Breaking Rep. Bill Huizenga Betrays President Trump, Endorses Lansing Leonard For Attorney General

Tom Leonard and Bill Huizenga

President Trump endorsed Rep. Bill Huizenga to get RINO Rep. Fred Upton out of Washington DC, and yesterday, Upton announced his retirement.

How has Bill Huizenga rewarded President Trump?

By supporting Tom Leonard, Trump-endorsed Matt DePerno’s opponent in the race for Attorney General!

“Lansing Leonard” is a corrupt puppet for the establishment, and Bill Huizenga is happy to help.

Will Huizenga reverse his support of Leonard, and join President Trump in backing Matt Deperno?

Huizenga’s controversial decision could open the door for a strong Constitutional Conservative and Trump supporter like Jay Riemersma.

Riemersma ran against Huizenga in 2010, losing a close race to the Congressman.

Riemersma is a former NFL player with strong Conservative, grassroots cred.  

Jay Riemersma

Michigan Republican Party Co-Chair Meshawn Maddock recently asked Huizenga to rescind his endorsement upon President Trump’s request. Maddock made the call for Trump—Huizenga refused!