen to a man named Mark from Detroit. He has great success in Detroit with the stuff he learns from Karl Lentz.

          • That pretty much describes them all.
            no politician will get deep into the specifics of their plan this early and let their competitors or the Dems pick it apart for a year.

        • His narcissistic comments, nasty female comments, and the fact clinton called him an “encouraged” him to get involved.Does anyone really think that Bill Clinton calls someone and encourages them to get in the race to deny his wife the white house?He’s nasty enough, he’ll step on his d&&&ck in the general and hand HRC the keys to the White House. Like encouraging a pyromaniac to work at a gas station. Eventually, you know what is going to happen.

        • With 16 people in the race, the polls are meaningless. Trump has very narrow appeal and he’s pretty much maxed that out. The man is an oaf and has the bulk of the ‘protest vote’ merely because he’s brash and impolitic. If any of his ‘supporters’ actually paid attention to his historical positions on real issues they would recognize him for the liberal he is.

  30. At this point, it must be asked, does he have a chance at the nom?
    My opinion, no.
    So what about the 100+ million he’s raised?
    That’s the interesting question for me. Who would he throw his support to if he can’t get above 8%?

  31. We have had 2 Bushes in the hand, and both gave us the Bird.
    Time to let the 3rd Bush just fly away. He is not a RINO, Jeb Bush is a Republicrat
    Read My lips, no new immigration, Oh yea, forgot, No new illegal immigration from Poland.. Or some such. lie. Besides being a politician he is a Bush. Read my lips.

    Under no circumstances will I vote for a Bush, no matter what. If the Republicans best is another Bush, it is time to let it die and a Part come out of the ashes of the Republican party.

    • When he talks i can see his slight movements, facial expressions and such and it reminds me of GWB. I dont hate GWB, but its time to end dynasties.

      • GWB, for all his faults, was better than Algore or John Kerry. But this country does not need political dynasties. We should eschew Bushes for the same reason we should eschew Kennedys and Clintons.

  32. Jeb is the male version of Hillary. Not a dimes difference between the two……other than Hillary being more manly.

  33. Senor Heb sucks at so many levels. Maybe he should move to Mexico as an illegal and get some of that sweet, sweet Mestizo loving?

  34. I want to be a debate moderator for just one question and ask Jeb, “We’ve endured through two failed Bush family presidencies. What are YOU doing here?”

  35. Jeb is another in the line of “big government” politicians. The United States does not revolve around the DC Beltway. The federal government is too big, and states need to reassert their sovereignty.

  36. He supports Common Core, and believes illegals crossing the border together is “an act of love”.

    …and he is supposed to be the “smart Bush”?

    No RINOs, and no more money from me to the RNC as long as they try to shove them on us as our only choice.

    • Like the Dems they are licking their lips at all these new potential voters while the Citizens are lied to and bled dry as the politicians “spread our wealth”

  37. Donald just needs to buy the Republican Party, fire the Board of Directors and start a process of training Conservative leaders. Sort of an Apprenticeship program.

  38. GW’S approval went from 90% to 25% ……….I know why……but let me say……do you want his brother jeb as president

    ? …………TRUMP 2016

  39. It is an abomination for Jeb Bush to even be running. Why hasn’t the bought and paid for media brought up the conversation that the public by large numbers does not want another Bush in the WH. It appears with the debates they have been told to throw the election to Bush. Their attacks and lies about Trump are unjustified. Our country is a dictatorship if the people in this country no longer have the right to choose their elected officials.

  40. Trump can start a new party and probably make

    BILLIONS MORE ………………………………………..TRUMP 2016

  41. Bolsheviks and Mensheviks is the choice that we have. Both are working toward the same goal, except the Bolshecrats are willing to use more unscrupulous means to implement the agenda sooner, while Menshecans tend to be OK with a more gradual, less violent implementation.

  42. But in the debate we learned that Jeb had to earn that name. What was he called before that? My guess was “The limp noodle”. Then the little elves came out of the ground and awarded him the new name “Jeb” and suddenly he was a real boy!

  43. Jeb Bush is another fake conservative. Having Jeb as POTUS would be the same or worse than Obama. Viva Bush..!

    • It would be worse than Obama.I had “hopes” that Obama would be different, but he is what he is, a socialist. . . .so fine. He is a democrat – no surprise. . . .Jeb? It would be “our own” kicking us in the teeth. . .and they really don’t stand for us. . . .So lets not make the mistake and go for Fiorina, or Carson, or Jindal. . . . .anyone but Bush (or Trump).

      • Fiorina is in the pocket of Israel. Go listen to her recent interviews. That is why they are pushing her so hard right now. She has sold America out already.

      • While I was never a fan of Trump – you have to admit we’ve heard more truth from him in a dew short weeks than we have our elected officials in years. And I prefer his unvarnished, brash words over B S any day.

  44. The BUSH Family COUNTS the votes, therefore, Jeb WINS. In fact, Jeb will be our next President. Every BILLIONAIRE (other than Donald) already knows this.

  45. What Bush will bring to the table is what we got in two off year elections that were landslides the result being that republicans completely ignored the voice of America and continued to surrender any and all power to the liberal democrats. Boehner and Mitch bent completely over, ignored the power of the purse and stopped talking abut repeal after forty something repeal votes which were a smoke screen. If we vote Trump it is because we hate those that ignore us and lie to us.

    • Your team will never elect Trump. I swear, you guys are worse than Fox. Bush is your man. You all know it. Get in line. NOW!

      • Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI for doing what got David Petraeus convicted of a crime. She abandoned our allies in Ukraine. The Russian Reset has resulted in the California coast now being patrolled from only 40 miles offshore by Russian bombers carrying hydrogen bombs. She took a $30,000,000.00 bribe to fork over our uranium to those very same Russians. She ducked snipers in Bosnia, right. She is a serial liar. She is likely to be indicted. She waged unrelenting war on the women Bill Clinton sexually assaulted and those women are standing in line to tell their stories. The Republicans could run Charley Sheen and beat Hillary Clinton.

  46. Fox lost their legitimacy with the American people when they didn’t dissassociate themsevles from Karl Rove and his ilk after the last fiasco.

  47. Old GHW Bu$h already mapping the next false flag event with Iran for when Jeb takes office. DEATH WAR TORTURE POVERTY POLLUTION I$rael, $audi Arabia, German$, Brit$ are all in. NWO has to take USA down first. Citizen$ United is the tool. ENJOY.

  48. This is an interesting turn of phrase “these are the forms in which most of Puerto Rico’s $72 billion in debt to the U.S.”.

    The debt is owed to private investors not to the US.

    • Which makes it even more infuriating that Bush would support a bankruptcy for a group of people. . . .which would then hammer small investors (because their retirement accounts are in funds managed by big companies). . . .

    • AMERICAN investors … or does that matter to you? Not to mention 20% of it’s debt is in US bonds. It WILL hurt all taxpayers/investors

      • Trump has already said when he first announced his candidacy that either another Bush presidency or Hillary would be a disaster for this country.

      • I am sick of this BS. He gives money to both DEMONrats and GOP. You keep just referring to the Clintons. We the people aren’t as stupid as Gruber thinks we are.

    • Here is why Trump is doing so well. The
      American people do not view the tsunami of humanity swarming across our
      southern border and helping themselves to all of our stuff as a wave of
      migration. We view it as an invasion. We are sick and tired of it. And we are
      sick and tired of being called names because we are sick and tired of it. Then,
      out of the clear blue sky comes Trump and says out loud and without a word of
      apology, and without taking a step backward, what all of us feel.

      Thus he has separated himself from the
      spineless half-stepping jellyfish that want our votes. We did not appreciate
      John McCain referring to us as ‘crazies’ one little bit. We are American
      citizens and if he wants to treat us with that kind of contempt, he is the one
      that is crazy. It’s not that difficult to understand. Here is what we want. We
      want the border sealed. We want all of the illegal aliens deported. Here’s what
      we don’t want. We don’t want to be called racists by people who refer to us as
      gringos or effete nitwits who live in gated neighborhoods.

      We don’t want any excuses about how hard it would be. Tough luck. We just sent a space ship 3 billion miles over almost a decade and it ended up right where it was supposed to and worked perfectly: we can build a wall. We can detect and
      track ICBM’d flying at us at 10,000miles an hour. We can detect and track
      Mexicans walking 3 miles an hour and we can send the illegals a couple of hundred
      miles south and so no, we are not interested in any excuses.

      If Trump sticks to his guns about this issue he will win the nomination and the general election in a walkaway.

      • I hope he does win but I thought from the start that he’s in there to take Bush out. He is against another Bush running along with millions of other people. When Bush ends his ridiculous attempt at running, Trump will back out and throw his support to Cruz or someone else in the R party.

        • Well, anything is possible but nothing he has ever done suggests that. If he sticks to his guns on the border he will win the nomination and the election. This is a visceral issue for democrats as well as Republicans even if they won’t say it out loud. He will bring back all of the Reagan democrats and Hillary or whoever gets the demo nomination will be stuck with Obama’s queers and greenies.

          • I hope you are right. He could get a wide range of supporters/voters in ’16 and that is why the media and establishment are running scared right now.

          • They are terrified. The have swallowed the amnesty poison and they are slowly dying from it and have no antidote.

  49. Is Jeb’s stance on Puerto Rico the main reason he polls at 6%…consistently in bottom 2-3 of who people would vote for?

    If you support Jeb, please reply. Many of us are searching in vain to find his mysterious supporters, online or in person…the people who make up that 6%. Would love to hear from you.

  50. If any one candidate has earned the moniker of RINO it’s Jeb Bush. Of course there’s also Chris Christie and Lindsey Graham that are in competition with him for the title of RINO King.

      • You were right on all but Trump. If it hadn’t have been for Trump the border issue wouldn’t even be mentioned. Trump owns the issue most important to regular every day Republicans and Reagan democrats and if he sticks to his guns on it he will be the nominee and the next President and it won’t be close.

        Mister Trump, Build that Wall!

      • Yes! Kasich was the other one (Boehner being the other) who played golf with Obama. Boehner totally sold out since and even Kasich fell in line and expanded Medicare to go ahead with Obamacare after that. He and Boehner are both sellouts.

    • With Hillary Clinton’s disastrous record everywhere she’s been the Republicans should have been able to run Charley Sheen and beaten Hillary Clinton. Jeb Bush is the only candidate despised by the rank and file of both parties. What were they thinking?

      • They weren’t.They were thinking “status quo, nothing changes for us.”I hope the big donors who have donated over 100 million so far to Bush’s super pac get burned.That’s what they get for trying to shove a candidate down our throats.No Jeb, No Trump. . . no more.Go Fiorina, Jindal, Carson. . . .anyone but Jeb and Trump!

        • It was hubis pure and simple. Greek playwrights knew about it 2500 years ago. Their contempt for regular Republicans shown by thinking they could shove a guy down our throats is very revealing. Who do they think they are, Barack Obama?

  51. Giving two Senate seats and a few more electoral votes to what would surely be race fanatic radical leftists (Luis Gutierrez) continues the policy of national suicide effected by open borders. Why Bush would go along with this is a mystery; is he in the Skull and Bones too?

    There is a big bloc of the “Hispanic vote” that is race nationalist to it’s core and has an inferiority complex about whites and America. It relieves it’s complex by dragging down the US to the 3rd World level. Look at any area as it tips to white minority status and see for yourself (first sign is the gang “tagging” all over the place, see here for the bankrupt SoCal city San Bernardino)

    or just search youtube for that city, there are other views–note no national news is showing this

    It’s crazy for the Republicans to chase after a bloc that basically despises whites anyway. There are Hispanics who are not happy about this country turning 3rd World either, you can see the middle class ones in California fleeing the Mexican ‘hoods in search of the whitest neighborhood they can find before their own kids get sucked into the gangstyle (again look for the tagging near or even ON the school sites).

    The winning strategy for the Republicans on this issue is simple; speak directly to this community and say:

    For the US-born: do you really want uncontrolled immigration like the Democrats want? Don’t your kids need to look for jobs too? Don’t you see what crime is like in Mexico and down south?

    For the foreign-born: do you really want to turn the US into what you ran away from?

    I would like to see what would happen if Trump laid this one on in the next debate–just to watch Jake Tapper’s head explode. The media elite are well aware what a scam is being pulled on the Republican fools, the longer this drags on with no resolution the faster they get their One Party Rule. While they blubber about “comprehensive” blah blah blah. What is keeping them from enforcing the border (and more importantly, INTERNAL security) now?

        • I live in San Diego and I don’t appreciate the insult although I can see why you made it. San Diego is Republican territory. 1/4 of the US Navy is anchored here. The SEAL headquarters is here. Camp Pendleton Marine Base home of the mighty 1st Marine Expeditionary Force is here. Darryl Issa and Duncan Hunter are here. So, be careful, stereotypes can let you down.

          • The corporation posing as our government that owns the military has their bases all over our country as well as their dumb down soldiers on their payroll. They need them in place for when they decide to bring down their federal reserve debt note slave system down on us and crash their economy. We as Americans are still under their bankruptcy as slaves.

          • The men and women who serve in the Armed Forces are no one’s puppets. They are our defenders and you wouldn’t have the freedom to express your idiot ideas if it wasn’t for them. Tell you what. Come to San Diego and I will be happy to introduce you to a SEAL or Marine and you can explain your theories in person.

  52. JEB is a big government idiot like is daddy and his brother. Next to Obama and Carter they were the worst Presidents of all time. Just plain liberal dumb @zzez. Jeb is worst of all. He really should move to Mexico and run for office.

      • He expresses compassion for the illegals but in so doing he lines his pockets with Chamber of Commerce money. You define it as you like, I call him a lying basta__d , just like his daddy and his brother.

      • You got that right. Almost everybody in Washington D.C. are lying scumbags that are in it to line their own pockets. From the President to the Janitors, lying scumbags.

  53. Jeb Bush belongs to the Boehner/McConnell Romney/Christie/Huntsman/Kasich wing of the Republican party. They operate on an assumption that’s been proved false twice in a row now: that only a “moderate” like McCain or Romney can win in the general election.

    Jeb’s position on immigration is NOT that he favors LEGAL imm9igration. Jeb’s position on immigration is the same as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton except for one thing: Obama and Hillary know that their position on unlimited illegal immigration will bring people into the country who will vote Democrat, Jeb thinks that if he favors illegal immigration that the illegals will vote Republican.

    Jeb bush is either totally corrupt or unbelievably stupid.

  54. Little Jebby’s position on Puerto Rico disqualifies him for the nomination. Bye bye, Little Jebby.

  55. Puerto Rico doesn’t want to be a State. They now have the best of worlds, American citizenship without the taxation.

  56. Jeb/Hillary two sides of the same wooden nickel. Jeb’s new strategist has done well in training him to sound like a conservative.

  57. This pandering puke Jeb makes me sick – I’m legitimately “half Hispanic,” he fakes it – and I’m SICK AND TIRED of Mexico and other Latin countries p*issing al over us and invading my country. ENOUGH

  58. I worked an lived in San Juan from 1964 through 1967. I’ve kept abreast of events in Puerto Rico, and visited several times. The majority of the people have voted consistently in referendums over the years to retain the current status, rejecting statehood and independence. While English is prevalent in the San Juan metropolitan area (most are bilingual), the people are decidedly, and proudly, of Hispanic culture. It’s one of the primary reasons statehood is rejected. Given the current financial crisis, many may jump at statehood as a quick solution. It would be a decision based on all the wrong reasons. Jeb Bush is wrong about his position on statehood for Puerto Rico.

  59. Why don’t we vote for Trump and get over it, another year of campaigning is a waste of time and brings more aggravation and stupidities to the candidates.

  60. Jeb apparently doesn’t understand that as a state, PR would get 2 Democrat Senators.
    He must be dumber than even his brother was.

  61. jeb bush, another bleeding heart liberal; will add on more debt than even his compassionate brudder did. both will or have already sold out the USA to the saudis and islamic terrorists. They both lied about being Christians and sold the country out to the saudis

  62. Trump needs to expand on his “Wall With A Big Door” Immigration approach. Bush-Hillary-Sanders all approve of Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration, which continues to result in the deaths of Americans. Trump brought this issue to the forefront and even Liberals, who attacked Trump for saying it, are now acknowledging the problem. Trump can dominate all candidates if he outlines a coherent plan…

  63. Jeb doesn’t understand the average American’s anxiety level toward people who enter and leave our country without paying dues.

  64. I attended an event last week where Rafael Cruz spoke. After his speech, he was asked about the possibility of a father and son Cruz-Cruz ticket. His response: “I think we have had enough political dynasties.”

    Jeb’s biggest hindrance is that he is third in line behind his brother and father.

  65. After 18 trillion debt who’s counting? come on Puerto Rico help pile it on everything gonna be great get on the Greek Express!

  66. Puerto Rico is a lose – lose situation no matter what. The government’s constant overspending, corruption, and poor management has created the financial problems it has. As usual, it wants the US to bail it out by allowing it to declare bankruptcy. Fraud is rampant, with the underground economy surpassing the government’s claimed economy numbers.

    An example of another type of fraud is some months ago, I read where one of the pharmacy companies closed down. Many of the employees filed for Social Security Disability because they could not speak English well enough to get another job. Puerto Rico’s official language is Spanish, as a law was passed while Hernandez Colon was governor. Most people on the Island don’t want to learn or speak English because of this.

    Many from the Island have addresses in the States so they can claim to be unemployed in the US while living in Puerto Rico, and working off the clock.

    Any politician, other then democRATS, that supports what is going on in Puerto Rico, supports fraud against the US and criminal activity.

    • As many funds here in the states have PR Municipal Bonds in their portfolios, if they could go bankrupt, who do you think would take it in the back side?

  67. Outside of Trump, the entire Republican party is made up of Cuckservatives who take all their commands from the Chamber of Commerce. For way too long working and middle class whites have ridden in the back of the GOP clown bus. No longer. Trump is leading a rebellion; we are busting off the Cuckservative reservation and the traditional GOP clowns will have no choice but join the Democratic party (once they ritually debase themselves for any prior racists sins).

    • Here’s a dream. Trump president. Cruz Senate Majority Leader. Gowdy Speaker of the House. Revolution complete. Up to the people to make it happen.

  68. Come on, Jebby the Wimp is finished.
    The USA needs an alpha male who is in control of everything and thereby can lead the USA to the zenith, not a pansy who will put the nation at the nadir of everything

  69. Hillary Benghazi Rodham Clinton is more manly than Jebby Boy and his fellow sissies.
    Only the Donald J. Trump can put her in her proper place during the one on one debate.
    Although he does not biblically know her, he is aware and conversant of her dirty tricks.

  70. Jeb Bush is such a loser. I’m done holding my nose while voting for an establishment Republican just so a Republican can sit in the WH. They always lose. Dole, Romney and McCain. So conservatives gave the GOP the Senate in 2014 and the House 2010, 2012 and 2014. Than both bodies stab up in the back and selected two RINO’s to call the shots in both houses. Boehner and McConnell, the darlings of the GOP left. If I vote GOP in 2016 it must be a conservative. No more holding my nose.

  71. Please, please Donald run as a third party candidate and take all the
    crazies with you so we can have the Republican Party back.

    • Denny Hastert — let the boy out of that headlock!
      Larry Craig — don’t pull that wide stance crap on me!
      Lindsie Graham — you’re so hot when you play butch!
      No — you and the rest of your wimp wristed wussies need to get over to the Democrat Party

    • You mean the one that ran Bob Dole, McCain, or Romney? Yeah, or the one that said elect us and we will repeal Obama care and then didn’t? Yeah, you can keep that to yourself, what a bunch of losers.

  72. Poor little Jebbie Bush! It looked like he had to get his Mommy to comb his hair for him before she took him to the stage for the debate….bless his heart. I can’t believe he had to get her permission to run for President!

  73. It’s just a safe bet to say NO to RINO’s. Nobody want’s the third Shrub for the RNC hedgerow, America wants a conservative who isn’t afraid to say it. No Bonehead McLames or Timid Mittens Romney. People like Trump because he says it like it is, not like these lying weasels the RNC/DNC are peddling.

  74. No more lying bushes or clintions ever! They should be in jail for all the crimes they have committed against the American people. They, the MSM and elite all hate Donald Trump because he won’t go along to get along. Trump has my support. We may even hear about rigged elections from him too. The more he exposes all theses bought and paid for shills pretending to represent the people the more he will rise in the polls.

  75. 19 Things that I trust more than RINOs:
    1. Tap water in Mexico
    2. A rattlesnake with a “pet me” sign
    3. OJ Simpson showing me his knife collection
    4. Hilary Clinton not standing by her man like Tammy Wynette
    5. Obama’s investigation into the IRS Targeting Scandal
    6. MeCHA, La Raza, and LULAC’s claims that they’re not racists
    7. Michael Jackson’s Doctor
    8. An Obama Nuclear deal with Iran
    9. Bill Clinton’s claim he never had inappropriate relationships
    10. Gas station sushi
    11. A Jimmy Carter economic plan
    12. MSNBC’s journalism credentials
    13. Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton
    14. Hilary Clinton’s investigation into Bengazi
    15. A business proposition from the Nigerian Minister of Finance
    16. A Jeffery Dahmer dinner invitation
    17. Rachel Dolezal’s claim, ex-NAACP leader, that she’s African American
    18. A guy that looks curiously like Bruce Jenner wearing a dress
    19. Janet Napolitano claiming our southern border is secure and safe

      • It is on the web, ergo in his mind he is correct (que in creepy psychic music). The only question, who planted this “push poll story?”

        • The answer from two songs.

          First the Doobie Bros

          “What a fool believes
          he sees;
          No wise man has the power to reason away
          that what seems to be, is always better than nothing

          Second, Simon and Garfunkel

          “I have squandered my resistance
          For a pocketful of mumbles,
          Such are promises
          All lies and jest
          Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
          And disregards the rest.”

          Nothing more to it than that.

  76. Jeb just needs to try and replace Hillary as the Democratic nominee. They seem to like stupid programs that rob Americans of a prosperous future.

  77. One debate does not an election make. Come on people. Why would you ever think Fox or any other media outlet was on your side? They are on their side. All of them. Watch if you want. Don’t if you don’t. It is what it is. Get over it.

  78. Let us NEVER forget about the thousands of soldiers that needlessly lost their lives in IRAQ due to a Bush telling us a big fat LIE about Irag’s,,,, IMMINENT THREAT, WMD and LINKS to AlQaeda and 911.

        • Not Most, everyone, and it was not a lie it was bad intelligence. But then again you’ve been sipping the Kool-Aid for too long to know any better right? Besides, what does any of this have to do with the current story?

          • Seriously, bad intelligence over a third world nation with our capability. Talk about BS CYA. Come on who buys that ” Sorry our Bad scenario.

          • Well, I don’t think you read the headlines, here, “Conservative Intel Poll: Jeb Bush’s Support for Puerto Rico Hurts Him in Iowa.”

            This story is about Jeb! and not George. Concentrate.

    • How come you gotta come on here and start hating on Bill Clinton and Nancy Pelosi and start calling them warmongering liars all over the place. What did Bill Clinton or Nancy Pelosi ever do to you that you’ve gotta be hating on them? Stop hating on Bill Clinton!! Stop hating on Nancy Pelosi and just MoveOn!!!!

      “”One way or the other, we are determined to deny Iraq the capacity to develop weapons of mass destruction and the missiles to deliver them. That is our bottom line.”
      –President Bill Clinton, Feb. 4, 1998

      “If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear.
      We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s weapons of mass
      destruction program.”
      –President Bill Clinton, Feb. 17, 1998

      “Saddam Hussein has been engaged in the development of weapons of mass destruction technology which is a threat to countries in the region and he has made a mockery of the weapons inspection process.”
      -Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D, CA), Dec. 16, 1998

      • Good information but let’s face it George made the final call and has ownership of it. They all have tried to pass this hot potato around, At least Jeb admits it is a problem for him.

        • Everyone has 20 20 hindsight. It was Bill Clinton’s DCI. George Tenet that produced the intelligence. Also, most intelligence agencies believed and believe to this day that it was accurate and that the 6 months we hesitated allow them to clean up and move the evidence to Syria. Also keep in mind that Gaddafi had secret nuclear program going that the invasion terrified him into revealing. Everyone can see the past clearly. The future isn’t so easy.

          Also, I was replying to this from the poster: “Bush telling us a big fat LIE about Irag’s,,,, IMMINENT THREAT, WMD” The proponents of that were Bill Clinton and his entire administration. So if Bush lied, so did they.

          • But ALL of it,, All of it was a mistake. NOTHING but a pile of castor beans was found. They said Oh I guess they moved them and then finally admitted bad infor. Did you want your son to die over that???

  79. Puerto Rico is where Jeb is going to build his political fortress?
    Well, now we know how far he will go to avoid any issues that matter.

  80. Jeb is a Bush, “he is dead to me” Of course the rest of the corrupt professional politicians. Trump is course, has language issues that offend the establishment, but that is exactly why we are going to vote for him. The rest of you leech politicians, go to hell

  81. PR should be freed of white colonialism. Give it its independence immediately. The US does no longer need an outpost in the Caribbean Sea. Nor the headache.

    • Right. We have no compelling reason to carry that basket case any longer. Cut them loose and tell them they are on their own and hasta la vista!

      • You are aware that PR came under US power at least 400 years after the Spanish arrived on the island. What is your point? The USA that is a English speaking, Northern European nation, takes over a former colony of Spain with a population that speaks Spanish with a culture and a Southern European heritage. Is that not a definition of colonialism? To the point. Why does not the USA give PR its independence like Europe did to its colonies in the 1960s, 70s, 80s?

      • Inform me as to how and why PR became a US possession? Are not the same people complaining about America’s “white colonialism” all the same who think the PR should be the 51st state?

      • Colonialism: the policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically.

        Why, when, and how did PR become a US protectorate. And for what purpose?


  83. I stopped sending money to the RNC many, many years ago. Instead, I have been sending my money to individual politicians. Most recently, I donated money to Mia Love, and she won! Yeah, I thought!!

    What is one of the first things she did when she got to Washington, D.C.? She voted to keep Boehner as leader. My money would have been better spent had I flushed it down the toilet. Mia, because of you I will not be donating any money to any politicians, even conservatives.

  84. At this point in the nation’s history the USA doesn’t need another Bush nor a Clinton in the White House. And we need to end America’s Imperialism – Free Puerto Rico, Now!

  85. The GOP wants people to believe that JEB is a beloved favorite son of Florida. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Living in Florida and having suffered through JEB as governor I can tell you that JEB is just the GOP shill candidate. Nobody I know in Florida has any respect for the two faced, closet liberal. Those who voted for him learned to regret their choice. Nobody supports his common core, immigration amnesty agenda.

    Don’t be stupid. Do not donate to the RNC or any “Republican” PAC. They will use your own money against you. Only donate directly to the candidates who support the values and issues that are important to you. Defund the RNC and the PACs and be done with shill candidates.

  86. Gee, what a surprise.

    Jeb never met a a brown third world animal he didn’t want to support with taxpayer money.

    If this piece of garbage neocon would somehow get the nomination there are about six republicans who will vote for him. The rest of us will stay home like we did for McCain.

    Trump 2016!

  87. Jeb’s problems is that he is a Bush, he is a RINO, he is pro big government, he is more like Hillary than Cruz, he bashed conservatives, he is trying to win without conservatives and he loved Obama’s open borders.

    Puerto Rico is tiny compared with Jeb just being Jeb.

    The majority hates Jeb.

  88. It’s “RINO,Inc.” (RNC Establishment) why Trump is rising. He resonates because he validates what many think/feel about a policy or person.

    ¡JEB! is just more of the same, just a slightly slower slide down the bowl…


  89. Jeb you’re a traitor to our nation wanting millions of more 3rd World Immigrants to cross our borders when almost half of America isn’t working. Have you seen our Labor Force Participation Rate lately you sick fool?

    • He might be half the woman she is though… he and McConnell could put on a MooMoo, wig, earrings and lipstick and they would look so naturally transgendered.

  90. Why doesn’t Jeb Bush just run for President of Mexico. He would get a lot more respect from the American people if he did. Plus, the Mexican people need an American/Mexican president. I would vote for him to be President of Mexico.

  91. why in the f k would ANY one support statehood for peurto rico? TWO more libturd senators and a whole mess of libturds in the house! i can’t take this fraud GO AWAY already you freakin tool

  92. I suppose everyone knows who Cesar Chavez is. What people don’t know is his view on illegals. He viewed them with contempt and saw them as a tool used to drive down the wages of American farm laborers. I cannot use the term he used because the mod ‘bot would block the comment from posting so I will let you see for yourselves. Here is Cesar Chavez and his view of illegal aliens:

  93. Puerto Ricans needs to get off the rum and learn how to do basic math. Oh yeah we need another Bush after all the other 2 were so mediocre to disastrous yeah we need another Bush real bad like we need a outbreak of Ebola.

  94. Why is it we give 72 billion dollars to this country? This is our social security budget..why are we giving these countries our tax dollars?

  95. You’d think the GOP would learn from the fact calling McConnell a liar or calling for the ouster of Boehner gets candidates more respect from voters. No.

    • McConnell is a liar, so that’s why Cruz called him a liar. But before he could speak, he had to take the knife out of his back Mitch had stuck in there. John Boehner will get primaried out. They won’t need to replace him. Just as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor…oh wait..

  96. Heck Bush, as an act of love, why not make all countries in Mexico and Central America new American states ?? !!

    Afterall, the USA has already gotten more than 30% of all of Mexico’s people and 20% of El Salavdor’s people.

    If we made all these countries part of the USA, then they would not have to invade us illegally!

    An Act of Love. LOL!

  97. I do NOT understand why this guy is being pushed on us. NOONE that is a conservative wants anything to do with this guy. Nominating him is the BEST way to lose the election unless that is what they want?

  98. Why is Jeb running as a Republican? I can’t figure it out! He’s a RINO! The only groups that want Jeb is the Chamber of Commerce and big business because he’s going to give them cheap labor by flooding the market with tens of millions of people from Mexico and South America. Jeb, like Obama, is out to destroy the middle class. Only they have different reasons for doing it.

    • Trump may be just a showman, but I remember another “actor” who became president and he turned out pretty good.

  99. I’m so glad I left the Republican Party. President “Everyone Deserves a Home” Bush proved me right. Then “Ban the Dollar Bill” McCain and his pharmacy robbing wife confirmed it. Universal Healthcare Mitt just made me scratch my head in disbelief…

  100. Just like Obama prefer to love the Mexicans more than Americans, Jeb Bush also loves the Puerto Ricans more than he loves Americans.

  101. Let me guess…we are still borrowing money to Puerto Rico aren’t we?

    We need the financials dealings of this country put into a conservatorship. We have proven we are not capable if managing our finances..not in the slightest.

  102. If Bush, Rubio or Da Huckster git da nomination, I’d vote Trump 3rd Party even though he is a HildeBeast/Bankster Puppet!

  103. It’s not about race, ethnic groups or religion . . . it’s about the future for our children and our children’s children.

    Socialist governments in Europe including the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Sweden are faced with increased immigration and out of control debt. Sound familiar. There solution . . .

    August 10th “The Dutch government in a nationally televised address announced “The welfare state of the 20th century is gone. In its place a “participation society” is emerging, in which people must take responsibility for their own future and create their own social and financial safety nets, with less help from the national government.”

  104. Not only is Jeb! wrong on amnesty (I love how he tries, and fails, to make a distinction between amnesty and “legal status”), but he has all the charisma of a damp dish rag.

    We need a Conservative who can inspire people.

    Jeb! fails on both counts…

  105. Not that his positions on these issues are great (they are not) but I’m guessing that push-polling must be legal and accepted in Iowa, correct?

  106. An ‘act of love Jeb’? How about a knife in the back.

    “Let’s look at a few numbers. You haven’t seen them in the New York Times, Atlanta Constitution, or the Miami Herald, nor have they been featured on NBC Nightly news or CNN. So, the average American is blissfully unaware of them.

    Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens. In New York it was 34% and Arizona 17.8%.

    During those years, criminal aliens accounted for 38% of all murder convictions in the five states of California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York, while illegal aliens constitute only 5.6% of the total population in those states.That 38% represents 7,085 murders out of the total of 18,643.

    That 5.6% figure for the average illegal alien population in those five states comes from US Census estimates. We know the real number is double that official estimate. Yet, even if it is 11%, it is still shameful that the percentage of murders by criminal aliens is more than triple the illegal population in those states.

    Those astounding numbers were compiled by the Government Accountability”
    Office (GAO) using official Department of Justice data on criminal aliens in
    the nation’s correctional system. The numbers were the basis for a presentation
    at a recent New Hampshire conference sponsored by the highly respected Center
    for Security Policy.

  107. I have a question. How many m i les of fencing do we have around all of our prisons total? How many around DC buildings?

    Why is it we can keep people in or out there but we cant on our border?

  108. Every single time I go into Aldi’s the 2 cashiers start talking to each other in Spanish while ringing up my order. I just keep my mouth shut because I’d probably get charged with a hate crime if I said anything. Our country has been taken over because of traitors like Jeb!!!!

  109. I love the American people because they are priceless, and nothing like
    the thrill freak media at all. “Trump’s support increased by 7 points, to 32 percent,
    according to the latest Morning Consult tracking poll.”

    • Hey, Hillary Clinton took a $3,000,000.00 bribe to fork over our uranium to the Russians. And you’ve got the nerve to call Republicans freaks. Wow!

  110. The 3rd World immigrants who replaced all of the American workers in our factory in the 1990’s are worried they’re about to get replaced with even poorer immigrants if Jeb has his way.

  111. So happy for Donald and happy for our Country, I feel so good about him being President, we just may make it through all the damage inflicted by Obama, By the way where is that wife of his, last I heard she was in some distant country spending our money

    • We need to get Trump to pen and phone some laws that if while in office you squander our money you need to pay us back.

  112. It is hard to get excited for any Republican after getting shafted by Boehner and McConnell. What was the point of winning the House and Senate? To capitulate to Obama’s destruction of America.

    • I for one will not ever give up. Never. No illegals. Trump wll clean this mess up or ,maybe the American People will finally have to get up and do it.

  113. The entire Bush family going back to George H W Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, have been “country club” Republicans. George H W Bush was the first President to talk about a global governance.

    George W Bush was able to springboard himself from Governor of Texas, acting like a good old boy, with his platform of “compassionate conservatism”. We learned what that meant too late — once we had no child left behind and barely defeated amnesty for millions. His tax plan ended up making most people exempt from Federal tax — the same people that now rail about income inequality and “getting their fair share”. Their “fair share” was not having to pay tax any more but instead they want everyone else’s share too.

    John Ellis Bush – Jeb! – Bush was a decent governor of Florida but that was a long time ago – before the economy melted down. During the debate, he said that he was not for government in education; however, he supported his brother’s no child left behind policies which most certainly was the federal government all over the education system. He is now for Common Core which is a curriculum dreamed up by the same people at Princeton University that run the SATs and AP (advanced placement) programs. If you’ve been following the news lately, you’ll be aware that there is current controversy over the leftward/social justice slant in the AP History curriculum — so sounds like Common Core will start that leftward slant from pre-K on up.

    Jeb Bush happily says we should welcome everyone to our country because “they love their families”. Does he ever think about the millions of families of current citizens of the United States and how much we love our children too and want to provide for them rather than lose our jobs to illegal immigrants?

  114. Live next door to 20 Mexicans with their septic system overflowing and you’ll realize just how close we are to becoming a certified 3rd World Country.

  115. Jeb and Rand are the only two that I will not vote for. I will either no vote or third party vote, have never done that in the past. The attack on Trump by Fox (with the help of Magyn and her good friend, Wesserman-Schultz AND the Republican party seems, that we are back to the “cigar smoke filled, back rooms of the same old losers”. Priebus, (Mr. Excitement, follow him into a vacant room and you find no one there), Rove, McConnell, Boehner, the Bush machine, and all the other Republican leadership have trashed the Tea Party, Christians, Conservatives and now Trump backers. What/who do they have left. If Trump decides to run third party and I do not think that he ever was going to do that, all he asked of the Republican Party was to treat him like any other candidate. He asked for no money from them just be fair with him as with the other. If he does go off party these losers will be the reason. But that will be all right with them as long as they can hold on to their jobs!!

  116. Bush has no chance in Iowa or any other states in the Midwest for the simple reason that our sons disproportionately served in that worthless, cooked up war in Iraq. Virtually all of us personally know young men who came home dead or wounded just because the Jewish Lobby in America has infiltrated our government and manipulated it for the benefit of Israel. Bush offers no improvement in these matters, only more of the same.

    • It’s all about control by the New World Order free masonic cult that is hell bent on enslaving the world with their banks and fiat currency.

  117. No more Bushes tired of this Rino’s or anyone in government who think they know what’s best for us. If Jeb gets the nomination I will not vote I prefer to know what I am getting not a two faced lying Rino, at least I know what the demoncrats stand for they make no bones about it.

  118. Hillary vs. Jeb? C’mon. I can hear the press calling it a contest between two Dynasties of Dinosaurs. Hillary’s unelectable, even with the massive voter fraud counted on by the Dems. And the nation has terminal Bush Fatigue. The presidency was hardly intended by the Founders to be an entitlement granted to professional pols. They’d be utterly aghast could they witness this present revolting spectacle featuring a Contest of Mediocrities, and in the case of Hillary, a criminal mediocrity. Plus, with one more face-lift Hill’s navel will be between her collar-bones.

  119. Jeb, when you don’t win, thank your brother, thank your father, thank Boehner and thank McConnell. Oh and give McCain and Grahamm a big smootch too. They also helped you flop.

  120. The reason Puerto Rico is still a US possession is because Cuba went commie in 1960. Otherwise Puerto Rico would be an independent country now, as it should be.

    Democrats and of course The Bush Family want to make PC the 51st state, which would give the US Senate two more permanent liberal democratic senators and 8 or 9 liberal members of the House of Representatives.

    Conservatives everywhere in the US should make it a priority never to give Statehood to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico deserves Nationhood. It would be the third or fourth largest independent country in the carribbean. There are about a dozen independent nations in the Carribbean, some with less than 30,000 people and only a few dozen square miles of land.

    To hold onto Puerto Rico because of Castro in Cuba is both insane and idiotic, like England would have been if it had tried to hang onto Jamaica

  121. I don’t think voters really care all that much about Puerto Rico. The poll probably had to inform those polled about the topic, which would have given the pollster a lot of control over the results based on how they described it. I highly doubt that Jeb’s stance on Puerto Rico is going to have a significant impact on his run.

    • Rubio and his wife and Christie and his wife recently spent a weekend with the Romneys.

      You lie down with RINOs, you wake up with those little birds that eat ticks.

  122. Many years ago Newt Gingrich came out in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico. He wisely abandoned that one very quickly. Nobody supports this idea including Puerto Ricans or other Latinos. Remember, they are all independent nations. They don’t all think alike.

      • Right you are, it cannot be. Third Law of the Mind: The Law of Non-Contradiction:

        A thing cannot be itself and not itself at the same time and in the same way.

      • You’re right. They only want to tell you what you can and can’t put into your own body. Defy them and the “state” throws you in prison. They’re more like Muslims who stick a sword or gun in your face to force you not to sin.

  123. Closed minded Anglophiles need to wake up and realize that the vast majority of Hispanics are hard working honest, family oriented people. They have nothing in common with the most loyal part of the Democratic base. The Bush brothers could have established Hispanics as a Republican stronghold if the zenophobes of the party did not hate white people that can’t speak English. All you “rinophobes” need to take your we hate gays and taco benders signs to the dump and open your minds to the fact that other people resent working hard to pay for someone to sit on their butt and get paid to pop out more dependents.

      • Sorry I do not care for big government narrow minded holier than tho statists. I do not want to tell my neighbors how to raise their children I do not want my government to force their parents to avoid marriage or lose benefits. I hate big government liberals, but I really effen hate big government conservatives even more. People that use, RINO, democRAT, Allah or Jesus in their political discussion are not worth listening to and will never change their votes.

    • I’m half Mexican – turds like you might say “Hispanic,” and you have NO IDEA what or whom you’re talking about.

      I grew up 1.6 miles from Mexico – lived on the border most of my life – I have relatives who are Mexican nationals – and dude, listen up – NO AMNESTY – NO OPEN BORDERS – NO MORE ILLEGAL OBAMA INVASION!

      • I agree, and no one is hurt more my ILLEGAL immigration than illegal immigrants already here. Time to punish those that hire illegals and build a wall, and DEPORT anyone with two convictions. But it is never time to demonize Hispanics just because their country of origin was once ruled by Spain.

    • “Closed minded Anglophiles”!?!? Do you even repeat these things to yourself before you say them? What are you, an Hispanophile? And quit trying to pretend there is no difference between the American citizens of Hispanic extraction and the flood of invaders from south of the border. They are going home and the border will be sealed and you had better get used to. Let me ask you this. What do you have against the black people in this country who have suffered Depression-like economic conditions since the beginning of the Obama administration? This influx of illegal will crush them by taking away the few economic opportunities they now have. Once more, we did not appreciate the “Closed minded Anglophiles’ insult one little bit, creep.

  124. Terrifying that JEB, Rubio, Rand Paul, Carly , Kasich, Christie, etc all 13 of the
    17 candidates want some type of AMNESTY for all illegals: ONLY Walker, Trump and Santorum say without exception send every single one back:

    nothing conservative about being pro illegals anti legal USA citizens .

    which means any POTUS in the future or any SCOTUS can grant “citizenship” to all 30 million illegals plus their relatives who are not even here yet. “chain migration” …

    Their box of chocolates for all of the criminal illegals: are green cards, visa’s, work permits, permanent residency : pay a fine etc. all of her junk bonds to keep them here are so dangerous .
    While they are still here anyone can grant them instant citizenship .

    • Yes, but Walker is the donor favorite…and they are the ones who told fox to get Trump out before the debate…it also explains Chris Wallace’s easy questions to Walker, where he asked him a question already rehearsed before…

  125. Any bad news for Jeb are good news for future of this country.

    Go screw yourself on the golf course with Clintons, Jeby.

  126. Jebby is another milque-toast, middle of the road, wussified, open borders, Chamber of Commerce, Democrat in Republican clothing loser.

  127. The thing Jeb thinks about at night is the same thoughts RINOs have.

    How do I make tax hikes, more welfare, more government programs, higher federal salaries, sound more conservative?

  128. Ol Jeb is a very very seasoned lier. Ol lick lick will say anything for a vote. Who the hell would want this career politician piece of sh*t for president. Really another hand in our pockets that we don’t want. I’m behind Trump to the end.


  129. Donald will either lift us up totally or kill us quickly. Better than the current Liberal/Progressive death march to nowhere. Cruz s the real deal though.

  130. The Republican party once again appears to be clueless about the huge number of middle class Christian people out there that are just getting screwed by the policies of the left yet feel powerless because they elect Republicans who basically are more worried about appearing “extreme” instead of doing what they are supposed to be doing. The Republicans have been unable to tap into this because of their support for the same establishment that perpetuates this nightmare. Even the Pope is splitting the church.

  131. The establishment/RINO’s keep beating us because we divide our vote in the primaries. They out maneuver us every time and then rather than us sucking it up and at least supporting the lesser of two evils, many of us sit home and hand the country over to the Obamas of this world. We have a tea party faction in the Congress…. we at least had a chance to influence a President Romney….but no chance with Obama and his veto pen, enough Dems to sustain his veto and a gutless Rino leadership. We will never get the White House again if we keep doing this to ourselves. Our side depresses me more than their side.

  132. I just watched Special Report on BushNews (aka FoxNews) and they asked Laura Ingraham if people really believed that BushNews (aka FoxNews) was in the tank for Jeb Bush. She tried to be nice but basically said that the grass roots are on to BushNews (aka FoxNews) now and they are not going to go along to get along any more with the RINOs. I thought the talking heads were going to explode upon her saying this.

  133. Its rather difficult to shallow WHY would IOWANS discredit a politician because he accepts STATEHOOD for a “COLONY” of over 100 years that being AMERICANS for almost 100 years have DEFENDED the AMERICAN WAY and SISTEM with our LIFES….Although we do not want to make IOWANS a dollar equation for our lifes, we insist on making them AWARE of our values and virtues…We bring ONE MORE type of AMERICAN to the mixture…we are NOT Italians or Irish neither are we Mexicans…we are and have been AMERICANS and will continue to be so , but from the STATEHOOD perspective….NOTHING more…NOTHING less…..

      • Are you a Puertorican to say so ?? IF NOT then you are without doubt a descendant from INMIGRATION to our USA from OTHER countries…the ONLY people that DESERVE being called NATIVE are the NATIVES and you certainly are NOT. So that puts you and me in a very disimilar position…WE Puertoricans are NOT INMIGRANTS , we are BORN AMERICAN since 1917….so a logical conclusion would be that we RETURN YOU to the country of your ancestors…We are PROUD AMERICANS and your FREEDOM has been EARNED by thousands of PUERTORICANS who have DIED so you may express your opinion..We also DOUBT that you EVER served our country the USA….a military in service has more respect for the FLAG

  134. His stand on Puerto Rico, Common Core, amnesty, and a lot of other liberal leaning issues makes him unwanted for conservatives. Of the ten on stage for the first debate, 5 are much better candidates. Then add a couple of the others in the 5PM debate. We had Bob Dole, McCain and Romney. We don’t need Bush.

  135. For many Iowa Republicans to not support Jeb Bush because he supports Puerto Rico becoming a state is being closed-minded.

  136. […] Jeb Bush’s attempted conquest of the elusive ‘Hispanic vote’ looks to be not only failing but actually backfiring on his campaign effort in Iowa. Earlier in the spring Bush was one of the first candidates to visit the island. He took the opportunity to remind everyone that he knows Spanish, married a Mexican woman, and “knows the immigrant experience.” He also was the first and only Republican candidate to tackle the Puerto Rico issue, saying that, “Puerto Rican citizens, U.S. citizens, ought to have the right to determine whether they want to be a state. I think statehood is the best path.” He also has recently voiced his support for expanding bankruptcy laws to allow the Puerto Rican government to restructure its debt.  This was all part of his larger strategy to sail through the primaries by appealing to Hispanic voters and bringing them over to the Republican camp. Ironically though, according to an article by Conservative Intel his support for Puerto Rican statehood is actually driving some Republican voters away from him. […]

  137. PR doesn’t want to become the 51st state, they have seen what happened to the Native American, Hawaii, and Alaska….why would they want to become second class citizens in their own homeland?

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