Gutless Gibbs Pathetic Campaign Guarantees Rep. Peter Meijer’s Primary Win—Unless A Strong Conservative Jumps In

John Gibbs

Republican primary voters are anxious to vote against Rep. Peter Meijer after Meijer betrayed President Trump, voting to impeach him over the protests in DC on January 6th.

Redistricting has drawn part of the lakeshore area into the West Michigan area district anchored around Grand Rapids, stretching out to Grand Haven and Norton Shores.

President Trump has endorsed John Gibbs, his failed nominee for Office of Management and Budget after it was held up by liberals.

Unfortunately, no one knows who Gibbs is.

Perhaps because Gibbs is a carpetbagger with no connection to the district whatsoever, only recently moving in a few months ago to run for Congress.

Aside from hobnobbing at Mar-a-Lago, and doing a couple local party events, Gibbs is MIA, nowhere to be seen.
Gibbs isn’t running any major TV, radio, mail, or social media ads. He has no major policy proposals. He doesn’t do regular media interviews.

Gibbs’ shoe-string campaign is not having a strong impact against Meijer, who, despite challenges with primary voters, benefits from being a Veteran, and the heir to one of the most trusted, historic brands in Michigan history.

Gullible Gibbs just doesn’t seem to have any clue how to run a winning campaign—that’s pretty clear after months in the race with nothing to show for it, except for some photo ops on a yacht out of state.

The climate of the race is clearly immensely favorable to an unwavering Pro Trump, Constitutional Conservative who is ready to run a strong campaign.

If Gibbs faces someone like that jumping in before the April 19th filing deadline, he could be in a lot of trouble.

The only person happy right now?

Peter Meijer, who is cruising to a big primary win unless things change quickly.