Breaking: Hoekstra Predicts Matt DePerno Will Defeat Attorney General Dana Nessel, Calls On Republicans To Help

In an exclusive memo obtained by Conservative Intel, former Congressman and President Trump’s Ambassador to the Netherlands Pete Hoekstra is predicting Matt DePerno will defeat Dana Nessel in the race for Michigan Attorney General. 

Hoekstra is also calling on Republicans to rally behind DePerno with financial contributions.

He also believes Tudor Dixon will defeat Grethen Whitmer in the Michigan Governor’s race.

Pete Hoekstra

Hoekstra says 2022 is on par to be like 2010 or even 1994.

“It is exciting. There is significant Republican momentum across the country that makes a red wave similar to 1994 and 2010 within the realm of possibility,” Hoekstra said.  “Recent polling suggests that the red wave will reach the shores of the Great Lakes state and push Tudor Dixon and Matt DePerno over the top.”

Hoekstra says outside assistance has been crucial for Dixon, but there has been little activity at the AG level.

“The Republican Governors Association (RGA) and the DeVos-funded SuperPAC have begun investing significant resources in the Governor’s race and their investment has made the Governor’s race competitive,” Hoekstra said. “There has not been a significant amount of outside assistance for Republicans in the Attorneys General race despite polling that shows it as closer, or closer, than the race for Governor.”

With less money being spent at the AG level, Hoekstra says donations for DePerno can make a huge impact.

“It is much cheaper to have an impact in the race for Attorney General than it is in the race for Governor.,” Hoekstra said. “The race for Attorney General will have in the neighborhood of $8 million total spent on both sides combined, whereas the race for Governor will have closer to $80 million spent.  A donation in the race for Attorney General arguably goes 10 times farther. An investment in the AG race helps Dixon, and DePerno.”

Though Nessel is immensely vulnerable, Hoekstra notes that DePerno needs to raise his name ID with voters.

“Poll after poll after poll has shown that Attorney General Dana Nessel is the least popular statewide Democrat.  Her weaponizing of the Attorney General office for political purposes, drunken escapades, and controversial actions have Michigan voters looking for another option,” Hoekstra said. “The bad news is Matt DePerno has low name ID.  The good news is that if we can raise the resources to properly build his name ID in the final weeks he has tremendous room to grow, build the red wave, and ultimately win on Election Day. People need to know there is an alternative to the unpopular incumbent. Every public poll that has been released in the last two months has shown Matt DePerno performing as well as, or better than, Tudor Dixon against their respective opponents.”

 Hoekstra also sees strong similarities to Michigan’s 2002 election.

“This election cycle is shaping up to be very similar to 2002 with Republicans surging at the end,” Hoekstra said. “In early October of 2002 Dick Posthumus was down 12 points and surged back at the end to make it a very close race against Jennifer Granholm.  His momentum at the end helped Mike Cox with a very narrow 5000 vote victory in the Attorney General race.  I believe that Tudor Dixon’s momentum is even stronger than Posthumus in 2002 and that she will win on Election Day.  However, as long as she makes the race at the top of the ticket close it likely means that Matt DePerno wins the race for Attorney General.”

Hoekstra says there are two main paths to victory for Matt DePerno.  

“Tudor Dixon wins, (the preferred outcome) or loses by less than 4 points, and as a result DePerno is victorious on the basis of running ahead of Tudor Dixon in most public polling,” Hoekstra said. “(Or) DePerno is able to raise significant dollars in a short period of time and as a result is able to outperform Dixon by more than 4 points.”

Hoekstra is asking Republicans to step up these last 2 weeks, and help give Matt DePerno the resources he needs to defeat Dana Nessel, and her plans for a “drag queen in every school.”

“There is a potential red wave sweeping the country that results in Tudor Dixon’s election as Governor and Matt DePerno’s election as Attorney General,” Hoekstra said. “We must do everything we can to push the entire ticket, and make sure that DePerno has the resources he needs to be effective in the final weeks.  Please join me in making a contribution to DePerno for Attorney General.”